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Episode 8: Here

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Episode 9

A new morning…. Ashvik came to swara’s house…. Dida is watching tv…… Ayush came from practice but our heroine is still in her sleep land…. “Dida where is jellyfish???”

“Ash she is doing her work!!!”

“What work???”

“Sleeping only….” ayush said coming inside the house…. Dida smiled….

“Her ma is not in the home na…. Thats y she is relaxing this much otherwise she would have been doing cooking now!!!!” dida said and others laughed….

“Ha ha thats usual dida…. And dida i thought that as aunty is not here y can’t we go for a small picnic???”

“Wow!!!! I am ready….” a voice said with full enthusiasm…. Other two is shocked…. Its none other than our dida…. Ashvik and ayush smiled…. Ayush went to get ready and ashvik went to wake up swara…. He entered inside the room only to find her sleeping hugging a teddy…. And that teddy is the first gift gifted by sanakar…. She always hugs that teddy…..

“She hugs that teddy and sleeping but she won’t accept that she loves sanskar…. Weird!!!!” ashvik said and went and woke her up…. Swara lazily opened her eyes and saw ashvik standing….

“Lazy girl…. Get up…. See the time its already past 9….. If at all aunty is there then surely u would have been awake na???”

“Ash u r compensating my ma’s place…. Huh soo bad and now let me sleep…” saying this she again slept….

“Okie no worries u sleep….. I,ayush and dida going to small picnic…. So u be here and we are going…. Babye jellyfish…..” ashvik said…. Hearing this swara woke up suddenly and told,”Chimpanzee u can’t leave me and go…. Just give me 10 minutes….” saying this she went to fresh up…. Ashvik smiled and went down…. After half an hour swara got ready and came down…. Then all went in ashvik’s car….. Ashvik stopped the car at maheswari mansion…. All are confused as y he stopped here….

“Ashvik what happened y u stopped here???” dida asked…. Ashvik just smirked….

“Chimpanzee whats going in ur naughty mind??? I don’t find ur intentions right!!!!”swara said….

“Yes jellyfish u r right….. Actually this picnic is planned by ur lover boy…. He wanted to spend some time with u…. Thats y we came here and now u r going inside and tell them something and bring boss….” ashvik said…. And swara glared angrily at him….. Ashvik smiled sheepishly….

“Jellyfish pls na….”

“Chimpanzee i am not going…. We four alone will go….”

“Jellyfish he only arranged for the picnic….. If he is not there then it won’t be nice and this trip will be a good one for u both to spend some time…. Pls swara….” ashvik pleaded…. Finally swara sighed and went inside the mansion….

Sanskar is sitting in the sofa with the anticipation that swara will come…. He is just looking the door…… Sujatha is feeding food for sanskar….. Sanskar became sad as swara didn’t come and he also didn’t see the message ashvik sent as he kept the mobile in his room…. Sanskar face became dull and he was very very sad thinking swara doesn’t want to go with him…. He finished his breakfast and stood to go to his room but correctly swara came there….. Sanskar face became bright like a 1000watts bulb…. He ran to her and hugged her….

“Barbie i thought u won’t come!!! Thank god u came…..” saying this without anyone notice he kissed her ear…. Swara became shocked and sanskar smirked seeing his effect on her….. Then others welcomed her inside…. Swara is hesitant to start…. Seeing her hesitation ap asked,”Swara beta what happened??? Do u need to say anything???”

“Oh!!! yes aunty….”

“Then tell beta no need to hesitate….” sujatha said….

“Vo aunty i,dida,ayush and ashvik are going out for a small trip to a nearby place…. If u don’t mind can i take sanskar with me??? If he comes there even he will feel some change…. Thats y…. And i am sorry aunty for speaking like this….” hearing this both ap and sujatha were happy….

“No no beta don’t need to be sorry…. We are happy…. We are not getting time to take him out…. Even doctors suggested us to take him out…. And now we are happy that u r taking him out…. Thanks beta and sanskar r u ready to go out with swara??” ap asked…. Sanskar just nodded his head in yes and sujatha took him to his room and sanskar changed his dress and took his mobile and came down…. After that swasan went from there….

