SwaSan – She Changed Me (Two Shots) Shot 2 Last Shot


She Changed Me

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Shot 2/Last Shot:
Great, he left again, this time I hope I don’t meet him. . . He doesn’t deserve it. Which way should I go?

While I was too busy deciding, the rain stopped, no, I don’t like it, now the cold breeze would touch my wet body and make me shiver and I’ll fall ill.

Why did all of this happen today? I don’t even have my bed, Maa and Dida with me.
I remembered from Maa and Dida, they might be so worried, I’ve been missing for three days. . . I need to reach home soon.

Wasting no more time, I took the left route and started walking through the windy wind and the jungly area, cold, alone, lost and tired.
That girl! It’s all her fault, I hope not to see her again! I’m so annoyed, what does she think of herself?

Thank god the rain stopped, now I can easily walk through without having to semi close my eyes, but the thing that I hate is that now there are any chances to slip and fall due to the muddy and soggy grass and mud. I just want to get to my house and in my bed, never have I ever been in this tiring situation, it’s all because of that girl!
When I get back, I’m going to put up charges against her for kidnapping me and if I fall ill, then I will sue her!

I am so determined about my decision, no one has ever dragged me into this situation expect that Pagal Ladki! All this happened because of her, she had to find my car and me! I curse the day I first met her. . . If I didn’t meet her then she wouldn’t most likely come under my car.

I gazed around and saw two routes, which way should I go?
After a lot of thinking, I took the right route, as they say, right is always right.
It’s a slippery route too, I have to take the support of the dangling tree trunks to reach the very end, I could already feel my body heat up.
Tired and knackered, I entered a small hut that’s located in an isolated place, I hope it’s safe. . . As I turned to shut the door, I heard another door open from behind me.
Oh gosh, who could this be? I hope it’s a woman. . .
As I slowly and nervously turned, I saw. . . Him!

What is he doing here? Has he sworn that he would follow everywhere I go?!

“You!” Both of us yelled at each other.

“Yes me!” I responded straight after.

He made his usual faces and looked away with a sigh, even I’m not fond of looking at his face, so I also turned my face to the other side.

“I’m tired and not in the mood to argue, you can leave if you want to but I’m staying here.” He uttered, sounding tired and walked forward.

“What should I leave? I’m also staying here!” I boldly said and walked to the other side, there are no reasons why I should leave, but there are reasons why he should.

I guess his Akad found its place. . . I smirked and opened the wardrobe, finding few pairs of lady clothes, I’m glad, now I don’t have to be in this wet dress.

I took a pair of red and white saree drape and a white blouse, it’s a perfect match, it also looks modern, never expected to see it here, in this hut.

I glanced around but couldn’t find the bathroom. Wait, why would there be a bathroom in this hut? Stupid me. There is no way I’m getting dressed in front of him, I need to think of something.
I felt like leaving as soon as I saw that girl but could be bothered as I was too tired, I’m glad I’m on this side and she’s somewhere on that side, I’m extra glad because it’s peaceful.

I lit up the fire on the sticks by rubbing it together and threw it in an old and dusty fire place, it worked pretty well, I threw extra sticks and then two more after rubbing them together so that the fire is big enough to keep me warm.

It was actually peaceful, did that girl leave? Or is she okay? But what’s it to me? Why am I bothered, I shouldn’t be, so I continued keeping my self warm with the help of the fire, but as I glanced around, my eyes fell on the drawer, I stood up and walked towards it but as I was walking, there she was, in between the standing Charpai’s around her, covering her while she was getting changed.

I looked away and focused on the drawer, as I opened it, I saw white pair of clothes in there, it was a shirt and trousers, they seem comfy, so I took them out and made sure they were clean and have no dust on it.

I walked back to my place, away from the view of the girl and started getting changed, it’s good she can’t see me.
I finished getting changed, these clothes are lose and comfy, I picked my old ones and kept them on top of the drawer’s, so they could get dry.

I turned and my eyes fell on her, she made her way out and looks beautiful in that. . . Red and white really suits her, she looks like. . .

Her eyes met mine and she signed me what, I slightly smirked.

“Red suits you, you look like a devil.” I said and turned.

What was I thinking? How could I call her beautiful? And why was I about to call her an angel! This girl!

“And white doesn’t suit you, black does because you’re an evil demon!” She responded back, I could sense the annoyance in her tone.

Demon and me?
I turned to her, facing her.

“That white ruins it, you should be in pure red, people might mistaken you as an angel but little do they know, it’s a devil in disguise!” I answered back harshly and walked away, sitting down near the fire place.

Was I too rude? But this girl is so annoying, she makes unwanted sayings come out of my mouth! But who cares.
Did he just call me a devil? Like he’s a pure angle, Akdu billa!

“And you should get changed before people mistaken you to be pure soul, little will they know it’s a Akdu evil stone-hearted demon in disguise!” I answered back and huffed, I don’t care if I sound rude but he was too.

For a moment, I thought he was going to compliment me but no, how can I forget that I should never expect anything from him, he’s too arrogant.

I can’t wait till I reach home, I will get an arrest warrant out on him, for torture and kidnapping! I’ll drag him to the court for misbehaving and harassing!

I sighed and sat down, its cold here and I’m hungry.

What can I get from here? I glanced around, unable to find anything to consume. I will actually faint if I don’t get anything in my stomach.

My eyes soon fell on the mangalsutra that was dangling down from the hook near the cupboard. I touched my neck and was unable to feel it, it’s mine, who’s else’s could it be, few flashes of our marriage occurred in my mind, it was quite dramatic yet filmy wedding, I mean no one probably conducted a wedding with action at the same time, in ‘Singh is King’, something similar happened but this one was. . . Unique.

I don’t want to accept this marriage, sometimes I feel like waking up from a nightmare and be grateful for this to be a dream but it’s bitterly unwanted reality.

I stood up and walked towards it, taking it off the hook. Now that it’s my property, I should wear it and keep it. I turned while tying it around my neck and then saw him missing, is he actually gone?

A small smile curved up on my lips, I finished tying it and walked forward, making sure it’s not a delusion.

“Akdu Billa?” I called out, glancing around, not being able to see him.

Yes!!! He’s gone! I couldn’t control but to do a small victory dance, a broad smile appeared and I walked forward, placing myself near the fire please and happily warming myself.

It’s a great feeling knowing he’s not here, but wherever he is, I hope he’s safe.

I inhaled happily and closed my eyes, feeling the warmth of the fire touch my skin, this is comfy and relaxing, selfish he was, didn’t even bother inviting me to it! He behaves like he’s the only human on earth and in fact. . . Here!

But why am I spoiling my mood over him? I should relax now that he’s gone.

“Ahhhh!” I heard him yell as I jumped in shock.

What the hell! I touched my chest, feeling my heartbeats, they increased in fear, who does that?

But. . . Is he okay?
Ouch!! This stupid splinter! There’s no good food to eat out here either!

I blew on my finger vigorously, moving my head in every direction.

“What happened?” Her voice pronounced as she walked out.

I looked up at her and she seemed worried.

She looked around.

“Are they here?” She questioned, sounding a little worried.


“What happened?” She asked again as she looked at me.

“Will you speak or stay mum?!”

If only she stops speaking then I can speak!

