SWASAN, A CASE WITH LOVE (TS) By Mica part 2c (last part)

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ACP Sanskar Maheswary : 27 years old, very strict

Swara Bose :22 years old, bubbly smart girl


18.30 pm in evening, Sanskar sat on his chair at office when his phone rang,

Sanskar :Hallo mom!

OS :Sanskar! why you don’t come home yet ? you don’t love me anymore ha ?

Sanskar :Aree mom! i’m at office only.

OS : you only love your office! you already forget me! what happen to me, why god punish me like this. (sobbing)

Sanskar: Mom! don’t make me more headache.

OS : what? are you sick ? let me send Ramu Kaka to pick you.

Sanskar : No need mom! OK i’ll go home now!

He cut the phone, and went home.


Sanskar hopped out from his car once he arrived at home. Loosen tie, tired and gloomy face attached on him. In second his tired face turned to shocked face when he saw something happen to his house. He run to his house, he stood at the doorstep when he heard his mom shouted at him,
“Areee, finally you come! what kind of boy are you ? being late on his engagement! “Sujatha blabbered, made him shocked,” What ?”
He spread his gaze to whole hall only to see his all family gathered and some strangers. He noticed there was a girl standing there with her angelic face, glowing like anything in a beautiful lehenga, smiled at him.

Sujatha dragged him, closer to that beautiful girl and said, ” This is your
fiancee!”, Sanskar’s shocked when finally he recognize the girl, shouted
“Yoouuu!!”, the girl only nodded in shyness.
“Wah, you both know each other already? it’s good!” Sujatha in excitement.
“Mom! how can i engage with Swara ? you don’t know her! it’s not a joke mom!”
Sanskar yelled.
“It’s not a joke Sanskar! and of course i knew her!” Sujatha said.
Sanskar kept silent for a while, looked at Swara and Sujatha, stamped his
foot then run to upstairs toward his room.

He closed the door, locked it then stood leaning the door for a while, but
suddenly, he jumped and yelled, “YESSs!!! YEssss! YEsss! she is mine! she
is my fiancee! God!! thank you so much!!” he took his wallet and pull off
a picture of girl.” My pagal girl Swara! now you are mine! i love you since
the first time i met you! i love you since 3 months ago, no one know it,
even that stupid author, i’m fooling her, i love you! i love you! ummah!”
he kissed the picture over and over in excitement yet proud.

The Author :fooling me ha ?

“Yess, you are a fool!” Sanskar gave a tounge.

The Author : OK! wait and watch what i can do for you!

“No way! you can’t even blackmailing me!” Sanskar said victoriously.

The Author : I can’t ?? let’s see! how if i separate you with Swara ha ?

“What?” Sanskar startled, “Dare no to separated us!”

The Author : Try me ! i have John Abraham for Swara! even Mahira didi will
love it!

“Ugh that shameless fans leader! please don’t separate us please! i beg you!”
Sanskar pleaded.

The Author : OK! 1 condition, i’ll cut your salary.

“What ? OK, fine! as long as you not separate us! but please give romance
scene!” Sanskar gave up and pleaded. The author rejected.

“OK! take all my salary, but please! please give us intense romance, please!”
Sanskar said.

The Author : OK! deal!

“YEEESSS!!! you can go now! i need to prepare myself! don’t forget intense
romance! intense romance!!!! mark it! ” Sanskar spoke loudly.


The Author in mind , intense romance my foot !!!! how can he ask intense
romance to innocent author??? shameless couple, huh! but whatever! who
fooling who!, she smiled, looked at the cheque paper

“I love you too handsome!” Swara whispered, she leaned her ear to the door,
eavesdropped at Sanskar room. A lone tear dropped from her beautiful eyes, in

She run downstairs when she collided with Sujatha in the middle.
“SWara beta! what happen ? where is Sanskar ?” Sujatha asked in concern tone.
“Maybe he is preparing himself!” Swara answered, smiling genuinely.
“OK! you are better waiting there, let me check him!” Sujatha walked to
Sanskar’s room, blabbered to sanskar to get fast.