Laksh saw all this and became terrified as swara is always with sanskar and he was frightened that swara may start to love sanskar…. So he thought to talk to dp and ap…. After bidding bye to sanskar ap and sujatha came Inside….

“Ma i want to talk to u!!!” laksh said to ap….

“Ya laksh tell me….”

“Ma let papa also come i will tell….” saying this he went to study room where dp and rp were discussing some office works…. He went and brought both of them down….

“Laksh what u want to talk???”

“Papa vo i want to discuss about my marriage….”

“Yes laksh tell me…. Even i thought to talk about ragini as parvatiji asked my opinion yesterday…. Shall i say yes to them???”

“No no papa…. Its not about ragini papa….” hearing this all are shocked….


“Papa its about swara…. Vo i love swara papa…. When i came to see ragini i thought swara as ragini and fell in love with her at first sight itself….. Thats y i asked u time papa…. Now i think i can’t…. Before anyone could snatch swara i want to marry her papa….” Laksh said and some are happy and some are shocked….

“Laksh we went to see ragini but asking swara’s hands won’t be right!!!!”

“Papa r u hesitating becoz swara is bengali???”

“Laksh u very well know i don’t see about this caste and all…. I just want a good girl to be my bahu…. And swara though she is a bengali she is very very good girl…. Still!!!”

“Papa pls i love swara very much i can’t live without her papa pls…..”

“Ji vo even we all like swara!!! About ragini i will talk to parvatiji…. She will understand….” ap said….

“Okie then i don’t want to stretch the things!!! Lets keep the marriage soon…. I will talk to Sharmisthaji u talk to parvatiji and tell me…. We will go tomorrow itself to ask swara’s hands….” dp said…. Laksh is very very happy….

Here sanskar and swara came and sat in the car….. As the car is Innova it has enough spaces…. On driver seat ashvik is sitting and near him ayush…. Behind them dida is sitting…. Swara went to sit near her but dida stopped her and said,”Shoru my leg will pain so u sit backside with sanskar!!!” hearing it sanskar laughed silently and swara glared angrily at dida but dida turned her face…. Without any choice swara went and sat with sanskar….

Swara is very angry…. Its clearly evident in her eyes…. But all kept quiet…. Ashvik started the car and for 20 minutes the journey is very silent….. Then silently sanskar kept his hands on her hand…. Swara shoved his hand…. He again hold her hand tightly…. Swara glared angrily at him but he didn’t see her face at all…. Swara sighed and turned her face…. Suddenly sanskar moved swara to a distance and lay down in her lap…. Swara can’t say anything…. She kept mum…. After sometime they reached the place…. All got down the car…. Suddenly sanskar kissed swara’s cheeks and went down…. Swara is shocked at that moment…. Seeing no one she slightly blushed….. Then she to came down and walked ahead of sanskar….. Sanskar came and hold her hand and said,”Barbie i saw u blushing…. So don’t worry…. And i also won’t think bad about u….” hearing this swara is shocked and bite her cheeks…. Sanskar chuckled seeing it…. Others went leaving swasan alone….

“Sanskar this is ur plan right???”

“Ya barbie any doubt???”

“Y u planned this???” swara asked and sanskar wrapped his hand around her waist and said,”Bcoz i wanted to spend some time alone with my barbie doll… Thats y….” hearing this swara blushed then she took off the hand from her waist…. Sanskar again wrapped his hand around her waist….

“Barbie i know u are liking it inside but showing that u don’t like…. Ha ha don’t worry i won’t think bad…..” sanskar said and swara laughed…

“Uff!!! Finally u laughed….” sanskar said and went near swara’s ear and said,”Barbie doll i love u soo much!!!! One day u will also tell the same thing to me….” sanskar said and winked at swara…. Swara just kept quiet but inside she is feeling very lucky as sanskar loves her unconditionally….. Then both went to others…. After having some family time all went to badi…. When swara enter inside she is shocked to see the scenario…. Not only swara but others also got shocked….

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Done with next part and i hope it didn’t bore you…. And feel free to tell ur comments…. If its boring i am really sorry guys!!!!

Now coming to the episode why swara and others are shocked???


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