SWASAN – A CASE WITH LOVE (TS) By Mica part 2b

Bismillah, Hi i’m back, sorry it will be short update
Actually i want to post all as last part, but it’s too long,
so, i decide to divide it to 2 parts… wish you enjoy it

Part 1 Here

Part 2a Here


ACP Sanskar Maheswary : 27 years old, very strict

Swara Bose :22 years old, bubbly smart girl


DHEEPP!the power off suddenly, black out. Darkness everywhere.

They were shocked, Sanskar pulled Swara to his embrace immediately. Swara
startled for a while yet enjoy it. “Don’t be scared !i’m here!” he caressed
Swara’s back. Swara tighten her grip on him. After sometime,..
“Handsome!” Swara summoned his name, her head hide at his embrace.
“Hmmm” Sanskar answered casually, still hugging her.
” i don’t have Achluophobia!” Swara said, enjoying the hug.
“Whaat ? huh! why don’t you say it” sanskar jerked her.He tried to switch
on the flashlight when the power suddenly on. Swara chuckled.
“Whaatt ? “Sanskar asked annoyingly.
“I heard your heart beat in Janam Janam melody while hugging me.” Swara
“Stop talking nonsense huh!” He took a chair and pulled closer to the wall
which has the painting on it. He put down the painting with his covered

“Hmm! the killer must be so clever to cover up everything, he put Dr Rohan
Maholtra’s body at living room instead let it on car, and stole the
painting from the workroom.” Sanskar in thoughtful voice.
“Yups, distracted police from the car, but why you said ‘he’? are you sure
the killer is a man ?” Swara confused.
“You think a woman able to lift victim’s heavy body with less attrition
between body bag and floor ?” Sanskar said.
“Huh! don’t underestimate woman strengthen, i’m strong!” Swara protested.
” I know, you have strengthen in appetite alias Bhukhad!” sanskar said
“How mean!” Swara stamped her foot angrily.

Sanskar called Gopal and team to pick up the evidence, requested Dr Alia and
Namish to back to office to analysis it, then dialed Arjun number.

Sanskar : Arjun! Where are you?

OS : At home Sir!

Sanskar :Back to office now, i want you work overtime, search everything
related to Ankit Sinh’s Indian Lady painting, EVERYTHING! and all suspects
financial reports! OK!

OS : Yess Sir!

Sanskar cut the call, then both sat on couch waiting Gopal arrival.
“What are you thinking ?” Sanskar asked to saw Swara was sitting idle in
thoughtful face.
“I just think who is the killer? Dr Maholtra hide this painting from public,
only few close people who know about it, don’t you think may someone leaked
this or hired a criminal ?” Swara in sadness tone.
“Maybe!” Sanskar nodded.”But we will catch them by your help, Dr Maholtra
must be proud of you.”
“I wish,” swara said,took a deep breath.”He always proud of me, and i think
you proud of me to!” she said teasingly, took a glance to Sanskar, chuckled.
“shut up!” Sanskar stood up and went out, checked Gopal arrival.

After sometime, Gopal arrived with team. Sanskar told him that he will drop
Swara back home, then our Swasan left that house with Sanskar’s jeep.

“Are you hungry ? let we have a dinner first ?”sanskar asked Swara, he
hold the stir, driving his jeep.
“Omg handsome! you ask me for date ?” swara surprised.
“Stop talking nonsense, i only try to be polite, maybe you are hungry!”
Sanskar in annoyed tone.
“are you sure ? don’t you remember that we are eating pani pury few time
ago ? “Swara acted blush.
“I don’t remember anything about you.” He shrugged.
“How mean!” she pouted,” but i bet you didn’t forget my kiss, rite ?” she
pointed him.
“huh! what kiss? many girls kissed me!” Sanskar in cool tone.
“Arrgghhh!!” Swara irritated, she hit her own tight and turned her face to

“Where i should drop you ? to your home or.. ?” Sanskar asked.
“Drop me to pani pury stall, my bike there.” Swara still in pout.
Sanskar shook his head to see her antic.


“Here we are!” Sanskar stopped his jeep in front of the pani pury stall.
“Aahh, finally!” Swara stretched her arm, hopped out, walked toward her
bike. Sanskar followed her. She stopped her step beside her bike, turned
to Sanskar.

“Thank you so much Handsome! here is your jacket!” she tried to remove
the jacket from her body, when Sanskar signed to stop her act.
“No, wear it!” he said.
“seriously? thank you so much!” Swara surprised,” but my dress didn’t tear
this time.” She leaned her face to him, whispered.
Sanskar startled,”did you know about that ?”
“Of course i knew, Mica only told me.” Swara chuckled.
“whaatt? ” Sanskar shouted in low voice.” Stupid author, big mouth, leaky
bucket, uugh!” Sanskar grumbled.

