SwaSan – She Changed Me (Two Shots) Shot 1


Two Shots
Finally, SwaSan fans. . . Finally finished with this, was planning a one shot but me being me, decided to do two shots. . . You won’t believe it, it took me exact 2 months for this. . . Laziness ?
This story would be about a two opposite strangers and how they fall in love.

Life doesn’t play easy on anyone, but never give up.
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She Changed Me:
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The story opens up in a beautiful city called Kolkata, the sun slowly rises and shines bright in the sky while throwing his lucky rays on people.

People often find the ray of the sun disturbing and try avoiding it, little do they know it’s sometimes lucky for them.

Well lets see who this sun chose to disturb… Sorry, I mean chose to shine its beautiful light on.

A house is shown, inside that house, a girl is shown sleeping peacefully, soon the sun ray’s hit her face and she gets disturbed.

The girl then brings a smile onto her face and sits up while stretching and yawning.

“Shona! Wake up!” A woman is heard shouting.

The girl opens her eyes and chuckles, she is revealed to be our naughty and bubbly Swara.

Soon a woman walks inside.

“Shona, get up quickly and get dressed, we have to attend a wedding today, remember? If you don’t get ready on time then Maa will shout.” The woman worriedly says and walks to the wardrobe.

“Maa, don’t worry, Dida won’t shout.” Swara assures with a smile.

The woman turns around and is revealed to be Sharmishta.

“Don’t waste your time on these useless talks and here, go get ready now.” Sharmishta says and hands a dress to Swara.

“Maa, this is too heavy.” Swara complains as she feels it.

“Shona, get dressed.” Sharmishta in a serious tone says with a serious look.

Swara pouts.

“Okay Maa.” Swara says and gets out of bed, she then walks inside the bathroom with the dress.

After fixing Swara’s bed, Sharmishta walks out from the room. Soon after, Swara comes out in a golden green lehenga with her stole draped around. Swara makes a face and stands in front of the mirror, she picks the earrings from the table and starts wearing them.

“I don’t know why I need to go to that wedding and why wear this?” Swara pouts and looks at her dress through the mirror.

Swara doesn’t like wearing heavy and too showy clothes. She finishes wearing the earrings and picks up the hair brush. She starts brushing and then throws it back.

Swara smiles and is ready. Swara then picks up a pendent and wears it.

“Shona!!” Sharmishta shouts.

“Coming Maa!” Swara responds and rushes out from the room.

Her phone is shown lying on the table near her bed.

After a while, a venue is shown and a taxi stops in front of the entrance. Swara walks out followed by Sharmishta and Dida is shown coming out from the other side. Dida pays the taxi driver and the taxi driver leaves.

Sharmishta is wearing a leaf green sparkly Saree while Dida is wearing a cream Saree.

Sharmishta shows the invitation card and the guards let them go inside.

Swara looks around and smiles.

“Maa, decoration is done so well…” Swara says as she smiles at the flashing lights.

“Hmmm but don’t worry Shona, in your wedding, we will brighten the whole Mandap.” Dida says with smile.

Swara’s smile slowly starts fading, she then looks at Dida.

“Dida, you still have a very long time for that! I’m not leaving you so soon.” Swara says as she hugs Dida from behind and resting her chin on her shoulder.

Sharmishta smiles seeing the two.

“Okay bas bas, let’s enjoy the wedding here and we’ll plan yours later.” Dida says as she turns to Swara.

Swara makes a face and walks away from there.

“I’m not getting married.” Swara confidently says to herself.

As she walks forward, she bumps into someone, Swara looks up.

“What the hell?! Couldn’t you see while walking?!” That someone irritatedly sighs and is revealed to be a man in a black suit.

Swara looks on at him.

“Oh hello?! It wasn’t only my fault, it was yours too!” Swara answers back as she looks at him confidently.

“You…” The man angrily says but stops as someone calls his name out.

“Mr Maheshwari… why are you standing there? Come over here…” Another man says.

The man Swara bumped into us revealed to be Sanskaar, both Swara and Sanskaar turn their heads to the side and see the other man.

Sanskaar turns to Swara and gives her the dirty looks and walks away.

“Akdu kahika!” Swara mummers and leaves from there.

After a while, the pehres are happening, Swara is shown smiling while throwing the flowers. Sanskaar on the other hand is shown sitting in a corner talking with two men, explaining something.

