Swasan – the Bond (OS)


Love-only a four letter word .. yet it has the power to conquer the world.It is not about the physical involvment of two bodies but it is the bonding of hearts…and lovestories are the best ways to cherish this bond..
Swara and Sanskar were best friends since class 3rd till now when they were in college.
Though Sanskar was in love with Swara madly and deeply but could not confess his love as he wasn’t sure about her feelings.He could not gather the courage to tell her and also he was afraid of ruining this beautiful friendship all by himself.
Once while returning back from the college, Swara was deeply engrossed in her own thoughts.
Sanky : What the hell is going on in that devil mind of yours? What are you thinking since so long?Why are you not answering me?
Swara : Oh wait! so many questions all together.. huh .. well I was thinking about this.
They were standing outside a big designer showroom and Swara was lost admiring a beautiful pair of white stilletoes with golden shimmery work..and the price tag attached to it says that it costs Rs. 25,000.

Swara : Sanky I wish to own them badly.. but anyways my dad won’t allow me as we are not that strong financially.
Sanskar was apalled and sad too as he could not buy her love those stilletoes as he too was not that rich.
Swara was never so materialistic but she wanted them badly… desires are desires…
They started walking back home with an unsual silence prevailing between them.
After some days Swara’s parents decided to get her married as she was already 21. Also they never liked her being so close to Sanky.Swara was never ready with this but she had no other option as she knew that her father would never change his mind… So she silently agreed with a crying soul.
Sanky also came to know about this and …

His world turned upside down. He could never think of Swara getting married to another guy.. He started being alone.. away from the world.. as every single thing around reminded him of Swara.
Finally he gathered all his courage on her wedding day and decided to confess his feelings..
He entered his room through the window and was mesmerised seeing her in the beautiful red bridal attire..She ran towards him and hugged him tightly.
Swara : See Sanky what they are doing.. they are marrying me off.. I don’t want to get married..
Sanky : Why Swara? He must be a nice guy..Rich and handsome – the way you always wanted.
Swara : Yes he is.. but how does that matter? He is not you.He is not my Sanskar wo understands me more than myself.
Sanky was astonished at her words. Once he is happy and the other moment he is sad about the thought of her getting married to someone else.
Sanky : What?
Swara : I wonder how you are so stupid..I love you..!!

And the very next moment they were embracing each other..He kissed his lips tightly. He was loving her madly. But somewhere in his heart he knew that she was never going to be his.
Then came a voice from outside her room.
Person : Common Swara how much time will you take..open the door.. he is already waiting outside..
And with those voices his love was gone forever…

7 Years later…
When Sanky visited to his hometown after a long time,everything was changed.He was now one of the biggest buisness tycoons in India.He was now a billionaire. Soon he came to know anout swara who was in a rehabilitation center in London. He, without giving a second thought, went to that place.
Sanskar (To a nurse) : I want to meet Swara banerjee. She has been admitted here 6 years back.
Nurse : No sir we can’t let you in. Only the patient’s family members are allowed to meet them.
Sanskar : Look it’s really imortant.please let me meet her.
Nurse : No sir we are really sorry.
Sanskar : Okay fine but why the hell she is here? What happened to her?
Nurse : Why do you want to know?Who are you?
Sanskar : We have been best friends since we were children…
He went on telling her there story of friendship and love. She turned quite emotional and agreed to tell him why she has been admitted there.
Nurse : She was happily married and afterwards shifted to London with her husband. At first everything was so well but as the time passed his husband started becoming harsh. He used come home drunk and beat her. He used molest her and abuse her verbally. She tried to pacify the problem by talking to her parents but the all they would advice her was to adjust, adjust and adjust. One day she was fed up with all these and left her husband’s home at mid night. She was all alone in a place she barely knew. She was walking on the road when a car bumped into her.Her head was severly injured but somehow she managed to stay alive but all in vain. Her body was there but not her soul. She had completely forgotten everything about her past. She lost her memory! She refused to even recognise her parents and friends. She was then admitted here. Now she is here with her withered face and a pale body. She has lost all the colours of her life. When she survived the brutal accident many of the doctors said that it was was a wonder but today I came to know that it was because of your love which kept her alive.
Sanskar : I think I should leave now. Will you please handover this packet to her?
Nurse : I wish I could make you to meet her but I am really helpless.
Sanskar : I completely understand.. Don’t worry my love shall cure her very fast.
The nurse then went to Swara who was sitting like a lifeless body on a white hospital bed. She gave her the packet and waited for her to open it. But she did not. Instead she kept it aside just like she didn’t care what that was. The nurse went off seeing this.

At night when Swara was all alone, she opened the packet and a found a gift box beautifully decorated with red hearts and flowers. She opened the box and found a beautiful pair of white stilletoes with golden shimmery work. The same pair which she wanted badly 7 years ago…
A tear escaped her eye and all she could say was Sanskar…
This was the power of true love.. despite of being seperated by destiny, they had something between them which connected their souls and that was their TRUE LOVE.
She forgot everything about the past but she never forgot the guy who loved her selflessly and the guy whom she loved endlessly.

Guys this is the first time I am writing a story so please forgive me for the mistakes. This is an excerpt from one my favourite novel mixed with my imagination. Hope you liked it. Please do comment. Criticism invited. Thank you for reading.

Credit to: Shreya

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