After sometime, sanskar descended the stair with his dashing body. The
engagement ceremony then began. They slide a ring to each other finger,
clap sound echoed on the whole hall. Swara smiled in happiness while sanskar
kept quite with his cold face, made Swara pout. Luckily, the guest didn’t
put any attention on it.

The guest enjoyed the party, dance, sang and tried the food, the hall was
full of noise. Swara whispered to Sanskar, “Stop acting cold! i know you
are happy.” Sanskar startled to hear her statement, she was only chuckled
to see his face.
“What you are talking about ?” Sanskar retorted.
“I heard you when you talk to yourself on your room.” Swara winked.
“Was that so loud!” Sanskar surprised. Swara only nodded, then dragged
Sanskar toward behind pillar, little far away from the crowd.

They stood, facing each other, unknowingly, Sanskar put his hand around her
waist as result of the sudden drag action. Swara put her arm around his neck.
“I love you too!” Swara whispered to his ear, blushing.
“Wah, you confess your feeling to boy ?” Sanskar in fake shock.
“Shut up! i only answered your confession on that room! i’m shy girl you
know!” Swara pouted, then both burst out laughing.

They only starred each others lovingly for sometime after their laughing
session was over. Sanskar couldn’t help himself but pulled Swara to his
embrace, hugged her tight with full of love.” I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU so much
Swara!” he whispered, tightened the grip on her.
“I LOVE YOU TOO handsome!” Swara smiled happily, reciprocated the hug.
They enjoyed each other heartbeat during the hug, so warm, so much love.

“My lips still soft, wanna try ?” Sanskar whispered to her ear, huskily.
“What ?” Swara lift her head, asked softly in confusion, but in second her
face turned crimson red in shyness to realize Sanskar’s words.
She only nodded slightly and closed her eyes. Sanskar closed his eyes too,
leaned closer his lips to hers.

She clutched his sherwani once she felt his lips touch hers, so smooth, so
soft, she was so nervous yet felt so good. They poured their love feeling
in this amorous kiss, passionately. Sanskar tempted with her fully lips,
demand it more and more, tasted it’s sweetness and it’s smoothness. they
both captured each other lips over and over, at the last, they captured
each other lips, quite for awhile still closing their eyes, to taste it, to
feel the love between them, adjust their heartbeat then depart slowly,
opened their eyes only to starred each other smile in happiness, next
second, they hugged each other to hide their shyness.

“Jaan..” Sanskar called her softly yet huskily.
“Hmmmm..” Swara still buried her face at his embrace.
“What are you doing ?” Sanskar whispered.
“Washing the dishes, “Swara buried her face deeper.
“Whaatttt ?”
“uughh, of course hiding my blushing face! don’t talk to much, let me enjoy
your cozy embrace.” Swara tightened her grip on him.
“But i want to kiss you more.” Sanskar said huskily.
“Haa!” Swara lift her face, suddenly sanskar smashed his lips on hers,
kissed and nibbled her lips, Swara shocked but in second she responded on it.
The kiss was soft in beginning then turned to hungry and passionately.

“Sansk….omg! they kiss each other? woaah, they are kinda express train.”
Sujatha stopped to calling Sanskar, murmured to see their activity behind
the pillar. She stepped back for a distance in excitement, “yess, i will get
a grand son soon.”
She pretended to call them from little far away. Swasan departed to hear
Sujatha summoned their name, then they walked toward her.

“Yess mom!” they said in unison.
“Swara beta! your family are waiting for you to back to hotel.” Sujatha said.
Swasan surprised and starred each other.
“Mom! Let Swara stay here tonight, please!” Sanskar persuaded.
“Is it so ? OK! we will prepare the guest room, now let we meet her family
to bid bye!” Sujatha then whispered to Sanskar, “stay in limit until your
marriage and good job son! jaiho!!” Sanskar’s face turned red, bite
his nail. (Omg Kakaliiii…… his expression killing me thousand times)

Swasan smiled to each other and entwined their finger, walked toward the
family gather hand in hand.


