Place: OOTY, Shopping area

People are busy in doing shoppings and he kids are running here and there. Since it is sunday, the area is full of crowd. Suddenly, a girl is running aimlessly by pushing the people here and there. People are wonder why she is running like this. Soon they get to know the reason..it is because some 3 to 4 goons chasing her.
She looks back often running, at one point she dashes with something…no no..it is someone. Since she dashed with full speed, she is about to fall but a strong hands holds her wrist and pulls her to him. She gets surprised seeing him and she don’t even who he is. He looks at her breathing heavily and he sees the fear in her eyes.
Soon his vision moves from her and he looks at her back, seeing the goons glaring her angrily. If they get chance they are ready to kill her. He moves her behind him and walks towards them. With unknown fear the goons moves back and looks at each other.
The girl is shocked seeing this and prays god to save her and the poor guy who tries to save her. Suddenly, one goon moves forward and raises his hand to beat him, but he hold his arm tightly and give a smash in his elbow. He falls down by screaming badly and holds his hand of unable to bare the pain. He then moves forward to other goons. Likewise others also attempted to beat him, but he beat them black and blue and make them kneel down infront of him.
A shop keeper comes to him and asks, “They are the goons for a big shot in this area. Everyone will get scared seeing them and you beaten them badly. You really have guts and who are you? I never seen you in this area”
He gives a smile to him and says, “My name is Sanskar Maheshwari. Assistant Commissioner of Police, OOTY district”
Everyone is shell shocked and couldn’t utter a word. The goons are appalled knowing him and don’t know what to do. Sanskar looks at the girl who is standing with open mouth, he walks to her and holds her shoulder. He shakes her little and says, “What’s the problem? Y they were chasing you?”
The girl is astonished seeing the ACP and blinks at him, she lost in his sight. Sanskar again shakes her and asks her name, she replied, “I..I am Swara. College Student”
Sanskar: “So why they chased you?”
Swara looks at them and says, “That’s a big story sir. You want to hear now itself”
Sanskar stares her for a sec and takes the goons in his jeep. He offers a drop to Swara also.
Swara sits with him infront and often look back seat at the goons. Sanskar notices her fear and says, “Nothing will happen till m here.”
Soon they reached the police station and he drags those goons inside and puts them inside the cell.
He looks at the Inspector and asks him to file the FIR immediately. Inspector got angry thinking who is this guy who orders him in his station.
Inspector, “How dare you order me in my station. Who are you and why i should put FIR on them?”
Sanskar sits in his chair and says, “Sanskar…ACP for OOTY district. Just came today. Need any other information?”
Inspector gets really scared and salutes seeing him and others also follows the same. Swara smirks seeing the inspector face.
Sanskar, “I asked you to file FIR against them”
Inspector stands blank and looks at the goons once and then to Swara.
Swara comes forward and says, “He will not put FIR on them sir”
Inspector angrily stares her, Sanskar, “But why?”
Swara, “Because he is the main support for them in their wrong doings”
Inspector is shivering now seeing Sanskar’s sharp eyes tearing him into pieces.
Sanskar to Swara, “Miss.Swara, you give your complaint against them on what reason?”
Swara, “Sure sir. I will. because when i came first no was dared to take my complaint first” she says by glaring inspector and Sanskar also follows her sight.
Swara writes the complaint and gives it to Sanskar. He reads and gets shocked seeing the statement she has given, “You mean, they are kidnapping children”
Swara nods and says, “Not only that, they made the children handicapped and make them beg in the streets. I saw so many children from different states”
Sanskar, “Can you tell me everything clearly?”
Swara, “I used to go to college in my scooty…one day i stuck in a traffic and there i found some small children begging money from us….
FB starts—-
Swara holds one girl’s arm and asks, “Hey why r u begging? Where is your parents?”
Girl, “Akka (Di)…pls give some money and don’t ask me anything” she says by crying.
Rads understood something and says, “Listen…tell me where is ur parents..did they send you for begging?”
Girl looks here and there and whispers, “Akka…they took me from my parents. Akka pls don’t ask me anything ..if they see, they will beat me. Pls leave my hand”
Swara gets shocked hearing and she let that girl goes from there but she stares her still she gets hide herself.
She reached college but her mind is not working at all. She felt bad seeing the girl and other kids there. She decides something and leaves early from there. She covers her face with a cloth and found the girl she saw in the morning. She gives much gap and follows that girl. Finally she reached some lonely place and finds so many children stands in the line and giving all the money they collected that day to some guys. Some starts beating the kids for getting less money. She feels bad seeing them and silently takes a picture of them and leaves from there.
