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Episode 5:Episode 5

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Episode 6

With shock swara went from there to her house…. She entered inside nervously…. No one was there in the house….. She went to her room and lay down on the bed and thought whether to go and meet sanskar or not….. She is very confused….. At that time dida came to her room…. Seeing her in thoughts dida went near swara…. She kept her hand on swara’s shoulders…. Swara is startled as she is in thoughts…..

“What happened Shoru???”

“Nothing Dida….”

“Shoru don’t hide anything from me….. I know about u more than urself….. So tell me whats the matter…..” hearing it swara hugged dida and told everything…. Hearing it dida is shocked….

“Shoru till this day he acted right???”

“Ya dida…. I am shocked…. He acted till this day…. God!!!”

“Okie shoru leave it…. What u have decided???”

“Dida i am nervous and don’t know what to do….”

“Shoru don’t get afraid…. U go and see…. Then will come to conclusions…..”

“No Dida…. I am afraid…. What if he kills me as i know the truth??? Or what if he rapes me??? Or what if he kidnaps me and do something with me???” swara asked with a fear…. Hearing it Dida laughed….

“U r too much shoru…. Thats y i told u don’t watch movies much…. Uff u na…. Okie if u are afraid that much i will also come with you okie….”

“Wow this is super dida…. Then i will get ready….” saying this swara went from there…. Dida laughed and she also went from there to get ready…..

After few minutes both went in auto….. After an hour journey swara and dida reached the place where sanskar told….. Then swara called dida mobile and kept a bluetooth in her ear and came out…. Both are shocked to see a beautiful villa there….. After hugging dida swara with nervousness enter inside the villa…. There some men took her inside…. Dida is continuously pacifying and giving strength to swara via mobile…. Then with little confidence she entered inside the villa…. The men opened the door for her…. After she entered inside the doors are closed…. Swara is startled…. She is shocked…. The house is fully dark…. When she entered inside the lights got on and sanskar is sitting in the sofa…. She just stood there seeing him…..

Sanskar saw swara and smiled seeing her…. She is nervous so she didn’t show any reaction….. She just kept squeezing her hand….

“Swara y u r standing there???come here….” sanskar said…. But swara was just standing there…. Dida asked her to go so she with slow steps walked towards him….

“Swara i know u r tensed…. Don’t worry i won’t do anything….” sanskar said and smiled…. Swara with difficulty she brought some courage and asked,”Sanskar may i know y u asked me to come here???”

“Swara i know u have many questions….. And i have answers for all ur questions….” sanskar said….

“Sanskar just say me y u called here??? I have many works….” swara said with an irritated tone…. Sanskar came near her and held her hands…. She wiggled it but he held her hand tightly…..

“Sanskar whats this leave my hands….”

“Swara relax…. I am not going to do anything…. Just be calm swara….”

“Sanskar i don’t have time to waste….. Just tell me y u called me here…..”

“Swara i have two reasons for acting as mad…. I want to tell u…. ”

“Y u want to tell me???”

“U will get to know swara…. First listen to my reasons swara pls….”

“Okie leave my hands and tell….”

“No i won’t leave it…. Pls i won’t do anything trust me….”

“Uff okie say…..”

“Swara as i said already i have two reasons…. First reason i will tell u last…. My second reason is to act as mad is my family….” hearing it swara is confused….


“Swara actually my friends Kishan and Vanshika love each other…. Vanshika is a middle class girl and she is a punjabi….. Kishan is marwadi…. Kishan’s family is a very rich family….. They didn’t accept their love…. So he asked me help…. Then i planned to elope them…. Both came out of their house…. I thought of keeping them in my house…. But bade papa didn’t accept for this…. He even told me not to help them…. When i opposed him he asked me to go out of the house….. So we thought to move to southern side…. But somehow kishan’s parents came to know this and they send the goons to kill vanshika…. And they also succeeded…. By seeing vanshika dying infront of him kishan can’t get it he took the knife from goons and cut his neck…. I was shocked and lifeless seeing my friends dead…. But suddenly somewhere some other goons came and kidnapped me…. I don’t know who did that as i was in shock….. But they kept me in an asylum…. They gave me electric shocks and also injected something…. I became mad…. I was there for 5 months…. I many times tried to do suicide as i saw my friends death before my eyes…. One day i ran from there and reached the cliff…. Seeing me goons also came behind me…. But before they reach me i jumped from the cliff…. When i opened my eyes i was in a small village…. I was saved by sharada ma…. She looked after me in the asylum…. She somehow understood i have some danger…. So when she saw me jumping from cliff she with the help of some people saved me…. I was unconscious for 10 days…. When i opened my eyes i got sense and was determined to punish all….. As sharda ma helped me i took her with me…. Then i went abroad and earned a lot…. Then started a company….. I want to punish those culprits so that only i am acting as mad…..”sanskar said… He had tears in his eyes…. When he saw swara she too has tears in her eyes…. Sanskar wiped her tears and smiled…..