“Omg handsome! stop cursing the author, she is sweet and cute you know ?
i only teasing you!” Swara giggled,”She is the one who gave us romantic
scene, to off the light, so you can hug me, ahem ahem.”
Sanskar frowned.

The author POV “indeed Swaraa! i’m sweet and cute! huh! this Sanskar,
call me leaky buckeet ??? i’ll show him what is leaky tank later, aargh!!
wait and watch ! *squeezing lemon

“OK, i’ll tell you! I knew it when i went to washroom those time,” Swara
explained, ” i was standing in front of mirror when i realize that my back
dress torn at the sewing line, perhaps it happened when i climbed the mango
tree, that’s why you gave me your jacket, that why you sat behind me after
you took your paper plane, rite ?”

“well, i don’t remember! better you go now, it’s late!”
“Ughh, it’s at ice cream parlor yesterday,” swara irritated. She walked
closer to him and kissed him on his cheek, Sanskar shocked.
“waaa, it’s complete now, i kissed your both cheeks.” She smiled widely.
“Complete? silly!! you kissed same cheeks!” Sanskar said mockingly.
“Ahaaa, bingo!! you remember my kiss, rite?” Swara snapped her finger,” See
you tomorrow Handsome, bye!” she waved her hand then went away with her

He couldn’t do anything but shook his head in disbelief, murmured” uuugh
this girl! definitely she will be a threat for my position someday!”
He drove his jeep to police station.


Hectic morning in Kolkata Police Department, after finding the motif, the
most important evidence, they worked on it, to find the clue when sanskar
shocked to see a girl.
“YyOuu!” sanskar in shock.
“Mee Sir ? oh let me introduce my self, i’m Deepika Padukone, i replaced
Swara to be a newspaper deliver from now on, excuse me Sir!” she then walked
away leaving shocking sanskar who stood as statue.

“Seriously Mica ? after you made Varun Dhawan as kid, John abraham can’t
climb tree, now you make Deepika Padukone as newspaper girl? you are the
dumbest author ever, you know!” Sanskar yelled in frustration.”even Navi
complaining about this kid Dhawan huh!.”he murmured.

Author: Hei, what’s wrong with you ha ? you demand Deepika, i gave it,uughh!
if you too much complain, i’ll…….

“You’ll what ? fired me ? no way !! you can only make story about me, huh!”
Sanskar smirked.

Author: indeed you’re rite, i can think about you and Swara only, huhuhu!

“Aargh! stop mention about Swara, and stop try to pairing me with her, in
this story, she is not my type,” Sanskar said.

Author:Is it so ? but Shan, KrsytleS, Myna, Simi and Pramudi said that you
are jealous about Swara, weeeww !

“Me? Jealous ? what a joke! uughhh why in this earth people madly in love
with us as couple ???” Sanskar so upset.

Author:shut up! don’t blame us! blame Helly and Varun which tooo gooodddd
with their romance, oh goosshhhh i miss them so bad.

“Whatever! it’s waste time to talk with you! better you continue typing
this story and let me ask Deepika’s signature!” Sanskar run away, ” Deepika!


the author’s mouth open,cursed him and pulled Kakali from refrigerator
only to see she ate the whole ice cream,
she dragged her to following sanskar for Deepika’s signature

After found a prove from the painting, Sanskar didn’t waste the time to get
search warrant. He lead a team of Kalkuta Police Department, went to Dr
Samrat Matur’s house, searched other evidence and arrested him. they found
the clay statue, the object which turned to be a weapon for Dr Rohan
Maholtra’s murder. The next half an hour, they got Dr Matur confession by
an easy interrogation. The district attorney waited for them completing the
file of case to submit a court. THE CASE CLOSED.


Lunch time, Alia walked toward Sanskar’s desk, said ” Sanskar! all of us
will going to the cafe across the street to celebrate our success over the
case, wanna join? ”
“Sure! when ?”
“Right now, can you call Swara and ask her to join us ?
“Call Swara ? noo… why should me ? why don’t yourself ?” Sanskar denied.
“OK! gimme her number, i’ll call her!” Alia took out her phone.
“Ugh why you insist! OK i’ll call her!” sanskar dialed Swara’s, leaving Alia
with her confused face. She shook her head to see Sanskar behavior then left.

“TAADDAA!!!” Swara shouted once she stood at the cafe doorstep. Suddenly,
clap sound echoed on that room, applauding Swara.
“Here it is our hero!” Alia and Namish walked to her welcoming her arrival.
She hugged her, “Hei, what’s going on here?” Swara surprised.
“Let’s Sanskar explained to you!” Alia dragged Swara to sit beside Sanskar.

“Swaraa!! thank you!” some of the police officer lift their glass, waved to
Swara. Swara waved back to them, and turned her face to Sanskar, “what
happen ? any celebration ? oh! don’t say that the case closed ? you found
the killer didn’t you ?” swara asked with surprise expression. sanskar nodded.
“Omgg! really???” Swara cupped herself face in shocked and excitement.

