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Episode 21:episode-21

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Episode 22

Two days went very slow for both swara and sanskar….. They were waiting to see each other….. In these two days many things happened…. Ragini started to talk with swara sweetly and she even apologized swara for her cold behavior…. Swara accepted her sorry and forgived her….. Sanskar who was working for a project to destroy his friend’s father has been successful…. He won the project…. Hearing this he wanted to hug swara and celebrate their success but their situation made them helpless…. So swara planned a surprise for sanskar…. She got ready earlier and went out to make sure the arrangements are done perfectly….

Here in maheswari mansion sanskar also woke up first and got ready…. Then he called swara but her line didn’t connect so he went down and had breakfast….. After that along with laksh and sanskar whole mm went to bring swara and ragini…. All reached badi…. Rp,sujatha,uttara went to bose mansion along with sanskar while ap,dp,adarsh,pari,laksh went tp gadodia mansion….. As they entered inside dida and shomi welcomed them…. Ayush went and got blessings from elders and hugged sanskar…..

“Where is swara???” sanskar asked innocently….

“She went out!!! Will come soon beta…. Still that u all have some snacks….” shomi said and gave the snacks…. Sanskar got angry on swara…. After sometime swara came there and saw sanskar and his family…. She is very happy seeing sanskar but sanskar didn’t look at her at all…. She is confused but neglect it thinking to ask him later…. She went and got blessings from all…. At that time dp,ap,pari,adarsh,ragini and laksh came to bose mansion…. Shomi welcomed them and gave snacks to them too…. Swara went and got blessings from them…. Then swara went upstairs and brought her luggage…. Then shomi made her and sanskar sit and did some rituals….(which she did in serial) After the ritual is finished dp said to shomi,”Sharmisthaji i tried to get appointment from doctor Prem…. But i didn’t get it…. And he is busy now…. So after i get appointment we will take sanskar there…. I am damn sure he can make our sanskar normal….”

“Dpji r u talking about Mr.Prem Shekawat???”

“Yes sharmisthaji!!!”

“Then don’t worry he will come here and will check sanskar!!! If he gets to know its for swara he won’t hesitate even for a second!!!”

“Sharmisthaji do u know him???”

“Ya Dpji he is none other than our ashvik’s maternal uncle and he loves swara a lot…. So i am sure he won’t say no….”

“Oh!!! Then its very good…. Then get his appointment soon….” sujatha said…. Hearing all this swasan were shocked as if a specialist checks him surely he will find he is not mad…. But swara got relaxed when she got to know its ashvik’s uncle…. She decided to talk to him…. Her thoughts are disturbed when sujatha held her hand…. Then all bid bye to shomi,dida and ayush and went from there….

Sanskar didn’t talk with swara at all…. She is confused more now…. She tried to talk to him but he didn’t talk at all…. She left it thinking after the surprise surely he will talk with her…. So she too kept quiet…. After they reached home sujatha and ap welcomed the couple by doing aarti….. Then all came inside…. Swara went and kept her bags in the room and came down and helped ladies in household…. After the work is completed Swara went to the elders and asked permission,”Bade papa,bade ma,mom,papa i want to take sanskar out!!! Even it will be a change for him too…. So if u all give me the permission i will take sanskar out….”

“No worries beta!!! U can take sanskar out…. Can u manage him???” dp asked

“Yes bade papa…. I can!!!”

“Then take him beta….” dp said and swara became happy and went to her room…. There sanskar is lying in the bed closing his eyes…. Swara camr and caressed his hair…. Sanskar didn’t open instead he turned to his right…. Swara smiled seeing his anger…. She leaned down and bite his earlobe…. Sanskar didn’t care at all…. Then she kissed his cheeks… Though sanskar’s anger is lessen he din’t show it at all…. But swara lost her patience…. She turned him harshly and started to beat…. Sanskar too got angry and woke up and held her hand and brought her closer….

“Huh barbie!!! Don’t u even know to convince ur hubby???”

“See i am convincing u without knowing y u r angry…. But u r scolding me now huh….” swara said with a sad pout…. Sanskar couldn’t control he forgot all his anger and pecked her pout…. Swara smiled winningly…. Sanskar hit his head but then smiled…. Then swara said,”Okie okie jaan we are going out so get ready!!! Will go after our lunch….” she said and tried to stand but sanskar held her hand and pulled close to him and asked,”Where are we going???”

“Just outing sanskar!!! Didn’t plan will go wherever we want….” swara said causally…. So sanskar also accepted…. Then suddenly he asked,”Swara what about that doctor??? I forgot….. If ur ma talks to him and if he checks me he will find it!!!”

“Don’t worry about that!!! I and ashvik will see this matter…. Even ashvik is not needed bcoz prem uncle loves me more than him…. Haan i forgot to tell u another thing also…. U know he wanted me to be his bahu…. But mine and his first son horoscope didn’t match…. Ma was ready to get me married to them but prem uncle believes horoscope much so they canceled it…. Then he asked me for his second son but ma didn’t accept as he and me are of same age…. Becoz ma wanted a man atleast 3 years elder than me…. Then only he will take care of me…. As he will have maturity bla bla….” swara said and sanskar is here burning in jealousy but became happy as he married her….. He pulled swara and placed his lips in hers and they both had a passionate kiss…. After sometime both parted their ways and swara hugged him in shyness…. Then both got ready and went down…. After taking lunch both went out…. Swara drive the car and sanskar is in passenger seat….

