Swasan Blood Bound Chapter 14


Blood Bound – Half Truth
Chapter 14

It’s not enough to be able to lie with a straight face; anybody with enough gall to raise on a busted flush can do that. The first way to lie artistically is to tell the truth — but not all of it. The second way involves telling the truth, too, but is harder: Tell the exact truth and maybe all of it…but tell it so unconvincingly that your listener is sure you are lying.
Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love

Sanskaar smiled, “Well I have Mom-Dad, Uncle- Aunt, two brothers of which one is a cousin, Two Sisters in law, One irritating sister. My Dad Ramprasad, my Mom Sujata, my Uncle-Aunt DurgaPrasad-Annapoorna, My Brother Laksh, Adarsh…..

Swara’s eyes widened in shock and the coffee mug fell from her hand. The coffee spilling all over his carpet.

Sanskaar’s eyes widened with concern he got up and rushed to her placing a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong Swara?! what happened? Are you alright? Are you sick?!” Sanskaar managed to finish those questions in one breath.

Swara shut her eyes tightly and let out her breath. “Is your brother’s name Adarsh Maheshwari by any chance?”
Sanskaar nodded but his face showed clear confusion. “Yes Swara, but how do you know him?” he asked. ‘She cannot remember.. she just can’t.. is it possible she regained a part of her memories’ he thought

“Is your uncle Duragaprasad the owner of Zinc Media Publications?” she asked again.
When Sanskaar nodded Swara picked up her phone immediately and called up someone.

“You are coming here within 20 minutes and if I don’t find you here.. you very well know what I can do” she said and without hearing the answer from the other side she disconnected the call.

“Swara.. what’s wrong?! will you please tell me?? say something?” Sanskaar insisted but Swara did not break her silence.

The silence felt like it stretched through an eternity. The door bell cut through the silence in Sanskaar’s living room.

Adarsh entered hurriedly, Parineeta towing behind him. “Bhai, Bhabhi what are you both doing here? Sanskaar inquired but Adarsh remained quiet.

“What is all this Adarsh?” Swara said icily and Adarsh winced at her tone she always called him Addy and Adarsh was reserved only for when he was in trouble.

“Swara listen I can explain…” He started but was cut in by Sanskaar.

“What the f**k Adarsh! you sent her here deliberately. Sanskaar’s eyes widened in disbelief. All his hardwork, pain and suffering down the drain because of Adarsh.

“Adarsh I want to talk to you.. in my library” Sanskaar motioned for him to go there but Swara being Swara cut them in between.

“Where are you taking him?!! I am not done talking” Swara said.

“Not now Swara” he looked at her with such intensity in his eyes which dared her to defy him which she could so she huffed and crossed her arms over her chest and sat on the sofa pouting. Sanskaar smiled looking at her antiques but remembered the matter at hand so he shook his head and went behind Adarsh. They needed to have this serious talk.

Sanskaar entered the library and closed the door behind him calmly but inside he was bursting to keep down.

“What is wrong with you Adarsh? How could you take such a risk with her life?” he literally screamed.

“Sanskaar trust me my intention was not to hurt you both but one day she came there for job interview and I wanted to check the extent of the memory loss so I gave her the job.. But I could see she was missing that spark she had when she was with you and here I could see you pining for her so I made up this case and sent her here under the pretence of being undercover as it is Sanskaar you both are blood bound by the oath you both took which means one will never be complete without the other and do you really think she will be safe away from you?! for your information she was attacked twice during these months” Adarsh explained.

“Wait a second! What you mean by she was attacked twice?” Sanskaar asked outraged. He had sent Swara away from him to keep her safe not to endanger her even more by not being next to her.

“Yeah Shekhar and Sharmistha reported that there had been two attacks on her” Adarsh said quietly.

Sanskaar exhaled a breath he did not know he was holding, “Thank God we sent Shekhar and Sharmistha with her, but what when she comes to know they are not her parents? that her parents are no more and that we when altered her brother’s memory” Sanskaar said worriedly.

“Sanskaar, it’s high time her memories need to be returned.” Adarsh said placing a hand on his shoulder.

“But Adarsh do you even know what could happen if we force back those memories on her?!” Sanskaar said harshly trying to level his breath.

“Sanskaar we don’t need to tell her anything.. even without her memories she is falling for you once again.” Adarsh said quickly.

“And she is ever regains her she is going to hate me. You know Adarsh that she loves her independence and making her own decisions and by taking her memory I took away that freedom from her… She is definitely going to hate me” Sanskaar said now mourning his fate.

“Ya well love makes us do stupid things but Sanskaar you have to understand she is not any safer away from you that with you and as for forgiveness, you will have to grovel a bit but she loves you eventually she will forgive you” Adarsh said with a knowing smile. He had not liked Swara initially when her and Sanskaar were together but that girl had grew on him with time.

“Well I don’t know about you but in these 6 months she has become like a young sister to me and well she owes an explanation from me.. and don’t worry buddy I’ll try to explain in a way I don’t expose your secrets because well they are yours to reveal.” Sanskaar nodded his head and went back to worrying.