Swara stood at balcony, starred the moon and the stars when someone hugged
her from behind. She almost hit him in reflect but stopped it when she saw
it was Sanskar. “Sorry” she murmured, but then back enjoy his back hug.
“It’s OK! it’s my consequences to have an Inspector’s daughter as fiancee”
Sanskar tightened his hug on her, kissed her cheek.
“Indeed!” Swara smiled and kissed back.
“What are you doing here? why don’t you have a sleep yet ?” Sanskar said, he
was busy tugging Swara’s hair at other side, still hugging.
“Just Watching the night view from here, it’s so beautiful, isn’it ?” Swara
pointed some spot. sanskar put his chin on her shoulder.

“Do you like to stay here ?” asked Sanskar, Swara only nodded.
“So, tomorrow onward, you should move here, i’ll drop you to college before
i go to office.” Sanskar statement earned shocked expression on Swara face.
“How do you know ?” Swara confused.

“I know you are a final- years medical student, stay at hostel, love pani
pury, and i know that i love you since first time i saw you,” Sanskar kissed
her cheek and pinched her nose playfully.
“So you know everything about me ?” Swara surprised.
“Unfortunately nope! i missed a most important thing, that you are daughter
of Inspector Arman Bose, a Detective Senior at Mumbay, my to be wife,
stupid me! huh!” Sanskar sighed.
“No doubt!” Swara chuckled. Sanskar pout, lured Swara to peck his lips.
“But now i’m with her.” Sanskar nuzzled at her neck. She gasped.

They enjoy the night view over there for sometime when suddenly Swara
remembered something, turned her face to Sanskar.
“Wait, i have a doubt, when Arshaanya, Chandu, Vyshu, Niku accused me with
their smartness and a theory that the most innocent one is the most potential
suspect, why you didn’t put any suspicion to me ? did you trust me or love
me that much ?” Swara narrowed her eyes.

“Nothing like that, we should professional moreover on crime case!” Sanskar
“Then what the reason ?” Swara perplexed.
“Because i’m your alibi.” Sanskar said, blushing.
“Whaatt ? and why you blushing like girl ?” Swara was curious, smelt something
“Huh! i’m s*xy when blushing you know!” Pinched her nose.
“Don’t divert topic, tell me!”
“We both watched cartoon when Dr Maholtra killed.” Sanskar grinned.
“Haaaa ????how come !” swara surprised, (along with readers, 😀 )
“You know an apartment beside your hostel ? i rent 1 room straight to your
room, and sometime watching you thorough my binocular.” Sanskar said in such way,
avoid eye contact with Swara.

“Whaatt ? you stalked me! naughty you!” Swara hit his chest playfully.
“What should i do ? i always miss you!” sanskar tightened his wrap at Swara
waist, brushed his nose on hers.
“Huh! but why you always ignoring me at your office ?” Swara pout.
“Because i love to tease you, darling! your pout is the best!” pecked her
lips and smiled.
Swara turned away, said “How if i give up and date to other boy!”
Sanskar gave back hug to her tightly, said “It’s won’t be happen! Swara is
belong to Sanskar only, we are heavenly couple, we are better half in every
single birth.”
“Are you sure ? i have s*xy John Abraham in this story!” Swara said teasingly,
Sanskar startled to hear this, muttered under his breath, ugh!! this stupid
author and her shameless Mahira, trouble maker!!
Sanskar then nuzzled to her neck, said “but I’m hotter than him.”


Blissful morning, Sanskar stopped his jeep in front of police station. He
hopped out, some police officers opened their mouth surprisingly to see
Sanskar walked toward office with an angel hold his arm.
“Who is she ? he broken heart yesterday, but now only he gets an angel? ”
they talked to each other in low tone.
“Wait, is that Swara ? Swara beta ??” Uday uncle shouted and shocked along
with others, mesmerized to see Swara in a beautiful saree, so elegant.
“It’s me only uncle!” Swara smiled.”Huh! why you all shocked to see me !”
“We only shocking to see Sanskar Sir blushing face !” Gopal whispered to her.
Swara chuckled, whispered back, “Even me, he blushes like a girl.” then both

Sanskar gave them irritated look, then walked to Arjun, ” Don’t try to flirt
to Swara, She is my fiancee now!” Sanskar in cool voice, others suppressed
their laugh to see Sanskar deed.
” A possessive fiancee ever!” one of them said,all of them burst out laugh,
Sanskar could do nothing but smiled finally.
“Woaahhh, seem someone’s broken heart canceled!” Arjun teased, “but don’t
worry Sir, i’m with a beautiful girl now.” He turned his face to call
someone, “Honey! come here! i want to introduce you to my boss!”
A beautiful girl showed up from behind pillar.

