Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-5)

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Let’s come to story

Swara without any argument nods and tries to go but winces in pain, sanskar unable to see her Trouble ordered her to go in office car.Swara with help of ragini went from there, Sanskar felt some pain seeing Her in that situation ,he was confused abt his emotions, just then his pa johan reminds him abt his
Meeting ,he sighs and start doing his work.

At sametime ,somewhere in other corner ,a man is shown sitting in his office cabin,he is in mid forties he has evil smile on his face,he is talking to someone in phone call
Man:I want every detail of her AtoZ, by tomorrow evening
Man:OK, be careful and quick otherwise ready to face consequences (sternly)
After finishing call,he looks at photo which revealed to be swara’s
He laughs evilly looking at her photo
Man:Be ready Ms.SwaraGadodia, I am coming to you

Here swara after reaching home changes and proceed to relax,but sleep was far away from her Eyes when she was about to sleep Sanskar face flashes which makes her to jerk from sleep, Her thoughts were revolving around sanskar
Swara pov:
What happened to me why I am feeling like this..? what this unknown emotion ? why I like his touch,why I lost in his
Dark eyes ? when I look at him why I feel like his eyes always tries convey something, is this my assumption? Why I feel secure being around him? What happened to me when he touched me why I feel protective when I am in his arms? Is this love…?Attraction…?Noo noo he is my hero and i admire him that’s all…then why? Uff..well now a new doubt is this my brain or some question bank with unknown answers…? Oh god swara stop assuming things and take rest ur leg got hurted but u behaving like your brain huhh (she mentally slapped her forehead for thinking all this)
She atlast successfully muted her pestering brain and slept.

Here sankar is badly missing swara,he want to call her and enquire about her health but fears what she may thinks.He is
Debating wheather to call her or not, while he is in his thoughts ragini comes in
Ragini: Sanskar, check this file..
Seeing him lost
Ragini:Sanskar…(little louder) sanskar…
Sanskar: ah..ha ragini tell
Ragini: where u lost sanskar?
sanskar:nothing tell me any work?
Ragini:haa check this file once
Sanskar:haa okk
Ragini:Sanskar, aunty called me to come home I want to go early today ,is it ok?
Sanskar:y r u asking go na….
Ragini:hmm thank you…waise where u lost?
Sanskar:ahmm nothing

ragini:tell,me yaar
Sanskar:nothing thinking about swara,
Ragini: (surprised nd shocked) swara..? u r thinking about swara
Sanskar: haan…y u looking like that…am i looking like an alien?
Ragini: haa yes…(sanskar glares) no no… its surprising u r thinking about swara that’s all
Sanskar:ragini don’t think much,I am jst thinking how much careless she is…waise what u think haan?(looking suspiciously)
Ragini: no nothing…I also told her to take rest but she is stubborn…u know na she is living with me
Sanskar:haan I know….did you told her about our relation
Ragini:no yaar….i already told to you na until I complete my contract here I don’t want to Disclose our family relation to any body
Guys nobody from sankar office knows about ragini would be bahu of maheswari, they all Know her as one of their collegue its ragini decision to be kept secret, after finishing her contract in

karma industries she going to work in maheswari industries under laksh.
Sanskar:hmm ok yaar
Ragini:ok then come to home with me na I already informed laksh
Sankar:noo yaar I have to attend meeting u both carryon
Ragini:ok then bye
Sanskar: bye
Ragini leaves from there ,sanskar gets leaves for meeting….soon time drifted to night
Ragini comes to her flat late, swara waiting for her
Swara:ragini where r u yaar??Why this much late?
Ragini:I went to laksh home,actually aunty called me to come there
Swara:oh okk
Ragini:swara hw r u feeling nw?(examing her wounds)

Swara:now I am fyn yaar little pain that’s all
Ragini:u can take leave for some more days na

Swara:no yaar its boring here I can’t stay alone here
Ragini:hmm u r too stubborn
Swara:leave abt it,when u r going to introduce ur lucky to me
Ragini:soon dear…hmmm y not tomorrow?
Swara:its ok I have no problem 
Ragini:ok fyn then,I will go and freshup
Swara:haa come fast yaar dinner is ready and I am starving here
Ragini:haa ook ok