She looked down at my finger as I was holding it, she looked at me again, her expressions changed, she then glanced at my finger and held it, why does she care so much?

“For this small thing you created a chaos?” She queried in disbelief.

Small? Small?!!! For me it’s first time getting injuries like this!

“You find this small? I’ve got a splinter in my finger and now I will get diseases and infections!” I irritatedly answered her as I rolled my eyes away from her.

“You’re behaving like all this is first experience, don’t tell me you haven’t got injuries like this before!” She raised her tone as he narrowed her eyes at me.

Yes, it’s true, I never experienced all this in my life till now, I was very protected and pampered child of my family, they never let me face any difficulties.

“You scared me, I thought something big happened but it’s my fault, I should know by now that you create chaos for only small things!” She said and went back inside.

This girl annoys me, but why should I waste my time on her, for me my finger is much important.

I walked forward and inside the hut, it hurts, I didn’t know that this small splinter would hurt this much.

And what is she doing in my place?

“What are you doing there?!” I sternly asked as I walked in front of her, blocking her view from the fire place.

“Dancing, why? Want to join me?” She sarcastically said with a fake smile.

“Would’ve but if it’s with you then no ways, I’m better off sitting!” I answered back, sitting down on the small stool opposite her.

She looked away after giving me her fake smile.

“If you don’t take that splinter out then you will definitely have chances of getting an infection!” She advised, without looking.

Why would I listen to her? As far as I know, her advises would make me drown in new web of problems instead! I can’t risk listening to her at all.

But I’m hungry, I don’t know what to do, first this splinter and now this hunger, this is all this girls fault!

“What? Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked as she noticed me giving her the evils.

I rolled my eyes away, I’m so tired, I’m better off going to sleep, thank god there’s a board behind me, I could now lean and go to sleep.
Oh gosh! Over a splinter, he created a fuss and now he’s not even listening to my advice. If he wants to get better then he has to take that splinter out but no! Akdu billa being Akdu decides not to listen!

What is wrong with this guy, he’s strange! I gazed at him and wow, he’s asleep, at least I could have some moments full of peace.

But I can’t let that splinter in, he could get an infection if it stays in there for too long, I need to take it out.

I stood up and slowly walked forward, making sure I am quiet enough so that he can’t hear me. If he hears me then he will create 10 scenes just to prove one point, as I reached him, I bent down and waved my hands, making sure he’s fast asleep.

I held his index finger while looking at him, seeing if he would react and slowly brought it near me, thank for he’s sleeping.

I could do the work peacefully.
I then brought my lips forward and trapped the splinter in between my teeth and pulled it out, he still didn’t react, phewww!

I then stood up and went out with a cloth, being able to get water on it as the water was drenching down the roof and then walked back inside and near him, I bent down, wiped his finger and then tied it with the cloth.

Now finally I could sleep too, I went back in my place and watched him sleep, it’s so weird, now that I think about it, I don’t even know his name and I’m sure he doesn’t know mine, two strangers met each other, is it fate or coincidence?

The dark clouds moved away, allowing the sun to shine bright. Birds start tweeting their song and the air makes its sound.

Sanskaar opens his eyes, watching the unpleasant view, as he sat up and stretched, his eyes fell on Swara.

“Is it me or is she shining?” Sanskaar questioned himself, seeming to slowly get trapped in Swara’s beauty.

“She isn’t as bad as I thought she was.” Sanskaar says to himself as he remembers what had happened last night.

He was awake as soon as Swara moved her lips closer to his finger, he was about to react but stops upon realising Swara was merely taking the splinter out, before Swara could look up, he went acted to be asleep.

Sanskaar gazed at his finger with a faint smile.
After a while:

Swara opens her eyes slowly and steadily, as she fully opened her eyes, she glanced around, not being able to find Sanskaar. She seems tired and yawns.

Soon Sanskaar enters with a tied drape, Swara eyes him confusingly, he places the tied bundle of drape in between the two and opens it, showing Swara various types of fruits, which are; Apples, Watermelons, Melon, Pears and Plums.

Swara was surprised seeing the fruits.

“He must’ve brought it for himself, trying to show off in front of me.” Swara makes faces as she speaks in her mind.

“Would you just look at me or pick one up to eat?” Sanskaar asked, sensing her looking at him and then looks at her.

Swara is surprised, she the gives a doubtful expression.

“What have you mixed in them? Poison or what?” Swara questions upon seeing his strange behaviour.

“Poison and insect blood!” Sanskaar sarcastically says as he faints a fake smile across his lips.

Swara leans forward and picks the apple up and looks at it.

“If you had mixed something in this then you wouldn’t admit it.” Swara says and looks at him, clearing her doubt and taking a bit from the apple.

Sanskaar looks down and picks a plum up and starts taking bites from it.

“Araam se, the fruits aren’t running away.” Swara utters seeing him eat fast.

“No one can control their hunger, I don’t know how I survived for 3 days without food.” He said, not caring and continues eating.

“Oh yes, how can I forget? You was unconscious for 3 days. . . But you survived because you’ve been only taking water and medication mixed in water.” Swara utters in remembrance as she blinks at him.

He nods in agreement but not really focused on her words as he’s too busy eating.

Swara continues taking her apple bites.
Soon the two were full and finished.

“Thank you.” Swara says to Sanskaar, despite knowing his way of manner.

Sanskaar ignored her and stood up, she also stood up with a small sigh.

Swara walked forward to go to the other side but her foot slipped on a piece of wood and she fell forward, onto Sanskaar which results Sanskaar to fall back, onto the floor and Swara on top of him.

“Ouch!!” Sanskaar yells as his back hits the ground along with his head.

Swara grits her teeth after biting her tongue.

“Now you’re gone Swara, he’s not going to spare you. . . Now his bak bak would begging.” Swara says to herself with regret and slowly looks up at him.

“What the hell?!” He yells angrily as he looks at her.

She looks at him innocently and he looks at her with anger, which slowly fades.

Both drown in one another’s eyes with different expressions.
If she continues making faces like that then not only my anger, anyone’s anger will fade, but why! That’s what I don’t get, why aren’t I able to yell at her?
What is wrong with me? Why am I not being able to look away? He should be yelling at me, why isn’t he?
Well, he’s not that bad as I thought he would be. . .
At last, she closed her eyes to avoid staring at him, he also felt a little relaxed as soon as she got off him, both were unknown to this new developed feeling and seemed to be not interested.

“I think we should leave.” Swara uttered as she looked at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar nods and turns towards the door.
Its good we’re leaving for this place, now anyhow I want to reach home.

I walked forward and out of the door, she followed. I don’t know what was wrong with me, I hope I don’t feel that unknown and strange feeling again.

“I think we should take a left turn.” She uttered from behind as stood near me, making her way up.

“No, right.” I said and turned my head to the side, looking at her.

“Fine, hope nothing bad happens.” She wishes and looks at me.

Her eyes met mine and sparkled, was that me or did her eyes actually sparkle?

“What happened?” She snapped me out.

“Nothing.” I shook my head and looked away.

“Shall we leave?” She questioned.

I ignored her and walked forward, what’s wrong with me, urgh, maybe not getting enough sleep actually affects human function and brains.

I’m experiencing the side affects.