“Yeah it’s because of you we can find the killer, thank you so much!” sanskar
said genuinely and proudly.
“Me ? why ?” Swara in confusion, “Oh you got something from the painting ?
tell me the killer ?”
“We found Dr Samrat Matur’s finger print on that painting.” Sanskar said.
“Dr Matur was the thief ???? Omg!! he is his best friend, don’t tell me that
he is the killer!” Swara in disbelief and shocked.
“Unfortunately yes!”
“But why ? Is he jealous about that painting ?” Swara still in disbelief.

“Not jealous, but the money! Dr Matur had problem with gambling, he took huge
loan from bookies which made him want to steal the painting, so, when Dr
Maholtra turned around following him to go to his house, he didn’t let a
chance to hit him, sent back to his home then stole the painting.” Sanskar

“It’s so cruel! how can he be so sadist only for money.” Swara took a deep
“Not only cruel, but clever too, he created a perfect alibi,” Sanskar added,
” After killed him and put his body on his car, Dr Matur went to cafe with
his own car, put it only to get catch by cctv, and by the go to washroom’s
reason, he went from there through back door, used shortcut to reach his home
then drove Dr Maholtra’s car to his house.”

” Gooshhh! It’s kinda planned.” Swara covered her mouth, surprised.
” May the murder and the alibi was spontaneous, but he kept the fake painting
at his house for couple days already which became our luck that he forgot
touched it several times with his bare hand.” Sanskar said.

“That you found his finger print,” Swara guessed,” There is no perfect crime.”
“You are right.” sanskar nodded his head,” Have you order something?”

“Omg! you are so gentle to me today! it’s kinda a date,” Swara acted blush,
“Swaraaa! stop talking nonsense.” Sanskar yelled in low voice.
“Izzhh, grumpy cat!” Swara pouted, but then her face changed as she remember
something, “Oh, i won’t talk nonsense now!”
She stood up, lift a glass and hit spoon on it gently.

TRIING! TRIING! “attention please !!!” Swara spook lil bit loudly, made the
cafe in silent, all customers kept their eyes to Swara.
“Thank you so much!” Swara smiled widely.”I want announce a good news for me
that tonight i get engage!” Swara said in blush.
Claps, whistle and words of wish echoed to whole room suddenly, blended with
1 cough from Sanskar as he spit out his drink.
“Are you OK?”Swara turned her face to her, he only nodded his head. Swara
continued her speech,” But i’m sorry, i can’t invite you all as the ceremony
is for family only, Please bless us, thank you so much!”
1 by 1 all of police officers who present on that cafe, shook their hand to
Swara, greeting her.

“I have to go now! thank you guyz! ” She grabbed her purse, stood up and
leaned closer to Sanskar, whispered, ” Handsome, don’t be late go home,
or your mom will scold you!” then waved bye to everyone, walked out.
Meanwhile Sanskar only frowned and grumbled,”This girl, kissed me, behind
me, hugged me, but engage to someone else, how can be, huh!”

People engrossed with their conversation when Alia walked closer to quite
Sanskar,” Broken heart ha ?” Alia said, pulling his leg.
“Who ? me? broken heart ? no way.” sanskar in denial, irritated.
“Oh OK then!” Alia shrugged, “Sorry for your lost!” She patted his shoulder,
then walked out from cafe.

Namish followed her action, patted Sanskar’s shoulder, said,” Sorry for your
lost,Sir!” then out from cafe. All of police officers made a line, followed
Namish action, “Sorry for your lost Sir”, 1 by 1 they said that words, while
patted Sanskar’s shoulder. Sanskar could do nothing but kept his gaze on
them, irritated.

When he saw a waitress on that last line, he couldn’t take it more, burst
out,”What ???stop this! i didn’t broken heart!” Sanskar yelled at her, made
her shocked.
“Nnoo Ssir! i only want to give the bill!” she stammered, handed him a piece
of paper. Sanskar saw the bill, shocked, “This much ?”
“Yes sir, Alia madam only told us that you threat all customers to celebrate
your broken heart.” The waitress said with scared face.
“what ? AAliaaaaaaaaa!!!!” Sanskar screamed out loud, the birds in radius 5
miles flew away abruptly to heard his scream (kinda in movie).

Alia, who sat on back seat of Harley Davidson along with Namish, at parking
lot only giggled to hear his scream, murmured “It’s prize for underestimated
me Sir!” then drove off with Namish.

Sorry for grammatical error and spelling error,
i will update the last part tomorrow, inshaallah,….
– & + comments allowed, wish it’s not boring

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    that tonight i get engage!” Swara said in blush.”

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    that tonight i will get engage!” Swara said in blush.”

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