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Episode 22:Episode 22

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Episode 23

Swasan were sleeping peacefully…. At that time sanskar wake up and saw swara sleeping peacefully…. He pecked her lips and went to get ready….. Swara woke up after sometime and saw sanskar is not there…… At that time sanskar opened the bathroom door and came outside with only towel wrapped around his waist…. Seeing it swara is shocked and is just seeing him without winking….. Sanskar saw it and smiked…. He went near her and moved his head right and left such that the water on his hair fell on swara’s face and she came to sense and felt embarrassed…. Sanskar held her chin and brought her face close to him and said,”Barbie u have all rights to see me so don’t feel embarrassed….”

“U idiot…..” saying this she pushed him and ran to the bathroom….. Sanskar laughed and started to work….. At that time he got a call from ashvik….

“Ya ashvik…. Say it….”

“Boss actually i would have said yesterday but i don’t want to disturb ur moments….. Actually yesterday is the result of the project…. And u know what we got that project….. Yes sanskar u succeeded in ur first revenge….. Mr.Agarwal properties has now came for auction…. He has got many loans from many banks so they are going to take money from this auction….”

“It’s a very good news Ashvik….. I am very happy….. And listen then make sure we have get all his properties….. I have to see him crying…. Is that clear???”

“Yes!!!! And another thing i want party!!!! So will come there after finishing the work…. U,me,swara and ayush will go out okie….”

“Yup double okie….” sanskar said and kept the call…. At that time swara entered wearing bathrobe…. Now it’s sanskar turn to stare…. Swara didn’t see sanskar as he was talking….. So she went to take her dress….. Sanskar came to her and back hugged her tightly and nuzzles his face in her neck and started to kiss…. Swara who is taking the clothes got startled and the clothes fell down…. She clutched his bathrobe tightly….. Sanskar totally forget everything and tried to remove the knot of the bathrobe…. Before he could remove they both heard a knock…. Both got sense and moved back…. Sanskar scratched his hair and smiled sheepishly….. Swara went inside the bathroom picking the clothes…. Sanskar went and opened the door and saw servant standing…. He went aside and servant brought the tea inside and kept it in the table and went from there….. Sanskar closed the door and sat in the bed and took tea and started to drink…. Swara too came and drank her tea and kissed sanskar’s cheeks and went down…..

As usual ragini is arranging for pooja…. Swara went and wished and helped her….. Then all came and swara and ragini did the pooja together….. All got happy seeing it….. After pooja is finished swara and ragini went to prepare the food…. Both did two dishes…. First ragini did then swara did her dishes….. After that both came and arranged the table…. All came there to eat….. Sanskar too came there….. Everyone is shocked to see it…. He came silently and sat near ap……. First ragini served her dish…. All ate it and praised her….

“Raa….giini sooper….” sanskar said showing his hand…..? all are shocked once more as sanskar is becoming normal….. They are happy too…. Ap and sujatha has tears in their eyes…. Ragini thanked him…. Then swara served the dish…. Dp took a spoon and spit it as there was more salt…. Swara is shocked….

“Swara beta i think u added more salt….”

“No bade papa…. I added everything in correct measurements only….”

“Ya bhaisa!!!! Even i and jiji tasted her food after she finishes….. It was perfect…. Swara whether u add anything???”

“No mom i didn’t add anything….”

“Ragini u only added salt in her food????” pari asked…. All are shocked….

“Bhabhi i didn’t add anything!!!”

“Ragini don’t lie!!!! I saw u adding!!! I thought u are adding in ur food but didn’t think u will do like this….” pari said and all are seeing ragini with angry glare….

“No bhabhi i didn’t lie!!! Actually i tasted swara’s food and felt it needed salt that’s y i added some more…. I didn’t know it will resuly negatively….” ragini said with sad face….

“Then y u lied before that u didn’t do anything???” pari asked….

“Bhabhi leave it!!! May be she was sacred as i may think her wrong…. Don’t worry ragini i believe u….”swara said and all felt proud of her…. Ragini felt sad as her plan backfired her…. She cursed herself…..

“Bade papa wait for two minutes i will be back….” saying this she took the dish inside the kitchen…. After 10 minutes she came back and served them again…. All ate and praised her as now the food tastes very good….. Swara has adjusted the food…. Everyone praised her….. Then sanskar also finished his food and took the plate and put in zinc and washed his hand and mouth and went upstairs…. Everyone are happy to see the improvements in sanskar….. One person is not happy…. That person went outside and called someone….

“See bcoz of ur carelessness that sanskar came back!!!! Now he is improving!!!! If he gets well he will surely find me…. He is very intelligent….. Now I don’t know what u guys will do!!!! I want him to die soon…. I will make sure he goes out and u should finish him off…. Otherwise i will finish u guys….” that person said angrily and kept the call and went inside as if nothing happens….

Swara went to her room and locked the door and asked sanskar,”Sanskar what’s this??? U were behaving like normal person….”

“Swara my first revenge is over!!!! Kishan’s father came to roads…. Now he has no money at all…. Time for second thing…. Have to find the person who is behind me…. That’s y….. Leave that swara tell me y u were so sweet to ragini???”

