Swasan – I can’t hate her OS


Hello friends sinin here. I am writing an os for first time. Please support me.it is inspired from a video song. I made some changes.

Kolkata Oxbridge College
A big college is shown. The classes are going on. Some are very attentive and some are playing prank.
Except them.
A girl and boy is running through the corridor. He comes at end and enters into the room.
Kavya : ohh god ! Kartik we are safe or else that professor was going to suspect us…
Kartik : that’s true…. Where are all ?
Ragini : you fool ! We are behind you…
Kavtik look behind and find Ragini
Sahil : and I’m here
Sahil jumps from a table
Kartik : oh..you both came….wait wait… Where is swara ?
Ragini : i don’t it was her plan to bunk class today…
Kavya : don’t worry guys… She will come after all….she is our swara

A girl is running in the corridor. She is wearing a blue shirt and jeans inn. Her hairs are open with a little curl at the end.
She saw professor rastogi coming and tries to hide….but he saw her…
Rastogi : wait…wait…who are you ?
Swara : sir, swara malik 2nd year
Rastogi : what are you doing outside in class hour ?
Swara : woh….sir…woh..actually leera madam was asking for you .
Rastogi : what… Leera..maadam ! She was asking for me….where is she ?
Swara : sir 8th floor
Rastogi goes runningly
Swara : what Sir… There is no 8th floor here.
She smriks and goes to meet her best buddies
(Swara malik – the biggest prankster of college GF of sahil, very stubborn, can do anything for a bet.)

Kartik : where is this swara…yaar
Swara :im here…kartik
All looks at her.
Sahil : your late my love
Swara : so how can i compensate it ?
Sahil : by giving a ki..
Kartik : by fulfilling a task
Swara : task ….okk tell me ?
Kartik : you admit that boys are better then girls
Swara (shocked and angry) never…. Go to hell
Ragini : swara…relax and kartik why should we say this… Give some logic
Kartik :ummm….boys can fight
Swara : I’m a black belt wanna try ?
Kartik :noo…thanks..
Sahil : they can smoke and drink
Swara : you too.
Sahil gives a innocent look
Kavya : i can do both
Kartik become shocked
Kartik : how ?
Ragini : that’s not the point
Kartik : we can we can…break hearts
Girls become quite
Kartik and sahil gave high five
Ragini :its nothing to be proud of
Sahil : say that you cant do it
Swara : i can do it…
Sahil became shocked
Kartik : really
Swara : whom…just name…
Ragini : swara…no need
Swara :, com on it’s just a game
Kartik : so it’s done….you’ll make someone love you then tell the truth ok
Kavya : but..whom
Just then they can head loud cheering.
“Sanskar… Sanskar”
Kavya: it’s from gallery swara let’s go
But swara was already gone.
Swara reached the stadium. Inter college basketball match is going on. The final match. The score is equal. Just one more to go.
All others come and stand beside swara.
Ragini : hey look…there is Laksh
Kavya : Ragini…. That nerd…
Ragini : kavya..don’t say like that…
Sahil calls swara.
But swara is in her own world. Her all attention is toward one person among 200 people. A boy who is leading th the game. No one can take the ball from him. And…yes he did it..he made a goal..
All supporters started to cheer. His team make him fly in the air.
Ragini : what a player..
Sahil : Sanskar
Swara : what ?
Sahil : yes…he is Sanskar the captain of basketball team he has come this year in 2nd year by clinical rotation. My class mate.
Kartik : i found him
Kavya : whom ?
Kartik : swara Sanskar is you’re target
Swara : he….but
Kartik : why…baby are you sacred ?
Swara : no chance im going now
Swara proceeds towards Sanskar.
Her heart beat increased unknowingly.
He was talking with his friend.
Swara : hello !
Sanskar turned and looked at her confusedly
Sanskar :hello ? Yes ?
Swara : Congratulations ! You played very well
Sanskar : oh thanks
He turns and goes with his friends
(Sanskar kapoor _ a happy go boy, kind hearted emotional , intelligent boy)
Swara feels insulted. She looked at her gang. Kartik was laughing madly, sahil tried very hard not to laugh and both girls looked disappointed.

