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Episode 12:Episode 12

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Episode 13

Laksh took his car and went to meet someone…. Seeing him going a person got doubt and went back of him…. Laksh went to the temple and met the panditji who came to see him horoscope…. The person also followed him and stand behind the pillar and watched laksh…. Laksh also saw panditji and went to him and said,”Panditji i was afraid that whether my horoscope will match with swara’s!!! Thats y i came to see u yesterday to talk in my favor but u refused!!! Now i am happy that our horoscope matched naturally….”

“No beta!!! Yesterday i refused but seeing ur love for that girl i made my mind to help u…..” hearing this laksh and the person is shocked!!!

“What r u saying panditji??? That means our horoscope doesn’t match???”

“No Beta actually that girl’s horoscope is in a way that it will match with everyone’s!!! Thats y it matched with urs too…. But!!!”

“What but panditji??? Tell me whatever it is….”

“Beta actually if u both get married then ur family will break!!! I have seen how ur papa and chacha have been like ram and laxman…. They will have a big fight…. Ur family will break into many pieces…. All will go in different directions beta!!! Pls think before u marry her beta…. Whole city shows ur family as an example for unity!!! So just think well beta…. And also u both aren’t destined for each other…. Some force is there beta it is stopping u from uniting with that girl…. According to my calculation by seeing ur both horoscope,99% this marriage won’t happen beta…. I said whatever i have to say….. Decision is urs beta…. Last thing think twice before u take decision….” panditji said and went from there…. Laksh and the person became worried but later the person smirked and went from there…. Laksh too went into deep thoughts and started to think who might be that force!!! But nothing came in his mind…. He sat in the temple for sometime…. Then he rubbed of all his thoughts and made his mind to get married and went from there to his home…. As its night time he went and slept….

Next day all got ready to go for shopping…. At that time sanskar too came there neatly dressed…. According to others sanakar’s health is improved little…. He started to dress himself neatly…. Talking with all properly but still he has child like mind…. This is others opinion…. Seeing him coming Sujatha went to him and asked,”Sanskar where r u going???”

“Ma i am also coming with u….” hearing this all are shocked….

“No sanskar u shouldn’t come there….” sujatha said….

“Y ma???” sanskar asked with a sad pout….

“Sanskar only ladies are going!!! U shouldn’t come….”

“Then laksh is coming….”sanskar said like crying….

“No sanskar laksh is going for office…. He didn’t come….” sujatha said….

“It’s okie barbie will come na!!! Then i will also come….” hearing this the person thought whether the force is sanskar only…..

“No beta!!! U r good boy na then u shouldn’t come okie….”

“No no no i will come….”

“Sanskar can’t u listen once??? If u come there u will do any nonsense and i don’t want that okie…. So now go to ur room and watch tv….” sujatha shouted….

“U r not good!!! I won’t talk to u…. Doo with u….” saying this sanskar went upstairs but stood in the middle and watched all expressions….. Somewhere he thought they are avoiding them…. He find it something is wrong…. So he stood there and watched everyone expression but he can’t find any difference…. He felt disappointed that he can’t find his enemy and also can’t see his barbie…. He went to his room…. After sanskar went from there all went for shopping

Laksh,ap,sujatha,pari and uttara came to the mall…. At the same time swara,ragini,shomi,dida,dadi,ayush and ashvik came….. Seeing swara laksh smiled…. Swara smiled fakely seeing him and started to search sanskar…. But when she felt he is not there she felt sad…. Ashvik who is near to swara understood this and said,”Jellyfish control ur feelings!!! Otherwise all will have a doubt and also boss messaged me that he didn’t come as aunty restricted him to come here….”

“Huh he should have forced everyone and should have come here…. I thought to get a dress of his choice but see i hate him ash….” swara said with irritated tone….

“Ha ha swara calm down…. Listen now to u can get a dress of his choice….”

“What r u saying???”

“Ya boss told me to do video call…. So he will choose ur dress via video….”

“Whatever huh….” swara said sarcastically and went from there…. Ashvik smiled and went behind her….. This all seen by laksh but didn’t hear what they speak…. He felt somewhat jealous…. But ignored and went to swara….

“Hi swara!!!”

“Hi laksh….” said formally…

“What happened???”


“Oh actually i saw u and ashvik discussing something seriously…. Thats y i asked u…. Any problem???” laksh asked….

Swara thought,”Ya u r only problem….” seeing her in thoughts laksh snapped his finger before her….. Swara came out of her thoughts and said,”Nothing laksh…. Its common between us…. He always irritates me and i vice versa….”