Soon the groom and bride sit down, the groom was about to touch the sindoor when all of a sudden, a bullet hits his head, he slowly falls to the side and closes his eyes, taking his last breath.

All are shocked and stunned, upon hearing the bullet sound, Sanskaar stands up shockingly and Swara jumps in shock.

All crowd around the groom, Swara gasps and covers her mouth in shock. The bride isn’t moving in shock, Swara and Sanskaar look at the door and see the police officers and one of them is shown with a gun.

“Officers, what’s happened here?!” Sanskaar questions as he moves forward.

“We’re doing our duty!” The officer with the gun says and signals someone to come in.

Soon a whole commando force comes in, covered in black mask with AR15 Rifles on their hands and crowed around on every corner and surround the people.

Sanskaar and Swara get confused, a woman from the crowed, in a bad condition walks up to the police officer.

“You’re a murder! You killed my son!” The woman shouts and is revealed to be the grooms mother, standing in front of the officer in tears and broken state.

“He had to pay for what he did, so he got his punishment!” The officer that had shot him tells as he looks at the grooms mother.

The grooms mother angrily holds the officers collar.

“How can you?!” The mother angrily shouts while crying.

The grooms father and the husband of the woman comes forward and helps free the officer.

“Go take his body and throw it out!” The officer that had shot him orders.

Swara is surprised.

“Nai!!” The mother of the groom shouts.

“Officer, this is not right!” The father of the groom tells as he looks at the officer.

Two men walk forward.

“Officer please, at least let me do his last ritual.” The father requests with tears and folded hands.

The officer rolls his eyes and then looks at the parents of the groom.

“Okay fine, take this father and his son for the last ritual.” The officer says.

Another two pair of men come forth and nod okay, soon the four men exit with the groom and his father. The mother of the groom breaks down on the floor.

Swara gets teary eyed while sensing the pain of the mother.

“Get her.” The officer orders.

Another two pair of men come forth and up to the bride.

“No! What are you doing?!” The brides mum rebels with tears.

Soon one of the man holds the bride, she stands as she’s still that shock of losing her would to be groom. The other man pushes the mother of the bride, they then start walking forward with her.

“My daughter!!” The mother cries.

“Please save her!” The mother adds as she falls on the floor.

Swara looks around and sees everyone standing there, watching the drama.

The two men bring the bride to the officer, he signs them to take her away, they take her out, soon he leaves and the men leave too. The mother of the bride cries, Swara glances and feels disappointed to see that no one came ahead to help.

Swara decides to go to help and runs out, Sanskaar, Sharmishta and Dida see her run out. Sharmishta and Dida look at each other shockingly.

“Swara…” Sharmishta worriedly says to Dida and the two also walk out.

“What kind of people are they? They’re ready to sacrifice their lives just to save someone.” Sanskaar says in his mind in disbelief.

Sanskaar looks around and sees everyone crowded around the Mandap, he sees his files on the table and picks it up.

“Tell Mr Malhotra that I will meet him after he recovers from his son’s death, this meeting can be postponed.” Sanskaar says to a man.

The man nods and Sanskaar walks out.
Swara is shown coming out from the venue and looking around, soon she sees the men taking the bride in a jeep, she thinks and then runs there. The jeep starts moving.

“I need to do something.” Swara says to herself while trying to think.

She then takes her phone out and calls someone.

“Hello, police station?” Swara answers.

Swara then starts telling them the whole matter.

“One of your officer has kidnapped the bride.” Swara tells and finishes off.

“Where?” The inspector from the phone asks.

“On Amar Bose street, just now he left.” Swara tells.

Swara then disconnects the call as the inspector is coming with his team.

“I’ve done this work, now how am I meant to reach them?” Swara asks herself.

She turns and finds Sharmishta and Dida standing there.

“Shona, what is wrong with you?” Sharmishta worriedly asks.

“Maa, what is wrong with me?” Swara asks as she looks at Sharmishta.

“You’re not going anywhere, come with me.” Dida says and she holds Swaras hand.

“And what if that happened to me?” Swara asks before Dida could drag her in.

Dida and Sharmishta look at Swara, Dida looks down worriedly.

“Dida, don’t stop me from saving a girl’s life cause if I was in her place, would you do the same?” Swara asks.

Dida is speechless and looks away, Swara then frees her hand and runs out.

“Swara!” Sharmishta shouts to stop but Swara didn’t stop.

Sharmishta looks at Dida with teary eyes.

“Nothing will happen to her, call the police.” Dida assures as well as tells.

