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She Changed Me:


Hey everyone, I’m back with an epilogue requested by some. . . I hope you enjoy it.
It’s been 3 months since me and Swara are together but my family is disapproving for this alliance, they say I need to divorce her. Swara is trying her best to keep them happy but it seems like they’re not satisfied with what they receive. So what if Swara is Bengali? She’s still a human na? I had enough and I left the house with Swara, Swara was upset because of this but I actually couldn’t stay at a place where she gets disrespected. I expected this situation to rise with Bade Papa’s disapproval but Mom and Dad’s surprised me. Mom was bent down in insulting and degrading Swara whenever we had guests or her friends were around.

“Sanskaar.” Swara called out, I turned and saw her standing in front of me, I gave her a faint smile and she hugged me, seeming upset.

“What happened Swara? Is everything alright?” I concernedly asked as I hugged her back.

“The whole family is waiting in the hall for us.” Swara broke the hug and looked at me, hoping I wouldn’t reject coming there.

“Why are they here for? What else is left?” I asked and turned my back towards her. She walked in front of me and held my hand.

“Maybe they want to reconcile, you shouldn’t behave like this, they’re your family.” Swara uttered, I couldn’t say no to her as I don’t want to dishearten her so I agreed.

She smiled and we both walked out.
I’m glad Sanskaar agreed, I know what happened from those past 3 months shouldn’t have happened but I understand that they’re not modern thinkers and I should respect that, I know I was hurt by their words but I can’t stay angry with them, Sanskaar’s family is my family.

As we walked out into the hall, Bade Papa stood up and looked at Sanskaar, Mom, Dad and Badi Maa also stood up.

“Sanskaar, we have realised we were wrong, Swara, please forgive us.” Bade Papa uttered and folded his hands.

Sanskaar rushed there and parted the folded hands away and shook his head, Bade Papa and Sanskaar shared a hug and a smile danced across all of our faces. But I don’t know why, whenever I look at Mom, she seems less happy, I don’t think she’s still happy with mine and Sanskaar’s alliance. She walked up to Sanskaar and reconciled with her.

“Now please come back to your house, it seems empty without you.” Mom regulated while she was hugging him.

Sanskaar looked at me and I simply smiled and slightly nodded.

“Mom, if you let me go then we can go na? If you tightly hold me like that then no one can move.” Sanskaar jokingly said.

All slightly laughed and Mom broke the hug, playfully hitting him on the shoulder.

I walked back inside the room to make the arrangements, soon I heard someone enter, I assumed it was Sanskaar and turned with a smile but my smile weakened seeing Mom.

“What a game you played Swara, I must say, you separated my son from me and now made me beg for you to come back? If it wasn’t for my son then I would never have brought your inauspicious footsteps in my house. . . Don’t think I accepted you because the truth is that I haven’t! I only came here for my son and get that in your brain!” Mom left the room after saying that.

I knew it, she still isn’t accepting me, I sniffed and wiped my tears before Sanskaar could notice, I don’t want him to separate from his family again.

The family then entered Maheshwari Mansion happily but Sujata was the only one who was unhappy with Swara stepping along. Sujata never liked Swara from the beginning as she wanted her choice of girl for Sanskaar but ever since she found out Swara is Bengali, she left no stone to taunt and insult her by showing her hatred. Sujata thinks Swara is too selfish and self-centred, she wants to take Sanskaar away from her. She was surprised when her Bhaisa, Jiji and Ji wanted to bring SwaSan back but she was somewhat glad that her son was coming back and now that day came, after 2 months, Sanskaar is back.

AP, DP and RP felt like only happiness will now knock on their doors as everything is sorted.

Few days have passed, there was no improvement in Sujata’s hidden behaviour towards Swara and Swara hadn’t told anyone about it as she felt a unwanted rift would be created.

Swara was in the kitchen, clearing everything away after dinner, everyone had gone to their rooms to rest. Suddenly, she feels two warm hands wrapped around her waist and a smile forms as she knew who it was.

“Sanskaar.” Swara uttered his name as he rested his chin on her shoulder, blowing his warm breath on her neck.

