swasan – A complicated love story (45)



When sanskar was sobbing hugging his dad.. doctor came out from swara’s ward..
Seeing him both dad-son ran to him to ask him about swara…

Sanky- doc..how how’s MY Twinkle.. ?? she is fine na.. othing happened to her na??.. (still sobbing)

rp- ji doc.. my daughter is fine na??..

doc- see… we have done whatever we could?? now she is better than before.. she will even gain her consciousness after sometime..

sanky- (happily) what!! my swara is fine..(folding hands n looking upward) thank god.. (sigh in relief)
(again looking at doc) doc … can ca.. can i see her.. (still stammering n looking at rp for his permission also)

Listening to doc’s word.. rp is releived too as she is gonna be fine soon..but doc interrupted i between..

doc- see mr sarna.. first listen to my words carefully.. (app pahle mere puri baat suniyae… ) her life is saved… (deep breath) she will even gain her consciousness in sometime.. but..

sanky- (interrupt) but.. but what doc??

doc- (somewhat irritated with his ques) mr sarna would u let me complete my words..

sanky- y.. yeh.. yeah.. plz ..

doc- huge blood loss has affeceted her brain.. we cant exactly say what would be her condition after gaining her senses.. we will get to know about that only after she gains her senses..
(ji bhot blood loss ki vajeh se unke dimag pe asar hua h.. we cant exactly say ki hosh me aane ke baad unki kya halat hogi.. v hume tabhi pata chalega..)
we have done some tests whose reports wil come till evening.. then only we would be able to tell u something,, untill then just hope for the best.. anything can happen!! (patting sanskar’s shoulders)

sanky- an.. anything…anything will happen means??.. nothing will happen to her.. i know that ..nothing will happen. (mummering this again n again he sat back on nearby bench hiding his face in his palms)

rp- (to doc) doc ..i.. i didnt get anything.. now only u said that she will be in her senses in sometime.. then?? what does it mean ki anything will happen??…( kuch ho sakta h ka kya matlab h?? )

doc- see.. any problem relating to brain can occur( dimag se judi koibhi prob ho sakti h..) plz pray to god.. (patting his shoulder doc went)

After sometime nurse came…
Nurse- mr sarna.. we have shifter the patient to special ward.. now u can see the patient ..
Listening this.. kunj immediately rushed towards ward’s door..

After reaching at the door.. he remembered rp’s word of not meeting swara…
he closed his eyes.. n tear escaped from it..
he slowly saw back at rp asking his permission to go to her..

Rp seeing his condition allowed him through his eyes..
Taking a posetive reply from his father he rushed inside..

Seeing the love of her life in such a condition, his heart ached..
( swara was lying on bed.. some wires from big machined are attched to her body… having mask on her face.. oxygen mask.. n bandage on her forehead n on arm… )
he closed his eyes tightly feeling her pain..
he slowly went towards her n sat beside her on nearby stool.. n started caressing her head.. n started speaking to her softly..

sanky- hey listen syappa queeen!! u know everybodyy is waiting for u to get up.. n here see u r sleeping from so much time.. itne syappe kyu yr??
i have given given u the correct name (sahi naam dia h na maine tujhe..) ohh okk okk.. u r angry with me??.. thats why u r not getting up?..
ye swara .. i will do whatever u day but plmz get up once.. i cant see u in this condition yr.. why are u not understanding??

aacha ok.. if u say i will never call u syappa queen.. pakka promise.. (pinching his throat lightly)
(realising what he has done) see now i have become so much mad in ur love that i m doing childlike things..(sekh aab to tere pyar me itna pagal ho gaya hu ki baccho vali harkatein bhi kar ra hu..)
this is what u want na?? i know….
slight smile appeared on his lips thinking abt his time spent with swara..

— flashback —
swasan were in car n car stopped at road side due to traffic..
swara saw something out of window…

sanky- hey syappa queen ..where is ur mind now??.. now dont get out from car like the last time after some puppy ( fir mat utar jaana car se last time ki tareh kisi puppy ke piche..) (remember the cscene)
swara- (kept quite)
When she didnt answer, he saw at the direction she is looking…
Her eyes were shining seeing the scene..
Some children are playing in the nearby garden..

swara- sadu.. (shaking his arm .. still looking that side) listen na… are sadu.. can we go to the park to play with those children??..

sanskar reaction was like..”u r impossible” shooking his head..

sanky- are u a kid??

Swara- hey u.. dont be oversmart ,..ok .. am i looking like an oldie to u… ofcourse i m still a kid… u know what sanky?? every human have a child inside him.. which is shown someor the other time..
(tumhe pata h sanky.. her insaan me ek baccha hota h.. jo kabhi na kabhi to dikhayi deta hi h… )

sanky- (was like.. ).. nothing can happen of u. (shooking his head sideways)

saying this she stepped out of the car n sanskar has to go behind her…

she directly went to the children palying… n said somethng in their ears.. n started playing hide & seek with them with blindfold..

sanskar was just watching her antics… admiring her without realising..

now its swara’s time to get blindfolded…
she was running here n there in the direction of voice..
suddenly she put his feet onto a big stone n she trembled n she was going to fall… she controlled herself..
(sanskar ran in direction of her to save her)
but alas.. she fall down.. n

swara- owch.. (rubbing her back)
she removed her blindfold.. children her upto her n helped her stand up… but she was laughing whole heartedly after falling also..
if anyotherone would have been in her place, she would have cried out loud…
but she is to syappa queen na.. so she started laughing.. n stood up … bid bye to children n went in sanskar’s direction …

sanskar can easily see her being uncomfertable in walking but still she had smile on her face..
she faced back at children n bidding them bye n walking backwards.. n was again going to fall… but this time our hero saved her…
n she closed her eyes in fear of falling again…
when she realised that she didnt fall she opened her one eye to see where is she…??
seeing herself in sanskar’s arms she stood up quickly n went towards car.. leaving sanskar behind..

sanky-(mutteing) she is seriously a syappa queen?.. (shaking his head )
he too went to his car n drove off…
— flashback ends—

u remember na.. how u fell?? then also u were laughing so that children wont get sad.. haye!! i was to flat on u there only.. its just that i had never realised!!
n when i have realised.. u ar enot talking with me-

Describing his happy moments to swara a tear skipped his eyes n it fell on her hand.. to which she reacted by slightly moving her fingers which got noticed by sanskar n he shouted for doctor…
screen freezes………….
kaisa laga episode..??
batana zarur..
vaise socho socho.. swara ko kya hoga??
kuch serious?
kya vo sanskar ko maaf karegi??
how will sanskar face her??
aur sanskar ko uski family vapas accept karegi??
aur haa… lucky ka kya hoga??
socho socho..:) 🙂

Koi ni koi ni… jaldi hi in sab ka ans milega.. but uske liye aapko padhte rehna hoga.. “swasan- a complicated love story” sirf aur airf tu par..
haste rahiyae, kush rahiyae… aur ff padhte rahiyae.. he he..
bbyee friends.. hope to see u soon…

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