Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-17)

Hiii guys sorry for late here is nxt part and thank you for those who commented on previous parts
Give me your valuable comments both positive and negative also ????
Let’s come to story

Swara: what????
Mind: make two chits on which one chit has ” swara loves Sanskar ” another chit has” swara doesn’t love Sanskar ”
How this???
Swara rolls her eyes ????while heart scolding mind
Heart: u stupid duffer today u proved u r useless
Mind : huhhh u have any better idea then??
Heart : haa better than you
Mind : really tell then we will decide better or worst
Heart: seriously… Listen swara close your eyes and see whom u r seeing that’s it simple
Mind starts laughing while swara slaps her forehead
Mind: is this ur great idea???
Heart: haan isn’t that nice?? ( raising imaginary collar)
Mind : nice my foot
Heart:y what happened??
Swara: I am seeing srk once, hrithik roshan once does that means I love these two also
Heart: what?
Mind: (sarcastic ) haha grt idea worked sooo grt
Heart: better than u atleast she got to know she loves three people woww I am also multitasking
Mind : shut up u idiot
Heart : u also shut up
Swara ( shouts ) :shut up u both
Heart and mind like??respectively
Swara : I have idea
heart + mind gestures like what

Swara : open google and read love quotes while reading if I remember sanskar then I am in love with him what say??? ???
Heart Nd mind are looking blank at her
Swara without waiting for their reply started taking GB (google baba) help after sometime she closes her lappy and sits tiringly leaning to head board Heart and mind sign eachother like what happened, slowly approaching her they asked
Mind : what happened???
Heart (excitingly ): u love him??
swara : ( in crying face ) I am remembering hrithik, srk, Siddharth malhotra, varun dhawan, ranbhir kapoor also along with sanskar
Mind : unbelievable ( to heart ) you have this much space in you
Heart : haan I am very large king sized kind heart na ?
Mind: what??
Heart : it’s also called multitasking u know??
Mind : u also developed like me grt bro
Swara irritated by their talks : will u both shut up and give me any useful idea
They again engrossed in their thinking
DESTINY in babaji get up slaps it’s head seeing swara and throws some coconut water on her giving an super idea strikes to her, wisdom by throwing holy coconut water?????
Swara : ( loudly ) idea

Saying this she started calling someone other side that person cuts call cursing swara for calling at this time. Yes it’s midnight 3 am????
Swara again called her, opposite lifted and started yelling at her
Swara: bas bas ms nautanki calm down
Os: what calm down u disturbed my beautiful dream ( started crying )
Swara controlling her laugh: what are u dreaming my darling rabia ???( rg this is you, swara closest dearest friend )
Rabia : huhh I am doing kungfu against Jackie chan and I am going to win over him, huhh but u disturbed my dream
Swara :?????????haha u r seriously impossible and laughs loudly
Rabia : hehe soo funny, tell me why u disturbed my dream????
Swara : actually rabi that…. Tells whole matter
Rabia : ohh is this a problem, swara do u know what is love, love is feeling that makes you feel beyond out of universe, it’s your strength, your trust for someone more than you, it make you things you not even think of doing, for them you can go to any extent…….. ( rabia is saying all these dreamingly ??)
Swara: rabia babyyy I didn’t asked for love definition do that I cam write in exam, I want to know whether I am in love, what exact feeling I am holding for sanskar
Rabia: you stupid you can’t listen properly na, huh tell me one thing how you feel when he talks with other girls, when he comes closer to you, his affect on you like u feeling happy and protective or irritating, your feeling when he get hurts, your happy when he won, totally think what you think about him like what you want from him…..( swara is thinking )
Now think decide and tell me tomorrow, let me sleep, jackie chan is waiting I have to go and fight with him???????
Swara : haha thank you sooooo much babyyyy muuuaaah????
Rabia : send me dms three boxes???, now goodnight ???
Sooo our love guru rabia (my pyaari rg) removes our swara confusion let’s see what will happen if swara realizes her love or she doesn’t love him at all it’s just some attraction
Thinking about rabia words swara dozes into deep sleep

Next day morning,
Today is haldi of raglak, these two are seated in hall and all r helding their event, sanskar is talking with one girl and that girl is ogling on him more and more but he is busy in talking and checking his mails so he unnoticed her actions but our swara notices, swara is having haldi filled bowl in her hand and she is going for some work but seeing sanskar with other girl her heart pained remembering rabia words, she later fumed in anger seeing that girl clinging to his arm like dog????in anger she goes towards sanskar and unknowingly empty haldi on his head???
Sanskar and others are shocked for this sudden movement ??
( guys only family members and two out people are there soo no worries )
Swara: what are you doing here with this chudali ( pointing her towards girl)
Girl: haww me chudali…..youuuu
Swara snaps at that girl: u shut up
Turning towards Sanskar
Swara : there is soo much work and u r talking casually huhhh
Sanskar : whaatt