The next day she goes to Police station and tells everything to the inspector and gives the proof also. He gets everything from her and tells her that he will file FIR on them. He sends her forcefully from there. She reaches her hostel and finds her friend Soniya standing at the doorstep waiting for her angrily. It’s not a college hostel.
Soniya, “What do you think of urself? Mahan?”
Swara, “Soniya..what happened?”
Soniya, “What you want to happen? Those goons came here searching for you and warned us of not interefere in their matter. Why u do all this Swara? IT’s not safe for you…they are very dangerous. They do anything to save themselves.”
Swara, “But Soniya….I gave the proof also to Inspector and he told that he will file FIR”
Soniya, “That inspector only sent these goons here to warn you. They all are together Swara. Don’t believe him”
Soniya signs her other friends and tells them to take Swara to room and she gives a final warning to her not to interfere in their matter.
Next morning–Its Sunday
Swara wakes up early and goes to police station to confront the inspector but he insults her badly. She informs him that she has a copy of that proof and will take this to higher level. She leaves from there.She is driving her scooty and a scorpio came and hits her scooty at the back. Swara falls on the ground and gets wounded in her head and hand. She sees them approaching her and she manages to get up and starts running madly.
FB ends—————-
Swara looks at Sanskar, “After that you know everything”
That’s the time Sanskar notices her wounds on head and hand. He comes to her holding her hand says, “I am really sorry..i did not notice at all.”
He then turns to Inspector and says, “File the FIR right now”. Inspector gets scared seeing his angry eyes and immediately starts writing the FIR against the goons.
Sanskar gets the copy of it and leaves from there taking Swara with him.
@ Hospital,
Doctor is treating Swara’s wounds. She stares him lovingly and often smiles seeing him. Actually she lost herself in admiring him. Sanskar notices her and just gives a smile back to her. But when he finds her always smiling, he then turns his face to other side.
After the treatment, he takes her to her hostel and drops her. He explains everything detailed to her & Soniya and assures their safety. Soniya forgives Swara and allows her inside. Sanskar bids bye to her and sits in his jeep and is about to go.
Swara comes to him and says, “Thank you ACP sir..for helping me”
Sanskar smiles and says, “It’s my duty and i really appreciate you for your brave. Good and keep it up”
He is about to move but again he stops saying, “Pls stop..i have something to say”
Sanskar with a confused look, “What?”
Swara, “Are you married?”
Sanskar taken back and says, “For god sake No”
Swara smiles and asks, “R u in love with anyone?”
Sanskar looks at her curiously and asks, “Why u want to know all these?”
Swara pleads him, “PLs tell me..i wont ask you anything after that”
Sanskar, “Good that i did not met that accident yet in my life”
Swara jumps in happiness and says, “OK then…fine”
Sanskar, “Y u r jumping like this and y it bothers you”
Swara with so much of hesitation says, “Coz…Coz…I think…I think…i fallen in love with you”
She smiles at him happily and runs inside the hostel leaving him in shock. Sanskar sits like a doll without any movement for a sometime staring the way she went and leaves from there after composing himself.
Sanskar reaches his house and falls on the couch with a thud. He leans on the couch and closes his eyes. Swara’s picture comes to his sight and he gets up with a jerk saying, “Mad girl..making me also mad” He then refresh himself and does his house hold work.
Next day—Monday Morning, Swara gets ready and goes to her college by her scooty. On d way she crosses the police station and finds his jeep there. She immediately adjusts her dress and her make up in the mirror and enters inside the station. But gets shocked seeing the cell is empty and Inspector is wounded.
She gets doubtful seeing the Inspector stares her angrily and looks for Sanskar but he is not there. The constable who stands near the inspector signs her to go out. She immediately comes out and bumps with a wall..No..it is not actually a wall. But she feels so coz he make his body so strong by his fitness. Again he catches her without falling and says,”Do you taken any oath that you should bump on me everyday and falls?”
Swara is mesmerized seeing him in the Police uniform and stares him lovingly. Sanskar waves his hand infront of her and shakes her hardly to make her comes to sense.
Swara looks at him shyly and says, “Actually i came here to see you”
Sanskar doesn’t even look at her and says, “Why?” by saying that he enters inside the station and gets shocked seeing them.
Swara also follows him behind and looks at the inspector who is acting innocently infront of Sanskar.
Swara folds his fist in anger and murmurs, “All lie…he only made them escaped”
Sanskar hears it but did not show it and looks at the Inspector asking, “How it happened?”
