Swasan- A complicated love story!! (18)



@Sunshine hospital-

Doctor’s cabin-
Raglak were sitting opposite to doctor n doctor is giving some advices to them regarding her pregnancy..
Doc- yes mr sarna.. i want to do some tests of ur wife then only i would be able to give u the exact report of her health..
Lucky- (tensed) doctor.. is there any issues..??
Doc- no no mr sarna.. Tension ki baat ni h.. but after tests ur tension will reduce.
Lucky- okk fine doc..
a lady nurse took mahi to tests room..
Doc- i didnt wanna say in front of ur wife.. but mr sarna i think there are some complications in her pregnency.. thats why these tests..
Lucky- are u sure doctor.. she would be fine n my baby..??
Doc- see mr sarna.. i dont wanna give u false hopes but i think from my observation that her immune system is not strong..
A little mishandling may cause harm..
Please execuse me.. after an hour reports will come n i will tell u everthing clearly.. untill then u please wait..
Lucky- sure doc.. thanku..
He was roaming in waiting area of hospital in tension..
suddenly doctor called him in his cabin..
Lucky hurriedly went there..(afterall its matter of his wife n child 😉 )
(all this while ragini was resting in a hospital’s room)
Lucky- doc..
Doc- yes mr laksh.. plz come in..
Lucky- is everything all right doctor??..
Doc- actually mr laksh.. As i told u.. ur wife is weak from inside n from her reports i came to know that she is not taking proper diet also..
if it continues it may harm ur baby also.. so need to take extra care of her n her diets..
Lucky- is it very serious doctor..??
Doc- not now.. but if u will ignore her.. it can be disaster..
Lucky- (worriedly) no no.. doc i cant take risk..
Doc- n yes.. i have examined that ur wife is very care free. i think u need to be with her 24 hours..
Lucky- but doc my office… haw can…? (thinking something)
Doc i cant be there for her 24 hours but i can appoint a nurse for her care na.. what do u think??
Doc- its fine.. if u cant be with her.. then appoint any one for the job..
but take care if u appont anyone he/she should have knowledge of medicines..
Lucky- can u appont someone from ur hospital staff..??
Doc- actually..(thinking something) mr sarna two girls are here in this hospital for internship.. one of them is very hardworking n nice too.. if u want i can talk with her..
Lucky- please doctor..
Doc- okk i will try.. n i ill inform u on call..
Raglak went back home n he became overcaring for ragini..
Lucky- ragini plz …sit at one place.. dont move.. u need rest..
Ragini was going to kitchen for having water but she disbalances n about to fall but Lucky saved her..
Lucky- i told u na dont move.. i ill give u whatever u want but u wont move untill i give u d permission..
Ragini was making puppy faces.. n said “sorry” slowly..
Lucky smiled at her making faces…
this drama continues for whole day .

Lucky has appointed maid for making food n household chores..
Ragini was not satisfied at first but agreed by seeing tensed face of Lucky for her..

@Next day morning-
doctor called Lucky..
Lucky hurriedly picked up d phone.. in tension
Lucky- hello doctor..
Doc- mr Laksh.. i have talked from her but she dont wanna leave hospital n dont wanna be the personal nurse for anyone..
Lucky- tensed.. doc cant u appont anybody else..??
Doc- yes ofcourse .. i can recommend u..
but i think she would be best for ur wife as she is caring n friendly too.. ur wife wont feel suffocated..
n u now.. she need to be happy in this condition .. so i informed u about her..
Lucky- okk.. thank u so much doctor.. can u pleasse give me her details.. i will talk to her..
doc- sure i will message u..
{she is the family doctor of them n moreover she is ragini’s friend also.. so she is helping them so much}
sorry sorry.. i know there are no swasan scenes today but it was also necessary so i thought to mention it in today’s episode..
but from next i ill mention swasan scenes.. dont worry.. bbyee.. keep enjoying.

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