Swasan- A complicated love story!! (16)

Sanky-(angry) Are u mad?? Dont u have eyes?.. How can u be so careless.?. n yes.. What were u doing in the middle of the road.. Coudnt u see the car approaching towards u??..
If i woudnt have been here on time.. what would have happened??.. kabhi socha h?.. aur tum car se utri hi kyu??
Are u totally mad?… Jha bhi jaati ho koi na koi problem create kar deti ho…(he said it in one go).. aab kuch bologe bhi..!!!

Swara- Listening to his scoldings quitely like a five year old child do…(aww so innocent)
sanky- aab aaise kyu khadi ho… say something.. (angrily)
Swara- Sorry.. v..vo m … vo (pointing towards puppy)

sanskar saw it and understood as he have already seen her helping puppy…
sanskar- I know dusron ki help karna aachi baat h.. but agar tumhe kuch ho jaata to mera.. (suddenly he stopped realising what he was gonna say!)
Swara- to kya ha… m mar jaati aur kya??
Tumhara kya jaata… vaise bhi tum to kush hi ho jate ki yeh problem khatam ho gayi.. (without realising what she said)
sanskar- (became angry listening her).. Held her tightly by her shoulders n asking her to just shup up!!

Swara- (slowly) U r hurting me.. (teary eyes)
Sanky- realising his position.. he jerked her off n hurriedly asked her to come with him n sit in car ..
She quitely nooded n went with him..
On the way in car..

Swara- why were u so tensed about me?… n what were u abt to say..?
sanky- Nothing… i was just saying that u r my duty untill i drop u home safely… n bhai would have killed me if something would have happend to u after all u saved ragini bhabhi..
she nooded n he drop her to her hostel safely…

She reached her room n saw that chinki has not yet arrived..
Swara- oh god! this girl has not yet arrived n we have to go college tomorrow itself.. Hope she will come in morning tommorrow before going college..
She passed her day somehow n went to sleep in night..

Swara was ready to go to college… she was ready to leave… just then someone kept her hands on swara’s eye..
Swara- chinki!! (excited)

chinki- yeh.. its me..
Swara- thank got u came on time.. otherwise we would have been late.. (signed in relief)
chinki- ok ok … chalo.. varna aab late ho jayange..

@On their way to college..
Sw- chinki…. hows ur dad now..?? is he alright?… nothing serious na…?
chinki- no no.. everything is fine now..
vo actually.. he had some stress due to some business issues.. now he is perfectly fine..
Sw- thank god..
they reached their college …
They attended 4 classses back to back..

Teacher announcement-
Hello students..i wanna tell u something importand regarding ur college rules..(she kept on blabbering the rules n regulations)
Yes students it is necessary to participate in the college societies.. you have one hour to decide in wich society you wanna join..
n please give ur names n roll number to ur CR along with ur activities/ societies..teacher left..

Students- so much rules yr.. but we cant do anything as we have to follow them
all started gossiping..
chinki n twinkle decided to join NSS..

They gave their names to their CR..
After attending their one more class.. all students headed towards canteen as they were really tired…
But unfortunately seniors came there…
tan tanon… episode ends…
hows it gys.. i hope u liked it..
What do u think seniors will do?

will they be good? or they will trouble the juniors..
keep guessing..
do comments n keep reading.. bbyeeeeeeeeeeeee….

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