SwaSan! Bin Tere!! episode – 8



swara:yes bhai i love sanskar but if u….

Before she could complete Adi hugged her

Adi: today i’m sooo happy shona (cups her face) u know sanskar i best for u…. u r very lucky to get sanskar in ur life 
Swara: (suprised) but bhai u were angry na then…..
Sanskar:my jaan ur bro is a big dramebaaz
Adi: i’m talking my sis so u better dont poke ur nose….. and she not any jaan she is swara for u and for me shona got tat
Sanskar:arrey y r u angry with me huh! Wat did i do
Adi: u always used to say tat im ur friend ..
Sanskar: yes u r
Adi: but u dnt even cared to tell me tat u love my shona
Sanskar: hey do u have any memory problem huh! Dont u remember im the one who told u tat we love eachother
Adi: lucky is my true friend … he love my ladoo and dnt hide it from me …( ignores sanskar)
Sanskar:(looks at laksh) lucky really did u…….
Lucky: yes bhai i said it to Adi 
Swara:monkey stop blushing like donkey
Lucky: chona …… chona… chona
Swara:monkey its shona okay
Lucky: but i thought it is chona chudail
Swara: uuuu i will kill u….
Lucky:bhai so sad of u …how can u love thz chudail
Swara: and soo sad of my sis …. haan ragu how can u love a monkey
Ragini: shut up u both
Swara and laksh:(pouts)

Just then they hears laughing sound and turns ….only to see tat Adi and Sanskar laughing

Sanskar arrey adi …how can u handle ur shona …. ohh sorryyy non stop radio….
Adi: dont worry u will also exprience after she is ur would be 

swara: bhaiiiiiiiiiiii
Adi :(quite)
but sanskar

swara comes towards sanskar
and started beating him by hands

Swara: u idiot ….i will not leave u
Sanskar:arrey swara leave me yaar….aahhh
Swara: still yesterday i was jaan ….now non stop radio haan
Sanskar: aah …i just….
But she was continuesly hitting him …. but our sanskar is also not less ….he grabed her both hands and pulled her towards him …. and they had a lovely eyelock
Both were lost in eachother
Soon they came back to sense by….

Lucky:Aheem…Ahemm …. swara i know bro is very handsome …. but control ur emotions all r present here (teases)

She runs and hides behind Adi ….

Adi: ohh lucky dont tease my shona …. even my shona is gorgeous so tat only ur bro was also staring her like anything hain na shona….
Sanskar: haan Adi u r right …… and plz tell ur shona to stop blushing …. or else im not the one who can control my emotion 
Swara: bhai…i..have…some work…..

Saying thz she immedeatly leaves from

All: laughs…

Adi:( hugs sanskar) thank dude my shona is very lucky tat u loved her …..from today all my fears r vanished regarding my sister’s life ….. they got a best soul mate
Sanskar: Adi… im the one who is lucky to get ur sis ….. and u as my friend …. okay

All were happy but one person was boiling with anger  yes it is sahil …. he leaves from there in anger

After 6months
Swasan and raglak got married
( i dont wanna drag thz yaar)
they were living happy …. it was a perfect family but happiness dnt last for long

One fine day

Sanskar: Adi we should leave for kashmir …..
Adi: yes sanskar….
Max: yes sir the flight will takeoff at 8pm
Laksh: then bhai…. we should ready everything
Sanskar: yeah lucky ……
Adi: but sanskar if u come there then who will take care of here…..
Sahil: arrey adi im their na … i will take care …. sanskar bhai ….. present is more important there …. i think he should go….
Sanskar: yes adi he is right… i should go kashmir ….. to destroy tat blo*dy people who r destroying innocent people 
Adi:hmm okay…. (to sahil) u take care of here but remember tat don is only sanskar and no one can take his place
Sahil:adi chill due …. i know tat 

They discuss about something and later leaves from there

Maheswari Manshion

Swasan room

Swara was arranging clothes in a kit
In anger …. just then she felt a strong arm around her waist

Swara: sanskar leave me
Yes it is sanskar
Sanskar: im sorry na jaan plz maaf kardo … its really very important so i have to go
Swara: …. u dont care about me ..naa ……
Sanskar turns her and wipes her tears

Sanskar: ssshhh dont cry…. …. plz try to understand its really urgent
Swara: okay
Sanskar:(smiles) thank u …..(kisses her forehead) okay then bye

He was about to go but swara holds his wrist …. he turns and looks ?ly at her

Swara moves closer to him … tip toes … holds his collor …. they both can hear eachothers heart beat ……

Swara: sanskar im feeling scared …. i dont know im feeling like something bad gonna happen… ..(tears) sanskar i cant leave without u…i…..