Sharmishta nods and takes her phone out, both Dida and Sharmishta walk out.

“Hello, inspector?” Sharmishta says while walking.
Sanskaar comes out and walks up to his car, he then opens the door and sits in while placing the files on the seat besides him. He closes his door and starts the engine and starts driving.
On the other hand, Swara is shown running, she manages to reach there and sees the bride in the jeep whereas the men and that officer are in the front, having a fight with the lorry driver, Swara quickly runs forward. Swara sees the bride broken and tears come out of her eyes.

Swara feels bad, she then looks around and sees the men arguing and quickly grabs the brides hand and makes her get off the jeep.

“Thank you Durgamaa.” Swara thanks god as her way was made easier.

Swara then slowly and secretly walks away with the bride, soon one of the man turns to check on the bride and is shocked.

“Sir! She’s gone!” The man shouts.

That officer turns and looks on.
Swara is shown walking with her and then stops and hides behind a tree, she looks at her.

“Naira??” Swara says while tapping her face and reveals the bride to be Naira.

Naira doesn’t react.

“Naira, he’s gone… he left you.” Swara tells with tears to get Naira back to seeing the real life.

Naira still doesn’t react and is standing there like a numb body.

“Naira!!” Swara says with tears and shakes her.

Tears continuously run down Naira’s eyes and soon, she breaks down emotionally and starts crying. Swara sees her and then hugs her.

“Look for her!” They hear a man shout.

Swara gets shocked and breaks the hug, she then keeps her hand on Naira’s mouth. Naira looks at her.

Swara signs with her eyes and Naira understands, soon Swara peeks and sees their back faced towards their area and runs with Naira into the woods.

The officer and men hear and look on that direction.
Sanskaar, who was driving, takes a turn, as he drives on the other side, Swara and Naira come in front of his car, he stops it with a jerk before he could hit anyone and looks on.

He gets out of his car angrily.

“What the hell?! Did you find my car to do this in front of?!” Sanskaar rudely shouts.

Swara looks at him surprisingly.

“Instead of helping us, you’re shouting at us? What kind of person are you?!” Swara asks as she looks at him, surprised.

“There she is!” That officer shouts.

Swara and Naira shockingly look there, Swara gets shocked, Sanskaar also looks there.

“Oh god, now because of her they will assume that I’m helping her!” Sanskaar annoyedly says to himself, which Swara hears.

Swara looks at him in disbelief.

Soon the 4 men and that officer approach them.

“Listen officer, I’m not…” Sanskaar utters but gets interrupted as the officer pulls the trigger of his gun in the air.

Swara closes her ears in shock by blocking them with her hand and Sanskaar just looks at the gun as the officer aims it at him.

Sanskaar slowly moves back.

“There’s some misunderstanding…” Sanskaar utters as he takes his step back.

Soon he stops and turns, only to see the fence, blocking from falling off the cliffy area.

Sanskaar then looks at the officer, that officer looks at Swara and signs her to move there too with his gun, Swara holds Naira’s hand and slowly walks there with her, standing near Sanskaar, Sanskaar angrily looks at her and she looks at him.

“This is all your fault!” Sanskaar says to her harshly.

Soon bullets are heard, Swara and a Sanskaar look there and find the police there with Sharmishta and Dida, the police had shot the four men, that officer with the gun pulls the trigger upon hearing the sounds of the bullet, the bullet hits Sanskaar and he falls back, Swara lets go of Naira’s hand as Sanskaar had pulled her down too by holding her hand.

Naira, Dida, Sharmishta, Swara and Sanskaar are shocked.

“Swara!!” Shouts Sharmishta and Dida as they rush there.

Swara and Sanskaar are shown falling and finally splash into the water below. The police had shot that officer.

In a hut, Sanskaar is shown lying down on the board, him getting shot and falling flashes in his mind and he instantly sits up, feeling the pain on his chest as he had got shot there, it was lucky that the bullet didn’t touch the heart, it hit him 6 inches away.

“Ahhh!” Sanskaar sighs in pain as he touches his wounded area which is covered with green herbal remedy and white bandage covering it.

In no time, he realised that he is shirtless and looks around the place confusingly.

“Where am I?” He questions himself and turns to stand.

Soon he remembers Swara and him falling with her.

“That girl, it’s all that girls fault! If I see her around then I won’t spare her!” Sanskaar angrily says to himself and stands.

