Sorry poo u might find something common in intro but the story is completely different. I just now read plot of happy it resembles to be same but not the story.

College Area:
A girl is shown entering with books in her hand but her face is not seen. Then her friends call her and due to sudden interruption she turns behind just to hear a bang. As soon as she turned she bumped into him. So the girl is our padaku SWARA and the boy is our badmash SANSKAAR .

SWARA : Not again SWARA . This is second time u bumped into him. What will he think about me??? He will think as if I am doing this purposely just to get his attention……
(Her chain of thoughts were disturbed by his beautiful voice ……)
He: Oh miss ….. where are u lost…. Just get those books away from me. I just hate these medical books. Don’t know why God made such kind of books which don’t even have the right procedure to care a needy.

She: Oh nonstop. Just a min. This books are my love and dare u say a word against it . Now get lost from here.

He: I don’t have enough time to spend on you. And moves away.

Friends: How rude he is ?? Can’t even talk properly with a girl.

SWARA: Leave it. It’s his problem why are we discussing about him. Now help me we are getting late for class.

(Ohh God…. If there first meet is such and don’t know what’s going to happen further. It is said, “First impression is the last impression”.)

Bg voice:
These people don’t know that our story is not of this birth. We are related since last few birghs. SWARA that time we also didn’t knew something is gonna happen between us. Yaaa SANSKAAR u are right but then too us should talk with respect naasa. Oh yaaa is that soooo. And starts tickling her. Ahhhh!! SANSKAAR stop . Wait I will show u and she starts tickling him and both end up laughing in each other’s embrace.
Voice over ends

(Why SANSKAAR was rude about medicine??? What was the reason behind his such behavior??? )

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  1. Abirsha

    Nice…. Whether it is a rebirth story

    1. Sonakshimalhotra98

      Yeah!!!! To settle scores of past births??

  2. Sumeeta

    Nice.there is reincarnation???????

  3. intresting!!

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  6. Awesome Di… I like Rebirth stories…You are also elder than me…BTW I am just 12…
    Bye and take care..
    Love u

  7. Sorry actually as soon as I read the intro I taught it to be that but it’s okay……
    and this is also nice
    actually cute

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  9. Lakshgujral98

    Indeed amazing sweetu!!!!!!

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