swara: what what gooo and get to work,(under breath)useless creature

By the time all around them started giggling even swara is trying hard controlling her laughter seeing his haldi stained head ?????
Swasan see’s around them and embrassed
Swara : goo and take bath u r looking like joker ( controlling laugh )
Uttara : bhai more than lucky bhai u have fulfilled haldi wish ( brokes into laughter by this time swara also joins her)
Sanskar : swara…. youuu I won’t leave you now and started chasing her and she runs upwards to stairs saving herself from him, soon she hided in a room fortunately it’s sanskar room???
searching for her he got tired and Not finding her he went towards his room for fresh up, swara is hiding behind curtain in his room, he opens his shirt buttons then see swara lehenga end coming out from behind curtain, he smirked and slowly went towards curtain and remove it and got view of our oops his princess standing there closing her eyes seeing him half naked ( actually he removed his shirt )????
She is looking gorgeous in her baby pink lehenga with minimal accessories and makeup. He is losing his control seeing her like that,
He slowly leans towards her and his hot breath is hitting her cheeks making her flushed with light pink cheeks,he cups her cheek with one hand and another rest on wall for support and whispers in her eyes : open your eyes shona
Swara shivers and opens her eyes and seeing him close very close she started breathing heavily, seeing his effect on her he felt happy, then he places his other hand on her waist squeeze it and started caressing her cheeks now she is full red, she is unable to talk or make sound due to this close proximity, while he is seeing her romantically, they both has small eye lock and drowned in eachother eyes, slowly he started leaning towards her, and their lips going to touch,

DESTINY gives a missed call to sanskar mobile spoiling their beautiful moment ?????
Both comes to senses and looked eachother, sanskar moved back scratching his hair shyly, while swara is blushing red, she slowly moves away from him, before going
Swara : don’t flirt much
Sanskar : wait when I flirt?? ???
Swara : before sometime ??
Sanskar : what nooo just talking casually
Swara: casually, can’t u see that chudali is clinging like monkey to you
Sanskar: is she?? ??
Swara: yessss ???( she stomps her feet and angrily went from there )
Sanskar laughs sensing her jealousy, he is sure that swara started falling for him ???
He smiles idiotically reminiscing their recent moment almost going to be their first kiss
Swara on other side remembering about our darling guru rabia words and thinking her reaction seeing him with other girl and their recent moments she blushes
She is sure that she fallen in love with him, she started smiling happily thinking about him, but suddenly her eyes turned teary remembering some past events. She wipes her eyes and goes down happily forgetting everything.sanskar also comes there after fresh up. Lucky called all out to backyard there a setup is made as rain dance theme, all youngsters with their partners have to dance and our heavenly couple swasan also started dancing
Song plays in background depicting their feelings

(Chehre mein tere Khud ko main dhoondhun Aankhon ke darmiyaan Tu ab hai iss tarah Khwaabon ko bhi jagah na mile
I search for myself in your face You are in my eyes such that Even dreams don’t find any space in them
Yeh mausam ki baarish Yeh baarish ka paani Yeh paani ki boondein Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe
This seasonal rain, The water of this rain, And the drops of water Search only for you
Yeh milne ki khwaahish Yeh khwahish puraani Ho poori tujhi se Meri yeh kahaani
The desire to meet, This desire is old My tale completes only through you
Kabhi tujhse utrun Toh saanson se guzrun Toh aaye dil ko raahat
When I leave you, Then I get time to breathe And my heart gets rest
Main hoon bethikana Panaah mujhko paana Hai tujh mein, de ijazat
I am homeless, I want shelter in you, Permit me
Na koi darmiyaan Hum dono hai yahan Phir kyun hai tu bata Faasley…
There is no one in between Only both of us are here Tell me, then why is there distance between us
Yeh mausam ki baarish Yeh baarish ka paani Yeh paani ki boondein Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe Yeh milne ki khwahish Yeh khwahish puraani Ho poori tujhi se Meri yeh kahaani Hawaaon se tera pata poochta hoon Ab toh aaja tu kahin se Parindon ki tarah yeh dil hai safar mein Tu mila de zindagi se
I ask your address from the wind Come from somewhere My heart is journeying like birds Introduce me to life
Bas itni ilteja Tu aake ik dafa Jo dil ne na kaha Jaan le..
I only request you to Come once And know what my heart has not said
Yeh mausam ki baarish Yeh baarish ka paani Yeh paani ki boondein Tujhe hi toh dhoondhe Yeh milne ki khwahish Yeh khwahish purani Ho poori tujhi se Meri yeh kabati)

During entire song both are drowned themselves busy in eachother eyes with loving gaze ??????
Both are not willing to come out from their dreamy world even after completion of song, raglakuttnik see’s this they are happy and smiling teasingly atlast uttara nikhil comes to swasan and separate them from eachother embrace by bringing them to reality ??????
Swara feels embarrassed and runs from there, while sanskar struck in between his naughty siblings and bearing their teasings?????
In all these one pair of eyes are burning with jealousy
While DESTINY is feeling shy seeing swasan closeness and hides it’s face in lays packet ??????
Thank you guys

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