“Raginiiiiii!” Swara and Sanskar shouted in unison.
“How can you paired with Arjun ? “Swara surprised.
Ragini was sad to hear that question,” What say! Namish left me for Alia Bhatt!”
she pointed to a place, where Namish stood with Alia, mingle in a conversation
and romance.
“But don’t worry Swara!” Ragini’s face somehow light up, “I’m beautiful, so
i am suit and match to every actors paired with me.”
“NO doubt! even paired to your so called BHAY is OK for you instead of stay
FAITH to your HUSBAND!” Swara smiled meaningfully.
“It’s me!” Ragini blushed.

Swara turned her face to Arjun, asked “Arjun! so where is Radhika Mishra ?
she usually pairing with you, rite ?”
Arjun perplexed, he seemed try to remember something.
“Radhika Mishra ? Marmaziyaan ?” He looked Swara. She nodded.
“Oohhh.. i remember! that’s Arjun Mehra who paired with Radhika Mishra, not
me! i’m Arjun Bijlani, you know!” Arjun said with attitude.
“Whaaattt!” all his friends shocked, muttered “since when!” then fainted


The author fainted along with them, any readers wanna join ?


Ignored his friends, Arjun continued, “i use to pairing with my s*xy Mouni
Roy, but to bad, author didn’t hire her in this story, not fair!” Arjun
“The author afraid to Naagin, that why she didn’t hire her on this story.”
Swara answered and chuckled along with Sanskar.

Meanwhile, both Namish and Alia walked closer to them, to joined the gather.
Ragini stamped her foot, “Namish! how could you do this to me ? you left me
for her! huh!”. She said angrily.
“Oh hello Ragini! when you can roaming to many actors, why can’t i ?” Namish
retorted, “And the author too cute to pair me with my s*xy Alia Bhatt, how
can i resist this!”
Sanskar grumbled under his breath, Huh! so this is the reason he punched me
depending the author? flatterer!

“Chalo darling!” Namish pulled Alia closer, put his hand at her waist, left
the angry Ragini.
“Huh! whatever! even i get Arjun Bijlani in this story!” Ragini yelled.
“Let’s go baby!” Ragini dragged Arjun to go with her.


The author yelled in her mind, Ragini darliingg! omg! he is fake one!
i didn’t hire Arjun Bijlani in this story! oh god, what should i do!
uughh but let it be! at least all of them happy.

Swara entered Sanskar’s room , holding a tray with 2 cups of coffee and
snack only to see Sanskar engaged to his laptop on couch, typing something.
He lift up his face to see his lady love, “Here come my angel” he smiled
lovingly, he closed his lappy and pushed it away a little.

Swara put the tray on the table, then sat on Sanskar’s lap.
“What are you typing?” Swara kissed his cheek and put her arm around his neck.
Sanskar pecked her lips slightly, and wrapped her waist,”Typing case report”
“Dr Maholtra murder case ?” Swara asked again.
“Yep! do you know the title ?” Sanskar kinda gave puzzled, Swara shook her
head. ” A CASE WITH LOVE ” Sanskar said proudly yet amused.
“Wooaaah! who is in love? ” Swara teased.
“Of Course Swasan, SWara and Sanskar!” Sanskar hugged her tight.

“Why don’t you join us in Police Department after graduated ? you can take
forensic subject onward then replaced the snail Alia bhatt .” Sanskar asked.
“Why do you always underestimate her ? you don’t like her ?” swara responded
him, amused.
“What say! she always slow in autopsy, huh! busy adjusting her mini-skirt!”
Sanskar shrugged. swara chuckled to hear it.