“Ah!” I heard her shriek and I instantly turned.

She tripped over the rock and fell forward, onto my chest and clutched onto my shirt. Her hair flew onto my face and I could hear the wind, is it just me or is this actually happening!

Suddenly, my heartbeats started beating, what is happening! Gosh, does not eating and sleeping well affect this much to person, I need to go home asap before I feel more of these side affects, I need a doctor!

“Sorry.” Her soft voice tickled my ears and again, her eyes met mine and again, the same force started pulling and drowning me inside them. She’s got magic, now that I’m saying, I seriously need a doctor.
This is unusual, why are my heartbeats pondering as soon as my eyes met his, why are his eyes showing a glimpse of softness rather than his original roughness, why is the wind releasing its air upon us two, why are my eyes glued to his? What’s happening?

All these questions ran through my head while we just simply looked at each other, I can’t start liking him because he fed me, that’s impossible, maybe it’s just tiredness. . . Yes, it has to be tiredness, I didn’t get a good sleep last night.

“Sorry.” I uttered softly, he blinked at me.

He slightly pushed me back, making me stand and looked away instantly, I also looked away. Without uttering a word, he turned and I felt a little uncomfortable and both of us started walking down the jungle.

As we walked, we heard some unusual sounds and stopped, he turned to me.

“Can you stop making the sounds.” He requested, a little calmer than last time.

“What sounds?” I confusingly asked as it wasn’t me.

“The woot hoot boot.” He imitated the sounds.

“That isn’t me.” I answered back.

Again the sounds were heard and suddenly he fell forward and onto me, I was shocked and then saw a small arrow gigged in his neck, it seems like those poisonous arrows that tribe people use to attack on us, am I going to get attacked?
It’s so hard to keep standing while a heavy weight is pushing me back.

I was gazing around nervously until my eyes fell on few men from a tribe, it’s so easy to recognise them, brown cloth covering their bottom part and crazy make up on.

“Who are you?” One of the man sternly asked.

What should I say, how should I answer to them.

“Um… I’m. . .” I was finding it hard to speak due to the slight fear.

“What are you doing here?” He questioned again.

Two of the men came forward and took the arrow off his neck and pulled him slightly back.

I looked at the three shocked, tired and worried.

“Are you married?” The man who previously asked who I was asked yet again.

I shook my head in agreement as he stared at my mangalsutra.

“He. . .”

“My husband.” I completed as he pointed at him.

“What are you doing here?” He questioned.

“We… we had an accident and got lost in the jungle and now finding our way back home.” I spoke, it wasn’t a lie, it’s true, we’re lost and we’re finding our way home.

“Hmm.” He started thinking.

I hope he lets us go, I want to go home, he can stay here with them, just I get free.

“Bring them two” He ordered his men.

I was surprised, he should’ve said let them go!!

The other two men grasped my arm and started pulling me alongside him. Oh gosh, what new trouble is this!! Is going home even written in our destiny.
“No Inspector! Get your research team and search for her again!” Shouted a heartbroken and teary Shobha (Dida)

“I’m sorry Mrs Bose, our research team tried, it’s been four days and the two still haven’t been found.” The inspector utters.

“I don’t want to hear this inspector, I want my… Shona in front of me.” Shobha cries.

“Maa, why are you crying?” Sharmishta walks out and up to Dida and places her hands around her, comforting her.

She then looks at the inspector.

“Inspector, thank you for trying your best but I’m sure My Shona must be coming, maybe if you could search one more time but I know Shona is coming.” Sharmishta confidently says with a small smile.

Dida looks at her and sobs, the Inspector sighs.

Ever since that incident, Sharmishta hasn’t fallen weak, she believes her Shona, her Swara is alive and will come back for her and Dida.

“Ma’am, we think the animals ate the two bodies, that’s why we haven’t got a clue, we think they might be dead.” The inspector reveals.

“If the animals ate Shona then where’s the remaining flesh? Skeletons and bones? Like you say inspector, we can’t believe it unless we see the body.” Sharmishta answers back to the rough answer of the inspector.

“But you don’t need to worry, my Shona must be coming, thank you very much for your help!” Sharmishta adds with a fake smile.

The inspector leaves with his team and Shobha cries.

“What if the inspectors telling the truth. . .?” Dida questions during her sobs.

Sharmishta looks at her, “Maa, Swara is our daughter, we have taught her to fight with braveness and I’m sure she must’ve defeated the death, you always say na maa, that our Shona is strong, she will fight back.” Sharmishta utters.

“It’s been 4 days Sharmishta, how long shall we wait?” Dida questions.

“Maa, you take rest and don’t worry much, I’m going to meet ACP and I’ll get a separate research team ready to search for Shona, I’m sure Shona is alive and waiting to come back, my heart says my Shona is alive and a mothers instincts can never be wrong.” Sharmishta says and moves to the table while grabbing on her bag.

She turns and Dida wipes her tears.

“I’ve prepared the food, I’ll be back.” Sharmishta says and walks out.

“I hope whatever Sharmishta is saying to be true, I want my Shona back.” Dida utters as she folds her hands and starts praying.
Few hours later:

Sanskaar opens his eyes and instantly sits up with a jerk, he glances around.

“Was all of that a dream? Am I still in the same place as I was?” Sanskaar utters with shortness of breath.

The flashes of the fight, wedding, walking out of the village, mud scene and hut scene project in Sanskaar’s mind.

He feels as if all those moments were mere a dream until he stepped out and to his astonishment, the place was full of tribe people and everyone was mostly in brown, as he was scanning the people, his eyes fell on Swara, the only red saari girl there, who was talking with the people while drinking from a glass.

“How are you feeling now?” A man snapped Sanskaar out of thoughts.

Sanskaar glanced at him, he was confused as he didn’t know who he was talking to.

“Saddar, can I go to the water place?” A boy requests as he walks up to the man, revealing him to be the leader of this tribe.

The Saddar nods and the boy leaves.

“Where am I?” Sanskaar questions.

The saddar glances at him.

“You’re in my place, you had accidentally entered my area due to which all this happened, but I’m glad to see you okay, your wife was worried for you, go talk to her and hopefully, tomorrow my men will show you the way out from here.” The saddar uttered and left from there.

“My wife and worried for me?” Sanskaar confusingly says to himself.
The people here are quite nice, not as violent as it thought they would be, they understood our situation very well and decided to help us.

The woman here are wonderful and fun to talk with.

“When did you get married?” A question shot at me.

If I say 4 days ago then they would find it suspicious.

“1 month ago.” His voice pronounced.

I turned around and saw him standing behind me. A small smile crept up my lips after seeing him safe and sound.

“What is your name?” The lady asked him.

His name, damn it, even I don’t know but this is a good opportunity knowing his name.

I took a sip from the warm tea as I moved up, allowing him to sit down on the charpai, that’s what they call those bed type of things.

“Sanskaar.” He uttered as he sat down besides me, seeing that I’ve moved up.

I spat the tea out in shock and started coughing, I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, including his.

“What happened Chhori?” A woman asked.

“Nothing, the tea was a little too warm.” I uttered with a fake smile.

Sanskaar! His name is Sanskaar! Does he even know the meaning of this name, this name compared to him is so beautiful, I thought Mohit or Kunal will come out of his mouth but Sanskaar, seriously!