Before she could complete …. he smashed his lips on her soft yet rosy lips …. it was a passionate kiss filled with love …. assuring tat everything will be alright
Finally the patted back due to lack of oxygen ….

Sanskar:(smiles) dont worry ….(patted her cheeks) take care …. i will be back soon …
Swara: okay
Sanskar smiles and pecks her lips
Sanskar: i love u
Swara;(smiles sadly) i love too

Soon he leaves from there

Next day

Swasan room

Swara was continuesly vomiting ….. just then ragini comes there …

Ragini: swara wat happen…
Swara: i dont know ragu… im vo….
She runs washroom and vomits again

After sometime she comes out

Ragini: swara … i think we should consult doctor
Swara: yes ragu …. u r right …
Ragini:then come ….lets go
Swara:hmm okay

They leaves to hospital

Doctor checks swara ….

Ragini: doctor she is fine naa
Doctor:(smiles) yes mrs laksh she is absoulety fine… and actually it is good news …..
Swara: wat doctor(confused)
Doctor: yehi ki u r excepting mrs sanskar .. u r 3months pregnant
Swara:wat really …(happy and tears) ragu did u hear … i …i …
Ragini: haan swara… u r excepting (happy)
swara: (hugs her) im sooo happy ragu ….
(Release the hug) sanskar will be very happy hear thz. ..
Ragini: haan ofcourse he will be happy but when will u tell him
Swara: when he returns from kashmir
Ragini: but…
Swara: and ragu still tat let it be in b/w us plz dont say about thz to anyone … i want to tell thz to sanskar 1st .. i wanna see his expression…. oooo ragu im soo happy
Ragini:haan haan okay now lets leaves

Soon they leaves from there

Ragini;(confused) but swara ….. how come u r excepting soo ….i mean tumhare shaadi ko 2mahine bhi nahi hoye …then itni jaldi …..
Swara: woo… ragu…mmm
Ragini:( teases) oooh swara dont say me tat … u and sanskar shadi se pehle hi mmmmmmm
Swara: ragu plzzzzzzzz
Ragini: haan okay kk

Day passed

Swara P.O.V

I was very happy… i was expecting ..i was at cloud nine …. but i was missing my sanskar very much …. yeah … even Adi bhai i was missing him too …..everthing was going well just the one day sahil came to our house …. we talked for sometime
But the next thing wat he showed me …was like taking my life away from me ….he showed me some dirty pics in which sanskar was with different girls in inmitiate position……. no no my sanskar ..cant cheat me … i dnt belived in tat …i scolded sahil very badly …. i turst Sanskar ….he loves me very much…. .. as passing day i forget about tat …….
One day … it was dreadfull day of my life everything shattered in one go … my brother my bhai was lieing on the floor with pool of blood ….some bodygurds bought him to the manshion …. when i asked about sanskar and laksh …they just answered me tat they will return soon …i and ragu was crying miserbly seeing my bhai condition many things were running in my mind …. who the hell did thz to my bhai …. i will kill him …. my thoughts was broken by sahil’s saying ” swara i got to know who is the person… …responsible for Adi bhai’s condition’ …i was shock….. who is he” i asked in full rage
“If i say u wont believe me soo see thz” he showed me a video seeing tat ..i was fully shattered tat sanskar whom i loved like a mad ….shoot my bhai…. he tried to kill my bhai ….. now i wanted to kill my self but reality hitted me tat im a pergnant …… i cant kill my love …. So i thought leave from here i cant be with tat man who is responsible for my bhai condition
….. i told thz to ragini ..even she was hell anger to listen thz …….. we both left from there as we came to know tat bhai is gone in comma dadi was here to look after bhai
For the last time i visited tat man place …i took all my belongings wrote a letter and left from there …to london
Swara p.o.v ends

So guys how was the episode hope u all liked it and it is a 2nd last episode more after 2episode i will end thz ss so plz do comment guys

Credit to: tanu

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