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Hey guys Aisha here. So i am writing an Os..pls do comment.

‘I am never gonna marry dad…i cannot leave you alone… Ok?’ A beutiful girl shouted at her dad.

‘Common Swara one can remain alone whole life and you know right that I am not going to be with you forever.. After my death you will be alone in your house..and that time after work when you enter your house there will be no one to ask you how ur day had been…. When u fall ill no one will be there to make u drink medicines..
U know after ur mother’s death….I had to suffer alot and sometimes I used to get fed up of my alone life…But I went through it just for you…
So pls meet this boy today.. I won’t force you.. But you can always tell me if you want to marry him.’

‘ohk dad but no force.. Ok and take ur medicines and message me the venue… I will go
And bye’…Swara sighed as she left for her office.

In the evening she left for the venue.. She had not even seen that guy’s photos… She called him and soon found him…He looked so cute!

Swara- excuse ne is this Sanskar Maheshwari?

Sanskar – oh ya and you might be Swara Gadodia?

Swara- oh yes so hello

Sanskar – same here pls have a seat…

Swara sat down.. No one said anything.
After sometime Sanskar broke the ice.
Sanskar – u see I have a gf.
Swara- oh thats great ofcourse… How long related?
Sanskar – for three years..(he expected Swara to be shock)

Swara- wow that’s so great… But didn’t you get bored? I mean for three years one person?

Sanskar – aren’t you shocked I mean most girls do…

Swara- why will I be angry? Its ur life after all and you know what? I also don’t want to marry but my dad…

Sanskar – same with my mom…

Swara- anyway bye nice meeting you!

Sanskar – yeah bye I will tell you my desicion letter.

Swara- hope its know.

Sanskar – hope so!

Soon Swara reached home and Shekhar was there near the door and before she could enter he started his interview.

Shekhar -so did you like him? Wat did you talk? Wat do you think about about him?…he kept on questioning.

Swara – dad stop the nonsense and I am tired so good night.

Next day Sanskar called her.

Sanskar – hey can we meet?I need to talk

Swara – yeah sure

Soon they met

Sanskar – I was thinking that we can be together you know?

Swara was now shocked!
‘but u have a gf right?’

Sanskar – yeah but my family don’t like her and won’t accept her and she is not so ready to marry me and you know soon my family will search another girl and after meeting you I felt like we both have same problem.. So lets do contract marriage.. Say what?

Swara – are you serious? I mean seriously?

Sanskar – I am seriously serious… And now dont be sad or something…

Swara – why will I be shocked? I also thought of same thing.. So deal?

Sanskar – deal then would be Swara Sanskar Maheshwari.

Swara- gross! So i will be Mrs SSM hahaha..

Soon they got married.
They lived like best friends.. They used to use the bed alternately… Soon Sanskar started falling for Swara inspite of being in relation with Kavitha…

One day uncle and aunty were not in house only Swara and Sanskar were there.
Swara came out in hot pants and a backless top
She looked really hot.today she didn’t wear her mangalsutra and sindoor.. Sanskar was mesmerised by seeing her…

Sanskar – hey where are you going?

Swara – to the pub with my friends..

Sanskar – who all are coming?

Swara- well there’s Rohit, then Akash, then Sanjay, then lastly my Sahil..
(she said with a dreamy smile)

Sanskar got angry and went too close and hugged her and held her waist possesively.
Sanskar – why cant you hang out with girls?
And started kissing her neck.

Swara- Sanskar wat are you doing? Leave me…

Sanskar – I cant Shona..
He turned her towards him and starred her lips..
They were just going to kiss when the bell rang.
Swara went to open the door. And there was Kavitha.

She went and hugged Sanskar and tried to kiss him… But Sanskar did not allow her he turned to Swara and said
‘swara don’t go to pub drink in home but dint go anywhere okay?’
Swara nodded she was going to leave but then turned and screamed excitedly

Swara – guys wait for one minute befoe romancing…

She quickly ran and came with wine bottle and glasses
‘so guys enjoy and Kavitha pls dont moan too loudly u seei have friends in other room and while leaving leave from back door okay… Bye u two and closed the door.

Soon her friends arrived amd they enjoyed a lot
Soon they left..
While making the dinner she thought whether Kavitha going to stay for dinner and hence went to Sanskar room..
Nut was shocked to see him crying there alone.. As soon as he saw her he hugged her tightly and said

Sanskar – hey we broke up..
Swara hugged him and consoled him…

Many months passed and there was only one day for their wedding to end
Swara told their families about their marriage.. Every one got shocked and sad they wear shocked to know what their forcing had resulted in.
At that time Sanskar had been on business trip and did not know anything.
Swara cqlled him and told him everything

On the last day Sanskar came home and found Swara packing her bags.. She sensed her arrival and asked cheerfully
‘so ready to be single Mr Maheshwari? ‘
This was it for him he hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck.
He then turned her and kissed hard on her lips
He broke the kiss and asked her.

‘will u be mine forever?… I cant live without you pls?..i know you don’t love me but I will die without you… ‘

Swara smiled and looked up into his eyes…

‘ you are wrong Sanskar.. How can you say that I don’t love you? U had been my crush since college… But after that we never met and when I met you I came to know your thoughts on marriage and hence accepting the fact that I could only be with you by this contract marriage I agreed with you.. ‘

She then said ‘ I really love you ‘

Without saying anything Sanskar kissed her and soon they lived happily ever after
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Credit to: Aisha- i am a cheerful girl who can't se tears

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