Swara parted his hands away from her waist and turned to him, he moved forward and pecked her forehead and she closed her eyes. He wraps one of his hand around her waist and pulls her closer to him, she opens her eyes and both share an eye-lock.

He leans forward to kiss her but she turns her head to the side shyly, making Sanskaar’s lips touch her cheeks. Sanskaar then kisses her cheek and Swara smiles. Sanskaar travels down to her neck and planted a wet kiss.

Swara gasped, “Sanskaar, this is the kitchen, anyone can come her!” She moved away from his grip, realising they’re in Maheshwari Mansion kitchen and not in their apartment.

Sanskaar smiles and reaches out for his pocket and takes out a small red box, Swara gets confused, Sanskaar opens it while forwarding it. Swara is stunned looking at it and then looks at Sanskaar.

“Sanskaar this . . .” Swara uttered but Sanskaar interrupts.

“You wanted this so I brought it.”

“Sanskaar, its worth 90 Lakhs, I was only joking when I said I want this newly designed ring.”

“So what?”

“Sanskaar, return it please.” Swara requests as she didn’t like the fact that Sanskaar wasted so much money just on a ring that she loved but not really wanted.

“Now it’s too late, I already brought it and I won’t return it.” Sanskaar responds.

“I don’t get your problem, whenever I don’t but you things then you compare me to other husbands but when I do you think I’m wasting money.” Sanskaar adds.

“I didn’t say buy me things, I always said that look at Mr Sharma, he’s such a caring, sweet and loving husband, he always comes back from work early and takes her out. . . There’s a difference between gifts and dates.” Swara argues back.

“You’re forgetting that Mr Sharma brought his wife a diamond necklace that was worth 1 crore!” Sanskaar reminds.

“Haa but you don’t need to copy everything of his, you wasted your money.”

“Wow, first you say learn something from him and now you’re saying you don’t need to copy? What should I do Swara, you tell me?” Sanskaar sarcastically utters.

“Give that ring to your Mom, she would love it.” Swara says and walks off.

Sanskaar sighs.

“Oh god, please help me.” Sanskaar sighs and walks out.

Sanskaar gave the ring to Sujata as Swara didn’t want it, Sujata was happy to see that Sanskaar had brought her a gift, Swara, who was outside the door, secretly looking smiled and is happy.

Sanskaar entered his room and saw Swara sleeping, he knew she was faking it as she was a little upset with him. Sanskaar walked to the bathroom, came out changed and jumped on the bed, hugging Swara from behind and closing his eyes.

A small smile appeared on Swara’s lips while she was closing her eyes.

The next day, it was a party, all were ready and the arrangements were also made, as the party continued, Sujata was busy talking with some guest while Swara was walking around, searching for Sanskaar as he was nowhere to be seen.

While glancing around, Swara’s eyes fell on the chandelier that was about to snap, she was shocked when she saw Sujata standing beneath it, wasting no more time, Swara rushed there and pulled Sujata. Sujata was shocked by her sudden movement but was amazed seeing the chandelier snap into the floor, all moved out of the way, DP, AP and RP were shocked.

“Mom, are you okay?” Swara concernedly asked Sujata.

Sujata looks at her concern and starts feeling guilty for her misbehaviour with Swara. The guests leave, Sujata hugged Swara with moist eyes, Swara was frozen by her sudden move but hugged her back with tears rolling down.

“I’m sorry Swara, please forgive me.” Sujata uttered and broke the hug.

Swara nods no and holds Sujata’s hand.

“No Mom, you shouldn’t apologise, anyone would’ve been angry.” Swara says.

The rest of the family are confused and Sanskaar walks inside.

“Did I miss anything?” Asks Sanskaar while descending down the stairs.

“Nearly missed a family photo.” Sujata utters.

All then get ready for a family photo, AP and DP where sitting on the sofa while SwaSan were in between RP and Sujata, all smile at the camera and their photos star getting snapped.

The End

I’m finally done with the epilogue, I hope you all enjoyed it and sorry for any grammatical errors and any inconveniences.

Drop down your comments and let me know what you thought about this, will be waiting to see all of your responses.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging me ✨

Exam in 2 days, wish me luck and pray for me please ?

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