SwaSan Cheesy Proposal (OS)


HIII helllooo buddies…
Read this crazy one shot…


Swara’s POV
Today is my result day and yet I cannot forget that day when due to heat stroke I fainted in exams and later supervisor sir Sanskar come to my help and became my writer for that paper after arguing with higher authority and I fell for him at that moment, and later he dropped me home and how smartly he asked for my number with excuse of checking on my health but I liked that and even all hang outs with him and with every meet I am falling for him but I know I will never be daring to let him ask about his feeling for me… And today I’ll meet him at our favorite hangout spot Domino’s for last time because now I can’t pretend like being friend to him…

Sanskar’s POV
Oh God for Swara one day I will be mad because of you, since the day I first saw her I cross every limits of craziness by arguing with higher authority to allow me for being her writer which is possible can put my job at stake, later I drop her at home and asked her number for the first time I asked a girl for her number in my life, even I started hang out with her, I liked the way she enjoy Pizza and her madness behind Pizza I Sanskar Maheswari who hates Pizza is now started loving Pizza just because of my love Swara… Wait Sanskar yet you have not said Swara that you loved her… Ohhh today is her result and she informed me to come to Domino’s and today itself I’ll propose her…Day But if she reject me then???? I’ve to make sure that she agreed with my proposal…

Sanskar’s POV broke by beep on his phone which saw message from Swara which reads she cleared exam and waiting for clock to strike 6:00 pm…

Sanskar replied “Congratulation and I too waiting for 6:00 pm…

Later none of them chatted as both are busy in planning to put their idea in action.

6:00 PM, Domino’s

Sanskar impatiently waiting for Swara’s arrival and after few minutes she arrived in baby pink short dress putting best doll on world at shame for being cute Sanskar is mesmerized after seeing her.

Swara’s dress

She comes and seat in front of him Sanskar tries to initiate conversation but every time she will reply shortly. And this irritates Sanskar but somehow he controlled his irritation and he holds her hand and said

Sanskar: Swara never in my life I did craziness which I did for and with you, I really do not know why you are upset today but I liked to say that “Miss Swara Gadodia right now you are looking most beautiful girl on earth who eats rather to say live on Pizza without worrying about weight.

But before Sanskar can continue further Swara find it best excuse to fight and stay away from him so she said

Swara: What the hell you are joking over me Sanskar??? I am not fat got that… And I can as many pizzas as I want. You are…

But before she can complete her sentence Sanskar put his finger on her lips and knees down on her knees and said

Sanskar: Yes Miss Gadodia you can eat I won’t stop you. But I’ll appreciate if you will like to eat them with me as Mrs Maheswari.

And he took out ring from his pocket and holds it before her and asked


Sanskar:Now I started liking being crazy and childish and only your presence in my life will make it possible… Will you marry me????

Swara: I love ring…

Sanskar: Swara my knees are hurting, will you marry me???

Swara: Yes for this yummy ring I will…

Every one present there clapped for this crazy couple.. And later they celebrated their deal sealing for lifetime with Pizza…

I know this one is most stupid and dumbest OS… So for that all of your rotten tomatoes and jutas are warmly welcomed by me and no egg plz I am strictly vegetarian… (Can you buddies replace rotten tomatoes and with yummy Pizza???)

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  1. RUPA

    Cutest answer by shona..!!

  2. Hahaha…..really I can’t Control…..The best OS ever…….it was awesome, superb…..nd yaa thank you soo much for making me laugh

    1. Pri_24

      Thank u so much for comment ☺☺

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Awsm dear. I also pizza fan????

    1. Pri_24

      Thanks ☺

  4. Really a crazy but cute proposal….
    Hey! R u pizza lover???????

    1. Pri_24

      Nope I don’t like pizza bt Inspired frm a incident happened with my frnd.??

  5. Mica

    hahaha…. swara is sooo impossible
    awesome story…. keep writing

  6. Janviiivyas

    Cute and sweet

  7. Hahahahah nice

  8. G.Chandu

    hehe…nice..!! Pizzas are costlier than tomatoes…!! So, I generally don’t use for throwing…!! In your case… I will gift them instead of throwing…for Such a cute story…!!

    1. Pri_24

      Awww ?? Thank yu so much for yur generosity… ☺☺ And thanks fir comment too

  9. Khushiii

    Such a cute story

  10. Cute

  11. Rekha

    Really Crazy

  12. Hahahah…very cute

  13. Nice one dear… Just loved it ?????????

  14. Sanjanaagrawal

    Its sooooo sweeeeet ……

  15. Cute n short…nyc

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  17. Pri_24

    Thank yu so much to all who commented here.
    All of your comments will inspire me to write more.
    And I’ll post my other work soon…☺☺☺☺

  18. Haha nice one !! I find this os so cute !!!????????????

  19. It’s a yummy os,to say in your terms..

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