“Ha ha sanskar she thought to defame me!!! But in return she got defamed…. Simple…. That’s y even after seeing her add something i kept quiet bcoz like me pari bhabhi also saw her…. She is acting like sweet to me…. I am showing the same to her….” swara said and sanskar is surprised to see this swara….

“Shit i forget barbie!!!! Ashvik asked me to give treat for the project success!!! So he will come here at anytime…. We are going outing….” sanskar said and swara became happy….. She jumped on sanskar kissed on his lips…. Sanskar became numb a second and then started to respond…. After some time both parted….

“What happened madam???? So happy today!!!”

“Yup u guys win the project and also i felt like kissing!!! Y i shouldn’t kiss u???” swara asked with a pout…. Sanskar nodded his head in no and captured her lips…. After a passionate kiss both parted again…. Before they could speak something swara’s mobile ringed…. She attended the call…. It’s dida…. She asked swara to visit badi as she wants to talk something…. Swara said okie and cut the call…. She said the same to sanskar and asked permission from dp and went to badi….

In the afternoon ashvik came to mm…. He didn’t know swara went to badi….. He came there and saw ap,sujatha and pari sitting and chatting…. Ap saw ashvik and welcomed him….

“Ashvik beta!!!! Come inside y r u standing there itself!!!”

“Oh aunty i came to meet sanskar and swara!!!! Actually our company has won a project!!!! So i want to give treat to swara,sanskar and ayush…. That’s y i came to pick up them…. Then we will go to badi and pick ayush…. If u don’t mind shall i take sanskar and swara out??” ashvik asked ap and sujatha….

“Sure beta u can take them!!! But swara is not here!!!! She is in badi beta!!!! She went to meet her dida!!!”

“Oh okie aunty!!! Then i will take sanskar with me!!! Shall i go and meet him???”

“Sure beta!!!! U can….” ap said and ashvik went upstairs to sanskar’s room…. He knocked the room and entered inside…. Sanskar who was watching a movie changed the channel to cartoon…. Ashvik who came inside saw sanskar watching cartoon channel and laughed….”Wow great business tycoon Mr.Sanskar Maheswari is watching cartoon!!!! How funny it is…..”

“Huh ashvik don’t tease me!!!! It’s ur jellyfish favorite channel!!!! I was watching an action movie!!!! I thought someone from my family is coming so that only i changed the channel!!!!”

“Ha ha okie okie boss!!! No need to give explanation…. I knew it!!!! Okie boss get ready we will go now!!! And don’t forget to bring wallet bcoz u are the sponcer today!!! Even bring ur cards too bcoz u don’t know about bose siblings!!!! They will empty all ur money!!!” ashvik said and laughed….

“Ha ha i don’t care!!! My bil and my wife is only emptying the money so no problem!!!! If it’s u only i have to think!!!” sanskar said and laughed…. Ashvik gave a angry glare but soon composed and both went down…. Ragini saw ashvik and greeted him….

“Ashvik what a surprise u here???”

“Actually our company got a protect today!!!! So going to keep a treat for swara,sanskar and ayush!!!! That’s y came to pick up them!!”

“Oh!!! Don’t u call me and all??? Even i am ur friend right???”

“Nothing like that ragini!!!! We didn’t plan anything!!!! U too can come!!!” ashvik said…. Before ragini could say anything they heard a phone sound…. It’s ragini’s…. She took and saw it’s laksh…. He asked her to get ready for outing…. She became happy and said the same to all and went to get ready!!! Ashvik and sanskar became happy and bid bye to ap and sujatha and went from there….

Ashvik and sanskar start the car and went from there…. At that time ashvik called swara,”Jellyfish boss is giving treat for getting the project!!!! So we are coming to pick u and aarav!!! So get ready!!!”

“Chimpanzee i and dida came here for shopping!!!! So u guys go to the place and msg me the address!!!! I will pick ayush and come there as he went to practice….”

“Okie Jellyfish!!!! Come soon…. Babye….” saying this he kept the call….

After sometime dp and rp came there…. Rp asked sujatha,”Where is sanskar and swara??? Laksh told he is taking ragini out!!!”

“Ji actually ashvik came here and took sanskar out as he got a project and wanted to give them treat!!! Swara already went to badi so they went to badi to pick them….”

“Okay sujatha!!!! Sanskar is improving!!!! I am very happy!!!! He will become normal soon!!!”

“Yes ji!!!! I am very happy!!!! It’s all bcoz of swara!!!”

“Ya sujatha!!! Okie serve the food…. I am hungry….” rp said and all had their lunch….

The unknown person went aside and called someone and told,”See sanskar went out!!!! Finish him off!!!! If anything goes wrong i will finish u….”

“Don’t worry i will finish it perfectly!!!” the other person said and cut the call…. This unknown person also went from there…..

Ashvik is driving and sanskar is sitting in the passenger seat…. A song is playing in the car and both were singing and enjoying their ride and forget their concentration on road…. A truck is coming opposite to them like dashing them…. Sanskar saw it casually and got panicked and told it to ashvik….. He turned the car to right and they both dashed a rock which is in the roadside as they were going outskirts of Kolkata….

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Hows it???? Whether u guys liked it???

Now what will happen to sanskar and ashvik???
Can u guess that unknown person???


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