“Swara Sanskaar, perfect Jodi and perfect names.” The woman that asked his name said loud enough for the whole crowd to hear.

I looked at him and he looked at me, now I know his name and he knows mine.

“Both have the name S, that makes it more special and unique.” The other lady complimented as we continued staring at one another.

“Amma!” A boy’s voice broke out stare.

We looked away and up at the boy.

“What?” His mother replied.

“Can it go to see the water place with Anna?” The boy cutely requested his mum.

What is the water place? Nearly all the kids are ready for it.

“Okay fine, go.” His mom gave him the permission.

He happily hugged his mother and pecked her cheeks, I smiled seeing that view. I could hear Sanskaar sigh. Gosh, he’s so heartless, even during a cute scene, he let’s out his uninterested sigh.

As the boy left, “What is the water place?” I asked.

“It’s a place where water is, do you want to see it?” The woman asked.

I nodded with a smile.

“Shaka!” The woman called out.

After few moments, a man, around 24-25 years old came there, wow, he’s cute.

“Take this girl to the water place as well.” The woman said.

He looked at me and I smiled at him, he then shook his head in agreement and I stood up, handing the cup back to the lady.

“Do you wish to go?” The lady asked Sanskaar.

He shook his head negatively, now that I know his name, I won’t stop saying it in my mind, hahaha.

I walked forward and followed. . . Shaka, that’s his name right.

Everyone seem to be excited for that place, now I’m also excited, can’t wait.
Swara, a unique name, I never heard that name before, Pagal Ladki can only have Pagal names, her name should’ve been Kanta Bai.

Why did she have to tell everyone we’re married, it’s good I said 1 month, if I said 4 days then they would’ve got a slight doubt on me. I just want to get out of here as soon as possible, I can’t live in this environment any longer, I feel suffocated.

“Was it a love marriage or arrange?” The woman asked.

Gosh, these woman are so noisy, they like knowing other people’s business.

“Arrange, we don’t love each other.” I said, clearing all their false dreams of being heavenly couple and turned to the side, seeing her walk with that guy.

But I don’t know why it sounded a little good when she said Swara Sanskaar.

“You may not admit it but we see it.” The woman said.

I looked at her confusingly.

“What?” I asked as I didn’t understand where she was coming from.

“You know, your eyes say something different to what your words pronounce.” She made it a little clearer.

So she’s trying to say my eyes say I love her but my words don’t, that makes no sense, bless these people, they don’t know the difference between tired eyes and loving eyes. I’m just tired, that’s all.

“No, it’s true the whole way, no one would go for that Pagal Ladki.” I uttered and then realising why blunder I blurted out.

Did I have to call her Pagal Ladki, now they’re going to know there’s something fishy.

“It takes time, don’t worry, 1 month was less, I’m sure in the next few weeks she would be your life instead of Pagal Ladki.” The woman uttered.

I rolled my eyes with her baseless and never coming true words, no way that Swara would become my life, she couldn’t even make it in my friendship list so how will she enter my heart.

“Why don’t you go to the water place, it’s a very soothing place, you will feel relaxed once you’re in the water.” She said.

“No thanks.” I sighed and my eyes fell on Swara.

She was giving a hifi to the children with a smile. Her long hair was flying in front of her face, she bent down and a small boy pecked her cheek, her smile went wider and she gave a return peck. Unknowingly, a smile crept up my lips.

All the children started pecking her and she gave all of them return peck, the guy also peck her cheek, she was about to give him a return peck when she realised it’s him and moved away, he started smiling. The remaining kids pushed him out of the way and started getting their free kisses, I wish I was there.

“Hmmm, don’t look at her like that, you’ll fall in love.” The woman’s voice interrupted my thoughts.

I just realised what I was thinking and doing, I looked at the woman and she gave a teasing smile. I shook my head and stood up, walking away from there.

What was wrong with me, how can I think like that, what overtook me!!

“Dada, can you please come to the water place with me.” A boy stopped my way and requested.

Before I could utter anything, the boy grabbed my hand and pulled me with him.

“Leave me.” I uttered but he payed no heed.

Finally I was taken there with the others and I was angry, I was about to Lash out at him when he spoke.

“I’m sorry Dada, I couldn’t see your mouth move so I assumed its was a yes but seeing you like this made me realise I was wrong, I’m sorry Dada, I can’t hear, I’m deaf.” The boy said with a small smile as he looked at me.

Upon hearing that, I don’t know why my anger vanished, he’s deaf and can’t hear, is he telling the truth or lying.

“Munnu!” Called out another boy but the boy (Munnu) was only looking at me.

Then the boy shook his arm and Munnu turned to him, this means he can’t really hear.

“Kya?” Munnu replied.

“When are we going?” The boy asked while gesturing.

“Now.” The guy interrupted.

All started following him, including Swara, Munnu didn’t move until I did. I don’t know why, I couldn’t be harsh to him, he doesn’t deserve it.

As we walked for a bit, we reached a place covered by long leaves of the long branches. The guy moved it to the side and we all entered and wow, it was beautiful.

I never seen anything like this before, it’s just wow, the water is clear blues, then on the side is a sitting place with water and it’s too beautifuk to be described, its like a cave with the roof gone. This would be a perfect place to start my new project.

Yes, I can make my new project right here, I can get worth millions of proposals for this deal and sign off the most expensive ones.

“Wow, its beautiful.” Swara uttered as she span around with a wide smile.

Indeed, it was, I walked forward and touched the falling water. All the children went inside the water, including that guy. I started walking around and feeling every single detail until I reached the back and wow, it was a pond.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Swara’s chirpy voice came from behind me.

I shook my head, not bothered to look behind. She stood besides me and I turned to see her, her smile was brighter than ever, this is the first time I’m seeing her smile and she looks cute.

She looked at me and I smiled, I don’t know why but I did, our eyes interacted with each other, we could sense each other’s happiness.

She walked broke the stare and walked forward and started touching the water, I was looking at her playing like a child with the water.

She looked at me and threw some drops of water, I closed my eyes as soon as it hit my face.

“Sorry.” She apologised as I opened her eyes.

She seems like she didn’t meant to do that and got carried in emotions. She was about to walk away when I grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me, moving a little to the side and forward, under the small water fall, her chest hits mine and her hands are palmed onto my chest as she stares at me shocked. The water lashes out on us unmercifully, I could feel her heartbeat as well as mine.

She looks beautiful.
Why is my heart beating fast when he pulled me under the water, close to him and wrapped his hands around my waist.
What am I feeling, what is this sensation?

He pulled me more closer, why am I unable to pull my self away, why am I feeling for that touch, why am I not being able to think properly.

As we were getting wet under the water, I was finding it hard to stare at him, I took a deep breath and turned, managing to free my self from his grip and unknowingly, I walked inside the pond of water, breathing heavily with an unknown feeling.

I felt goosebumps as soon as he touched my waist, unknowingly, shivers occurred and I closed my eyes. I closed my eyes and felt his warm breath on my neck after my hair was moved to the side my him.

I opened my eyes and turned towards him and placed my hands on his shoulder. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine, there was a glimpse of unknown feeling in them, the same one that I saw when he was looking at me while the children pecked me and I pecked them.

