Swasan- A compliacted love story!! (4)

thank u so much guys for all ur support..
i hope i will fulfil ur expectations..
today swara’s husband is to be revealed n a major twist is on its way.. chalo okk lets continue to the episode..

Recap- Swara’s marriage rituals.. her bidaaiii..
swara reached her in laws house..
In her way to her in laws house..
swara’s husband didn’t even utter a single word..
she thought him to be quite reserved so even she didn’t utter a single word..
she was just sobbing all her way remembering her memories of the house which she has left behind..

her ghavh pravesh was done by her inlaws..
all post marriage rituals were completed n now her nanad(sister in law- uttra) demanded naek from her bhabhi (swara)..
swara gave one of her bracelet which she was wearing at that time…
it was one of her favourates but now she didn’t bother about it..
(she thought she has learned sacrifice on first day of her marriage.. she has yet her whole life to learn important lessons of her life..)
she was being taken to her husband’s room.. (oops now its her room too..)
which was beautifully decorated with candles n essence of rose everywhere.. bed was also decorated for her first night..

uttra- (winks at her) gn bhabhi.. enjoy..
swara showed fake smile to her n she left…
swara was analysing her new room.. after sometime she was standing at the window thinking something…
shomi- waht are u saying ji.. sarna’s ne humari angel ke liye rishta bheja h..
shekhar- yup shomi.. they are very nice people.. they will keep our angel very happy..
ram prasad’s younger son kunj sarna is the most wanted bachlor at this time n they wanted our angel to be their daughter in law..
shomi- thats all right.. but firstly we have to ask from our shona na… its not her age now..
she is still studying na.. how can we ask to marry her??
u know about her dream being a doctor na.. how can we marry her when she is persuing her dreams.. i dont think its right..
shekhar- i know shomi.. i also said the same thing to them but they assure me that .. after marriage also..
she can continue her studies.. they have no problem with that..
shomi- ji .. they are so broadminded people..
but still.. firstly we have to ask her na..

shekhar- but i have given them commitment that my angel would be their dil..
shomi- what are u saying.. how can u fix her alliance without her consent..
shekhar- its nothing wrong in that shomi..
i know my daughter.. she will never disobey me.. she will surely be ready for this marriage.. i know.
shomi- pr shekhar , tell me the exact reason for her alliance..(doubtful)
i know something is bothering u.. n i know u can’t take ny decision in so much hurry..
that to when its related to our daughter marriage.. i know something is fishy..
shekhar- i.. i.. m not hiding anything from u shomi..
shomi- dakhiyae ji.. aapko humari angel ki kasam h .. plz tell me the truth.. i beg u plz.. afterall its our angel’s life matter..
shekhar- i.. i ill tell u but plz promise me that u will help me..
shekhar- ji bilkul.. i m with u in every phase of ur life,.. but it should not effect my shona’s life..

shekhar- shomi.. i ;. i m doing all this for our shona only.. u remember..
i told u about luthra family.. our business partner
shomi- ji.. ha to how are they related to this marriage..
shekhar- he told somethig which is muted.. (i ill disclose it later)
shomi- no.. this cant happen..
i cant see my daughter’s life to be ruined..
all this while.. pair of eyes were watching them talking..
(yes. she was our swara only). she herd all the conversations b/w their parents but she didnt lett them know that she knew everything…

swara’s pov-
thats the only reason i didnt deny my parents for this marriage..
but i know i m not ready for this.. yes i ill talk to my husband about this.. i hope he will understand me..
my one n only dream is to become docter..
i cant deny the fact that i m married now but i cant continue my relation untill i get my dream come true..
I mean i dont know him except his name SANSKAR SARNA.. yes its true.. i have not even seen him..
yes its true i didnt waana see his face in some photograph but i wanted to meet him in person..

but that couldnt be possible becoz he is a big buisness tycoon n he didnt have the time to meet somone..
infact he came here in amritsar just one day before his maarriage…
but today i m gonna confront him for the first time.. i hope he will understand me n give me some time to accept this relation..
All these thoughts were going in her mind when she heard some sounds outside her room.. she hurriedly went there n was surprised come shock…
thank u friends for reading this…
hope u liked it.. if not then also u can tell me..
soon the mysteries are gonna reveal..
so u got to know that shona’s husband is one n only sanskar sarna..
but wat was shomi n shekhar talking abt?

what cause swara to accept this marriage??
what was that which shocked swara in the end??
guess guess guess???
u ill come to know it soon..
till than be happy.. bbyee friends…
😉 😉 🙂 🙂 thank u so much.. keep reading ffs.. bbyee

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  1. Gayathri.visu

    Hey, Hello Monaa. This is not fair….You can’t do this!!!!!! The groom is Kunj sarna naa then how Sankaar sarna came in this thing???????? WOW!!!!!WOW!!!!! What a twist………. Literally I’m shocked when you mention the groom’s name(Kunj sarna), but now I am happy……. Very good episode.. Please post next part very soon Monaa…………..very soon please……….

  2. Awesome

  3. Awesome dear….

  4. Swarna01

    Kunj ya sanskar? Agar sanskar then yehhhhh.

  5. Mica

    Mona,,, is it twinj ff before ? that you forgot to replace the kunj to Sanskar ?

  6. Good one…I agree wid mica

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  8. Anu

    Awesome yr but plz edit it properly…in every part swara ki jagah twinkle h nd sanskar ki jagah kunj…. Now swasan ki twinj mat krna

  9. Simin

    Superb post soon

  10. Abirsha

    Awesome dr…. But pls see to the names before editing….

  11. Shreeyu

    Nice dear but have look at names while editing

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