After some hours of journey both reached the outskirts of Kolkata…. Sanskar is confused…. Many times he asked swara where they are going but she didn’t say anything…. Sanskar got irritated so he came enjoying the nature…. After some time swara stopped the car at some place…. Sanskar looked here and there and found a mango garden…. He is confused as y they are there…..”Barbie y we are here???” but swara didn’t answer instead she came out and gestured him to get down…. Sanskar also came down…. Then swara said,”Jannu if u love me truly then go and pluck a mango and come!!!! But remember u shouldn’t get caught to gardener!!! Then only i will believe u love me truly….” swara said with innocent face…. Sanskar is astonished with her behavior….

“Swara r u crazy???? Just for a mango u r testing my love????”

“How dare u say its just a mango???? U country fruit!!!!” saying this she used all bad words…. Sanskar is shocked…. He cupped her face and said,”Barbie i didn’t do anything with u then how come u r yearning for mango???” hearing this swara is confused….

“What r u saying sanskar??? There is no connection between mango and u…. Idiot don’t find excuses okie….” swara said….

“Oh hello i am not idiot!!! U r only idiot!!! Only pregnant woman yearns for mango!!! I didn’t do anything them how come??? Wait wait don’t tell me u made me unconscious and raped me!!! O god what u did with this innocent soul…. Don’t u feel pity for me….. Shit!!! Now who will see me??? Who will drool over me??? Shit shit shit….” sanskar said dramatically and sat down and kept his hand in his head…. Swara got angry and started to beat him…. Sanskar held her and pulled her more and said,”Barbie this is not fair u r beating me a lot today!!”

“Mr.Sanskar Maheswari i know u r changing the talk unnecessarily…. I won’t talk to u and i also came to know u don’t love me…. Thank u soo much” saying this she stood up and went to sit inside the car…. But before that sanskar held her hand and stopped her and whispered in her ears,”Drama queen wait i will bring….” saying this he went from there…. After he went swara laughed thinking everything….

Here sanskar silently climbed the wall and get inside…. Then he with baby steps walked forward….. He saw a tree with many mangoes….. He throw the stone at mango so that it will fall down…. But to his bad luck the mango didn’t fell…. So making faces he climbed the tree but he fell down in the first attempt…. After many attempts he climbed successfully and plucked some mango and came down…. Swara who was watching all this laughed seeing him…. After making sure he plucked the mango swara shouted,”Watchman kaka someone is plucking the mango!!!” after shouting this she went and sat in the car…. Sanskar is now double shocked and saw a dog coming…. Sanskar became panicked and started running like running in a marathon…. Then he climbed the compound wall and came down and ran to the car and get inside and breathed properly…. After calming down he shoot angry glares at swara but she didn’t care instead took the mangoes which he bought and started to eat…. While eating itself she started to drive…. Sanskar didn’t take his glare from swara at all…. He is staring her angrily…. But swara is just driving the car without caring about sanskar…. Then he called her and said,”Swara i am angry on u and i am starring angrily….”

“Is it so!!!! Sorry sanskar i don’t know…. From next time pls do inform me before u stare angrily okie….” she said and showed her tongue…. Sanskar is shocked but now he don’t have energy to argue as he is exhausted…. So he leaned on the seat and closed his eyes…. After few minutes he didn’t feel like moving…. So he opened his eyes and didn’t find swara so he is shocked and scanned here and there and then saw swara going inside the house….. Sanskar got down and went there…. He opened the door and got astonished when flowers,glitters fell on him…. Then he saw the house is decorated…. Swara came and gave her hand and got him inside like a gentle woman….? Then she took him inside and opened the door…. Sanskar is shocked to see it…. As its an indoor pool…. The pool is fully decorated with heart shaped red balloons…. In the center there is a table and two chairs…. A small circle board is in the corner…. Swara took him and both stood in the board and using waves stick she pushed the board and both reached the center…. Then she made him sit in the table…. She sat opposite to him…. Rose petals are scattered in the table…. And a cake is in center….. Sanskar opened the cake and saw one month anniversary!!! Seeing it he is shocked and saw swara with question mark…. Understanding his question swara said,”Before one month in this day only u came to badi!!! This is the day i saw u first!!! This is the day u came into life knowingly…. Thank u soo much sanskar for loving me this much…. U r a gift to my life…. Thank u once again….” saying this she leaned and kissed him passionately…. Sanskar is shocked and he didn’t expect this at all…. Seeing him swara shaked him and he came to his sense…. He stood up and came to swara and hugged her tightly…. The kissed her cheeks tightly…. “Love u soo much barbie!!! I didn’t expect this at all….”

“Sanskar like girls even u guys have that wish na that ur gf should surprise u…. And also u have done soo much for me… Infront of that its very simple….” swara said genuinely and sanskar hugged her again….

“Okie tell me how is my surprise???”

“Its amazing!!!! I loved it!!! But y did u tried to get me caught to that gardener???”

“Ha ha bcoz then only u will be angry with me and after seeing my surprise ur face will glow 100000 times…. So to see that glow i did that….”

“Huh!!!! U r soo childish barbie….” saying this he pulled her and kissed her passionately…. Then after sometime both parted their ways and cut the cake together and feed each other… Then both sat in the board and dipped their legs inside the pool and were talking for sometime…. After some time both had dinner there itself as swara already arranged it…. After dinner both went to maheswari masion and slept in their room hugging each other….

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Hope u guys like it!!! And one more important thing guys…. I will be irregular for some days as i have to concentrate on my exams…. I have to pass this time and get job…. So i will be irregular…. Will post whenever i get time…. Hope u guys understood….

And hope u liked swara’s surprise….?


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