Our lips were inches apart, I could feel his warm breath on my upper lip, what feeling have I lost my self onto?

“Didi. . .” A girl said as she came there.

We departed and looked there, that was embarrassing, what if she tells everyone about this.

She ran away and I rushed myself out of the water, not being able to fix my gazes with his.

What was I thinking? Oh gosh!!
What the hell just happened, what was I about to do? Was I about to. . . Kiss her! No way!! That’s impossible, I can’t kiss a Pagal Ladki.

What was I thinking!! That girl saw us, what if she tells that woman, if she does then that woman will start her lectures on love.

I don’t love Swara, this was merely an. . . An unwanted situation which was caused by the brain cells due to fatigue as we didn’t have enough sleep. . . That was it, nothing else other than this.

I walked out from the water, wet and cold, I think walked to the main area and saw Swara missing.

The children got out of the water with that guy and we started going back to that area, which had nothing for me to stay in.
After walking back, the placed seemed a little quieter.

“Your room is right there.” The woman utters as she points at a tent.

Room or a tent, I hope it’s good. I shook my head and headed to that tent, it was navy blue and long, as I entered, I saw her getting changed and instantly turned shockingly.

Why didn’t they tell me she’s here, oh god, did I just see her tying her blouse, thank god she wasn’t naked.

“Aunty, please help me tie it, I’m unable to tie it.” She said.

Aunty, there’s no Aunty here, it’s only Sanskaar.

“Aunty, please.” She requested.

I turned and no wonder why she’s requesting, her face is turned to the other way, finding no option, I walked forward and took the strings of the blouse and started tying it.

“Sanskaar, what are you doing here!” She utters in shock as soon as I accidentally touch her bare back.

How did she know it’s me, after tying it, I let go and she instantly turned while looking at me with her worried yet innocent eyes.

“How did you know it was me?” I asked.

“Aunty doesn’t have wet hands.” She pointed out.

Oh yeah, I did have wet hands, she shook her head and walked to her mattress, thank god there were two mattresses. She slept on her one, I glanced around and found a pair of clothes waiting for me.

I took them and started untying my shirt, I turned to see and she had gone to sleep, thank god she fell asleep.

I quickly got changed into a shirt and lungi, I wish my clothes dry till morning so that I won’t have to wear this while going home.

I sighed and sat down on the mattress and lied down and then suddenly everything went dark.
It was morning, the birds tweeted and woke Swara up, as she opens her eyes, the only person in front of her eyes was Sanskaar. It was just last night when they had unexpectedly got close.

Swara wishes to forget it as a dream, as she sits up, Sanskaar turns to her while tying his buttons of his shirt.

Their eyes meet and Sanskaar also wishes it to be as forgetful as a nightmare.

“Are you ready?” He asked.

Swara nods and stands up and yawns.

“Let’s go, they’re waiting for us.” Sanskaar uttered and turned while facing the exit.

Swara fixed her drape and Sanskaar exited, as Swara walks out, she is stopped by the woman.

“Don’t ignore the feeling of love and don’t take in the thought of the mind, close your eyes and take a deep breath, you’ll find your answer.” The woman in a low voice says.

Swara hears but is slightly confused with her saying. Swara walks off confusingly and reflects on her words. Then Swara and Sanskaar leave with the two men that will show them the exit from the jungle.
What was that lady trying to say? Don’t ignore the feeling of love and don’t … something something of the mind . . . Take deep breath and answer will be there. . .
It’s too confusing, just forget it.

Finally I’ll be going home and will be with Dida and Maa. Can’t wait. . . But I don’t know why this happiness is only half, something’s missing.
Yes!! Finally, at last I will be exiting from this jungle and will be away from Swara, I can’t wait till I reach home, the first thing I’ll do is see a doctor.

I can’t express how happy I am, 5 days in this jungle with this Pagal Ladki were horrible.

The men pointed at a direction, I looked there and there it was, the beautiful road, a smile appears on my face and I rushed there, forgetting everything else.

Just few steps away from that beautiful highway.

And there I was, on the road, am I dreaming! Or is this for real, after a lot of struggles I made it, I’m so happy, now I can go home and wait a second, there’s the cliff, the same cliff this incident took place from.

And there’s the police with a lady, I approached them.

But I stopped half way and turned, I saw her walking out with a faint smile and staring at the ground, she seemed a little unhappy, but so what, I’m just happy that I’m back.

“Hi officer.” I greeted while walking up to them.

The lady and officer turned towards me.

“Shona!!” The lady happily exclaims and rushes towards Swara.

I turned, Swara looked up and the woman hugged Swara, Swara also hugged her back.

But that doesn’t matter to me, I turned back to the officer.

“Thank god we made our way out, I thought that I had to rot in that jungle.” I sighed a relief.

“Great to see the two of you back safe and sound.” The officer smiled.

I shook my head in relief, I’m glad I’m back.
Maa, I can’t believe Maa is hugging me, it feels like a dream, after 5 days I’m with my Maa, I missed her so much, I couldn’t control but let the tears flow.

“Shona, where have you been? I missed you so much.” Maa broke the hug and cupped my face.

I nodded with a smile through my tears.

“I missed you and Dida too.” I uttered.

Maa pecked my forehead.

“Don’t leave us like that ever again, do you know how worried we were.” Maa scolded.

I missed her scoldings, I simply smiled and wiped my tears.

“Shona. . . ” Maa trailed off and touched my mangalsutra.

I looked down and get surprised, I forgot I was wearing it.

Maa looked at me, waiting for an answer, what should I say?

“Maa. . .” I uttered and then sighed.

I started narrating the past incidents to her and under what circumstances our marriage was conducted.

“Who’s the groom?” She asked.

I looked at Sanskaar, Maa also looked that direction and sighed, she was disappointed.

“Do you want to go ahead with this marriage and give it a chance?” Maa questioned as she looked at me.

That’s the question, do I?

“Maa, I’m unsure.” I honestly gave my opinion.

“Well let’s go home, get you freshened and then talk about this matter.” Maa uttered.

She really understood me and I love her for that. Maa and me started walking up to the officer.

“Your mum had been telling us that you’re alive but we were mistaken but I must say, your mum is one loving mother.” The inspector praises Maa.

I smiled as I looked at Maa.

Sanskaar walked towards the jeep and sat down, Maa and me also followed.

The officer sat at the front and we started moving from the place.

I was glad that I’m out from that problem.

“Maa how’s. . .” I uttered incomplete as I remembered.

“She’s alright and now is gone abroad.” Maa replied.

I’m glad she’s alright. People are right when they say that a mother can know what the child is saying without the child saying it directly.

I looked at Sanskaar and he looked away, staring outside.
The police jeep stopped outside Maheshwari Mansion, Sanskaar stepped out and thanked the officer and walked away. The jeep started moving and he turned one last time to see Swara but it was too late, the Jeep had been gone.

Sanskaar brushed the unwanted thoughts to the side and walked inside his mansion.
On the other side, Swara enters her house with Sharmishta, Dida comes out and is shocked to see Swara.

“Shonaaaa.” Dida happily exclaimed as tears formed in her eyes.

Swara rushed to Dida and hugged her.

“My Bachcha, where did you go! Do you know how lonely and scared your Dida was!! Don’t leave me and go ever again.” Dida says through her tears and Swara broke the hug.