He sees his shirt and then picks it up, he starts wearing it but finds it a little difficult as he is wounded, at last he manages and breaths to reduce the amount of pain he’s feeling.

As he glances around, his eyes falls on his phone, lying in the corner with a lengha.

“That lengha…” Sanskaar says and tries remembering.

He then remembers seeing Swara wearing that lengha.

“That’s the girls, so this means she’s here.” Sanskaar says to himself as he looks at it and then rolls his eyes.

He walks forward and picks his phone up, but due to the water damage, his phone had permanently switched off as his tries of him turning his phone on we’re failing continuously.

“Urgh!” He sighs in frustration and throws his phone.

His eyes then land on the door, he walks there and opens the door to see the bright sun shining at him, he instantly covers his eyes with his hand.

“This boy has gained conscious!” Shouts a woman.

Sanskaar slowly removes his hand from his eyes, he sees a woman standing in front of him, he then sees some village men approaching him with long sticks in their hands.

He senses something wrong by seeing their expressions. As they approach him, one of the man moves the stick forward to hit him but Sanskaar grabs it on time and then pulls it which makes that man fall forward.

The other man moves his stick forward to hit him but he bends down and dodges it, Sanskaar then kicks that man.

The remaining two men forward their sticks together but Sanskaar manages to hold the two sticks and kicks one of the man and then as soon as he lets go of his stick, he hits the other man with the stick.

Sanskaar holds one of the stick and sees the men on the floor, he then runs from there.

As he runs out, he is stopped by a woman.

“Beta, your friend… they’re forcing her to marry, go save her…” The woman tells.

Sanskaar is confused.

“Which friend?” Sanskaar confusingly asks.

“The girl we found with you in a wonder state…” The woman tells.

Swara flashes in Sanskaar’s mind.

The woman starts telling.

Swara and Sanskaar fell into the water and flew by the nearby village, they were on were flushed onto a rock, in wounded condition with Swara on top of Sanskaar, resting her head on his chest.

Soon few men came for fishing and saw them in a wounded condition, they decide to help them recover and take them to their village.

“Arey, you were gone fishing for fish, not humans, where did you find them?” Asks the herb-woman.

“On the rock.” One of the man who brought them here says.

Soon the herb-woman stats treating them, Swara gains conscious before Sanskaar.

Everyone take care of her, then later in the evening, the nearby village people come for a festival that happened that day, there, a man saw Swara and started liking her.

He then decides to marry her but the village people were against it as she’s from the city and not villages, the man didn’t care, he went to speak to Swara but Swara rejected his proposal.

He got angry.

“I will give you 2 days to decide, if you disagree then your this friend will be no longer in this world!” The man warns.

Then the man told the herb-woman to keep him unconscious till the marriage had happened.

The village people unwilling had to agree to them as he had the power to destroy them.

The man and his village people stay there for two days.

The wedding preparations even started but Swara still didn’t agree.

Then a night before the wedding, the man was about to kill Sanskaar but Swara stops him and agrees for the marriage.

After telling him all of that, Sanskaar looks on.

“Come with me…” The woman says and leads the way.

Sanskaar follows.
Swara, in bridal attire is shown sitting in the Mandap with tears in her eyes, the man also is sitting and smiles. The village people look upset and sad with this marriage.

“Listen Pandit! Don’t stop the mantra’s and if you did under any circumstances then I would cut your tongue off!” The man warns the pandit.

The pandit gets a little afraid and shakes his head positively to show he agrees.

Soon he starts reading the Mantra’s.

“He reached here and in that condition because of me, I won’t let anything happen to him.” Swara says in her mind as she’s referring to Sanskaar.

“Call the brides father for Kanyadaan.” The pandit says.

Swara looks at the pandit, the villagers look at each other.

“Her father isn’t here.” One of the village man speaks.

“Then you come and do her Kanyadaan! Anyways you’re her father’s age!” The man/groom says rudely.

The pandit starts reading the Mantras as the grooms words flash, then the village man comes forth and sits down and starts the ritual.

Soon Sanskaar reaches there with the woman, the woman points and Sanskaar looks up and sees Swara and the groom.

“There’s Daljeet and your friend.” The woman says and looks at Sanskaar while revealing the groom/man to be Daljeet.

“I can’t let her risk her life for me, this isn’t right.” Sanskaar says to himself as he looks there.

Before the village man puts Swara’s hand in Daljeets, Sanskaar reaches there and forwards his hand and Swara’s hand falls in Sanskaar’s hand.

