Swasan: Cinderella got her prince (Two shot)

Swasan: Cinderella got her prince (Two shot)

Hello Friends……I have been reading most the FF either its series or one shot or two shot or three shot daily and being inspired with all those I prepared myself to come up with one. I know topic sounds a lot like a fairy tale but its not much like fairy tale. I hope you will enjoy.   
Part 1

It was 10:00 am in the morning when a black shining car stopped at the entrance gate of Baadi. From the car two men in a black suit came out with big boxes in their hands. They asked which one is Shekhar Gadodia’s house. From the crowd a woman, who was wearing Bengali sari, showed up claiming ownself as Sarmistha Gadodia wife of Shekhar Gadodia. As soon as they saw her they greet her and she took them inside and sat for conversation.

After a while….

Sarmistha(with an expression of shock):-What???? Who wants to marry my daughter?
One of the man:-Mam, its Prince (Prince is that person’s name who wants to marry Sarmistha’s daughter and he is known as Prince only in business field. He is great business tycoon of today’s age)
Another man:-Mam, all of you are invited by them to their house to talk on it.
Sarmistha(not trusting them):-You think I will believe it and make my daughter to marry….uh….what’s it. Oh, yes your prince. Do you think I’m a fool?

She stood up with anger and asked them to leave. Those men pleaded her to believe them. But she didn’t listen to them and shouted to leave.

Then a doorbell rang DING DONG.

Now Sarmistha got her complete gang as her daughters Swara (Montessori teacher) and Ragini (fashion designer) were also here. She told them whole story that Shekhar and so called prince’s father were best friends when they were teenager and they had made promise to be in laws by marrying each others son and daughter. Hearing it two of them brust into laugh. And soon Sarmistha also joined them.

After a while door bell rang again DING DONG.

When Sarmistha opened the door, she was amazed, as there were huge numbers of photographers and camera men recording them. Soon from the crowd more number of black suit people came into the house. They said, ”Mam, you need to come with us. They are waiting for you all.”

All three ladies were so much in shock that they followed their guide without uttering a word.


Soon they reached a big mansion. All the stuffs inside symbolized of royalty. Three ladies were all mesmerized with it. They soon met Prince’s mother Sujata and badi ma Annapurna. They greet each other and started their conversation. Now it was clear that Shekher and Prince’s papa Ram had promised to be in laws.

But question of who will be prince’s princess still remained. Soon it was cleared. As Ragini was already married, it was Swara who will be prince’s princess. But Swara didn’t want to marry a stranger so she asked for permission to meet him. Luckily Prince was in his study room. A servant guided her to his study room.

Prince was working on his laptop. Swara could see him from back only. She waited for servant to take permission. When servant nodded in yes she came inside the room. Meanwhile prince closed his laptop and turned to greet her while his eyes grew wide.

Prince(with little smile):-oh you are Shekher gadodia’s daughter.
Swara(interrupting):-oh, and you are Prince.
Prince:-Yes, teacher Cinderella you are absolutely right.
Swara(fuming in anger):-you manner less prince. How come your name from Mr. Sanskar changed into prince.
Sanskar:-Ummm…..just like teacher’s name changed into swara.

Swara and Sanskar remembers past days….



Swara was in her Montessori class. With big smile in her face she introduced SANSKAR MAHESHWARI as trusty of Montessori school and guest for some days in class.

Sanskar:-hello, kids I would be here with you all for some days. You can call me sanskar and I’m your new friend from now on ok.
All children:-Ok
Swara:-All of you take your seat and sir you also take your seat.
Sanskar:-Teacher you can call me sanskar.
Swara(with a little smile):-Mmm…ok

All took their seat. Swara started her class.

Swara:-Today I’ll tell you a fairy tale story ok.
All children:-ok
Swara:-It’s the story of Cinderella. Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She lived with her step mother and two sisters………..

Sanskar felt the fairy tale interesting though he had heard it before. But the way she told story with her expressions it made sanskar amazed. He could not take off his eyes and ears from her. He was just soo much mesmerized.

After the end of story he clapped and made rest of the children to clap. This made Swara blush a little. Then Swara and Sanskar played with children.

