SwaSan: My Boss – Part 4

Swara’s pov
I tried to open my eyes. The sun rays from the window disturbing me. I forced myself to open my eyes and the direct sunlight effecting my eyes making them blink and get used to them. I looked at the time in my room. It’s 7 am.
I removed my comforter and tried to move but couldn’t. Wait! 7am? Comforter? My room? I looked down to see my clothes. What the f**k happened? My clothes changed,I m in my room on my bed,under my comforter?? I only remember the time I came from meeting and my ankle getting sprained and going to attend the meeting with Daksh.

My ankle! I removed the comforter only to find my leg plastered. What the hell? How? Why the hell I can’t remember anything after that?

I see my door opening and Sanskar coming inside. Why the hell he can’t knock? Like as if he’s fingers will break if he doesn’t knock. I roll my eyes looking at him. But how’s he here?

End of pov.
How the hell are you here? No, why m I here? How did I get plastered? Who changed my clothes? How I got here? Why I blo*dy can’t remember anything? Swara questioned while holding her head.

“At least breath, I know you are confused but I’ll clear all your confusion, mein tumhari saari confusion dur karti(mimicked like Deepika, Chennai express)” he laughed while Swara just frowned at him.

“You better do and stop acting like a maniac”

“First of all I helped you so much, I took you to the hospital, carried you all the way and got you home, changed your clothes and do you even know how heavy are you instead of saying thanks youre shouting at me” he said in a go.

“Wait! What?!! You changed my clothes?!! How dare you changed my clothes?” She yelled at him.

“Ohh! Come down! I m sorry I meant I got Zoya to change your clothes, I called dida but she had to go to your maasi’s house in Banaras she’s unwell so she left, I didn’t touch your clothes nor saw you in any way, I swear. ” He explained.

“Thank God, what happened exactly? Will you tell me?” she said relieved.

“You fainted, I had no clue how so I tried to get you to consious but failed. I took you to the hospital, there doctors informed me due to lack of sleep and food and maybe due to pain you fainted and your bone is really broken so because of that your leg is plastered. You were given painkillers, that’s why you were asleep. Nothing to worry about. It will take 15 days to get rid of the plaster and doctors said you need complete rest for recovery”

“15 days ????!!!!!!!!!” She yelled at him throwing a pillow on him “lost your mind a what? With whose permission you put this stupid thing in my foot? Moron!!”

He stood there holding his ears “how much can you scream? That too early in the morning? I thought you were a patient but no you are a hungry lion who screams all the more when hungry”

“What about my schedule? My meetings, my deals, my work? Who will handle it? Everything is ruined and it’s your fault!” Her hands covering her face and continuously nodding no.

“O, chup! Stop being so overdramatic! In two weeks nothing will change, get that! And if it does what will you do ? You have enough money for the rest of your life. How much more do you need? You are single, living alone, not even planning to get married or have a boyfriend. So shut the f**k up! ” He bit his tongue, he didn’t have to say that last line or swear on his boss and ‘that young lady might eat him alive now, she is short tempered’ he thought in his mind.

“Arrange for a wheelchair, and yesterday’s meeting with Daksh Sharma try to fix it today and what happened to the launch event?” She questioned him or more like commanded.

“The launch event was successful, I got the briefing and recording, and wheelchair I will get one. By the way don’t you have a maid? I did not know that you can’t afford one?” He said sarcastically.

She was shooting daggers at him. Like seriously she can’t afford one? She’s the top most business woman. She can surely afford one.

“First of all whenever you enter here or anywhere, just knock and come, secondly do the things you said to do, dare swear on me I will kill you, thirdly my maid is on her maternal leave and I didn’t expect this blunder to happen. You see I m not someone prophet. “She shrugged her head.

“Fine, but dida asked me not to let you go out nor office nor anywhere. Only your visit to the doctor that’s it”

“I pay you, and forget about what dida said, I don’t want anyone interrupting my work, you better fix my meeting with Daksh Sharma and then Mr Sinha” she tried to get up.

“But you can’t even walk, how you’ll attend the meetings?”

“You know what, I m getting the wheelchair just to admire it, you idiot I know I can’t walk that’s why I’m asking you to arrange for a wheelchair right? ”

“Fine, first you have your breakfast and then your medicines. By the time I will get your wheelchair. ”

“I don’t want anything, just get my wheels and my file from office”

“I won’t move from here until you start eating. Anyways I will follow what dida asked me to do and the doctors. ”

“Urgh!! Hate you moron. Go I will have my break fast and my medicines”
After about 2 hours later Sanskar came back with wheelchair and files she asked for along with a girl.
Swara: Ragini? What are you doing here?

