SwaSan! Bin Tere!! episode-6

Hi guys thz is tanu …thank u for u lovely comments ….sorry for late update


Sanskar reaches xyz place and finds swara who was facing her back to him

Sanskar: swara
She turns. ?? he was mesmerized to see her in hot pink jumpsuit she was looking gorgeous he was just lost in her beauty …..soon he composes himself
Sanskar:u asked me to come here ! Wats the matter?
Swara:? sanskar vo…I…want to say u something
Sanskar : then say huh!
Swara:Actually sanskar vo…..I…vo…
Sanskar: wat?
Swara:??? (closes her eyes) sanskar I….lo…..
Just then sanskar’s eyes falls on the goon who was standing behind swara …..he thinks something is fishy and looks around and see’s the other goons were hiding themselves
The goon who was standing behind swara points the gun
But sanskar immediately pulls swara in his embrace and takes his gun and shoots the goon

Swara who was closing her eyes gets startled to hear the ? sound ….she turns and finds a goon was lieing on the floor lifelessly …..she looked the sanskar who was holding ? and understood tat it is done by him only
Swara:? San…San….kar….
Sanskar:sshhh keep quite
Saying thz he helds her wrist and drags her to a corner ……..makes her hide there
Sanskar:stay…here don’t come out from here okay
Saying thz he was about to go but she holds his hand
Swara:? but …..sanskar…u….
Sanskar:(cups her face) nothing will happen to me jaan…until u r save becoz my life is not with me my life is with u ? take care of my life okay (pats her cheeks )
Swara nodes …..smiling in tears
Sanskar leaves from there

He started shooting the goons he..????? ……after sometime all the bullets in his ? gets over …he throws the gun …and started beating …the goons black and blue …he beats …kicks….punches them (ufff bechare gundai)
Just then a goon was about to stab him ? from back but in meantime sanskar holds the ? his hand started bleeding badly ….his eyes became red due to anger ..??? the goons gets scared seeing his anger ….sanskar pulled the ? from his hand …stabbed the goon in full anger finally all goons were killed



Swara comes there with teary eyes ….seeing him she immediately ran to him… And hugged him tightly …..soon she releases the hug and started kissing his face in full care …….sanskar was just standing numb by her sudden reaction
Swara:(cups his face) sanskar….u….r…fine..na.. .nothing happe,……..
Sanskar(comes to sense) sshhh jaan I’m fine see nothing happen to me
Swara realises wat she was doing …..moves back ….was blushing like hell??????? …but was also feeling lil awkward

There was awkward silence b/w them which was broken by sanskar

Sanskar: (avoiding eye contact ) Ahemm…ahemm ..so..u…was saying.me something right
Swara:?? don’t u know wat I want to tell u
Sanskar: how will I know huh!
Swara:idiot…can’t u understand seeing my face haan
Sanskar looks at get …understood about wat she was saying ….. But he wanted to hear from her soo

Sanskar:Nooooo (smiles but hides )
Swara:wat!!!!…..? then even I will not tell
Sanskar:hmmm okay..as ur wish …..so let’s leave from here
He was about to go but swara helds his wrist…turns him….and pulls him by his collor and smashes her soft yet rosy lips on his rough lips making him shock,surprise ….but he smiles ..pulls her by waist ….his one hand was holding her by waist and another was caressing her back romantically… And sensuously……. She holds his color tightly by her one hand and the other was caressing his hair deepening the kiss more and more????? it was a passionate and a lovely kiss .but later turns into a huger and a wild kiss……he bites her lower lips she gasp in pain and pleasure taking its an opportunity he enters into her mouth….both their tounges were playing with each other drinking the essence of eachother soon the? was broker due to lack of oxygen

Sanskar:(panting) wat……was….tat….
Swara:(hits his chest) Arghhhh…..idiot….stupid…..
Y can’t u understand tat ki I LOVE U
Sanskar:? ooooh soo u love me
Swara:??? yes
Sanskar:but I’m a don ..…dnt u see how I killed this mens
Swara:tho wat haan I LOVE U and turst u tat u will never harm anyone without any reason
Sanskar:? I LOVE U tooo my jaan (_hugs her)
Swara smiles and hugs him back tightly

Sanskar:Ahhhaaahh (jerks his hand in pain)
Swara:(releases the hug)(concerned)? wat happen

Shows his bleeding plam

Swara:ohhh god can’t u be careful see how its bleeding
She takes her scarf and ties it to his wounded palm carefully
Sanskar was starring her lovingly
She looks at him
Swara: wat??
Sanskar:nothing ?
Swara:hmmm now let’s leave from here ma may be waiting for us
Sanskar:okay as u say my Jaan

Both leaves to maheswari manshion


Maheswari Manshion

Ap was waiting for swara …….just then her eyes falls on swasan ….who was coming with a bright smile on their faces …..she was surprised to see them together


Swara see’s Ap…comes to her…

Swara:?maa(hugs her)
Ap:(confused) swara u went to ur friends place na then how come sanskar is with u
Swara:(tensed) vo….ma..actually…. Sanskar..vo
Sanskar:? maa she lied u
Swara:(shock and tensed) Sanskarrrrr…..
Ap:(confused) wat??
Sanskar:☺haan maa she lied u becoz (tells her everything)
Swara gives him??? look
Ap:(happy tone) really swara ….u both love each other…
Swara nodes…..blushes ????? and downs her head in shy
Ap:(hugs swara) oh god swara I’m sooo happy u know ( caressed her face ) I always wanted a dil like u ….and a wife like u to my sanskar see god fulfilled my wish ? u r perfect for my son only u can handle him
Sanskar:yeh ma u r right ?
Swara:?? maa i have some work
Saying thz she leaves from there

So guys how was thz episode hope u all liked it ???????????????????
And thz ss is up to 8 or 10th episode I will end it so plz ??????? do comments guys

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    Awesome dear.. And don’t end it soon yaar

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    Oh my dear.. Its awesome…just loved it to the core…swasan scenes were mindblowing…never thought such proposal… It was super duper…the way sanskar acted that he dont knw that what was she supposed to say with a smile n the way she reacted was so sweet…need more swasan moments..flashback really rocks..so try to continue to give some more swasan scenes.. While coming to present track plz clear those misunderstandings n unite them..plz dont stop this ff soon..its pretty good enough…so continue with awesome episodes.. Eagerly waiting for that…now-a-days, u r giving small updates..so try to give some big episodes.. Update next part as soon as possible

  9. Wow……amazing
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    Awesome but y r u ending it???

  11. Oh dear tabu i love you you know I love to wait for your ss because I love it and one more thing you are a graet writer i love your ss plzzz keep writing on swasan and start soon with season 2 with you are my life i have read it again you know your ss making me crazy

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    Wow its fantabulous lovely loved it its amazing and wonderful

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  14. Awesome dear…About Flashback just want to say that it is super duper good..
    And About Present Please clear misunderstanding..
    Flashbacks rocks
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