Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-6)

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swara: Hello
op: hello ms swara Gadodia hw r u?
swara: (confused) who r u?
op: if u want to know abt me I guess you have to meet me
swara: wat? Who r u man? (irritated)
op: I already told na if u want to know u have to meet
swara: if in that case I am not interested mister (sternly)
op: (bit angrily) no prob miss , I will make sure u will meet me (cuts call)
swara was hell confused and angry on this unwanted call , she irritatingly puts her phone down and slept thinking about call.

Next day morning At MM
There is so much of hurry in that house, all important people of family are gathered for puja , even ragini parents Janki bose,Arjun bose also attended from Udaipur,all except Sanskar present there, as Sanskar left early in morning to avoid all this.
Ap: Children come fast, all arrived
Laksh: haan mom I am ready
Uttara: mom I also ready
Ap: fine beta, laksh where is sanky?
Laksh: vo..sorry mom he went early today
Ap eyes welled up,Dp pats her shoulders
Dp:let it be anu,come now it’s time for puja
Soon after puja ,all family along with pandit gathered to discuss about raglak wedding.
(Guys raglak parents already approved for their marriage as said earlier but they decided to keep their engagement and marriage after sometime as ragini requested, now it’s time ragini term in Sanskar office coming to end after 4 months so they decided to keep raglak wedding immediately after completion of her work)
Ap: panditji,here kundi of raglak, can u please say auspicious date for their wedding
Pandit: ok ji,
After checking their kundi’s
Pandit: so according to your required dates marriage is exactly 5 months from now and engagement can be held a week before marriage
Ap,dp: ok ji ,what say janki and arjun?
Janki,Arjun: we are ok for it… let ask our children
They look at raglak, laksh smiles nodding while ragini whispers yes with blush.uttara started teasing them ,ragini blushes and run away while laksh excuses saying phone call.

All elders are happy for them.
Pandit: ji. I am taking leave now
Dp: ok ji thank you
While pandit is going ap call him and hand overs him a paper
Ap:pandit ji this is Sanskar kundi can u please check it and say how his fortune.
Pandit: ji ma,ok I will visit u later.
Ap: ok ji
Meanwhile , Sanskar is busy in files he is sitting in his room in his double bedroom flat , located at topmost floor of karma industries office. Whenever he want to spend alone he always come here. this flat is his everything he has special bond with this flat, he has created his own world according to his wishes and dreams. His happy moments, sorrowful days, his loneliness ,agony, his successes , his every emotion is imprinted on every inch of wall.
He is working with concentration exactly after 1 week there is meeting to be held and auction of very important project, he has to grab that opportunity which makes best for his company, both maheswari and karma industries together work for that project , many of his rivals are trying to grab that project , but all he want is that this project anyhow should be with him, he is preparing file and studying other important details.

After some time he came down to his office cabin by that time all his staff already present. He call swara to his cabin through intercom
Swara (knocks door) : may in come in sir
Sanskar: yes ms Gadodia
Swara: good morning sir (smiles)
Sanskar is mesmerized seeing her she is in her formals with hair leaving loose, After seeing her smiley face all his restlessness wash away, he is just staring her
DESTINY from behind: AHEM…AHEM 😛
Sanskar coming to sense, handing her a file
Sanskar: Ms Gadodia there is an important meeting after 1 week all details are in this file, so prepare a ppt and also quote amount based on file.
Swara: ok sir
Sanskar: be quick I want all this work done by tomorrow evening, is it ok for u?
Swara: yes sir, I can do
Sanskar: fine, you can carry on
Sara: ok sir, thank you
By time she is going he call her back
Sanskar:Ms Gadodia
Swara: yes sir
Sanskar: (hesitates) how is your leg now?
Swara: I am all fine now sir (smiles)
Sanskar: thank you
Swara: (confused) thank you…?
Sanskar: nothing…u can go now