“Oh!! Okie okie…. Come swara we will select the dress….” saying this he took him with her…. All the ladies were selecting their dress…. Laksh is standing between ragini and swara and selecting dress for swara…. Swara tried to avoid laksh anyhow but it didn’t happen…. Swara told to laksh,”Laksh i am thirsty will drink water and come…..”

“Swara may i come with you???”

“No need laksh i will see to it….” swara said and went from there…. Then she msged to dida,

“Dida i want to select my dress according to sanskar’s choice…. But this laksh is behind me…. Pls do something…..” seeing this dida thought something and smiled and replied,

“U go shoru…. I will see to it….”

“Aww thank u dida….” swara replied and went from there……

Swara went and stood near laksh as if nothing happened…. Laksh showed some dress which he selected…. Swara rejected everything saying some reasons…. At that time dida like showing some dress came to swara….

“Shoru tell me how it is??”

“Its super dida….” swara said and at that time dida saw laksh as if she is noticing him now only….

“Laksh What r u doing here???”

“Dida vo i thought to help swara in selecting the dress….”

“No no u go and select ur dress!!!! After engagement the groom and bride shouldn’t meet…. As we are somewhat modern we let u see and talk…. But now u go and select ur dress…. I will help shoru okie….”

“Dida!!!!” laksh said in sweet voice….

“No means no laksh!!! Don’t be adamant like small child go….” dida said naughtily and pushed him…. Laksh too went from there without any choice…. After he went from there swara gave hifi to dida…. Then swara called ashvik to come there as he was in men’s section…. After ashvik came there he video called sanskar…. Then with the help of sanskar,swara selected her dress….. After taking their dress all went to their house….

When sharmistha entered inside their house she get a call from her pa stating her to come to Bangalore soon…. So without wasting time she booked the next flight to bangalore and went from there…. After she went swara,dida,ayush went to their rooms and ashvik went to his office….

At mid night nearly 11:30 all are sleeping peacefully….. Swara too is sleeping hugging the teddy which sanskar gave….. Suddenly a person entered inside her room…. Seeing her sleeping the person smirked and went near her…. The person caressed her face and kissed her forehead…. Then the person came near swara’s ears and said,”Barbie….” hearing this swara smiled in sleep…. Sanskar shakes his head and lightly shakes her….. Swara neglected it and again went into sleep….

“God!!! I didn’t know she is a kumbakarnan’s sister…. What will happen after our marriage if she sleeps like this!!! Uff i am going to have a hectic job after marriage….” sanskar thought and started to tickle swara….. Swara got up with sudden jerk…. And also shocked to see sanskar there…. Without thinking much she shouted….. Sanskar is shocked and closed her mouth but its too late!!! Dida and ayush came to her room…. Sanskar hit his head…. Swara smiled sheepishly and opened the door….

“Shoru what happened??? Y u shou” before dida could complete she saw sanskar sitting in the bed…. Dida smiled naughtily and went and twisted his ears and asked,”What r u doing here haan???”

“Oh dida actually i planned for a date with her!!! Thats y i came to get her…..” sanskar said and smiled sheepishly….. All are shocked hearing this….

“What??? At this time??? R u mad???”

“Dida vo u know na i can’t get her for a date before everyone…. Thats y i planned for a midnight date…. I want swara to experience all the moment before marriage….” sanskar said…. Dida smiled and swara blushed…. Then sanskar gave a packet to swara and ask her to put this dress…. Then swara took the dress and went inside to change her dress….

After sometime swara came out…. Seeing her sanskar is mesmerized….. She is shining like a star….. Sanskar is just staring her….. Dida saw this and laughed and went near him and pinched his hand…. Sanskar came out of his thoughts and smiled sheepishly seeing dida….. Then dida told,”Sanskar get her home soon!!! Don’t make it late okie…. Or wait!!! Saying this she went and opened swara’s cupboard and took her jogging dress and put it in a bag and gave it to swara…..,”Shoru suppose if u get late then put this dress and come home as u are coming from jogging….. No one will doubt okie….” dida said and swasan is shocked seeing dida…. Seeing them dida gave a ‘what’ look…. For this both shake their head and went near her and kissed her either cheeks…. Dida smiled and opened the back door for them…. Swasan went outside and dida closed the door and went to sleep…..

