swasan – A complicated love story (55)

@Party hall–

Swara was feeling uneasiness in the party atmosphere n her head was paining..
She was clutching her head with her both hands.. n everyone was busy in enjoying the awards..
Adi has recently got the award so every family member busy congratulating him..
Sanlak were waiting for the other announcements..
But our syappa queen was feeling uneasy… n doesnt wanna disturb anybody in this happy moment thats why she left outside to have some fresh air…
but Alas!! nobody noticed..(aab kya hoga?)

xyz- the award goes to mr. Laksh sarna.. i would like to invite him on the stage n receive the award..

Lucky side hugged ragini n kissed her forehead n his baby’s forehead.. n Aadit giggled feeling his dad’s love.. n clapped his hands..
lucky smiled seeing his son .. his prince so happy..
then he bend towards sujata’s feet for her blessings.. n she happily kept her hands on his head..

lucky headed towards rp but he showed his hands..

Lucky felt disappointed n teary eyed.. but he went on stage to receive the award..

He thanked his family , his wife n ofcoure his little prince n his staff ..

After his long thank u speech… he came back n saw towards his father with teary eyes..
Rp’s eyes also softens but he avoided seeing him..
After so many more awards, one last award is remaiing..

host- so now.. its the turn of the most awaited award.. THE YOUNG BUSINESSMAN AWARD n the Award goes to mr. SANSKAR SARNA..

Everybody cheered for him..

lucky hugged him n he took blessings from parents n gave a long thank u speech n then he suddenly remembered about Swara… n started searching for her..


oh my god!! where is swara!..
i hope she didnt get to know about my identity.. me being SANSKAR only..
no no .. this should not happen..
she is not in the condition to bear the truth.. oh god! no she should not know about this..(panicked)
I think ragini might know where is she?
i should ask her.. may be she would have managed the situation..

He went to ask ragini..

ragini- hey sanky!!! congo buddy…(hugged him)

Aadit started making noices..

Ragini- see ur nephiew also wanna congatulate u.. see how happy he is.. not even knowing what is happening around him.. but he was liking the atmosphere..

Sanskar take him in his arms n kissed him on his forehend.. but the shaitaan aadit held his hairs tight in his little fist..

sanky- oww.. what are u doing shaitan.. ? leave.. baby leave my hair..
See how handsome is ur chachu.. n u r spoiling my hairs.. huh! not fair..
Leave else i will complain to ur Swara massi..

Hearing her name he immediately left his hairs n started laughing n giggling..

ragini- ha ha… see how obedient is my child..
aww.. see after hearing swara’s name, how he started his antics.. he love her soo much na.. (swara ka naam sunte hi kaise karne laga.. bhot pyar karta h mera baby swara se…)
vaise sanskar .. where is swara??.. i have not seen her from quite long..

sanky- oh shit! ragini.. i m here to find her only.
i m not getting where is she..?? her phone is also not connecting..

ragini .. i hope swara has not listened announcement of my name??
no.. we need ot find her soon..(panicked n hell worried for her)
i hope she is fine..

ragini- ok.. u do one thing.. go outside n search her .. n i will search her in hall n will inform maa n lucky also about her being missing..
go please search.. nothing should happen to her… u know na doc said that stress is not good for her health.. it can cause her brain hammerage..
why didnt we thought before that ur name can be announced on stage,,(hell worried)
i hope she is fine..

sanky- ragini.. ragini..!! relax.. u plz tell bhai about the matter n search her here.. i will go outside.. plz dont panic. okk.
aur jaise hi kuch pata chale .. do inform me asap ok..

ragini- hmm ok.. u go..
i will see here..

Saying so ragini rushed towards lucky who was talking with some of his business clients..
n sanskar went outside to search for her..

@outside..(same time when sanskar was searching her)

Swara was feeling restless inside n headed towards park in front of hall ..
she sat on the nearby bench.. taking long breaths.. n feeling some cold air..
It relaxed her to some extent.. but still her head was paining…

Then she remembered that she forgot to take her medicines in the evening.. when she was angry with sanky being him late..

swara-(to herself) oh god! waht have u done syappa queen ??.. u forgot ur medicine..
He says right.. u r syappa queen only.. whenever possible, i create problems..
( sahi bolta h sanky tujhe syappa queen hi h tu.. jab dekho koi na koi syappa kartu rehti h..) (patted her hand on her forehead)
oh my god now i cant bear this pain.. what should i do..??
saanky should not come to know about my carelessness otherwise he will not leave me..
ha .. idea.. i think i should take pain killer now.. after that after reaching home i will take my prescribed medicines.. ha .. this will be right..

She searched her bag n got a pain killer n water bottle n took the medicine..

After sometime she feel somewhat relaxed..

swara- (to herself) haa.. now its feeling good..
its so much time i m being outside.. sanky n ragini would be searching for me..
i should go now..

She was heading back towards hall…
n sanskar was comming her towards garden..

As they were about to see each other.. a person called sanskar.. n he headed towards him to talk to him but he was still worried about swara…

Now swara just passed back of him.. n after bidding bye to his fellow mate.. he headed outside n swara inside..
Both didnt see each other..

Screen freeses on sanskar’s tensed face n swara’s relaxed face..

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