Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-7)

Hello guys how r u????hope u all r fyn 
And big soorrry for late update as my lappy is not working ,I hav to wait this much tym for it to fixed,I promise u guys, I will give one update once a week…….and guys say na if u don’t like my story,its taking me much time for typing but very less comments…..i will see upto 10 episodes if no improvement in comments I stop this ff bcoz I can’t waste more time,when there is no appreciation at all na and thank you for those who give comments and sient readers now it is your hamds wheather to continue or stop…..okkkk enough of my blah blah….here story begins……

Ankit: I know you will accept,but doesn’t expect this much easily (smiles)
Swara: after all benefits matter right?
Ankit: yeah, right
Swara: so,do you have any plan?
Ankit:yes, I want presentation and details of quoted amount exactly 1 hr before final auction ok?
Swara: yes, i will do it
Ankit and swara shakes hands before departure,both had evil spark in their eyes.
Next Day morning at office
Sanskar is working in his cabin its quite early nobody reaches to office at that time there is knock on door
Sanskar: yes come in (without lifting his face)
Laksh:goodmorning sanky
Sanskar: bhai, when did u came?
Laksh :just now,went to ur flat but u r not there so I came here
Sanskar:ohh bhai…any work u came this much early
Laksh: can’t I cum to your ofice without any work
Sanskar: bhai…I didn’t mean like that
Laksh: okok,so u r working till late night
Sanskar: yeah, u know na bhai its important project for our companies
Laksh: yeah, but it doen’t mean u sit here alone and doing work , u have home family,mom is waiting for you since yesterday,but look sir is soo busy (angry and sarcartesic)
Sanskar: bhai,u know na

Laksh: I undersatand, it is difficult for you to believe god but it doesn’t mean u hurt mom and her feelings,atleast u give her belief some respect
Sankar: sorry bhai
Laksh: don’t be sorry…. come home,mom is waiting for you
Sanskar: ok bhai will come after this work
Laksh: (sternly) noo come now not only you I am also working on that project ,now come
Sanskar sighs and both sanlak moves towards their home.
Swarag on other side gets ready for their office,both are having breakfast
Ragini: swara, I have to say you something
Swara: haan ragini say na
Ragini: vo…vo (blushes)
Swara: (while eating) what vo vo tell me
Ragini: swara, yesterday I went to laksh home for puja na
Swara: haa

Ragini: there my marriage date also got fixed
Swara: (excitedly)wattt
Ragini: haa swara….my marriage date fixed 5 months from now, and engagement a week before marriage
Swara: woww raguuu I am very happy yaar…such a good news
She goes and hugs ragini and ragini reciprocated
Swara: ragu I want partyyy
Ragini: haa haa ok ice cream party,right?
Swara nods yesss
Swara: haan yes
Ragini: okkk after office
Swara: haa yes baby…come we are getteing late
They both started towards office

In mm
Both sanlak arrives home,ap see sanky and gets happy she goes towards him caresses his face,her eyes welled up
Sans felt pained for being reason for his mother pain,her hugged her and ask her not to cry,she compel and ask him to have bf,all family members started eating bf making their morning beautiful and blessed.
Swarag reached office ,both are doing their respective works,swara is thinking abt last night dinner with sanskar ,her lips curved into cute smile, suddenly her smile vanished thinking abt ankit proposal, she determined to do her work.at that time sanskar came bak to office,he ask swara to be in his cabin

Swara goes to his cabin,knocks door
Sanskar:yes come in
Swara: gudmorning sir
Sanskar: gm ms gadodia
Swara: how r u feeling now sir
Sanskar: I am fine thank you
Sw:did u eat ur bf?
Sanskar: haa , I ate my bf
Swara: did u took ur vitamins?
Sanskar:haa swara,I ate bf,took medicines and also had sound sleep yesterday night, happy?
Swara:haha okok,by d way sir why u called me?
Sanskar:haa yes,here is file u have to prep quote amount also,here all additional details of project
And haa its very imp file highly confedentional be careful
Swara: (in mind) sry sir u trusted me but I am not worth for ur trust
Sanskar seeing her lost in thoughts,he waved his hands in front of her face
Sanskar: hello ms gadodia…where u lost
Swara: (bak in senses) vo..vo..sry sir I am thinking how to do doc and ppt
Sanskar: okok no problem, ask if u have any doubts
Swara: yes sir and thank you, can I leave?
Sanskar: okok carry on

They both stated doing their work,soon its evng Sanskar came bak to mm,after dinner sanlak r sitting in terrace and talking abt recent incidents.laksh tells abt his wedding date and engagement after 5 mnths.
Sa: woww bhai congrats (hugged him)
Laksh: tq sanky,
Sanskar:atlast ur wait got over right,I am so happy for u, ragini is perfect for our family na
Laksh:yeah,she understands us very much
Sanskar:yes bhai she became support like elder sister after that incident (smiles sadly)
Laksh:sanky can I ask u 1 thing?
Sanskar:haa bhai,u can
Laksh: do u still miss kavitha?
Sanskar: I don’t know bhai sometimes I miss her very badly,but nowadays I am getting a peace feeling don’t know why, but she is my frst love and I can’t forget her easily
Laksh:yes u can’t forget untill u meet ur last love
Sa: bhai wat r u saying?i can’t love anyone now ,lov is not for me
La:don’t say like that sanky,u never tried to move on,till how many days u will suffer?even kavitha won’t like to see u like this unhappy

