swasan…. ” the bus stop “

The Bus Stop-

Once upon a time, there was this man named Sanskar. He was at a bus stop to go to a nearby village. At the bus stop he met a beautiful woman who introduced herself as Swara. They both sat on the bus together. Every night, this kept going. Sanskar loved being around with Swara…and developed a special feeling for her…he always get crazy while he sees swara….it has become that he can’t live without her….,So on a day… he asked her out for a date and told her to see him where they first met, “the bus stop”.

As he waited for her, 3 hours have passed and yet swara has not arrived. So he decided to meet her at her house in the village to check if everything is alright. he reched her home and…knocks on her door, an old lady opened it and asked what he needed. He responded by saying swara was supposed to meet me at the bus stop to go on a date, is everything fine? The woman gets shocked and tells him “swara is my daughter and she died at the bus stop in an accident 10 years ago, her grave is over there.” The lady pointed to swara’s grave….

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  1. ghost story…nice

  2. horor tu hamesha aisi stories kyun likhthe ho?sooooo spoooky………….but i liked it….and i forgot to comment on little swara and cursed doll os i had read it long ago…its tooo good keep writing…..HORROR

  3. Awesome

  4. Sumeeta

    Superb nd lil scary

  5. Vyshu10

    nice….next time plz tell beforehand dat its a horry story

  6. Abdul hafiz(uma).


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