“Oh god, honey! you can blame her for her slow update! it’s author’s mistake
only you know! the author is amateur in this kinda CID story, that’s why
even Alia became slow! but i think she is good!” Swara explained.
“Is it so ? but Rabia, Rosey, Chandu, Rj12 and Praju said that she is kinda
detective!” sanskar confused.
“Oh, they are too innocent and too nice, but the truth is the author is only
amateur one.” Swara chuckled.
“Ha! even she is a fool, she didn’t know that i love you since 3 month ago!”
Sanskar chuckled too.
“Are you sure ? she is author! of course she know everything!” Swara said
“No way!” Sanskar surprised.
“Even she knew what you did to that guy!” swara whispered and winked, sanskar
only widened his eyes.

—- flash back ———
At ice cream parlor those day, after Swara made a bun to her hair, Sanskar
noticed there was a guy who sat lil far away behind Swara, he gave intense
gaze to Swara.
Sanskar walked to cashier, asked about paper and pen, then write ” Stop
starring at her or i’ll shoot you! she is MINE!”.
He folded the paper as a paper plane and flew it away to that guy.
He walked toward that guy who read it in scared face. Sanskar stepped his
foot so hard and punch his stomach to know that the guy starred to bare
milk skin of swara as her back dress was tore.
The guy run away, Sanskar then walked back, sat behind Swara.

——– flashback end ————–

Sanskar surprised to know what happen, muttered under his breath, So this
silly author fooled me ? goosshh…my salary!!!, he took deep breath.
( Rainaaaaa…i punish him for you… muahhahahahha *devil laugh)

“Ugh leave it handsome! i should go now!” Swara pecked his lips, tried to
get up, but Sanskar hold her waist tight.”
“sleep here tonight, please!” Sanskar persuaded.
“Whatt! don’t be shameless!” Swara pinched his cheek.
“I only want cuddle you tonight.” Sanskar still in plead.
Swara nodded, her face turned crimson red, made Sanskar couldn’t hold to
capture her lips, they kissed each other passionately.

———– T H E E N D —————————————

“Waaiiiiiiittttttt !!!!!” Sanskar yelled.

the author : Whhattttt !!!!

“No intense romance ? huh! ” sanskar frowned.

the author : nope! you both not marry yet !

“uugghh! LIER! OK then! but please let me give message to readers!” he said.
The author nodded in agreement.

“well, for other authors, Rabia, Krsytles, Deeksha, Rj12, Kakali, Independent
Rabia0032, Shan, Raina, Praju, Ridhima, MAHIRA, G.Chandu, Zeestum2, Navi,
Aashi, Rosey, Diyaa, Alku, Sheebu_s, give my salary early, please! i need it
for my wedding party next month, my mom want lavish party, huh!” Sanskar

the author : Waaaa.. you remember all their name, bravo!!!

“How can i forget! they all don’t give my salary yet, even you! ” he annoyed.
“Let me continue the message, for others, Anu, Simin, Stg, simi, Myna, Sneha,
Shibil, Somya, Viji, a, tani, Soujanya, pramudi, adishu, arshaanya, Vyshu,
Shifa96, Niku, AnuAnn, Kumu, Riya, SNY, parul, Sus, kaur Daljeet, Shilpa,
Nidhi kapil, DA, Aarushi_99, Rakiba, please guyz! help me to ask my salary
to this author, i need it to give surprise for swara at Valentine day.”
sanskar in pleading way, “oh ya, for dheeksha or anyone who want Deepika’s
signature, come to my office in morning.”

“Jaann! i’m ready!” Swara said in seduce way, she stood at washroom doorstep,
wore a transparent lingerie. Sanskar gasped to see her, he blinked his eyes
several times out of sense.
“Wooaaahh! you are more s*xy than Victoria Secret model!” Sanskar said, lured,
“Yess! finally intense romance!” he was in excitement.

The author : Swaraaaa!!! what is that! wait until you married, huh!

“Hehehehe, sorry Mic! i only trying this lingerie for my honey moon! let me
change then!” She entered the washroom and locked the door.

————————- THE TRUE END ——————————

That’s all, sorry if it’s boring you all, this Story kinda dream come true for me,
i combine Swara’s detective nature and real bubbly Helly.
this idea popped up on my mind when i saw Helly’s picture with her jeans jacket,
i ever have a dream that someday, there will be a producer hire my HeVa with that
character on a CID serial….gooshh..
aahhh, thank you and sorry for grammatical and spelling error,

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