Swasan she changed my life (part 2)


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Ap and that girl go inside
Ap: so swara you sit here I will bring coffe for you
Swara: thank u badi ma and badi I came here for a work can I stay here
Ap: swara what is this bcz of you I am alive and this house is all yours and you call me badi ma this is not fair na swara
Swara holds her ears
Swara: swara badi and please badi don’t tell dad and mom that I am here I came here not telling them
Ap with serious look
Ap: what is this swara they must be worried na beta
Swara: yeah aunty but my work is also important
Ap: but what work you can tell me

Swara: I will tell you badi ma but on right time ok
Ap: ok beta as you wish I belive you now you go and freshenup I will bring coffe for you
Swara goes to room and ap to kitchen and swara comes in room and close the door and put her clothes and goes and open her room window and see outside a house is shown small of one room and a window is shown of that house swara see that house
Swara: so my work start from now you know I very difficutly get to know about you so from now mission sanskari maheswari sudharo starts and a strong determination come on her face
Then swara freshnup and goes and drink coffee and ap and swara talk
Swara: badi ma who is leaving in that house (as that house is see from their house)
Ap: that house sanskar but he is very bad swara you keep away from him ok he is a goon not a good person ok beta
Swara noded and thinks but badi ma I came for him only
And they talk

At night swara and ap did dinner and swara goes to room and stand near her room window as she is standing its late she is about to go to bed but she see a boy coming and goes near window and see the boy
Swara: so mr. sanskar maheswari has come home
But she see he is looking like drunk and he goes to his room and start unlocking the lock by putting key but unable as he is drunk swara smiles seeing this
Swara: hey you can I help you
Sanskar see around but doesn’t see anyone
Sanskar: I think I drink so much today I fell like someone is calling me to help me and smiles like tali
Swara see this and go out of room and slowly open house main door and goes out of house and come near sanskar and put her hand on his shoulder
Swara: you are drunk so much today I will help you ok
Sanskar turn and see swara but he sleeps due to excessive drinking their only and swara see his face and remember that night
Swara: I know you did wrong with me but I know time make you like this but I will you like your father and that’s my promise
And opens the lock and goes near him to take him in
Swara: he is looking so innocent while sleeping
And take him in and make him lay on bed she see a room with bed having bathroom and not more things in room she put blanket on sanskar and about to go but sanskar hold her hand
Sanskar: mom please don’t go na please
And sleeps
Swara: I know you miss them and goes from their

Next morning swara wake up and tell ap that she is going to sanskar house
Ap: but beta you stat away from him he not good person he can do anything
Swara: badi ma relax
And swara made nabu pani

Here sanskar wake up and see him on bed and think who take to me here he think but could remember but he remember a sweet voice only
Ap: beta plase don’t go their
Swara: I am just coming
As sanskar is thinking
Sanskar: who is she
Swara comes in his room
Swara: don’t think much I am that girl and you take this nabu pani you will fell better
Sanskar is shocked by this but he is felling pain in head so he drink the nabu pani
Swara: good you should not drink this much
Sanskar angrly: hey you who are you and don’t give me lecture I am sanskar I know what I have to do and what not get lost
Swara: see who is talking I am only telling for your betterment
Sanskar remember something
Sanskar: oh so your are that girl na swara na to which
Swara calmly: yeah you are right
And she start arranging his bed sanskar holds her hand and pin to wall and holds her hand tightly

Sanskar: so you came here for revenge right
Swara: please leave its paning
Sanskar: but you know I like seeing people in pain
Swara calmly: ok then
Sanskar get angry by her calm behavior
And drags her and theow out of his house
Sanskar: don’t you dare to come near me again understand other wise I will kill you
Swara stand up
Swara: ok so today come home early its not good to be out at late night and yeah drink less which you can handel and yeah I will wait for you
Sanskar angrly close the door
Swara: do what you want to do but I will give every answer calmly and smiles little bit
Screen splits on angry face of sanskar and calm face of swara


Credit to: queen

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