Next Day Evening

Swaragini got ready and went to meet laksh…They entered the restaurant and went towards the table where laksh is already waiting for them..Ragini called him..
Hearing her laksh who is busy in his mobile lifted his head saw swara standing in front of him with Ragini and shocked while swara is equally shocked seeing him..Both together
Ragini is confused and asked:U both know each other before only..
Laksh:Ha ragu…i know her before only…She is the one who saved me that day i told u na
Ragini:Ha laksh..but is she swara only
Laksh:Ha ragu..

Ragini looked towards swara with teary eyes and hugged her and spoke..
Ragini:Thank u so much swara for saving him swara…you don’t how much but help you did to me by saving him that day..I am not even getting any words to say swara..thank u so much swara by saving him u saved my life…
Laksh:Ha swara..thank u so much..u risked your life for saving me..
Swara:Offoo guys please stop thanking me now..and wipe those tears..I did not do any big work that u r thanking me these many times..ok..(thought to lighten the mood)if u want to thank me na then give me one dairy milk silk..thats it
Raglak laughed hearing her and told her:Ok u will get it..

Then trio sat at their table and started chit-chatting…. Soon swalak bonded well within short time..Both teamed up and started teasing ragini while ragini showed fake anger towards them..but soon trio burst out laughing..meanwhile they got their order and had their dinner together..They spent quality
time with each other..After some time Laksh droini at Ragini’s flat and went to his home…

Laksh after reaching MM went straightly to sanskar room,he doesn’t find sanskar in his room he went towards terrace in search of him and found sanskar gazing at moon with no emotions
Laksh felt bad seeing his brother like that.he know whenever sankar misses kavitha he gazes at moon lost.
Laksh keeps his hand on sanskar shoulders
Sanskar: (coming in senses) Bhai…
laksh: what are u thinking ?
sanskar: (not meetig his eyes)Aa nothing bhai
laksh: are u maissing kavitha?
sanskar: no bhai …this time not about kavitha
laksh: then?
Sanskar: nothing bhai…jst feeling restlss

Laksh: why? Any problem?
Sanskar: no problem bhai….i don’t know why…but feeling lost that’s all
Laksh:hmm can I tell u one thing which can may be change your mood?
Sanskar: hmm tell bhai
Laksh: the girl who saved me on that day is none other than your employee swara
Sanskar: wat? Is she swara..i must thank her
Laksh: no no If u do then I am sure u gonna dead in ragini hands
Sanskar: haan that is right lets keep calm….but we r really thankful to her naaa
Laksh notices a spark I sanskar eyes when speaking about swara…but he kept quiet
While they r talking like this ap call them for dinner…soon they proceed to dining room.

At dinnig table,
Ap:laksh,sanskar tomorrow there I kept puja I our home so be at home ok?
Laksh:ok mom
Ap: (looking at sanskar) sanky what r u thinking? Did u hear what I said?
Sanskar: haa mom
Ap:so u r goig to stay with no excuses ok?
Sanskar: sorry mom,but please don’t force me .
Saying this he wet from there leaving his dinner I middle.Ap has tears I her eyes,Dp assured her
Dp:u know na Annapurna aboubt him….leave it

Ap: upto whe ji…? many years passed but still he stuck there,I am losing hope ji,when my sanskar move on (she cried)
Laksh: mom,I am sure time has come now sanskar will be alright ,plzz don’t worry
Ap: ok lucky
Soon everyone disperse to their room

Here in swaragini flat,swarag after their dinner they chit chatted for sometime,now they proceed to sleep
Swara:goodnight rags
Ragini:gudnyte dear
Swara was about to sleep when she notics 2 missed calls from unknown number,when she about to call but soon she again got call from that number,she lifts call
Swara: hello…

Precap: Guess

Finally done with this chapter,sorry guys o swasa scenes today please shower your comments guys,both negative and positive suggestions are accepted , silent readers please try to comment so that I can be encouraged. Sorry if any grammatical ad spelling mistakes.

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