SwaSan – She changed my life (Intro)


So guys this is ff on swasan hope you all like it

My story starts with a house is shown it is beautifully decorated as some one marriage is going to happen as we move to a room a girl in bridal dress she is looking so beautifull in this dress she is none otherthan our swara

Swara pov:
From today my life will changed I will have to leave all things back and start a new life with full of happiness I have to complete all my responsibility so that my parents fell proud of me I cant let them bow their heads from today I will get a new name new personality new identity new life I am so happy for my new life from today my life is get changed from today I will swara lakash maheswari
And some one come in room and tell that barat has come swara hear this and get nervous and smile and goes near window and see the groom and smiles lakash also see her and there is a small eye lock and swara turns in shyness and go and sit on bed
Here all are welcoming the guest and swara in her room sitting on bed thinking about her life suddenly a boy come in swara room and close the room from inside swara see him and get panic
Swara: hey who are you and what are you doing here just get out from my room
Boy: I not came here to go out my jaan
And come close to swara and hold her hand and pushed near him
Swara try to leave her hand
Swara: hey leave me what are you doing
That boy pushed her on bed and swara falls on bed swara started crying
Swara: leave me today is my weeding please leave me
That boy comes near her and holds her hand
Swara: some body help me leave me don’t you
Boy stand up and intrupted
Boy: I don’t have any mother sister and family so don’t use that dialog ok
As swara was about to move boy hold her and started kissing her and swara ia crying and pleading him so he put her lips on her and started kissing her wildly and swara is crying in pain and boy consummate with her and stand up and swara lying on bed crying and that boy calls someone
Boy: so your work is done be ready with money
Swara see him
Swara: you did this for money how can you do this
The boy see her and goes from window and swara see her going and crying thinking about the incident which happen whith her
Now will swara marry lakash who is that boy

If you want to me to continue this story please comment and give your views

Credit to: queen

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  1. Its amazing

  2. Please continue

  3. Nice concept… N d boy is non other than sanskar I m sure

  4. wow…..interesting. plz continue. that boy obviously our hero sanky.swara laksah se shaadi nahe karegi.bcz swara humesha sanskar ka hai.my swasan

  5. Wow.. Plzz continue

  6. swasan……..very nice next part soon….

  7. Superb………… I am waiting for the chapters to start<3

  8. Superb

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