Swasan – A Bond of Togetherness (Part-1)

Hello guys….thank you so much for Ur comments and encouragement…here i am giving part 1 of story…before proceeding, here a few words about this story.
This story is about a lovely couple Sanskar Maheswari and Swara Gadodia, whose journey started with falling in love that leads to their marriage, their love life, their goals, passion,their sweet moments, surprises, their insecurities, their support for each other through thick and thin, their bonding from beginning to the end that meant for their togetherness… 

So story starts here.

Its early hours of sunrise, all habitants of Delhi are in deep sleep, they don’t want to end their beautiful sleep, but times goes on,They have to wake up and proceed to their daily duties…(so boring right). At that time an announcement made in airport which informs arrival of flight from Canada…a girl of early 20’s is shown, she’s none other than
Our beautiful angle, getting down from plane, yes she is swara… she returned to India after working in abroad for 2 years. She came to India to work in Indian company on a contract of 1 year. She came to her house in Delhi where her parents live. she intended to give surprise to her parents so didn’t informed them about her return.
On reaching home, she hit calling bell, a woman of mid 40’s open door…
Lady: (shocked nd shouted) shekar…..
Shekar: what misti y shouting early in morning disturbing my sleep….(shocked and happy seeing scenario there..)
Their life, apple of their eyes standing there
Shekar: shonaa
Swara: papa…(goes and hugs him)
Shekar: y.. suddenly, u didn’t informed, any problem (worried)
Swara: uff papa no problem jst thought of giving surprise… and winks
Swara: (giggles seeing her ma still in shock) mummaaa..
Sumi: haa shonaa my bachaa (happy tears..) missed u dear
Swara: missed u mumma…(hugs her)
Shekar: whoa…my beautiful ladies… 
Trio share hug

Sumi: shona go and fresh up…I’ll go and ready breakfast for u.
Swara: ok mumma…bye dad.
After some time, at breakfast table
Swara, sumi and shekar settle down having bf
Shekar: so swara how many days u r staying here..?
Swara: dad I have to go to Kolkata after 2 days…as I have to report in my new office
Sumi: wat… u r going so early…u can spend some more days here
Swara: mumma once I report after 1 month I’ll come back and stay here some days
Shemish: ok dear
So after 2 days, In Kolkata
A beautiful morning, with blissful sunlight, birds chirping happily, why not it’s a day where two soul mates going to meet for first time as decided by destiny.

A bhajan is playing in house intemple, a woman of late 40’s praying to god about well being of her children, beside her a young girl and a man of mid 50’s are standing . At that time, a man of mid 20’s entered into house after his jogging…he is in his track pants with v-neck T-shirt.
He straight went to that woman and greets her.
Man: Good morning mom, Good morning dad, mrng uttu (hugs them)
Woman: Good morning sanskar
Man: Good morning my son
Uttara: mrng bhai
Yes he is our hero sanskar and she is AP, and man is DP
Sanskar: mom where is bhai?
AP: May be still sleeping….sleepy head
Uttara: (giggles) may be dreaming…
DP: (giggles) definitely dreaming
Sanskar: (giggles) I’ll go to him and wake up.
AP: haan…come fast both of u,I am going to prepare breakfast.
Sanskar: haan mom okk

A room is shown, man of late 20’s is shown sleeping peacefully
Sanskar: bhai….wake up
Laksh: let me sleep ragini…: D
Sanskar: uff bhai….wake up na its 8’o clock
Laksh: uff….don’t disturb me…u also come and sleep
Sanskar: (loudly) BHAI….
Laksh: (gets up) watt sanky u disturbed my dream… 
Sanskar: uff…bhai get up from Ur dream land….u can meet Ur ragini in real…she called me to inform u to meet her before going to office
Laksh: (smiles widely like idiot) really, thank you sankyy 
Sanskar: (smiles seeing his bro happy) ok bye meet u at bf, going to get ready, mom is waiting for us come soon
Laksh: okk bye.
Soon After their breakfast, everyone proceed to their destinations.
Let’s see what destination stores for them today… 

Precap: swasan meet.

That’s all guys for today….comments, suggestions are all acceptable, hope u like it…its my first ff so bear me plzz…I try my maximum to cope up ur expectations 

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