Inspector, “Sir…yesterday night..i stayed in station itself to look after them but in the midnight another 2-3 goons came with weapons and beaten me badly and gets others out of the cell and escaped from here.”
Sanskar, “Really?”
Inspector nods positively.
Sanskar calls two constables there and says, “I have a brought a gift for Inspector. It’s there in my Jeep. Go and get it” Those two constables runs out to the jeep and gets shocked seeing what they finds there.Swara looks clueless and blinks at without knowing anything what is happening. She gets shocked seeing what the constables got.
Inspector face becomes pale seeing the same goons behind Sanskar. He makes them comes front and shows them to inspector saying, “You were told about these goons only right?”
Inspector becomes dumb and Sanskar continues, “Actually i saw them running out from the station with their so called friends. Coz i was waiting for them outside the station only. Then i felt they need some good care and taken them to my home…i taken care of them well and got them back here. So you are happy now right?”
Inspector lowers his gaze and feels ashamed. Sanskar then signs the constables to lock them in the cell again. He got the keys from them and turns to go but gets shocked on what he gets.
Yes..Swara with so much of excitement, she kissed him on his cheeks saying, “You are superb. I damn sure that you are my super hero”
Sanskar gets embarrassed seeing others staring them, he takes her by her arms and drags outside and makes her stand properly saying, “Are you mad? Don’t you have manners? Is this the way to behave with other man? How shameless you are?”
Swara feels bad hearing his scoldings and says, “I just expressed my love”
Sanskar, “Love..My foot. Did i say that i love you?”
Swara looks defeated and nods no.
Sanskar, “Then? Why all these dramas? Listen..i don’t have time for these love n all. You fought with these criminals and i supported you for this good cause..that’s it. Nothing more than that between us. Got it? Now don’t show ur damn face to me again. Get lost”
Swara cries and goes from there crying vigourously. Sanskar looks at her and goes to continue his work.
It’s been 3 days, now that he hasn’t seen anywhere. He remembers the way she expressed her love and how he scolded her.
He talks to himself, “Y i am thinking about her…i scolded her for what she did and that’s it. Matter over. I shouldn’t take it so personally” He concentrates on his work but gets disturbed often. He couldn’t identify his feelings…and lost in some unknown thoughts. He goes to station and gets to know that the Child kidnap case hearing is today and he takes the goons with him with some constables. The government lawyer tells Sanskar to give the eyewitness for thier activities.
He gets Swara’s number and dials it continuously but he did not get any response. He gets tensed thinking about two things..One is this case should not be rejected of not having the witness and another is personally he gets tensed thinking that whether she might be in any problem.
Soon they have been called for the hearing and all goes inside the court and the lawyer starts arguing against the goons. They handover the kids infront of the judges and the judge asked for Witness who found this.
Sanskar gets tensed and lawyer looks blankly at him. Suddenly they hear a voice from the entrance, “Sorry for being late sir”
Sanskar gives a sigh relief seeing her and she goes and stands in the witness box and gives her statement against them and gives them the video copy of what shooted.
Everything is against them and judge orders Police to take them into their custody and finds the complete history of their crimes.
Lawyer and Sanskar feels happy and congrats each other. Lawyer, “Sanskar..we have to thank that girl only. She came on right time but where is she?”
Sanskar also looks for her but she is nowhere.
Sanskar comes out from the court room and sees her going in her scooty. He felt bad thinking that she did not even look at him once.
He then takes the goons to his custody and puts them in the central prison for further enquiry.
Days passes, Sanskar is completely changed and he feels restless thinking about Swara and y she is avoiding him. He sees her so manytimes on the road, in the market but she just avoids him and crosses him without even giving a look at him.
He starts feeling bad of her ignorance and gets impatient thinking about her. He decides to talk to herself and convinces her to become his friend atleast to avoid his restless feelings. He goes to her college and waits outside for her. He knows that her college will get over by 4 PM and he goes there by 3:30 and waits for her arrival.
It becomes 5, but she did not come out and gets panic. He and watchman searches her in the whole college and did not find her anywhere. He then goes from here and starts zooming the city wherever she goes. His car stops infront of the botanical garden and it did not start at all. He looks the problem and gets irritated of not being able to repair it. He looks for some help but gets shocked seeing Swara smiling happily and with her a smart handsome guy.
Unknowingly his blood boils in anger and jealousy, he folds his fist tightly to control his anger but he couldn’t do it more after what he sees…Swara and that guy hugging each other and he pats her cheeks lovingly. That’s it Sanskar couldn’t take it up anymore, he walks fastly and pulls Swara to him saying, “What the hell are you doing here?”
