Swasan a cinderella story – OS


Hi guys… Aisha here. I am just trying my hand on an os… A sweet fairytale
The cinderella story…

‘swara where are you? Clean the house fast….’
Screamed an ugly girl.
‘ yes Kavitha di…’ a scream came from a room.
‘ Swara where is my dress?’ other girl screamed.

‘ just a min Kavya di… ‘

Inside the room a girl was cleaning things…after hearing the two screams she quickly finished her work and removed a beutiful dress from the cupboard and handed it over to Kavya
‘its here di’
She then cleared the floor and went to face the hitler…..

‘mom can I go to college? ‘

A lady smiled and said coldly
‘ yes sure but only after cleaning youur room..’

‘ ok mom..’ Swara said and started going to her room.

Today in college there was a dance party with a princess ? theme and Swara wanted to enjoy it…

She quickly went up and was shocked seeing the scene… Her two sisters had messed up the room Completely….Tears welled up in her eyes…
Now she won’t be able to go
She sat there crying when a scream disturbed her thoughts

‘ mom we are ready…come fast.’

‘oh come on girls I will drop you two there and then go to salon..and Swara we will be back by 12 clean the house and we are locking from outside. ‘
Swara got up and ran outside only to find herself alone in a locked house.
Swara then cleared her house and sat crying in her room.
When she heard
She got up and looked from the window.
Ragini and Laksh were standing there dressed for party..
‘swara come fast na..’
‘no I can’t house is locked…’
‘Then use the pipeline na..’
Swara came down using pipeline
Ragini gave Swara the dress Swara had given her to keep safe…
Then they found a room and Swara quickly changed.
She looked like a beautiful princess.. She put on a mask and went for the party.

In the party…
Kavitha and Kavya were also present.
Each and every girl was looking at a handsome hunk… Sanskar Maheshwari
Kavya- who will he select for dancing?
Kavitha – off course me

Here Sanskar was looking at every one
When he eyes fell on the door he saw a very beautiful princess.. Even though her face was covered… His heart beat increased…
He desperately wanted to see love for him in those eyes.
‘ I want her…’
He said pointing towards the girl.
The girl was first shocked but then agreed
Both danced for a hour Sanskar was so close to her!
After an hour he asked
‘can I remove the mask?’
The girl just nodded..
Just when he was going to remove it the clock struck twelve and girl started running away
Sanskar caugth her hand and his eyes fell on a very rare crown ? mark on her wrist.
The girl then ran very fast.

Soon Kavya and Kavitha returned home..mom unlocked the door and they went inside amd found Swara.

Next day someone knocked at thedoor
Kavitha opened the door and was shocked to find Sanskar there..

Sanskar ‘ hey I am searching for the girl l danced with yesterday.. She has a mark on her wrist so can check ur hands please? ‘
He didn’t find any mark
He even checked Kavya hands..
He felt that love was in this house hence thought of asking for some tea..
The lady knew about Swara’s mark hence prevented her from meeting Sanskar..
While leaving Sanskar heard a melodious voice and his heartbeat increased
He ran in to that voice only to find a girl singing
Her face was nor visible.
Sanskar – excuse me?
Swara turned and he was shocked to see her beautiful face… He fell in love..
Sanskar ‘can I check ur hands am searching for someone..
Swara smiled and came near him and forwarded her hands.
He touched her soft hands and a current passed through him.
He then looked at her wrist and found that Mark
‘will you marry me? I really love you! ‘
Swara had always loved him.
He never knew her but she always used to stalk him
‘yes i luv u too’
Then they lived happily ever after…
So guys how was it? Pls comment…
And wat u all want me to post first..hungergames or the tour that changed my life or can i love you please?
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Credit to: Aisha

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