Swasan- A complcacted love story!! (15)


Swara got up as usual from her mom’s call..
she told her about her stay in ragini’s house.. (she didnt mention about lucky)..
She blesses her n cuts the call… she got freshen up n left for the hall…
Ragini was making breakfast.. she helped her n after having breakfast with them..(sanskar was not in hall for breakfast)..
Swara’s eyes were searching for him only.. she herself dont know the reason behind her this behaviour…
she jerked the thoughts of sanky from her mind n asked permission to leave for her hostel..(its her last day off.. from tomorrow, her college are gonna start..)
Lucky asked to wait for 10 minutes as he will drop her.. she agreed..
Both were ready to go ..suddenly lucky’s phone rings..
Lucky- hello.. yes.
caller- sir.. there is an emergency.. u need to be here..
lucky- okk wait , i will be there in half an hour..
caller- no sir.. we cant wait as there is a fight b/w contractor n the workers..if u wont reach on time.. situation may worsen..
lucky- (saw sanky comming downstairs).. okk okk i m comming..
lucky- hey!! sanky gm.. yr u need to do a work of mine..
sanky- yup bhai.. bolo,.. anything for u..
lucky- fine.. plz drop swara to her hostel.. i have an urgency..
Swara n sanky together- what!! (surprised n shocked)
Swara – no.. no need laksh ji.. i will manage.. u go for ur work..
lucky- are!!.. why no need.. no no he will drop u.. u go with him.. (lucky orderes sanky)
sanky- agreed angrily..(he was happy inside but he himself didnt knew his feelings)
sanky- ok now come.. (mummering).. syappa queen..
swara- (in mind) aab iss sadu ke saath janna padega..
Both left for her hostel…

@On the way in car..
Swara was feeling bore as there was a huge traffic.. n it was taking a lot of time..
she switch on the radio..
sanky- (angrily glared at her..) its my car.. who gave u the permission to on the radio??
Sw- switching off.. sorry (sad)
Seeing her sad , he too felt sad n allowed her to on it …
She happily agreed n was showing her 32 teeth… sanky smiled seeing her childishness n started admiring her in mind..

Traffic got cleared n they are again back to their journey.. but unfortunately.. its not that easy.. there was again traffic at the next red light…
sanky-(angrily) damn yr.. i m already gettinhg late for office n i have to drop this syappa queen also n then this traffic.. shit!!
Swara- (innocently).. no problem.. u drop me here.. i ill go myself.. u go for ur work..
saying this she started getting off the car..
sanky-(holding her hand) now.. u want me to get scolded by bhai n ragini for not dropping u upto ur destination.. (taunting)
Shut up n get back to ur seat..(ordering)
Swara- nooded quitely..
After about 10 minutes.. traffic started getting clear…
Suddenly Swara saw a puppy in one of the pits.. n struggling to get out of it in the middle of the road..(u know na.. mumbai ki roads..)
She couldnt saw him like this n get off the car to help him.. sanskar didnt notice her.. she went upto him to help by crossing the road on the opposite side of road..
Meanwhile sanskar saw she was not in the car.. he started searching for her from the car itself.. (looking here n there)
Suddenly he saw her helping the puppy.. she was comming back towards the car …
Sanky relieved seeing her n pointing her to come back soon as traffic is cleared..
After seeing him.. she started comming hurriedly in the middle of traffic..
sanskar saw a speeding car approaching towards her n he became numb…
the car was about to her her… in the nic of time her pulled her towards himself.. both fell down on the side of road…
(both were saved.. no one was injured).. there was an eyelock between them…
but their eyelock broke with the sound of horns of vehicles on the roads..both stood up feeling akward n composed themselves..
hello friends.. how was the episode.. batana zarur.. ok ok aab m chalti hu… byee..
fir milange next episode ke saath..

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