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Episode 11:Episode 11

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Episode 12

Next day morning swara got up with a bright smile on her face….. She went and did her morning chores and took her mobile…. She called sanskar but he didn’t attend the call…. Swara thought he might be sleeping or someone might be near to him…. So she kept the mobile and went to get ready….. After getting ready she came down…. She saw sharmistha getting ready to office and dida watching tv…. Swara went and sat with dida….. At that time sharmistha came there and saw dida and swara watching tv….

“Ma,shona i have prepared everything…. U both just have to eat and ma ayush went for practice after he comes ask him to study…. And i will come in the evening…. And don’t forget to he ready…. We have to go to maheswari mansion…..” shomi said….

“Shomi don’t need to worry for anything…. U just go and concentrate on ur work….”dida said and shomi went from there….. After assuring shomi went from there swara went and closed the door….. She came to dida and asked,”Dida how come the ring is changed???? And i have seen u hiding the ring…. But how it went to sanskar’s hand????”

“Ha ha shoru….. Actually we all planned to make sanskar wear ring in ur fi….”interrupted by swara….

“What?? We all?? Who all are involved???”

“I,sanskar,ashvik and ayush….”

“What??? Ayush too???”

“Yes!!! U know he loves his sanskar jiju more….”dida said and hearing jiju word swara blushed….. Dida saw it and smiled…. Seeing swara felt embarrassed and changed the topic….

“Okie okie tell me na!!!”

“Sanskar ordered the same ring but in small size but it will fit into finger….. And ashvik pushed laksh when he went to put ring in ur finger…. So sanskar used that opportunity and took the ring from his pocket and slid it into ur finger…..”dida said and saw swara smiling seeing the ring…. She cupped her face and said,”Swara be happy like this always…. Listen to ur heart and do as it says…. Don’t listen to ur ma swara…. U have only one life so live happily….” hearing it she hugged dida and had tears in her eyes….”Dida u r the best!!! I love u dida….” swara said and kissed her cheeks…. At that time swara’s mobile ringed…. Seeing the caller id swara blushed and dida understood its sanskar,”Shoru go and talk to him…..” she said…. Swara wiped her tears and went to her room….

She closed the door and lay down on the bed and took the call….

“Hello!!! Who is this???” swara asked and smiled…. Hearing this sanskar also smiled and said,”Ur bf barbie doll….”

“Oh wow my bf…… Tell me y u called me now???”

“Ha ha i want to talk to my gf…. Thats y i called u doll….”

“Then y u didn’t take my call when i called u???”swara asked with a frown….

“Ha ha barbie…. I was working late night…. So i got up some time before only…. After having breakfast i am talking to u barbie doll….”

“What???? R u mad y u r working late night??? Ashvik is there to manage na then what???”

“No barbie actually ashvik went to mumbai for some meeting and this file has to be signed by me only…. And this is very much important to destroy tiwari group of companies barbie…. If i get this contract he will face a big loss and he can’t even recover from it swara….” sanskar said….

“Sanskar who is tiwari?? And what he did with u???”

“Barbie he is my friend kishan’s father….. Bcoz of him i lost my two close friends…. Just bcoz of this money only he didn’t accept vanshika and killed her…. Now i won’t leave him swara!!! He will face the hell now….”sanskar said emotionally…..

“Sanskar jaan don’t worry i am with you…. They have to pay for the sins they did…. We shouldn’t leave them sanskar….”

“Yes swara….. Just few more days then they will come to roads…. At that time kishan’s soul will get peace….. And my revenge on them will also get finished….” sanskar said wiping his tears…. Swara thought to lighten his mood so she said,”Jaan u know what today evening i am coming to ur home…”

“Is it so??? Wow superb barbie….but y u r coming here???”

“Actually dp uncle called us to ur home to talk about our marriage and also he told us to have dinner there….. Thats y….”

“What?? Our marriage????” sanskar asked in confusion….

“Ha ha sanskar yes our marriage only!!! Y u r shocked???”

“Barbie what u r saying??? How come they will talk about our marriage??? Huh i am confused…. Tell me properly”

“Ha ha my buddhu jaan they are coming to talk about laksh and mine marriage which is not going to happen bcoz i know on the same day at same mandap my jaan only will marry me….” swara said blushingly….

“Oh that much confidence on ur jaan haan???”

“Ya!!! He keeps up his word…. He will only marry me…. And this will happen for sure….”

“Ya barbie doll…. Surely i will only marry you… And thanks for trusting me….”

“Offo don’t u know the rule we won’t say thanks or sorry to the one we love very much!!! So no need of thanks okie…. If i didn’t trust u then whom i will trust say….”

“Love u barbie doll…. Ummaaahhhh…..” sanskar said and kissed on phone…. Swara blushed and she too kissed him…. Then after some normal talks both kept their phone…. Sanskar lay down on the bed and smiled thinking all moments with swara….. Then he locked the door and via window he went to swara’s house…. Then by window again he entered inside swara’s room….. He saw swara lying in the bed and reading some novel…. With slow steps he went near the bed and fell on swara and closed her mouth before she shout….. He went near her ears and said,”Barbie doll it me ur jaan….” hearing this swara saw sanskar and pushed him and started to beat…. Sanskar smiled seeing it and stopped her and pulled her towards him closer and hugged her….