Ragini: ahh! Just went to see you at dida’s place but she wasn’t there so I called her and then dida told me about your leg so here I am.

Swara: ohh! Anyways I was going to office. Can you help me with my clothes? It’s getting late and I couldn’t move.

Ragini: yeah sure.

Then both glare at Sanskar who’s standing and checking the bin. Swara rolls her eyes.

Swara: what are you doing ? I need to change.

Sanskar: I m checking your bin if you threw your medicines. You can obviously change who’s stopping you?

Swara: if I could walk I swear I would break your head! (Takes a deep breath) can.you.please.go.out.i.need.to.change.

Ragini: go out! Before she does the impossible possible.

Sanskar nods and feels Swara’s anger boiling so he goes muttering “I should go before this volcano irrupts on me”

Swara: moron! Asshole! Stop muttering, I could hear you!

Sanskar immediately closes the door and runs.

Ragini calms down Swara and then changes her clothes. Swara comes out later on the wheelchair.

“I had seen old people on the wheelchair before but now. . .” He chuckled.

“I wish I could break your bones and make you sit on this chair. But I got better to do. Have you fixed my meetings?”

“Yes, I have with Daksh Sharma at 12 and then Sinha at 3”

“Swara, you take care, I need to go now, if you need anything please feel free to call” Ragini took her leave as Swara nodded.

“Come now, we need to get going. ” Swara said sternly as Sanskar pushed her wheels.

They reached at the lift and Swara immediately started panicking.
“No.. we are not going by this thing”

“Why but? Listen you may look light weighted but you’re not. I can’t carry you from 7 floor to down and again your wheelchair. I m giving you a choice. It’s either elevator or your room”

“Urgh!!!!! I so hate the buildings. Cancel the meetings.”

“Whaaat??!! Are you serious? Few minutes back you were howling on top of your voice, had taken the entire building on your head and now you want me to cancel all your meetings?”

“Now I am giving you two options either you get me down through the stairs or cancel the meeting. ”

“Like what’s with the elevator? In few seconds will reach down and FYI even at Sharma’s office you need to get through the elevator only”

“Listen, you’re right for the first time that’s why I’m asking you to cancel meetings. We are not going or Ask Sharma to come over here, even Sinha, my apartment has a study and I think we can manage here. At least until I get rid of this” Swara sighed.

“Fine” he throws his hands on top.

Same night after everything is done.

“Swara” Sanskar comes to her room as usual.

“Get out Sanskar!! I m changing. Can’t you just knock? How many blo*dy time I have asked you to do it?”

Sanskar immediately closed his eyes “sorry , sorry” and goes out and after about 5 minutes he comes back again.


“What happened?” She lit up a cigarette.

“I was wondering when are your parents coming? Like I thought they’re out last night and morning too”

“They won’t come. I stay alone and that’s a personal question, you’re not allowed to ask me such thing” she said sternly.

“I m your personal assistant so you can tell me anything personal too. I won’t mind”

“No, you can go now. I have my files here. I’ll do my work in study. Come in the morning and I’ll tell you what I need”

“What about your dinner? It’s time to take your medicines too. Your dida hired me to look after you and I don’t then she’ll surely kill me. I don’t know to cook and there’s no servant in the apartment. . .

“I m not a kid anymore. I’ll look after myself. I won’t be having dinner. So please go and I don’t have energy now to talk more and shout at you please go. ”

“When will you stop smoking?” He asked innocently. “Actually I don’t like the smoke”

“Frankly speaking I don’t like you either, but still m stuck with you and I think you should get used to this” she winked.

“If you need anything call me”

Swara nodded and he went.
It was late night and Swara had finished her work and was heading towards her room when she saw Sanskar there.

“What the hell are you doing here? At this hour?” She asked irritated.

“I thought to make sure that you eat something before you sleep so I made some food and got for you.”

Swara has never experienced or expected anything from him. In her life she was not even taken care of so much. No one bothered about her after once they were told not to or sometimes not even told.

She wanted to say no but her stomach was growling.

“You said you don’t know how to cook? So how?”

“You tube videos can make anything possible”

“I hope it’s edible enough to eat and I survive the night” she chuckled.

“Why don’t you give a try?”

“Sure, the look isn’t bad. I think I should be able to have it”

“Ohh please go ahead. I m not that bad cook.”

After tasting “not bad Sanskar”

Sanskar grinned happily “can I have it? I m hungry too” Swara nodded and he sat and ate with her.

Even if it was she wouldn’t complain. It was something no one had done for her and mostly she knew how to respect for the things others made.


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