Swasan- A complicated love story!! (20)

Sanskar was very frustated with the behaviour of that girl..
but sanskar is sanskar… He was determined to get that girl for ragini at any cost..
he went to hospital to meet her face to face … he reached there n asked the receptionist about the doctor..
he went to doc cabin to ask abt girl.. doc welcomed him n asked him to sit..
doc- ohh mr sarna.. plz come
sanskar- actually doc, i wanna meet that girl..
doc- i know mr sarna.. come i will get u there..
they both went from there.. he reached general ward n saw a girl attending patients carefully..
sanskar-(in mind) what a girl yr.. attending patients as if they are her family members.. impressive..

meeanwhile doc got a call n asked him to meet the same girl.. he was shocked to know that this is the same girl..
(remember.. he didnt saw her face, he saw her from back n her hairs wre playing with the wind.. he got mesmerised with her hairs n voice)
he brushed his thoughts away n went towards the girl to talk about ragini’s condition..
he went there..
sanskar- execuse me..
swar-(yes ofcourse the girl was swara only) yes..(she turned back)
he was standing so close to her.. went she suddenly turned.. by seeing him so close she lost her balance n our hero caught her on time..
both at the same time shout- TUMM..
swara- tum yha kya kar re ho..?? (angry)
sanky- vo m.. vo m tumse.. i mean intern se..(he was lost in her beauty)
swara- kya vo m vo m laga rakha h.. jaldi bolo kya baat h.?/.
deko yeh hospital h.. i dont wanna fight with u.. ye mere internship ka sawal h.. aur vaise bhi subah se mera dimag kharab h uss saudu ki vajeh se.. asking me to left the hospital n become private nurse for his bhabhi.. hmm .. chalu khin ka.. kisi ki feelings ki to koi kadar hi ni hoti logon ko.. (she was frustated n said this in one go)
then she realised she was sharing her problems with her mr sadu..

sanky- what!! kitana bolti h yr tu..
swara- tum ye sab chodo.. batao yha kaise.. aur ragini kaise h..?? i mean she is pregnent na..
sanky- ek baat batao..?/ (she noded) tum private nurse kyu ni banna chahti.. ho sakta h kisi ko tumhari zarurat ho..??
Swara- ther are ,many nurse here.. ony one can help him why me??..
n if i will leave the job.. i wont get my internship certificate.. then what will happen for my dream..
next month i have to subbmit my internship project in my college also.. thats why..(sad expression)
sanky- what if u will get the certuficate n u can also work as nurse..? (raising his eyebrow)
swara- (thinking something .. ) tumhe kyu itna farak padta h..? (suspesiously)
sanky- m vo actually..
swara- vaise tumne abhi tak ni bataya ki tum yha kyu aaye ho… ?
Oh aacha .. aab mujhe pata chala tum mujhe irritate kar re ho na..??
taki m apne kaam pe concentrate na kar paun aur mujhe daat pade…
how mean mr sadu??.. u go from here.. apna badla baad me le lena.. ye mera work place h..(they were still in general ward.. n all patients were watching them only..)
sanky- yr sach me itna bol kar tera muh ni dukhta..
swara- oh baba ji… deko tumhari vajeh se m bhul gayi.. mujhe patient ko injection dena h..
she left from there..

sanky also went behind her..
she went in some other ward n a cute little 7 year girl was sitting on bed n making faces seening the tablets n her mom was trying to give her..
girl- no no.. she its bitter.. i wont take it..
mom- are baccha.. u r my strong baccha na.. u need to go to school na.. u have to take baccha..
girl- no no no no means no..(soo stutborn child)
mom- (pissed off) he bhagwan m kya karun iss ladki ka..
Swara saw all this happening n went towards d girl..
Swara- ha my baccha.. medicines ni lega to teek kaise hoga.. n yup.. chocolate kaise milegi..
girl- chocolate sacchi..(happily)
but u know didi.. this is so bitter.. i wont take it..
Swara- ohh to baby ko bitter lag re h.. koi baat ni hum ek kam karte h.. aap medicines lo n i ill give u sweet sweet chocolate after that .. ok..
then u will not feel bitter.. fir anu chocotale khayegi sweet sweet.. ok
girl- pakka promise na.. u will give chocolate na..(cutely)
swara- pinki promise..(how innocent)
swara gave her medicines n then chocolate..
little girl kissed her cheeks n said thank u…
girls mom thanked swara for managing her stutborn child have her medicines..
she smiled andleft from there..

all this was seen by sanskar n he was admiring her … (unknown of his feelings)
then swara went towards another patient.. an old man of about 55..
Swara kaise h baba aap..?
baba- bitiya jab tum hume kush karne aati ho milne aati ho to hum theek kaise ni honge..? (smilingly)
swara- aww … sacchi.. aacha aacha aab bhot maska laga lia.. aab aapke ijection ka time ho gaya h..
baba- nooo… aaj fir se.. pata ni kitne din aur ye sab jhelna padega..
Swara- bas kuch din aur.. fir aap ekdum fin n fine ho jayane..
baba- maine to umeed hi chod di thi beta.. but tumhari vajeh se fir se has bol rha hu..(teary eyed)
swara- baba.. ye emotional blackmail ni chalega… injection to lena hi hoga..
swara gave him injection..
swara- dard to ni hua na..? (concerned)
baba- na baccha.. stay blessd (puttinhg his hands on her head) bas aaise hi khilkhila kar muskurati rehna..
swara- aacha baba.. aab m jaati hu.. shaam me dava dene aaungi.. aap rest kejiyae..
all this was witnesses by sanskar…..

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