Next day
Swara was waiting for Sanskar
Sanskar entered into the college in his bike. He was looking damm hot.

Swara came toward him and tied to start a conversion but he looked uninterested.
Sanskar : excuse me…i need to go
Swara felt bad and she looked back kartik with a hopeless smrik

After the break
All were outside
Swara planning to talk with him when she saw he was coming in her direction. She become nervous and was about to speak but he passed her and started to talk with his friend

This time it hurted her ego. She become determined.
At sahil birthday party
All were present including Sanskar. Swara entered in a golden silk saari with backless blouse. Opened hair and smoking makeup.
Sanskar became mesmerized seeing her. She was looking like an angle.
Sanskar tried to talk with her but this time she ignored him.
Where ever she goes Sanskar follows her she was feeling happy.
Sanskar : hello ! Swara
Swara oh ? Sanskar hi
Sanskar : your looking very pretty
Swara : thanks
Sanskar : can i have your number please
Swara : my ?OK
Swara gave a victorious look to kartik

Soon they started to meet and Sanskar developed feelings for her. Swara too started to spend time with him. Ragini tried to stop her saying it’s enough. But she never listend to her.
They go on coffee shop, movie on park
One day swara was walking on road. And Sanskar came in his bike and started to make circle taking her in middle. They both went for long drive.

Oneday Sanskar saw a dream where swara was wearing a blue Sari.
He bought the same sari for her and wrote a lovely letter. He told her to meet at 4 pm at coffee shop.

Swara read the letter and realized it was too much. She should stop now or else it will be late.
Sanskar was waiting for swara in the coffee shop. But she didn’t came. Sanskar waited for hours and tried calling her it was switched off.
He become tensed and went on her home.
But her mother said she has gone to meet her aunt for some days.
Sanskar returned home he was very sad as seara went without informing him.
His mother hand overd a letter. A letter letter which changed his life.
I know you will start hating me when you will read this letter but i. Can’t cheat you anymore. This love is fake . i acted to be in love with you for a bet. My life is connected with sahil. I love him. In this game i losed in front of you’re pure love. And i became a loser even after winning. Please hate me andif possible forgive me.

Sanskar sat with a thud.he started to feel dizzy. His. Vision became blured. He recalled their moments. His dream. He started to cry cry like a child who have lost his parents.

A week later
Swara have returned. Her main object was to avoid Sanskar. But she don’t know why she is feeling sad….why can’t she stay away from him….it was just a bet…..then why it looked soo real… Why.
She entered into the college
She was walking and ragini called her.
Ragini : swara what happened ?
Kavya : you forgot us…for Sanskar ?
Swara : no nothing like that
Sahil : then what .. You’re not taking my calls.. Roaming with him openly….. Even long drive blo*dy shit
Swara : mind you’re language sahil
Swara goed angrily
.she entered into her room
She is recalling her moment with Sanskar.
She tried to read a book but a picture came out of it . Sanskar and her selfie picture.
She looked at the gift which Sanskar send to her. She careressed it.
Her eyes stated welling up.
“Im so sorry…but i cant live without u…the bet was fake.. But our love it was true….i am coming Sanskar im coming please forgive and accept me..please give me a Chance

She get dressed beautifully. She wore the sari which he gifted her and light makeup a pot of sindur in her hand.

She went into his home. His mother opened the door.
Swara : hello aunty can i meet Sanskar ?
Annapurna : who are you ?
Swara : his friend swara
Annapurna became shocked she took her inside. Swara looked here and there. Anna purna gave her a letter and pointed toward a picture outside the mansion with GARLAND.
Swara read the letter with shivering hands
When you are reading this letter I’m far away from you . i know you never loved me,but my love was true. I lived every moment with you. I tried… I tried very hard but cloudnt hate you a bit…i loved you soo much that the thought to hate you is enough for me to die. Im not angry with you. But it’s my love that i cant hate you.
Rainfall starts. Swara sat on the road. The road has become red due to sindur….swara is crying… But Sanskar is smiling….


Credit to: Sinin

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