Swara couldn’t take this. The person she thought was her boss, her friend had sent her here.. but why?! he could have asked any of his family members to do this task! then why her? who was just some newbie intern with no field experience at all. The moment she heard Addy no Adarsh’s name from Sanskaar’s mouth she felt like someone had snatched the carpet from under her. A sense of betrayal and the main thing was even she din’t quite understand why so!

She ignored Parineeta and went outside for a fresh breath of air. Outside the wind was blowing, the birds were chirping and no vehicle sound as the house was little off the civilisations it was was perfect, everything was perfect expect for the inner turmoil between her mind and her heart. Her mind was telling her she was over reacting that all this could be a big co-incidence but her heart was feeling betrayed that maybe Adarsh deliberately sent her here for something and also there was a tiny part of her mind which agreed with her heart as minds rarely do believe in co-incidences such big.

Suddenly she felt hand on her shoulder and turned around to se who it was and sighed heavily when she saw it was Adarsh.

“Why Adarsh why?” she asked.

“Swara…” he started but was at a loss of words. He did not want to reveal more than he had to.

“You could have asked any of your family members to look into it.. why me? me who is just an intern with no field experience?”

“Swara.. My family does not work for me. They all have their own work to do and I could not ask them to keep their works aside for me” Swara nodded well now that she thought of it, it sounded rationale.

“But why hide about your family to me? you could tell me about them before I am here”

Adarsh looked abashed “Well I initially I forgot to tell you about them and then when I realised that I thought you would be mad at me like you are right now so I sent Parineeta here to handle it”

Swara looked genuinely shocked. “Instead of going through all this planning you could have just told me Adarsh”

“Also I did search about the incidents Adarsh. There is nothing recent about them and all my research ends at some mystical creature which is crap and bull shit I mean who the hell in this world believes in Vampire, Werewolves, pixies, gargoyles, were panther, etc…” she said waving her hand in dismissal.

She saw a flicker of emotions on his face but it passed faster than it arrived.

“Adarsh please tell me was where even such assignment?”

Adarsh sighed but to build half truth, “No! but since your accident you looked so dead, you were not living just existing and so I handed you this case to bring out the more lively side of you. This was not on the priority case list so there was no hurry”

Swara bit her lip to stop from crying at the moment she felt betrayed by the person she trusted the most.

“Adarsh just please give me a few days to grasp all this.. also I think I need to find a need job” she said and went inside leaving him all alone.

Swara went inside but Parineeta was missing. She saw Sanskaar cleaning the coffee she spilled on his beautiful carpet and rushed over to help him.

“I am soo sorry Sanskaar I ruined your carpet” She said panicky.

“Swara so much has been revealed to you and you are seriously worried about my carpet!” he said.

“I can’t forgive him easily Sanskaar. I hate lies I can’t tolerate them. For the past 6 months he has been my best friend and now I just feel betrayed.. I do not remember my life prior to these 6 months and so I feel doubly cheated.” she said wiping her traitor tears.

Sanskaar stood up and went to sit next to her. “and in any case I leaving the college in maybe another two days” Sanskaar felt like his life was slipping through his fingers Fate had given him a second chance and dare if he would let it go.

“Swara I don’t think you can the admission form of this college contains a clause that you cannot leave this college before finishing a year”

Swara’s eyes widened in horror as she remembered that she had indeed read that clause.

“So maybe I still have time here” Sanskaar heaved in relief.

“Do not worry mademoiselle.. your loyal servant at your service” Swara laughed through her tears and Sanskaar’s heart pained at seeing her cry.

“So what should we do to distract madame?” he said tapping his finger on his forehead pretending to think.

“I am fine Sanskaar.. you dont need to bother..” she said.

“If something matter to me the most then it’s your happiness.. I would move heaven and hell just to see a smile on your pretty face” he said pressing his lips to hers.

Swara looked into his eyes and that intensity was too much for her to bear. It was pulling her into a new world.
“Do you feel it Swara?” he almost whispered. She nodded.

“Sometimes being a fool shows us how to live a great life Swara without any prejudice… so be a fool and enjoy the life to its fullest without any tensions about the past, present or future”
He said and crashed his lips onto hers.

So done with another update yaaaay mee.. hope you all liked it.. This part was more of Adarsh and his role in the story but it was necessary for the story to move ahead and I seriously hope you all find reading this story worth your time… And here are some hints/revealations I made

1. It was all Adarsh’s plan to reunite Swara and Sanskaar… aww don’t hate him for lying he just wanted to play a cupid.
2. Shekhar and Sharmistha are not Swara parents they work for the Maheshwari’s as their guards.. shocking right?!
3. Vampire… Werewolves… Pixies… Gargoyles… Were panther.. where’s the party tonight..
4. I promise I’ll try to give lots of romance in the next update..
If you liked the chapter please voteeee and comment… it encourages me…
Oh by the way how is the new cover???


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