“I won’t leave you alone again Dida, I’m sorry.” Swara pouts sadly as Dida.

Dida wipes her tears and smiles, Sharmishta and Swara smile too.
After refreshing, Swara walks out and sits down on the couch, Sumi had told Dida about Swara’s marriage with Sanskaar.

“Shona, what would you want to do?” Dida asked Swara as she didn’t want Swara to feel oppressed.

“Dida, marriage is a relationship between two people that keeps them bonded, I guess my marriage with him was merely an accident, there’s no love it it either, so I don’t want to stay as a burden on him, I want a divorce.” Swara utters.

“Are you sure about this?” Sharmishta asks.

“Or do you need more time?” Dida asks.

Swara was confused, she really needed time to rethink.

“Time.” Swara says with a small pout.

Sumi and Dida nod and then the three head to the dining table for lunch.
Next day, Sanskaar is forwarding a red rose to Swara and she blinks at him.

Swara turns.

Sanskaar: Dil hote jo mere seene mein do
Doosra dil bhi main tumhe deta todne ko

Swara starts walking away.

Sanskaar: Dilkash thi woh shaam pehle pehal
Jab ke tumse mili thi nazar
Aisa chakraya ki ab ye na jaanu
Ke jaaun tto jaaun kidhar
Hosanna tum samne thi pal
Hosanna Agle hi pal thi ojhal

Sanskaar smiles and holds Swara’s hand, she turns to him.

Sanskaar: Ab kya bataaun main
Kis haal mein hu main
Yahaan-wahaan bas apna dil aur hosh dhoodta hu main

Swara shakes her head in a disbelief with a smile and turns.

Sanskaar runs behind her: Hosanna.. (Madhoshi deewanagi)
Hosanna.. (main aur teri bandagi)
Hosanna.. (ab hai yehi zindagi)

He walks in front of her and smiles:
Everybody wanna know be like be like
I really wanna be here with you
Is that enough to say that
We are made for each other is all that is Hosanna true
Hosanna… be there when you are calling i will be there
Hosanna… feeling like my life’s changed
I never wanna be the same..

Swara tries controlling her laugh.

Sanskaar holds her hand: Its time we re-arrange i take a step
you take a step and me calling out to you
Helloooo… Hellooooo… Helloooo oooo
Swara looks away.

Sanskaar waves his hand to grab attention: Yooo Hosanna

Swara starts walking inside the garden with beautiful flowers.

Sanskaar stares at her and smiles:
Udti hui titli ki rangeen parchhaai reh jaati hai phoolon mein
Waise hi tum ek tasveer ke jaise chhaye ho inn aankhon mein

Sanskaar dreamingly looks at Swara.

Sanskaar pulls her towards him: Hosanna, Tum jo mera khwaab ho
Hosanna, Dil kyon na betaab ho
Kahoon to kya kahoon
Main kyun deewana hoon

Sanskaar twirls her: Tumhare baare mein hi har ghadi main sochta hoon kyun.
Hello.. Hello.. Hello…
Hosanna… (ab din ho ya raat ho)
Hosanna… (dil chahe tum saath ho)
Hosanna… (bas haathon mein haath ho)
Dil hote jo, mere seene mein do
Doosra dil bhi main, tumhe deta todne ko

He stops singing and bends down.

“I love you Swara.” Sanskaar proposes.

Swara widens her eyes in shock.

“No I don’t!!” Sanskaar shouts as he jerks up from his sleep and sweats as well as inhales deep breathes.

He glances around and finds himself in his bedroom.

“Dream, just a dream.” He releases a sigh of relief.

He looks to the side and sees the time, it’s 8am.

“That was one weird dream, why did I sing to her and say I love you? I shouldn’t have watched Ekk Deewana Tha, it wasn’t a good movie either.” Sanskaar sighs and stands up, he then heads towards his bathroom.

On the other side, Swara walks out from the bathroom, her memories with Sanskaar flashes in her mind as she stands in front of the mirror, her eyes fall on the mangalsutra.

“Should I give this marriage a chance?” Swara questions herself, unable to decide.

Sanskaar is in the office, doing his work on his laptop but gets distracted.

“Why is Swara being remembered.” He sighs in regret.

Soon he hears a knock.

“Come in.” He irritatedly utters as he leans back on his chair.

Swara enter his cabin, in a blue long anarkai dress with her mangalsutra and her drape pinned to her shoulder.

Sanskaar is surprised seeing her but he assumes it’s his imagination so he ignore her and looks away. Swara gets confused with his behaviour.

After two minutes of silence, Swara fakes a cough, trying to catch his attention.

“Is she here for real?” Sanskaar utters to himself and looks up at her.

“You? What are you doing here?” Sanskaar asks a little surprised.

“I’m here to. . . Seek for divorce.” Swara softly yet confidently says.

Sanskaar looks on.

“You don’t need to, no one will know we’re married.” Sanskaar says.

“But I’m sorry, that is against my upbringing, I can’t keep it like this, no matter what that situation was, our marriage still happened, if I want to separate then I will have to legally do that.” Swara says after inhaling a deep breath.

Sanskaar starts thinking and after a thought, he agreed to what she had said.

“Okay, tell me, when do I have to sign?”

“Now.” Swara utters and takes the papers out of her back and places them on the desk.

Sanskaar looks on, Swara looks at him and he looks at her.

“This is too fast, I thought it will be prepared in a weeks time but. . .” Sanskaar says in his mind.

He slowly takes the pen out and slides the papers on the desk closer to him.

He was about to sign it but a phone call interrupts him, he sees the phone call and attends it.

Swara looks to the side and sees many framed certificates hung on the wall.

“Yes Mr Nair, I will send the contract papers and it’s a beautiful place, you’ll understand as soon as you see it.” Sanskaar says with a small smile.

“Yes, I agree but it’s okay Mr Nair, as long as we have the power in our hands, those tribe people cannot harm us, the route to that watery place is easy.” Sanskaar chuckles.

Swara gets stunned and looks at him.

“Great, see you on Thursday.” Sanskaar says and cuts the call and looks up at Swara.

“You can’t do that.” Swara says as she shakes her head.

“I can do what I want.” Sanskaar says.

“You can’t ruin that place, it’s not yours big the people’s, what must they think about us? Have you forgot why it was hidden?”

“I don’t care, anyways you’re here for the divorce papers, I’ll sign them then you can leave.” Sanskaar says and presses his ink on the paper.

“Do you even know how many dreams are attached to it? Do you even know how many happiness are captured in there? Not for me but at least for the people who took care of you and for the children, spare that place.” Swara pleads.

Sanskaar starts thinking and isn’t able to proceed with his signatures.

“At least think of Munnu, that place is his dream and his everything, that’s the only place that keeps him happy.” Swara reminds him of Munnu, the deaf child.

Flashes of Munnu flash through Sanskaar’s mind.

“Swara is right, I can’t crash loads of innocent children’s happiness just to complete my project, this won’t be fair on them.” Sanskaar thinks in his mind.

Sanskaar signs the divorce papers and hands them to Swara. Swara takes them and shakes her head in disbelief.

“Don’t do this please.” Swara requests and leaves with a sigh.