“Barbieeeee…..” sanskar called swara with love but swara pushed him and went near window and stood with angry pout…. He came to her and back hugged her tightly….. Swara tried to shove his hand but he hugged her tightly and swara left her try…. Sanskar nuzzled his face in her neck and started to give wet kisses…. He kept his hands inside her tshirt and started to caress her waist….. Swara is shocked with this sudden romance….. She closed her eyes…. Sanskar then turned her towards him and rubbed her cheeks with his right hand…. Then he rubbed her lips and kissed her forehead…. Then cheeks and then her nose tips and he moved closer to her to kiss her lips… Just an inch between them but suddenly swara kept her hand in the table and the ac remote fell down and both came to sense….. Then sanskar parted away from her and looked her with love…. Swara is biting her nails nervously and is looking here and there blushingly…… Sanskar smiled and kept his hands on either sides of her….

“Barbie doll don’t be nervous…. U have to habituate to it and also i have full rights on u….” sanskar said…. But swara didn’t say anything she just hugged him tightly and he too hugged her…. Then swara said,”I love you soo much sanskar…. U r my soul and my life…..” saying this she kissed on his chest….

“Love u too barbie doll….” saying this sanskar kissed her scalp…. Then after spending some time with swara sanskar went to his house….

Evening shomi,swara,dida and ayush got ready and came out…. At that time ashvik’s parents came…. Sharmistha greeted them and swara went and took blessings from them…. Then dadi,dadaji,shekar and ragini came out from gadodia house…. Then all went to maheswari mansion…..

Here in maheswari mansion sujatha,ap and pari all are doing their work…. Laksh is in his own world dreaming swara…. Dp,rp and adarsh are talking….. Sanskar is sitting in the corner and playing with uttara…… At that time swara and her family came there…. Laksh and sanskar mesmerized seeing swara….. Seeing them coming dp,ap,rp and sujatha welcomed them…. Swara,ragini and ayush went and took blessings from elders….. Sanskar went to swara and hugged her and without anyone’s notice sanskar pinched swara’s waist…. Swara gasped in pain…. All looked at her…. Sanskar looked innocently at her….,”Barbie what happened to u??? Y u shout me???” and asked innocently….

“Shona what happened???” shomi too asked….

“Nothing ma….” swara said and glared angrily at sanskar….. Sanskar smiled at her…. Dida understood and went near sanskar and said,”Sanskar stop ur naughtiness now!!! Otherwise all will doubt u….” hearing this sanskar is shocked and smiled sheepishly….. Then laksh dragged swara to a corner…. Sanskar noticed this and got jealous but kept quiet…. Laksh held her hands and saw the ring….

“Swara have u tried again???”

“Yes laksh!!! Even i used oil and soap water also….. Still i can’t remove it…. And let it be laksh!!! Nothing is going to happen….” swara said….

“Swara shall we cut the ring???” laksh asked…. Hearing this swara got angry and shouted but only laksh can listen….

“R u mad laksh??? How can u tell this laksh??? U want to cut the ring?? Have u lost ur mind??? How come u can ask me like that???? Idiot….” saying this swara walked forward but laksh held her hand…. Swara turn and saw laksh with anger…..

“What???” swara asked with angry….

“Swara y r u reacting like this??? I mean y u got angry this much swara??is there anything i am missing???”laksh asked with a doubt…. Swara came to sense but maintained her angry tone and said,”U r missing nothing laksh!!! But have u seen the ring its attached to my finger…. How will u cut the ring??? If u try it will hurt me only….” swara managed…. As swara maintained the anger and didn’t stammer so laksh thought she is telling the truth….

“Sorry swara i didn’t think in that way…. I am really sorry…. Pls forgive me….”laksh said by keeping his hands in his ears…. Seeing it swara smiled lightly and said,”Okie laksh i will forgive you but hereafter u think before u speak…. Okie leave that everyone will be searching for us come we will go….” saying this swara left and laksh too came back of her…. Seeing it both ragini and sanskar felt jealous…. Then panditji came….

“Namastey panditji….. Here is the horoscope of swara and laksh…. See that and tell us when to have their marriage…..” dp said…. Panditji got that and saw the horoscope…. After seeing it pandit said,”Dpji after 20 days there is a good mahurat…. In that mahurat u can do the marriage….” hearing it all are happy…. Then dp gave dakhshana to pandit and pandiji went from there….

“Sharmisthaji as pandit said after 20 days the mahurat is good i think we have to make arrangements fastly as there is only less days….”

“No need to worry dpji…. Everything will be done perfectly…. And we will start everything from tomorrow….”

“Ya sharmisthaji…. Ap,sujatha start shopping from tomorrow itself….” dp said and sujatha and ap nodded…. Then all went for dinner….. Swara sat near dida…. Before laksh could sit near swara sanskar came and sat near swara….. Laksh can’t do anything….. So he just sat neat sanskar….. Then after lunch swara and her family went from there….

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