Swasan: Cinderella got her prince (Two shot) Part 2


Swasan: Cinderella got her prince (Two shot)

First of all thank u soooo much all of you for loving and supporting this two shot. I hope you will enjoy this one too. Before starting here is short recap of previous part.
Swara Gadodia’s life changes from a normal girl to prince’s princess aka Cinderella when her fate takes a turn and she had to marry business tycoon Sanskar Maheswari often know as Prince in his business field.

You can read part-1 here-http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-cinderella-got-prince-two-shot/

Swara ran towards the gate and phoned Sanskar.

Sanskar:-Swara when will you come. I’m tired of waiting.
Swara(a tear falls from her eyes):-I won’t come Sanskar.
Swara (wiping her tears):-I won’t come Sanskar and I won’t MARRY YOU
Sanskar (teasingly):-Don’t worry; you need not to marry me. I’ll marry you.
Swara(thinking):-He’s too much. He’s with his ex and infront of her he wants to flirt. Disgusting!!!
Sanskar:-Hello! Cinderella?
Swara(coming out of her thoughts):-I won’t talk to you idiot Prince. Bye.
Sanskar(confused):-Why is she mad?

After Swara disconnected call, he goes back to that girl.

Girl:-It was Cinderella, right?
Sanskar:-yes…but how did you know?
Girl:-I can read your expressions remember?
Sansakar (after a while):-Kavita…Let’s go to have coffee

Kavita nodded in yes and they went to a cafe nearby.

Swara was in a cafe with lots of things inside her mind. She was about to cry but a stranger interrupted her.

Stranger:-Aren’t you Cinderella?
Swara:-No no I’m not.
Stranger(looking at his newspaper):-Oh its you.(showing his newspaper)
Swara(looking at her picture):-Oh yes, it’s me, I forgot…(unwantedly laughing)ha ha….well I need to…..go
Stranger(interrupting):-Mam, I’m a reporter. Can I have your interview?

Swara was about deny but a loud voice stopped her. It was Sanskar with Kavita. As soon as they entered,Kavita received call and had to go.

Reporter:-Lets begin. But first I want to ask u who is that lady with you.
Swara(in mind):-Of course his ex.
Sanskar:-oh, she’s Kavita, my best friend.
Swara(thinking loud):-Liar

Sanskar found Swara staring at him, so he gave her a big smile.

Reporter:-As you are getting married. Is it arrange or love?
Sanskar:-Of course, love. I don’t like arrange marriage with stranger.
Swara stared at him and Sanskar winked at her.
Reporter:-It sounds you two are deeply in love then…
Swara(quickly):No, its not like that
Sanskar (holding her hand):-Don’t feel shy dear. It’s no wrong to love.
Swara(thinking):-LOVE?what love…which love…is he mad?
Reporter:-I would like to know your love story?Like your first meeting.
Swara(thinking with evil smile):-Dear Prince now you are gone…
Sanskar:-Actually we met in a montessori school. She was teacher and I was there for observation.And soon I fell in love with her(staring Swara)
Reporter:-Mam, how he confessed to you?
Swara(blushed a little):-He never confessed to me.
Sanskar(quickly):-I confessed to you na on last day of observation.

Swara remembered


Swara told everybody give Sanskar their sweet message as it was his last day in class. Everyone gave their message to Sanskar. Now it was Sanskar’s turn.

Sanskar:-My message for all my friends is I’ll miss you all very much…..and for teacher Cinderella I’ll miss you and your Cinderella story alot. I would love to hear your stories more as I love you.
Swara(in shock):-S…orry?
Sanskar(loudly):-April fool. You are April fool Cinderella (laughing whole heartedly)
Swara(making sad face) :-You…You are too much….
Sansakar:-Anyway, I’ll miss you Cinderella

**End FlashBack**

In the cafe

Reporter:-Mam, how did he confessed?
Swara(still dreaming):-April fool…
Sanskar(hurriedly so that Swara couldn’t tell the truth):-oh look we are late…sorry but we need to go
Reporter:-But sir….???

Sanskar grabbed Swara’s hand, dropped her inside car and drove.