“Sanskar then y ur family??? U told bcoz of ur family???”

“Yes swara the goons who kidnapped me was due to someone who is from my family…. I want to find who is doing this with me…. Thats y….”

“Sanskar how can someone from ur family will do this??? No Sanskar u may be mistaken….”

“Even i thought the same…. After much investigation i came to know someone from my family don’t want me to live…. I want to find that swara…. So still that pls don’t tell anyone that i am not mad pls….”

“Sure sanskar i won’t say to anyone…..” swara told this forgetting that her dida is outside…. After hearing sanskar’s past even dida was sad….

“Okie sanskar then first reason???”swara asked…. Sanskar saw her and smiled…. Then he took her upstairs to a room…. After opening this room swara is shocked….

Yes the room is fully filled by swara’s photo…. Its not any recent photos…. Even her school going photos were there…. Swara is shocked and saw sanskar…. He just smiled and came near swara’s ears and said,”Barbie i am ur secret admirer….” hearing this swara is shocked and also startled as he is very close to her…. Then he took her inside and made her sit and switched on a projector…. The screen displays all her cute cute antics which she did from her school time till some days before like swara playing in rain,eating ice cream,fighting with ayush,and some pranks which she did with her friends….

Seeing it swara is shocked…. Then suddenly sanskar stood and brought a gift and kneel down before her and held her hand and said,I know i am not a perfect man…. First time i saw u beating a boy with stick for teasing ur best friend….. U even framed him as thief and got him beaten by the people around there…. At that time something attracted me to u…. Then i often come that side and saw many of ur cute antics…. Then automatically i fall for you…. I sent you many gifts by many ways…. Even i used ur bro ayush also to give u gifts…. I sent u gifts every months in the date i saw u at first…. I love you soo much swara…. Now i don’t have anyone swara only u r there for me…. I was waiting for u to complete ur studies…. So that only i returned back as mad…… Otherwise without coming out i would have found the culprit and punished them…. I know this is not a proposal…

I want to propose u in a grand way…. But the situation differed so that only i am proposing u like this…. I need u swara…. I love u that much swara…..” sanskar said…. Swara is in shock…. Before she could say dida shouted at her to accept sanskar….. Both swasan are startled and swara came to sense and hided the bluetooth…. By seeing her hiding it sanskar held her hand and saw the bluetooth…..

“Vo vo i was tensed thats y i brought dida with me…. She is standing outside….” swara said…. Sanskar is shocked at first then he smiled and called his man and told him to bring her inside….

As dida was tensed for swara becoz she called Ashvik and asked him to come there…. As ayush was also with him he too came with ashvik…. After dida called ashvik only sanskar told his past and proposed swara…. So when the man came to took dida Inside both ashvik and ayush came there…. So all three went inside…. Swasan also came down…. Seeing sanskar in normal state ashvik and ayush are shocked…. Suddenly ayush said,”Di he is the same man who asked me to give the gift to u….”ayush said…. Hearing it sanskar smiled… Dida also smiled and told she knows that….. At that time ashvik came to Sanskar and hugged him and asked,”Boss whats this u revealed everything to jellyfish???”hearing this all are shocked…. Sanskar smiled and said,”Ya Ashvik…. Ur jellyfish came to know i am not mad so i told everything….”sanskar told…. Swara came to ashvik and started to beat him….

“U blo*dy how u know him??? And haan do u know he is my secret admirer???”

“What boss u hided it from me….” he said with a sad pout…. For this again he got beatings from swara….

“Tell me chimpanzee how u know him???”

“Jellyfish he is only my boss…. I am working in his company only…. As he came to Kolkata i also came here….. And when i saw him in our home i kept quiet as he already said me if i saw him anywhere he shouldn’t open his mouth…. But trust me i know he is in love with a girl but didn’t know he loves u only…..” ashvik said….

“U guys are totally fantastic actors…. Huh how u both acted superbly…. I am only mad thinking sanskar is mad….” swara said with an angry pout…. Sanskar went near her and held her shoulders and turned her towards him and held his ears and asked sorry…. Swara melted and forgived him…. At that time sharmistha called dida as none were in the home…. So all bid bye and went from there…. But before going sanskar said,”Swara take ur own time barbie…. I will be waiting for ur answer….” hearing this swara went from there….. Ashvik was with Sanskar only…. After some formal talks ashvik also went from there….

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