In the beginning of the class Swara greeted all.

Swara:-Children today I’ll tell you a story, ok.
(Sanskar smiled with excitement showing his white teeths.)
Children:-Ok teacher.
Swara:-I’m sorry. I didn’t got chance to read new story so today I’ll tell you Cinderella story,ok.
One of the children:-Teacher you are saying this from three days.
Swara(smiling):-I had some work sweety. I’m so sorry but I promise if possible tomorrow I’ll tell you a new story, ok.
Children(in sad tune):-ok……….

Sanskar this time also heard the story with excitement but not with all excitement.

But again next day and next’s next day too she told the same Cinderella story. Now it was too much for Sanskar.

Sanskar(shouted):-Teacher Cinderella, when will you tell next story.
Every child laughed.
Swara(being shock):-what you just said??Mr. Sanskar.
Sanskar:- I said teacher Cinderella when will you tell new story.
Children:-Yes, teacher Cinderella. Please tell us new story.
Swara:-ok baba tomorrow 100% sure and don’t call me Cinderella(glaring at sanskar).
Sanskar(taunting):-no no teacher Cinderella we want new story now.
Swara(fumes in anger but not really angry):-you mannerless person stop calling me that and get down from that table.

Swara fumes in anger and Sanskar taunts her more and more.

**End FlashBack**


Back in the study room…..

Swara:-Though I know you quite well but I won’t marry you.
Sanskar:-But you have to marry me Cinderella.
Swara(with confident):-I won’t. What will you do?
Sanskar(becoming serious):- well miss Swara you know that those men might have told you Prince want to marry you.
Sanskar:-And you know what, I use my name Prince for business purposes only. So, this marriage is just like a business deal to me. And in business I don’t lose any deal.
Swara(in anger):-Then I’ll definitely won’t marry you. You can marry others.
Sanskar:-You know what Cinderella, if I don’t marry you I’ll lose my love.
Sanskar:-My father without my will, signed on papers on which it was written if I don’t marry daughter of Shekher Gadodia I won’t get any property.
Swara:-Whatever it is I won’t marry you. You go and marry your love instead.
Sanskar:-How could I? She is my mom and badi ma. They have blackmailed me to leave this home if I don’t marry you. They said those were my father’s and bade papa’s last wish.

Swara was not that type of woman who easily believe on others but the word FATHER made her to agree to marry him.


Next day the news of great business tycoon Sanskar Maheswari aka Prince’s marriage news flashed on news channels as a breaking news. Every news channel and papers headline was ‘Cinderella got her Prince’ claiming Swara, a normal girl, who became prince’s princess overnight due to her fate and destiny just like Cinderella got her prince with her fate.

It’s been a week and Sarmistha and Ragini were still engaged in watching news about Swara. While Swara was wondering how they could call her Cinderella as there are many other girls who had married a billionaire being normal women.

Just then her phone rang, it was Sanskar. He called her for shopping. She came out of baadi and sat on the car waiting for her. At mall she saw Sanskar entering into parking. She was about to call when she saw him with a lady. She followed them quietly. They were in parking mall. Swara hid herself and quietly heard their conversation.

Girl:-So, your marriage is fixed.
Girl:-Isn’t it because your mother found out Shekher Gadodia has daughter and you have to forcefully marry that Cinderella.
Sanskar:-For this moment please leave it and I’m really sorry for………
Girl(tear drops from her eyes):-Its ok, Its ok. Don’t say a word.
Girl(wiping her tears):-She is really lucky,huh???………..Because she has you.
Swara pinned herself to the wall. Her heart was pinching and beating fast. She didn’t know what it was. She only knew was she was the reason for their separation. And she didn’t want to be the reason for others separation.So, she ran towards the gate and phoned Sanskar.

Sanskar:-Swara when will you come.I’m tired of waiting…
Swara(a tear falls from her eyes):-I won’t come sanskar
Sanskar(interupting her):-What???
Swara(wiping her tears):-I won’t come Sanskar and I won’t MARRY YOU….

To Be Continued…….


Well part-1 ends here but there is part-2 too. It’s my first time writing so there are some mistakes. I hope you have ignored my mistakes and enjoyed it.

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