Swara:-Stop the car Sanskar
Sanskar:-No I won’t
Swara:-I said stop
Sanskar:-No, I won’t. First answer me why are you ignoring me?
Swara:-Ignoring..I’m not ignoring you
Sanskar:-Yes you are and what about not marrying?
Swara:-it’s my life, my choice.
Sanskar(being serious):-Swara,you know very well why I am marrying u.
Swara:-You are so selfish Sanskar. You know you are destroying three lives and…
Sanskar:-Three? How come it three?
Swara(fumes in anger):-Three means three
Sanskar(still confused):-ok let me count one is you, another is me and who next one?
Swara(her mouth slips):-Kavi…t..a
Sanskar(stops car and laughs loudly):-Ha Ha Ha…just because I came in cafe with Kavita you thought she and I? You are really funny yar.
Swara becomes angry.
Sanskar:-Are you jealous Swara. If you are then don’t hesistate…

Swara couldn’t control her anger and slaps him making him quite and attentive to her.

Swara:-How could you laugh on me when you know you are wrong. I heard your conversation with her at mall….How could you….leave her just to fulfil your papa’s last wish(tear drops from her eyes) You know your papa won’t return and tell you that you did right. So, you don’t have to sacrifice your happiness for one who won’t return instead of that make those happy who are around you. And I’m sure badi ma and mom will accept Kavita when they know the truth.

Sanskar was speechless because it was his first time being slapped. Swara was about to get off from car suddenly Sanskar hold her wrist and with his teary eyes said, ”Trust me Swara its not like what you are thinking. Belive me. Kavita and I are just …”
But before he could finish, she jerked her hand and left.

Swara reached her home then cried and cried alot. She could feel the heat of her hand that was still burning after she slapped him. She felt a kind of pain in her heart.

It’s been a week Swara neither called Sanskar nor received any call. She showed up to the outside world when Ragini was returning her sasural. She went station with Ragini for a farewell. While she was returning she saw Kavita on the way, happily walking hand in hand with a man. Swara was so curious about Kavita that she followed them. And started listening their conversation.

Man:-I’m happy that you are back in my life.
Kavita:-It’s all because of Sanskar.
Man:-You know, when I first met him I thought he was selfish, rich person but he turned to be just like his name,a true Prince.
Kavita(raising her eye brows):-I told you before. You know what he was apologizing me in parking mall for beating you and for our breakup while the entire fault was ours.
Man:-I’m sorry for breaking up with you that time.
Kavita(smiling):-It’s ok my dear husband.

They hugged eachother and walked hand in hand. Swara could not believe her ears. Her prince was really innocent. He was not lying.
She called Sanskar but his phone was engage. Then she called Sanskar’s mom Sujata and found that Sanskar was leaving for UK forever. Swara ran from there and reached airport. She searched for Sanskar but it was too late. She cried whole night.

Next day Swara returned from her school, she locked herself threw her bag aside and lay on bed. She closed her eyes and relaxed. Suddenly she heard a sound coming from her washroom. After a while a man got out from there. As soon as she saw the man she ran and hugged him tightly.

Swara:-I’m sorry. I’m sorry Sanskar that I didn’t believed you.
Sanskar(hugging her back):- Now you realized.
Swara (breaking their hug):-But why did you go to UK forever?
Sanskar(teasing):-I was scared that my Cinderella that would again slap me. And I was not going forever I had some work but your condition was too weak that I need to rush from there.
Swara:-But your mom told me that…..(touching his cheeks)Was it hard?
Sanskar:-What…your slap…oh, it was soft and gentle.
Swara(catching her ears):-Sorry
Sanskar:-One sorry won’t do any thing
Swara(suddenly kissing his cheeks):-Is it ok now?
Sanskar(smiling):-Nope….it’ll only heal when you’ll marry me and kiss on it every morning and evening saying I love you.

Just then Sanskar realized that they haven’t confessed yet.

Sanskar:-Well, I mean…..
Swara(teasing):- Ok Mr.Prince….I’ll do that after marriage but when will you tell?

Sanskar blushed and Swara started teasing him. He asked her not to but she kept on teasing him “You are an idiot prince, manner less prince, stupid prince and now you are blushing prince as well.” Just then he jerked her to him and slightly kissed her on her lips. They kissed passionately and after a while Sanskar whispered in her eats, “I love you. Is it ok?” Swara blushed and hugged him and said, “I love you too”.

At last Cinderella got her prince back clearing all her misunderstandings and realizing her love for him. They got married and lived happily ever after.

##The End##

i hope you liked it and thank you for ur support and comment. And I’m so sorry for posting late. My internet is not working properly. I hope you will understand.

Credit to: siru

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