Swasan born to be together (Episode 3)


Hello friends I know that my ff is a bit short but I’m trying my level best to increase its lenght————Love U ALL———-Nd thnx for ur nce comments———-It is my third episode hope u all enjoy it .

The episode starts with Swara’s leg slips due to water on the floor but a handsome boy holds her in time. He is Sanskar Maheshwari. The parallel lead of Swara in the play. They both share an eye lock.

Swara-” Hii I’m Swara. ”

Sanskar-” Hii I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Swara-” Sorry, can u repeat ur name.”

Sanskar-” Ya why not. Sanskar Maheshwari. ”

Swara-” Oh God what sins I have done in my past that u have made me meet this man.”

Sanskar-” R u that Swara whom I use to hate in my childhood .”

Swara-” Ya I’m that Swara. One nd only…..single piece and don’t forget that I also don’t like u.”

Sanskar-” Oh God now I have to do the play with u. ”

Swara -” Ya, I’m also not interested to do it with us but have to do otherwise principal will scold me…..nd I don’t want that.”

They start practising for the play.
A few weeks leap.

Day by day they became close to each other.

Sanskar-” Will u like to be my friend.”

Swara -” Why me???”

Sanskar -” Be……Becau……Because…… (Stammers).”

Swara -” Ya it will be my pleasure (smilingly) ?. But why were you stammering .”

Sanskar -” Swara , my friend maybe there is not answer for every question.”

Swara-” Oh hoo Sanskar (teasing him) ?.

On the other hand Raglak r also joining swasan for farewell.

Ragini -” Hey girls I and laksh r also going to farewell (making others jealous).”

Ragini to Laksh -” What r u wearing in farewell?”

Laksh -” Whatever my friend will say.”

Ragini -” (happily) Really!!!! Then u can wear black coat as it will look nice on u”.

Laksh -” Okk I will wear this only. By the wht are u going to wear??”

Ragini -” It’s a secret u can see tomorrow. ”

Laksh-” Oh hoo !!”?

Preacap- Sanskar asking Swara to be his partner in farewell.

Hope U all will enjoy it.

Credit to: Laiba Khan

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