Daljeet turns and sees Sanskaar, the village man smiles seeing Sanskaar, the pandit continues reading the mantra’s.

Soon Sanskaar pushes his hand up which makes the flower on Swara’s hand fall down and the rest in the fire.

Swara turns slowly and sees Sanskaar, Sanskaar looks at her.

Daljeet stands angrily and Sanskaar also stands, the pandit doesn’t stop and is smiling a little.

Swara also stands up, the pandit increases the speed of his mantra’s.

Sanskaar pushes Daljeet and Daljeet falls back, the pandit forwards the tray of varmala’s.

Daljeet signs his men’s to come forward, they do. Sanskaar sees Daljeet approaching him, he looks around and sees the plate of varmalas and picks the varmala up, he throws it behind him and it lands around Swara’s neck, he then throws the other one and Swara manages to catch it, Sanskaar takes the platter and throws it at Diljeet, it slams on Diljeets face.

Sanskaar turns and Swara gets pushed by few of the men and falls forward, accidentally putting the varmala on Sanskaar.

Sanskaar sees the men behind Swara and puts Swara behind him, he holds her hand.

The pandit continues reading the mantras.

The men approach them and Sanskaar kicks the one of them, he falls back while pushing the others behind him.

Sanskaar starts moving while looking forward and eventually around, Swara also moves with him and behind him, while he’s fighting the men in front of him, they go around the havan kund and Swara sees a fallen stick on the floor and picks it up with her left hand as Sanskaar is holding her right hand.

She sees Daljeet coming and then hits him with the stick, they move a little too fast, the Pandit also increases the speed of his mantras.

Unknowingly, they completed four rounds, Sanskaar stops and puts Swara in front of him and starts fighting from the men’s by kicking and punching them. Swara starts moving and takes the lead, each time someone comes close to her, she hits them with the stick and the pehres were completed and the men also were lying of the floor.

Swara and Sanskaar look around and look at each other while standing opposite to each other.

Daljeet comes forward with a sword to hit them but Sanskaar holds it on time, his blood slowly drips down in Swara’s hairline.

The pandit sees this and smiles while reading the mantra’s.

Sanskaar pushes the sword the other way and Daljeet falls forward and onto the the floor while hitting his head on the rock and falls unconscious.

The pandit stands up and forwards the platter of Mangalsutra and sindoor in it.

“You filled her maang, now do the last ritual…” The pandit says.

Swara and Sanskaar get shocked and look at the pandit.

“Yes, we all witnessed the Varmala ritual, the pehres and filling her hairline with your blood…” The man who did Swara’s kanyadaan says.

Swara and Sanskaar get flashes of what happened and look on.

“Now you’re married, just this last bit left.” The pandit says.

Sanskaar is shocked and looks at Swara, Swara shockingly looks at him.

Sanskaar picks the mangalsutra up from the tray and looks at Swara, she sees the mangalsutra, he then makes her wear it.

“This marriage is completed.” The pandit says.

All are happy but Swara and Sanskaar aren’t.
Swara and Sanskaar leave from that village, there is silence between them as they walk, Swara is still in the wedding attire.

“Th…” Swara utters but gets interrupted.

“This is all your fault! I wish I never have met you, then all of this wouldn’t have happened!” Sanskaar irritatedly says to her.

Swara looks on.

“I agree it was my fault but who told you stop the marriage and marry me?!” Swara answers back.

Sanskaar looks at her and then starts walking.

Swara follows.

“Before shouting and blaming me for everything, you should also know what you did!” Swara makes clear.

Sanskaar stops and turns to her angrily.

“If it is your fault then why shouldn’t I blame you?!” Sanskaar says.

“I know it was my fault you ended up in that situation but it doesn’t mean you can keep reminding me!” Swara says.

“Pagal Ladki!” Sanskaar sighs and leaves from there.

Swara’s mouth drops and she narrows her eyes.

“Akdu Billa!” Swara shouts as he sees him leave.

He hears her and sighs.

“What does he think of himself?! Like I need his help everything, instead of saying thank you or sorry, he’s putting the whole blame on me!” Swara says to herself and the starts walking.
After a while, Swara feels tired after walking a lot, she sits down on a big rock near her and catches her breath.

“Help!! Help!!” She hears someone shout help.

She gets confused and stands.

“Where is this sound coming from?” Swara asks herself.

“Helpppp!!!!” Someone shouts again.

Swara turns and walks forward and ahead of the tree that was blocking the behind view and looks on.