Swara gets shocked seeing him and jerks her hand from him saying, “What it matters for you? It is my personal and don’t interfere”
Sanskar’s angry gets hyper and pulls her to him again, “Don’t talk to me in this tone..otherwise the consequences will be bad”
Swara, “What you will do? Look..after you scolded me..i did not come infront of you at all and i m just looking my personal stuffs and what’s your problem in that?”
Sanskar thinks that there is no point in talking to her, he then turns to the boy and about to hold him but he moves back saying, “Sir…i am just her friend cum brother and there is my lover” he points another girl who comes behind them and is on call.
Sanskar leaves him and stares Swara saying, “My Jeep is repaired…can you drop me home?”
Swara is about to nod no but he pulls the keys from her saying, “If you are not dropping then i am dropping you..come sit”
Swara is furious and tells, “I don’t like other driving my scooty”
Sanskar, “THen yu come and drive”
Swara thinks tht he will not leave her and sits in the front and Sanskar sits behind her. He stares her with full of love. He was not confirmed about his feelings but now he is almost sure that he too loves her and that’s y he got angry seeing her with another man.
Swara driving fastly to drop him and often gets into the speed breaker and Sanskar often falls on her and holds her shoulder while doing so. She gets uncomfortable and says not to touch her. But automatically he is falling on her when she goes on speed breaker. She makes face and drives more fast to drop him soon.
They both reached Sanskar’s home and she is about to leave but he hold her hand and says, “Sorry for whatever i spoke that day.. i did not mean it. Can we become friends?” he extends his hand to her but she leaves from there without saying anything.
Sanskar, “How dare she rejected ACP’s friend request? Not bad…she has all the qualities to become ACP’s wife” he smiles seeing the way she is going and says, “Tough to crack but m not less than her”
Next day, Sanskar goes to her college and early morning and stops her before entering into the college. She makes face and turns other side.
Sanskar smiles saying, “I have arranged a party tonight in my home. I want you to be there. I am expecting you eagerly and don’t cheat me” he leaves from there saying that. She stares him the way he went and tears drops from her eyes.
In the evening, she goes to hostel but finds no one there except the Soniya. She takes her to her room and makes her dress beautifully and goes in their car. Swara finds everything abnormal and asks, “What happened Soniya? Where are we going?”
Soniya, “You will know once we reach there”
Swara gets shocked seeing the place where she comes. It is decorated beautifully and remembers about the invite by Sanskar in the morning. She hesitates to go inside but Soniya takes her inside and sees the hostel girls in the garden enjoying the party waving hands to Swara. The party is happening at the garden area and she too stands with them.
Sanskar comes out from his home dressed beautifully and stares Swara who did not look at him and turns his face other side to hide her feelings.
Sanskar stands at the center and says, “Welcome you all..i thank you so much for accepting my invitation and came here to attend this party. I wanted to tell that today is the most beautiful day in my life where i feel that i am love too. Coz i never thought that i too will fall in love but it happens now”
All claps and cheers him except one person…Swara. She stands silent and looks at him with teary eyes.
Sanskar notices but continues, “I want to make this day as so special that it will be the first step in my love life which i want to keep it memorable. So all you guys are so eager to know who is that who stolen my heart”
The crowd cheers him saying, “YES” in chorus.
Sanskar raises his hand and signals something…soon the lights turn off. Within few seconds again it turns on but on only one person. The light turns on Swara who stands at the corner. She gets surprised and don’t know how to react. Another light turns on and it is on Sanskar who still stands at the same place.
He smiles seeing her face and says, “I Love You Swara. It’s you who made me realise that i also can love someone and that someone is none other than you. I feel the love when you are not around me. I did not realise my love on u untill i saw you with another man. And that’s the moment i understand that i m in love with you. I am sorry for hurting you” he holds his ears and pleads her through his eyes.
Sanskar, “Will you be with me forever to make my life colorful? Till my life is like a white plain sheet and it’s you who gonna color it with your love. Will you ?”
Tears oozing from her eyes continuously and she still stands at the same place. Sanskar looks at her saying, “If you say no also, i won’t leave you untill you accept me n my love. I will follow you everywhere you go and torture u to accept my love. I will not allow anyone or anything to make you seperate from me..coz…YOU BORN FOR ME
He gives his cute smile…that’s it…Swara couldn’t control her emotions more than that and runs to him. The light follows her and finally she landed in his arms and hugs him tightly and says “I LOVE YOU ACP sir”. He too hugs her tightly, lifts her up and starts spinning happily.

———THE END———–

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