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Chapter 10
Chilly breeze,dim night lights,perfect seascape.
“Wow what a view!”I mumbled.
We were on the beach.our whole troop decided to spend some time on the beach at night under the stars.
Everyone was sitting on the seashore.Some of the couples were cuddling and literally eating each other up,and why shouldn’t they the atmosphere was really.
Tanuj had returned from london today itself after the haldi.
He was really happy to see ragini.Infact after returning the first thing he did was engulfing ragini in a bone crushing hug.
Everyone was teasing them and cracking jokes about their romance except me and sanskar.
I must say Ragini was a very lucky girl.She had two handsome hunks after her.I chuckled internally.
And please don’t assume I felt bad.Infact I was actually relaxed since I had no one around day after a hectic day.
While everyone was busy romancing with each other I looked around to see all the couples.
Sanskar-kavita,ragini-tanuj,Vani-Karan…wait! What? VANI-KARAN.
When did vani start dating karan? Karan was also one of our old schoolmate.
I sighed and dipped my feet in the water.The icy and chilly water splashed over my feet and I felt relaxed.
When I was busy admiring the extremely beautiful scenery in front of me.I heard someone ruining the moment.
“Okay okay guys come out of your own wonderlands and let’s heat up the moment!”announced vani.
I rolled my eyes and made my way to one of the sunbed grabbing my favourite novel to read.
yes it is not advisable to read in dim lights but still can anyone stop me?
“What is it?”asked ragini with gleaming eyes.she loved playing games.
“Any game which we can play together.”
“Guys I am sorry I cannot join you all further.I have to take this call.It’s important”said tanuj annoyingly.
“Oh come on!!”exclaimed everyone together.
“Sorry guys!”saying this tnuj went to take his call.
“What about Truth and dare!” suggested prateek one of our group mate’s.
“Eww how boring…suggest something else”Said vani putting her hands across her chest.
“I know!”said an excited vani.
“But this game requires an equal number of boys and girls and since tanuj has left what will we do now?”
“It is okay guys I won’t play I will be here enjoying the game by seeing you guys participating in it.But at least DO SOMETHING. ”ragini said clapping cheerfully.
“All the people present here can play this.first each couple will stand opposite to each other in a kind of a row.And then ragini will play the music with her back towards us asking us to shuffle amongst each other.I mean the couples will be swapped. ”Vani was explaining each and every step carefully.
“And then finally when the music will be stopped without Ragini turning her back towards us then the pair at that time will be fixed.”
“And that that pair has to dance over a romantic song.Right” suggested Kavita holding sanskar’s arm.
“No! That pair has to KISS each other”said vani casually.
With this the whole group cheered for vani for her ‘extraordinary idea’.
I did nothing but rolled my eyes and slapped my forehead over her idea.
I had internally decided not to participate in this stupid game of her’s and proceed with reading my book.
“Oh no! I also had to participate in this”ragini said annoyed.
“Come on! Everyone come here and make a queue”instructed vani.
“Come on swara.will you read this book only.we are here to enjoy not read.”ragini insisted.
“But I am not in a mood to play this silly game of yours.wait! What if I control the music system for you all.won’t that be a great idea?”
“No it isn’t.Ragini cannot play this game since she cannot kiss anyone except Tanuj.Right ragini”said vani winking to ragini.
Oh god they are in full mood to spoil my evening.
“Oh no! Don’t ask her she doesn’t know how to kiss and also she doesn’t have the guts to kiss someone”sanskar said smirking and whistling together.
Okay now he is challenging me.This sentence of his made me up a brow of mine and gazing him angrily.
“Oh I am so scared”sanskar said teasing me more and acting like he is shivering.
I kept my book aside and walked towards them stamping my foot not losing the eye contact between me and sanskar.
“What do I have to do?”I asked snapping sanskar out of his thoughts.
“Nothing just stand here and shuffle when I turn the music on”
“Hey wait what if we do it blindfolded”suggested vani.
Everyone’s eyes gleamed with joy on hearing this.
“This would make it more adventurous”said kavita eyeing sanskar.
“And and and one more thing to be noted you guys have to kiss over lips.Please keep that in mind”Ragini pointed it out flopping the plan to kiss on the person’s cheeks.
But now I couldn’t back off.urghh where have I got myself into?
“But who will be my partner?”I queried because I didn’t have anyone.
“Prateek obviously he is also single”winked ragini.
“whatever”I mumbled.
Ragini blindfolded us with whichever cloth she found,scarves t shirts stoles etc.
Once when she was done with cross checking whether everyone has lost their vision or not she positioned us in front of our partners and went to play the music.
There were 5 pairs in all including me and prateek,sanskar and kavita,vani and karan and manik and nandini and lastly ahaana and ajay.
It was love you goodbye of 1-D.I just loved this track.It was really adorable.
I sensed Ragini was also mumbling the song under her breath.
“Shuffle guys!”said ragini.
We were juggling from this place to that like idiots.why did I even join this weird game.
I was not at all able to see anything I had a fear of tripping over someone very soon.
But before it could happen Ragini turned the music off and said”freeze!…freeze everyone”
I stood where I was like a statue and my hands went wet due to the nervousness.
I tried guessing who the person in front of me was.
“Okay guys now you may proceed with the kiss”exaggerating on the word kiss.
I stood where I was extremely frozen at the point.The problem was sanskar was right I could never kiss someone.Actually I didn’t know how to kiss someone.
“Come on guys do it!” cheered ragini.
I was in deep thoughts when the person in front of me started coming near me.I could feel that.
Then this ‘whosoever he was’ kept my hands in his bringing shivers down my spine.
His hands were warm while mine were cold due to nervousness.
I was shaking terribly to which he just assured me by pressing his hands into mine.
This gesture was really comforting.Now he came dangerously close to me.
Oh no what should I do now.I don’t even know who the man in front of me is.
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