Sanskaar is shown stuck and drowning in a mud, unable to get out.

“He…” He utters but stops as he sees Swara standing there.

Swara smiles a little, controlling her giggles.

“Now I’m sure this is all my fault as well, nai?” Swara reminds as he blamed her for everything and asks Sanskaar.

Sanskaar looks away.

“I don’t need your help.” Sanskaar confidently says.

“When did I even offer?” Swara asks with a small smirk.

Sanskaar gives her the serious glare.

“And plus, I’m not also fond of saving you either!” Swara says and turns.

As she slowly starts walking, Sanskaar looks on, Swara smiles as she knew he will stop her and eventually ask for help, but Sanskaar being Sanskaar, looked away and thinks he doesn’t need her help. He tried moving himself.

“He’s so weird, instead of saying stop and help me, his ego matters more… but leave it, if he’s so fond of dying then what’s it to me?” Swara says to herself and increases her speed.

“Wait!” Sanskaar says in time before Swara walked away from this area.

Swara stops and then a small smile curves up her lips, she then makes a straight face and turns to him. She widen’s her eyes and gasps seeing the mud stop at his neck.

Sanskaar looks away.

“Near his death but his Akad isn’t gone yet.” Swara mummers to herself.

“What is it? Why did you stop me?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar looks at her, shocked and surprised.

“Can’t you see why I did?” Sanskaar asks, sounding a little surprised yet annoyed.

“Why?” Swara says and glances around, pretending she doesn’t understand.

Sanskaar sighs and shakes his head in a disbelief.

Unwillingly, Sanskaar utters “Help Me.”

Swara hears but pretends as if she didn’t hear it.

“Hmmm? Did you say something?” Swara asks with a small smile, controlling not to smile widely.

Sanskaar sighs, giving her the unpleasant look.

“I said Help Me!” He raised his tone, making it a little clearer.

“Ohhh, achcha.” Swara nods as she acts as if she heard him now.

Swara looks at him and is unable to figure out how to help him as the mud has reached his neck.

“Are you just gunna stand there?” Sanskaar questions as he raises one of his eyebrow up at Swara.

“Shhh, let me think.” Swara utters and starts thinking.

Sanskaar looks away unbelievably.

Swara glances around and sees a long stick, she thinks of something and walks there.

She bends down and grasps on the stick, picking it up and curving a small smile on her lips which indicates that she has gotten an idea.

Swara turns to Sanskaar and walks forward while playfully hitting the long stick on her palm.

He looks at her confusingly.

All of a sudden, it starts raining, Swara moves back, under the leaves of the tree, keeping herself protected from the rain, whereas Sanskaar is getting wet, as the rain gets heavy, the mud gets soggier and Sanskaar could feel his arms loosening, therefore, he manages to pull his arms and hands out from the mud but isn’t able to get out fully, Swara forwards the stick, coming out in the rain, getting drenched. Sanskaar looks at her and then grabs the stick.

“Yeh Mausam Ki Baarish. . . Yeh Baarish Ka Paani. . . Yeh Paani Ki Boondein. . . Tujhe hi toh dhoondein. . .” Swara sings under her breath while pulling Sanskaar with her energy.

Sanskaar manages to get out and stands up instantly, Swara stops humming and looks at him, merely the rain was just heard as the silence had spread among the two.
Both were staring into each other’s eyes while getting drenched under the shower of the rain.

The mud was slowly drenching down from Sanskaar’s clothes.

“I didn’t hear it, did you say something?” Swara breaks the silence and the stare as she looks at Sanskaar.

Sanskaar sighs as he folds his arms across his chest, looking away.

“Thank you.” He coldly says.

A small smile curves up Swara’s lips.

“Thank you for running away while I was drowning.” Sanskaar adds as he looks at Swara.

Swara looks at him in disbelief.

“Wow, what has the world come to? I saved your life and get no appreciation at all.” Swara sighs in disbelief and looks away.

“What type of help was that? If it wasn’t for the rain then I would’ve drowned.”

“Akdu Kahika!” Swara curses under her breath, fully annoyed with his tactics.

“You’re right, I didn’t do anything, it was all the rain, the rain even pulled you out. . . By forwarding the stick, didn’t it?” Swara sarcastically questions and looks away.

“Pretty much, because the rain made the mud soggier which gave me the ability to climb out!” Sanskaar states and looks away.
Shot 1 Ends right here. . .

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