Swara leaves his cabin with confused face, while Sanskar felt happy and indebted to her remembering laksh saying how swara saved him. He reminces her bubbly nature which brings smile on face. Soon both swasan emerge into their respective works, slowly day turns to night everyone are leaving as day ends sanskar after completing his work comes out of his cabin, he sees lights still on in swara cabin his stepped towards her Cabin. here swara is doing her work with utmost concentration, sanskar looked towards clock which show time 8:30 he confused seeing her working after office hours
Sanskar: Ms Gadodia
Swara: (stands seeing him) yes sir
Sanskar: what are you doing still? office hours are over…u r working still
Swara: I am doing presentation that u asked me to do
Sanskar: u can complete it tomorrow now go, it’s already late
Swara: but sir
Sanskar: (sternly) no buts ifs, pack and go now
Swara: (pouts) ok sir
Sanskar: hmm gud,
(Guys small doubt why only hero can save heroine everytime when falling,so ROLE REVERSAL now see how our DESTINY makes a strange move)
As sanskar started to go outside of her cabin,suddenly he feels dizzy and stumbles…..swara who saw this hold him by his shoulders and make him sit in coach.
Swara: sir, what happened? (slowly pats his cheeks and make him drink water)
Sanskar: tha..thank you swara
Swara: it’s ok sir,
He tried to stand but feels weak, swara makes him stand
Swara: sir, wait here I will call your driver
Sanskar: no need I am staying here in my flat at top floor
Swara: ok sir let me help you
Sanskar: no swara its okk,u r going late u may go now
Swara: (little louder) I am saying you let me help you going there.
Sanskar: ok fine

Both swasan headed to his flat with swara helping him,as he is very weak .after entering she made him sit in sofa and gives water to him, suddenly it strike for swara that he skiped his lunch as he went for a deal
Swara: do you had lunch today?
Sanskar: vo..i am busy in my work I forgot to eat. Ohh shit I forgot to have my vitamin tablets in morning also may be that’s why this weakness
Swara: sir u didn’t take your tablets?
Sanskar: vo..actually I skipped my breakfast in morning so thought to take in afternoon after lunch
Swara is shocked as he didn’t eat anything from morning,
Swara: (loudly) you didn’t eat anything from morning
Sanskar suddenly jerks by her loud voice
Swara: (seriously) let me prepare something to eat where is kitchen? (searching for kitchen)
Sankar: no need swara I can manage
Swara: what u manage…haan? Mr.Maheswari will u please shut your moth for sometime?
Sanskar jaw dropped seeing her overaction ( hehe :P)
Swara: what haa… y r u looking like that now?
Sanskar:Ms Gadodia I think u forgetting one thing I am your boss
Swara: hello mister now office hours are over and u r not my boss now
Sanskar: ohoo then who I am to you now
Swara: ( dreamingly) my hero (smiles widely)
Sanskar : (shooks his head and sighs) so?
Swara: I am preparing your dinner… ok
Sanskar: no no swara it’s ok
Swara: don’t worry I can assure ur safety…I have good cooking skills
Sanskar: not like that swara…but..
Swara:ufff…. let me have honour of cooking dinner to my hero ….. what say??

Sanskar: ok my majesty please carry on
Swara marches towards kitchen,sanskar smilingly see the direction she went
Swara prepared panner,aloo parata and chawla and sets on dining table
Now again cupid of their love story DESTINY smiles naughtly lets see what is going to happen
Just then power cut soon darkness covered all around home , Sanskar tried to on generator but it is not working (hehehe its plan )
Sanskar bring candles and placed it in center of dining table and they together started eating
Their dinner turn into a PERFECT UNOFFICIAL ROMANTIC CANDLE light dinner
Seeing them dine together DESTINY gives a wide grin as plan worked
Both had their dinner together chatting some official matters , swara face is glowing in candle light, sanskar mesmerized seeing her beauty
soon after dinner
sanskar: umm…swara nice dinner thank you
aswara: it’s ok no mention (smiles)
swara gives him his vitamin tablets and headed towards her home with content smile. Here sanskar is happy and shocked with her caring nature,his heart is flying high in clouds, whereas his brain is still pondering on events happened a while ago , he slowly drops into deep slumber switching Dreams channel from black & white to color.

Here swara is on her way to her home, suddenly a car comes in front of her scooty.she stopped with jerk. A man steps out from his car,he is having an evil smirk on his face and started walking towards swara while she stood there confused and bit irritated
Man: so Ms swara how are you?
Swara: who r u?(hell confused)
Man: u forget? I admit u have poor memory power,ok let me remind you , I called you yesterday night remember?
Swara: haaaa,but I don’t know you,
Man: yeah u don’t know me,I am Ankit Arora,
Swara: ok but…
Ankit: let me come straight to point, I have work with you
Swara: what work?
Ankit: I want details of that project you are working currently that your so called boss gave you
Swara: what no way….
Ankit: see Miss u a have a great advantage, if you listen to me, else
Swara: else?? Are you blackmailing me?
Ankit:see I have no personal grudges with you…just think in worthy way(smirks)
Swara: what if I say no? (thinking)
Ankit: I have my own ways (evilly)
Ankit: think before taking decision
Swara: OKAY, I will do your work

Precap: I won’t tell

Hahaha shocked??? this man is threat for sanskar not for swara as you expected……let’s see guys what will swara do to sanskar.
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