Swasan moved to the car!!! Sanskar as a good man opened the door for swara….. Then swara sat inside and sanskar sat in the driver seat and started their journey….. Swara slept as the environment is cool with light music….. Sanskar just drive the car and admired swara now and then….. After a fast travel of one hour they reach hooghly….. As they reach the river sanskar stopped the car and wake up swara…. Swara opened her eyes and saw the environment…. Its soo pleasant and good to see the river in the night with lightings….. Sanskar opened the car door and gave his hand to swara…. She hold his hand and came out….. Swara asked to sanskar,”Jaan y r we here??”

“Barbie we are here for our date!!!”

“Do u mean we are going to have date in river???”

“Ya barbie!!! Cruise date….” sanskar said…. Hearing it swara is shocked….. Sanskar smiled and took her to the cruise which is waiting for them…. It’s a private cruise specially arranged by sanskar for their first date…. Both get inside…. Swara is awe struck to see the cruise…. She is mesmerized by its manufacture…..

“Sanskar this is soo beautiful….. I like this….”

“Barbie thats y i booked this cruise for our date….” sanskar said and took her into the place where he has arranged for his date…. Seeing the place swara is dumbstruck…..

The place is like a room… The roof is made of glass…. So we can view the sky….. In the center there is a table and is arranged by some food items…. There are candles placed in the table…. There is a long sofa in each side of the room….. Sofa’s are filled with teddy bear….. There are many photo hangings that are placed in the glass roof….

Swara looked each and every photo….. Its her photos…. From childhood till date all the photos were there…. Even some photos she too haven’t seen it…. She liked it a lot….. She turned and saw sanskar standing with one hand in his pocked and other hand’s elbow in the wall and biting his nails…. Swara ran to him and hugged him tightly…..”Jaan i love this surprise…. Y u love me this much jaan???”

“Barbie even i don’t know!!!! But i love u madly that i know…. And if u r not there surely i will die….” sanskar said and swara kept her hand in his mouth nodded her head in no….,”Don’t say like this jaan!!!! Even i can’t live without you!!!! I love u sooo much jaan…..”

“Love u too barbie….” sanskar said and kissed her cheeks tightly…. Then sanskar told,”Barbie i haven’t ate dinner till now!!! Shall we eat???” hearing this swara is shocked…. She dragged him to the table and made him sit in the chair and took the plate and served him and asked him to eat but sanskar nodded his head as no….,”Jaan what happened???”

“Barbie feed me!!!”sanskar said…. Swara smiled and started to feed him…. After two bite sanskar pulled swara such that she land on his lap….

“Sanskar what’s this???” saying this she tried to get up but Sanskar stopped her and said,”Sit like this and feed me barbie….” hearing this swara blushed and sat like that and feed him… Meantime sanskar too fed swara some food….

After finishing their dinner sanskar sat down by keeping his back in the sofa…. Swara sat between his legs…. Sanskar hugged her from back….. Both watched the beauty of the sky…. Suddenly it starts to rain…. Swara is adamant to play in rain…. But sanskar restricted her…. Swara is swara so she jerked him and went outside and started to dance…. It’s just drizzling till swara enjoyed it…. Seeing her like this sanskar went near her and hugged her from back…. Then kissed her neck and turned her towards him…. Swara is startled with this…. She shivered in his touch…. Then sanskar kissed her forehead,eyes,nose tip,cheeks and then move towards her lips…. He didn’t ask her permission at all as he feels she belong to him…. Swara too is like take anything from her…. He bend down and moved closer towards her lips and kissed her passionately…. Swara too responded….. It’s their first kiss…. Not only first kiss as a couple but as an individual also this is their first kiss….. They feel good…. After sometime both parted their ways…. Sanskar looked lovingly at swara…. Then both hugged each other…. After that both went inside and suddenly sanskar noticed the time…. Its 4:35…. Sanskar is panicked as he thought to start at 4 from here…. Then for precaution swara changed her dress and both went from there…. Sanskar called dida and informed they came… Luckily no one was awake at that time…. So swara came inside the mansion through front door itself…. Then sanskar went to mm and climbed the pipe and went to his room and as a good boy changed his dress and slept smilingly….

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I know i am late this time too…. Sorry guys actually i planned to post yesterday itself but i got a work…. So can’t post….

Now coming to the episode how is it???
Who is the unknown person???
What force stopping swara and laksh marriage???

Keep guessing…. ?


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  15. Hi everyone I m new here. Actually I’m a big fan of swasan. I read all swasan ff. Even 10 mins before my board exam of English I was reading swasan ff. I m a student of class 11 recently I m preparing for iit. Todays episode was just awesome. Waiting to know who was following laksh. Swasan date and sanskars gift for swara aww ??????

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