Swasan- A complicated love story!! (21)

The episode starts with Sanskar admiring Swara…
Suddenly.. kunj got a call from home..
Sanskar- hello.. mahi.. are u alright..
other sid- sir m .. actually mahi mam is not taking medicins.. what should i do..??
Sanskar- ok give phone to her.. i will talk.
Rag- Yes say..
sanky- why are u not taking ur medicines?? (angrily)
rag- becoz i dont want..

sanky- n why so..??
rag- m bhot bore ho re hu.. tum log mujhe khin jaane bhi ni dete.. aur khud bi ghar pe ni ho.. m kya karu akale.. (on the verge of crying)
sanky- ok baba.. rone kki zarurat ni h… otherwise i will call lucky.. u know na fir kya hoga..?
Rag- no no.. dont tell him.. vo khadoos mujhe nazar band kar dega.
sanky- ok then take ur medicine.. we will discuss ur issues after comming home okk..
rag- okk
samky- good girl.. take care of urself n my champ..
Ragini cut the call without replying..

sankar become sad imagining her condition …
now he became more determined to take swara home.. n he thought of some plan..
he came to swara n asked her to talk with her..
sanky- can i talk with u..??
swara- jo bolmna h jaldi bola… mere pass time ni h..
sanky- bas do min.. i have a offer for u.. (swara raised her eyebrows)
u want ur certificate.. (she nooded)
i will ask from hospital to give u certificate but u need to help me..
swara- what..?/ but i will get my certificate after completing my internship from this hospital.. then why would i take ur help for it..
sanky- (angrily) pahle puri bbaat sunu.. jab deko chapar chapar bolna shuru kar deti ho..

swara- sielent from his screem..
sanky- gud.. now listen.. u know ragini is pregnent..
swara- ha … vo to i know..
sanky- i said listen to me first..
swara- (mummering) khadoos.. ha bolo..
sanky- she has some complications in her pregnency.. n its serious
ragini is not taking care of herself.. moreover she is not happy .. as we are not able to give her to give her time due to work..
she is alone n she is skipping her meals n medicines..
n doctor suggested ur name for ragini.. moreover u r her friend also.. she will be happy to be with u.. will u do it for ur friend ragini..

swara- butt..
sanky- please dont say no..
i will talk to hospital authorities about ur certificates even if u work from our home..
swara- (calmly) m shaam tak bataun..? (can i tell in evening??)
sanky- ok ur wish.. but i hope u will give ur posetive answer…

sanskar left from there leaving swara in deep thinking,,

swara(in mind)- oh babaji… aab m kya karu..??
m offer accept karun ya nhi??…afterall ragini is my friend too..
n i think i have to talk to doctor about her complications.. yes.. it would be right.. i need to talk to him right now..

Swara went to doctor n confirmed about everything n concluded that she will do it for ragini..
she did her work in hospital n left fro her hostel.. she was thinking to call sanky n give her consent..

swara(in mind)- omg!! matlab subah jis battmiz insaan se mere baat hui thi vo mr sadu tha…?
how rude.. i wont leave him easily

Suddenly an idea popped up in her mind…
Screen freezes on smirking face of swara..

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Very good. I think Swara is planning something…??

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    Awesome part

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    Nice dear… But too short

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  6. Awesome dear.I love it.

  7. Awesome dear…..but please take care while writing the names.

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  11. don’t use hindi i don’t understand those parts 🙁

    1. Monaa

      Oh.. K.. From next part I will take care of it.. Otherwise I will translate hindi parts in brackets..☺

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