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Thanks guys for your comments . I’m really lucky to make u feel happy. But there is a problem my college is starting from Monday so I’ll post this fan fiction every Sunday bcoz I have another one also pending. And my sweetie is asking for next part so today I’ll post both and then every Sunday, “SWASAN: CAREFREENESS MADE JODI” and every Saturday, “LOVE BASED ON FRIENDSHIP”.

However the first impression is considered the last but in their case it’s the everlasting one.

Swara’s POV:
Why I feel as if I know him from before??? (And when such thoughts were running in her mind she got flashbacks of her past birth)
Ahhhh!!! My head is paining. Whenever I think about him these flashback is what all I can get and the never ending pain.

I promise u jaan that we will meet in next birth. And they died due to blast in their car.

I consulted with doctor uncle also but he says that these is due to excessive reading of novels. I’m never satisfied with his answer but I don’t have enough time to treat myself as I have to complete my mom’s dream. Common baby start studying there is a lot remaining. And she starts studying.

Sanskaar’s POV:
Once again . What she thinks of me???? Do I look like a punching bag. This is the second time she bumped into me.
Ahhhh!! This pain. Why???? Whenever I remember her face my head starts spinning. And what from past few days I have started to dream. Urgghhhh, I’m irritated. I need some fresh air . (He goes to his balcony and sits on his rocking chair and dozes off)

Sanskaar’s dream:
Hey!!! U r sleeping. I thought of playing with you but u kumbkaran ki aulad hanesha sote hi rehta he and she starts shaking him. When he is not responding she smiles wickedly. She tiptoes to washroom and gets a bucket full of water and splash!!!!
Jaaaan……. What’s this . Do I look like a tree that every Sunday evening you splash water on me. She said no but what to whenever I want to play u r sleeping. Listen jaan u r wifey na so u can give me a kiss or a hug and I promise will wake up in a sec. I thought ki u r only a sleeping beauty but ur romantic also haaa and she teases him. (There is a beautiful curve on present Sanskaar’s face) That’s not my fault. Whose wifey is so beautiful what can I do without loving her?????? Bas hogaya maska ab mere saath khelo .. Awwwww my cutie is blushing. Come let’s play. What you want to play. Hmmm wait. And she gets him a football. Let’s play football. Hey wifey listen it’s a man’s game and u are not allowed to play…. Oye man ke bacche ….. Kick…. and Sanky holding his stomach. Ahhhh ouch!!!!
Teri toh ye jamin par khelne ki cheez hai hubby pe nahi. And both end up laughing.

Ring!!! Ring!!!! Ring!!!!!
Hmmm. Oh I again I dreamed but this time it was nice one. Btw who were they and wht their personal life is becoming my dream. Everytime they are playing with each other but whatever who disturbed me from this dream .

Sir… Woh I have a news for u a good one and a bad one.
First tell the bad one and then good .
Fine sir.
So bad news is ur parents were given wrong medicines while treatment bcoz of which their health started deteriorating and they died.
What ???????? Who did this????
Sir I am finding about it?? And will inform you later after …..
Okkkk. And what about good one.
Sir good news is that u r a billionaire.
Are you joking… U clearly know how I am studying on scholarships. Then how can I be billionaire .
Sir u r really a billionaire. The story goes such: Your grandparents had made a will that their entire property goes to their grandchildren and not ur dad bcoz ur dad believed in making his own money. And sir u have a sister . According to our info she might be in tenth now.
What I have a sister???? U do one thing leave the property matter for now and find my sister.
OK sir. U r absolutely right. Bcoz u r not getting the property being a bachelor. When you get married, u will be eligible for it.
Oh God. My grandparents naasa. Seriously even if I was not born at that time they already planned my future????.
OK sir bye.


Wow I have a sister. I thought I am all alone in this world. But I have a sissy. Yeah Im very happy.

Ring ….. Ring…… Ringmm.m
Nimish:Bhai tu aa raha hai naa football khelne.
Sanky:Ha kyu nahi.
Nimish: I want to ask you something. Can I????
Sanky: Tu itna formal kabse hone laga …m.
Nimish: Bhai sawaal he waisa hai???
Sanky: Anything serious????
Nimish: That you know.
Sanky: what???
Nimish: What about ur dream??? U know who are they???
Sanky:????????? No. I don’t know about them . But Bhai aaj ka dream to kya tha ??????
Nimish: ohhhh I see. Come fast im waiting for u. Ciao
Sanky: yup bro.coming.ciao

(Actually Nimish and Sanky are besties and nimish knows about sanky’s dreams???)

Precap: Not decided.

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