Sanskaar gets engrossed with thoughts.
One week Later:

A week has passed since I submitted the divorce papers and today is the hearing, I’m glad Sanskaar isn’t going to do that project. I’m happy he understood the dreams of the children that are attached with it.

“Shona, get ready, today is the hearing na, don’t sit here.” Maa came and dived in between my thoughts.

“I’m ready Maa, let’s go.” I stood up and said.

Maa nodded and Dida walked out with her purse.

“Let’s leave.” Dida utters as she zips her handbag.

Me and Maa nodded and we walked out together, as a three and as a family.

I’m very nervous today, I don’t know why I’m not that happy, as I sat down in the taxi, the words of the woman flashed in my mind. Her words were becoming crystal clear and I understood what she was saying.

She told me not to ignore the feeling love and listen to my mind, if I’m confused then I should take a deep breath and close my eyes, the answer will automatically be visible.

I did as she said and I see us, I see Swara and Sanskaar, does this mean I shouldn’t let go of him, does this show I feel for him, does this show I’m making a wrong decision.

I believe I might be if I’m not too satisfied.
I was driving to the court, in this past week, a lot changed. I don’t know why I cancelled the deal with Mr Nair, maybe it was because I felt for the children, this was the first time I ever felt for anyone, I’m usually straightforward and not very caring person, I don’t rethink after making decisions but now, I do often, recently I was thinking about this divorce case, am I making a right decision?

I’m unsure of what to do, that dream I had, I nearly have it everyday, she makes her ways up my dreams, I feel different, even the doctors were helpless.

After signing the divorce papers, Sanskaar felt strange feelings, he therefore decided to go to the doctor and booked an appointment. In the next hour, he reached then reached a local renowned hospital as he believed low class clinic won’t be able to do anything.

He entered the doctors cabin.

“Hello Mr Maheshwari, how can I help you today?” Asked the doctor with a smile.

“Doctor, from the past few days I have been feeling unwell, I mean, ever since I was in that jungle.” Sanskaar explains.

“Ohh, may I please know what you were doing in the jungle . . . ?” The doctor questions.

“I had fell down the cliff and injured myself, then I had been lost and was wandering about to find my way home and I finally did.” Sanskaar tells.

“Well, that’s very unusual, how are you now?” The doctor asks.

“Better.” Sanskaar says.

“What exact was the problem?” The doctor asks.

“I’m unsure, it was just that my heart was beating fast and I was feeling a strange feeling that never occurred before and I’m unable to focus or concentrate on anything and then I get weird dreams.” Sanskaar reveals.

The doctor gets confused as he stares at Sanskaar.

“Since when did this start?” The doctor asks.

“Few of them started few days ago and the dream one started yesterday.”

“Were you alone in the jungle?” The doctor asks.

“No, I was with someone.” Sanskaar says and then remembers Swara.

“I’m sure it must be a girl and you’re absolutely fine Mr Maheshwari, it’s nothing much to worry about, I guess you started liking someone, that’s why you’re feeling emotions, is that right?”

Sanskaar wasn’t able to figure out how to respond to that, could he possibly started liking Swara.

“Thank you doctor.” Sanskaar thanks and stands up.

They shake hands and Sanskaar leaves, the doctor chuckles as he shakes his head in disbelief.

*-End Of Flashback*-

Then the maid accident. . .


As Sanskaar walked down the stairs, he sees Swara in the hall, bending down and pecking a child on the cheeks and he reciprocated. Sanskaar is stunned and walks down.

“Swara, what are you doing here?” Sanskaar asks as he looks at her.

She looks at him confusingly.

“Sir. . .” She utters but he interrupts.

“Sir? Since when am I your sir? And did you file for the divorce case?” Sanskaar says, seeming a little confused.

“Divorce, why divorce sir? I have two small children and I love my husband.” She says.

“What?! Husband and two small children already?!!” Sanskaar stunningly asks.

Swara points at the boy, Sanskaar looks at him and then back at Swara, he was shocked to see the maid as he had mistakenly assumed that the maid was Swara.

“Yes Sir, I don’t want to leave them.” The maid says.

Sanskaar was embarrassed due to what he had said, without uttering a word, he leaves.

**End Of Flashback**

Then those weird dreams on every song, do I actually love her? I shouldn’t have looked at her eyes, this is what she done to me, she hypnotised me.

I reached the court and parked my car, I’m a little nervous and now I’m sure I don’t want divorce, if I love her then why should I? But I don’t think she will reciprocate.

It even sounds weird each time I say I Love Her or I Love You, I get the feeling of a singer trying to sing in a broken voice which only gives destruction and pain to the others sensitive ears.

She’s the reason why I changed, she changed me and is that good of bad?
After a while, there was a pin drop silence in the court after Swara and Sanskaar had entered and took their seats.

Sanskaar was alone while Swara was with Sharmishta and Dida.

The hearing started, for the last time, Swara Sanskaar decide to exchange glances, both could see slight of sadness in each other’s eyes as if they do not wish to separate but both assume it’s merely their thought.

While speaking, the judge started to cough unexpectedly, making the environment a little uncomfortable.

Worried for him, the clerk declared a break for 30 minutes. All agreed and stepped out of the court room.

“Is there any canteen here?” Dida questions.

“Maa, why will there be canteen in a court?” Sharmishta asks.

“Why can’t it? What do the workers here eat then? I’m sure they don’t eat the case files.” Dida answered.

That question was worth a think for Sharmishta, Sharmishta slightly giggled at her mothers answer but it didn’t manage to reach Swara, she was busy lost in her own thoughts.

“Maa, I’ll go and check, what do you want?” Sharmishta asks.

“I’ll take any snacks and if you find fish then do bring it.” Dida says.

Sharmishta nods and turns to Swara.

“Shona, what do you want?” Sharmishta asks.

Swara wasn’t responding.

“Shona!” Sharmishta repeated again which snapped Swara out of her thoughts.

“Haa Maa?” Swara instantly responded.

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” A concerned Sharmishta asked.

“Yes Maa, I’m fine, what’s wrong with me.” Swara responds with a fake smile.

“Shona, what would you want to eat?” Dida asks.

“I would just like to drink water.” Swara says.

“Heard? Now leave quickly so you can make it back on time.” Dida pushed Sharmistha away so that she could hurry with the food.

Sharmishta grabbed her handbag and walked out with a small smile but she wasn’t convinced with Swara’s answer.

“Okay Shona, you sit here, I’ll just go to the washroom.” Dida says.

Swara nods and Dida leaves to find the washroom.

Swara turns around but moves back slightly finding Sanskaar in front of her.

Both seem unhappy as they look at one another.

“Swara, my family want me to give this marriage a chance.” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks down, unable to respond.
The silence occupied between the two.

After making her mind, she looks at Sanskaar, who was waiting for an answer.

“Shona…” Dida interrupted and walked up to her.

Sanskaar and Swara look at her.

“I also believe you should give this marriage a chance, if it doesn’t work out then you can apply for a divorce.” Dida suggests.

Sanskaar slightly smiles upon hearing Dida’s words.

Swara nods okay, both Dida and Sanskaar get glad.

“I’ll go talk to the lawyer.” Sanskaar says.

Dida and Swara nod and Sanskaar leaves.

As he enters the courtroom, he smiles.