Sanskar: ok bhai will try to forget her
Laksh: I trust u sanky plz try
Sanskar: ok bhai (fake smile)
Laksh: acha tell me wats ur opinion on swara (he ask observing sanskar expressions)
Sanskar:y r u asking abt her now?
Laksh :arey jst casually tell na
Sa: hmmm she is gud ,innocent,very caring and affectionate bhai,u know even kavitha also never ordered me like she do (lakshksh smiles) , she is such an antique piece bhai, u know she even cooked dinner for me yestarday (explakshins whole incident abt their dinner)
Lakshksh sees a spark in sanky eyes ,he got to know sanky feelings but not realized yet. He determined to make sans realize his feelings by hook or nook.he too likes swara very much,she is like uttara to him.
Laksh: (smiles) Ok its late go and sleep we have many works to do tomorrow
Sanskar: ok bhai,gudnyte (smiles)
Laksh: gudnyte sanky
Sanskar goes to his room, laksk stands there thinking how to make sanky realize his feelings towards swara.he calls ragini and informs her abt sanky feelings towards swara and tells her a plan to open sanky’s feelings and she agreed happily as she also thinks swara is perfect for Sanskar.
Now lets see what raglak does to unite them …. Here DESTINY disguised as raglak ( 😛 )

Next day morning, all people in mm went for their respective offices and works ,only ap and laksh are present in home laksh is asking something to ap while ap is dull and busy lost in some thoughts, laksh calls her by shaking her little, she jerks and comes into senses seeing her like that laksh asked her
Laksh: mom,wat happened to u? where u lost
Ap:nothing laksh, (turns to go)
Laksh held her hand ,turn her towards him and made her sit in sofa and asked softly reason for hersadnees
Ap: what can I say laksh,I am worrying for Sanskar…..i don’t know when will he forget that kavitha and move on….see na till how much time he will suffer like that,when will he understand my worry…saying this she breaks down.laksh consoles her
Laksh: mom,plz don’t worry,don’t cry sanky will change ,an angel came to make him forget his pain
Ap: (surprised) are u saying true?
Laksh: mom believe me whatever I am saying is true,but will take some time for sanky to realize, trust me mom I will set him right (determined and thinking abt his plan ,smirked)
Ap nodes her face,he hugs her and assured her,just then pandit came there,seeing him ap stand and welcome him ,laksh takes blessings from him
Ap:welcomre,pandi ji,namaskar 

Pandit: namaskar ap ji, I came here to talk abt Sanskar beta
Ap :ji tell na, is there anything problem in his kundi (tensed)
Pandit: no no ap ji,nothing like that,his bad period is over and soon a light is coming into his life to throw out darkness, according to my instint she already arrived I think
Laksh smiles listening to this,while ap looked confused
Ap:ji,I amnot understanding wat u saying?
Pandit : (smiles) ap ji,soon ur dil will come to this house ,marriage bells are going to ring in his life,this girl is shield for him,save him from all enemities,stand by him in his bad time,be supportive for his pain,lives in his happy times,give him all his lost happiness,makes his world dreamy and colorful,his every second fills with her laughter,she gives lots of love to him,even he also loves her much…will give his life for her if needed, in one word she is an angel like him to come into his life,this couple is made by god,blessed by destiny,they are binded to be together,meant for one another,no one can separate them , apji don’t worry abt Sanskar beta,once after laksh beta marriage,Sanskar’s wife also comes to your home.
Ap smiles with happy tears in her eyes,laksh also becomes happy and hugs his mom,soon pandit ji also took leave
Laksh : I told na mom,see sanky will bring her home soon, are u happy now?
Ap nodes her heads with happiness
Episode ends on happy and determined face of ap and laksh respectively.

Soo,wat u think swara will cheat Sanskar and help ankit???
Will sanky realize his love towards swara???
Kindly ignore if any spelling or grametical mistakes
Ok guys bye,thank you 🙂

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      Aww tq RG ??
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      Haa will post soon from now on?

  2. tooo sweet dear,,,ur storyline is sooo amazing but plzzzz don’t let swara cheat on sanskar, plzzzz its a humble request, and once again ur story is simply fantastic lovvvvvvve uuuuu

    1. Alku

      Thank youu soo much for ur liking on my story I am very happy and abt swara read nxt episode u will get to know☺???

  3. Awesome dear

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  4. Kakali

    Nice episode.loved it Di..!! Continue soon..!! huh ready with pimpom ball to face Swara..!! Continue soon di..!!
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    1. Alku

      Micuuuuuu tqqqq ????
      Ur comment makes my day?
      See in nxt part u will get to know swara intentions?

  7. Shibil

    Fabulous …..now ragalak became destiny (he he he)…am sure swara wont cheat sanskar she is planning to save sanskar ….i hope sanky will realise his feeling for swara soon …..waiting for next part …

    1. Alku

      Tqq? yup destiny easily disguise how it wants ?
      Cmg to swara we will see in nxt part and it updated??

  8. Simi

    Make sanskar realise his feelings for Swara ?

    1. Alku

      Yup I am also trying ?
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    Yup only swara is for sanskar n sanskar for swara❤❤
    Swara is sankyz true love ?? not dat cavity???
    Nope swara wil not cheat sanky…i knw dis is her plan ti expose him?

    1. Alku

      Tq dii
      Yup only swasan are meant to be tigether ???not kavsan?
      Cmg to swara we can get to know her true intentions in nxt part☺

  11. Abirsha

    Awesome alku loved it….. And pls don’t show any ragini and sanskar bond…. even as sister and brother i don’t want it….?? and about swara i know she must have some plans

    1. Alku

      haha okkk dii never ever show their bond, jst as raglak are playing cupis so jst tolerate her for some episodes 😀
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