“What happened?” The judge asks.

“She’s agreed.” Sanskaar responds with happiness, he never knew this small thing could make him happy.

“That’s great!” The judge exclaims and stands up.

It had happen to be part of a plan, before the proceedings, the judge and Sanskaar had spoken, the judge advised him to give this marriage a chance and therefore the whole team made this plan and convinced the judge and Sanskaar.

“We will hopefully meet you in the next lifetime.” The judge jokes as he chuckles and walks out with the rest.

A faint smile appears on Sanskaar’s face.

“Never in a lifetime.” Sanskaar says to himself and leaves the room.
“Are you sure?” Sharmishta asks Swara.

Swara shakes her head positively.

“Don’t worry Shomi, she made this decision after a lot of thinking.” Dida explained while eating as she looked up at the two.

“Maa, Dida is right, I’m willing to give this marriage a chance.” Swara says.

Sharmishta releases a sigh and shakes her head positively.

Sanskaar walks up to them.

“Listen, if you don’t keep our daughter happy then I will shell your house with fishes!” Dida threatens Sanskaar as she stands up.

Sanskaar gives an awkward smile to what Dida had said, Swara turns and looks at Sanskaar, Sharmishta also looks at him.

“We kept our Swara like a princess, please don’t hurt her.” Sharmishta nicely requests.

Sanskaar nods.

After a while, Sanskaar dropped Dida and Sharmishta to their home and took Swara with him to Maheshwari Mansion.
We finally reached his home, it was too big and he was a single liver here.

The maid rushed to us and welcomed me in.

“Welcome Ma’am.”

I gave her a pleasant smile and walked down the stairs.

“Is there anyone else in this house?” She asked.

“Only Sir lives here, his family are gone to visit Rajasthan.” The maid reveals.

That means they hail from Rajasthan.

“Are they Rajasthani?” I asked.

“Yes, Marwari.” She revealed.

They’re Marwari, I don’t know how they’ll manage to accept me.

“You’re also an Marwari aren’t you?” The maid asked with a smile.

“N…o, I’m a… Bengali.” I struggled to tell.

Her expressions changed.

“Bengali?” She questioned shockingly.

I nodded.
She’s a Bengali?! Oh no, Bade Papa will never accept this marriage.

I have to make sure no one else get to know about this.

Chanda, the maid looked at me, I shook my head and signed her to leave, she nodded and walked away.

Swara turned and looked at me.

“Make yourself feel comfortable.” I uttered and walked away.

She probably understood what I meant by that.

As I was walking towards my room, I received a message.

‘Tell her, don’t keep it inside you before it’s too late.’ I read Lucky’s message.

I tell Lucky everything, I even told him about Swara, after that he sent me a video and as I reached my room, I played it and started watching it.
Make yourself comfortable, how will I if I don’t know what I’m doing.

It’s a little awkward being the only one here, the maid also left, well I’ll guess I have to walk around the house to know where what is.

So I started walking around, but my focus was on something else, he. . . He seemed to tell me something, during the hearing, he was upset, it felt like he didn’t want to break this marriage like I didn’t want to.

But it could’ve possibly been my thought, but I’m somewhat glad that we’re giving this marriage a chance and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I missed him, I missed his bak bak, his rough behaviour and his…. touch. I didn’t expect to fall for a man like this, I don’t know why and how but it happened and I feel like crying now.

I love Sanskaar, tears made their way up. I hate crying but I don’t know what’s wrong with me and why I’m feeling like this. As I walked down I clashed into someone, it was none other than Sanskaar.

I could see a glimpse of pain in his eyes as he stared at me.
I never expected that video to make me this desperate to tell her, thank god I met her right here.

I don’t want to face what had happened in that video. In that video, a boy and girl loved each other but never said it, the boy was taking ages to say I love you while the girl was only waiting, one day he decided to say I love you to her but she told him to not talk to her for a day. The boy agreed and the day was over, but as soon as he reached the girl’s house, he was heartbroken to know that the girl had died because she was a cancer patient and while dying, she left him a note saying ‘if you can live a day without me then I’m sure you’ll live your life without me, I love you’

That video was emotional, I don’t want this to happen to us, I don’t want to waste anymore time just to say those three words, as Lucky said, I’ll do that.

I left from there, I didn’t want to directly say to her, I wanted to make it special for her.
Few hours later, in the night:

Swara was bored and entered her room, there she saw a note and read it.

“Meet me at the terrace.” She read to herself.

Swara didn’t want to waste anytime in thinking so she had walked out of the room with a note.
At last, she made her way to the terrace and as she entered, she was amused seeing the decorations.
(Same decorated during SwaSan consummation)

Everything simply looked beautiful, the lighting, the flowers and the colour coordinate.

Swara glances around to find Sanskaar.

“I know this may sound ridiculous but I don’t want to lose you Swara.” Sanskaar’s voice catches Swara’s attention.

Swara cannot see anyone.

“I don’t know when, how and why I actually fell in love with a Pagal Ladki.”

Swara gives faint smile as she hears that.

“I don’t want to delay it, I want to love you,
I want to keep you with me, protected and loved, I want you to stay happy and I want you to know that I actually love you.”

Swara gets emotional.

“I realised that my life without you would be like a man without bones, would be there but useless. I’m still laughing while remembering what that lady said. . . And she was. . . Right.”

Swara was emotionally touched, her eyes were only glancing to see him.

“Swara. . . Will you stay with me?”

Swara turned around and there, she saw Sanskaar walking out with a faint smile and somewhat scared to hear an answer as there is also a possibility of him hearing a no.

Swara, unable to hold her emotions rushes to him and hugs him, he was surprised at first but hugs her back, glad with, both hug each other tightly.

“I love you too.” Swara whispers.

All their moments from the very beginning flash in their mind.

A song starts playing in the background.

“Bin kahe kehti hai
Khushnuma yeh subah
Thodi si roshini
Aakhon mein bhar le aa
Paanv tale mere
Chalta hai rasta
Soi huyi hoon ya
Jaagi hoon kya pata x (2)

The brightness of the moon shines on the heavenly couple. . .

“Tu hai toh main hoon
Yeh jaan le
Saya hoon main tera
Tu pehchaan le
Tu hai toh main hoon x (2)”

The song finishes playing. . .

SwaSan broke the hug and stared at each other lovingly, Sanskaar leaned forward and placed his lips on Swara’s, Swara was surprised with his sudden move but reciprocated which made the scene more magical.

(Ab bas!! Buri baat hoti hai dekhna! ? I did it, I suck at romance but I finally made them kiss before anyone could slide a glass in-between their lips ?)
This was the end of the story!! Finally finished ?

Finally the Pagal Ladki became Akdu Billa’s
Swara and Sanskaar – SwaSan: Sounds so perfect, cute and dreamy ?

I know it was not as you expected but I’m sorry, you must’ve expected way more than this but I didn’t live it up to your expectations ?

Do comment if you slightly liked it and silent readers, do aware me that you guys exist ?

Once again, sorry for any grammatical mistakes or any inconvenience.

Will be hopefully back with a SwaSan story if you would like me to. . . ?

So, how was this? ?

You all must be thinking where the mature content was but that kiss was it, I know this is stupid but what to do, that kiss is mature content for me ???

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