SwaSan! Bin Tere!! episode-5

Hi guys thz is tanu thank u for ur lovely comments and here is episode-5 of my ss hope u all like it?


Sanskar:I love u jaan
Swara was surprised
Swara:but I don’t love u
Sanskar:its okay I dnt asked u to love me back☺(patted her cheeks and leaves from there)
Swara was happy listening thz there is no limit for her happiness she was jumping,dancing ,like a mad humming a song
She leaves to her room and jumps on her bed and takes her Mobile and dails a number?

Mobile conversation

Swara:☺ hi ragu
Ragini:hey hi swaru how r u
Swara:like always super duper fine ☺?
Ragini:wats the matter haan u r sounds so happy haan
Swara:? vo ragu (tells everything)
Ragini:☺ wat really …
Swara? yes ragu
Ragini:wat did u answered to him
Swara:i said tat I don’t love him
Ragini:but u love him na
Swara:arrey ragu haan I love him…i said only to tease him?
Ragini:okay..but confess ur feeling to him don’t be late in tat k
Swara:k baba i will confess him tomorrow tat ki I also love him very much ?
Ragini:haan tats better ..okay now bye
Swara:☺haan bye take care
Call disconnected

Both swasan were thing about each other in their respective rooms and had a cute smile on their faces
Soon both dozed of thing about each other

Next day

It was a beautiful morning with lots of love to our heavenly couple swasan

Swara’s room

Swara was getting ready to meet sanskar soon she was ready
And walked towards sanskar …….she noticed tat the room door is already open so without knocking it she entered the room and founds sanskar who was busy in loading the gun she gets scared and tensed seeing the gun in his hand

Sanskar heared the door sound and looked at the door …finds swara with the tensed face who was continuously staring the gun with fearful eyes
And he understood the reason for her fear

He comes towards swara with a smile and holds her wrist and takes her towards a wardrobe and opens it…..swara was shocked to see tat the wardrobe was full of different types of guns
She looked at sanskar in shock and ?ly?

Sanskar:? jaan thz guns r mine not only thz but I have many many of it I know u r shocked and u will be More shocked if u come to know who I am
Do u want to know who I am (whispher in her ears)
I am a Don and u know not only u all know me very well I am SM Don i said thz to u becoz I think tat u have the right to know it (patted her cheeks)
Now bye take care jaan

Saying thz he leaves from there

Swara who was standing with a shock expression came to her sense …….was overwhelmed by his gesture she turns to talk him but he was already left

Swara:(hits her head)oh god swara he left (she thinks something and smiles ) yeh thz is better ?but wat should I tell to ma……hmmmmm….haan ..☺ idea

Saying thz she from there to kitchen

She comes to kitchen and see’s tat Ap was preparing lunch

Ap:? haan swara
Swara:ma actually all my friends planned a small get together so they asked me also to join them ..can I go ma
Ap:haan swara y not u can go☺
Swara:but ma i want to go alone there I don’t want thz idiot bodyguards to come along with me
Ap:hahahaha swara …..u have to take them with for u safety u know s……..
Swara:? ma plz plz plzzzzzzz
Ap:hmmmmm okay
Swara:☺ oooo maaaa thank u veryyy much
(Hugs Ap)
Ap:?haan but u should be careful okay
Swara:☺okay ma…….love u bye ( kisses her cheeks)
Ap:☺ bye

Swara leaves from there


Sanskar was sitting in a bossy style on a couch ….bodyguards were surrounded to him and a dead body was lieing on the floor

Sanskar:take thz body from here(bossy tone)
He ordered to his bodyguards they simply nodes and takes it away

Just then there was a call on his? his lips curved with a smile seeing the caller id ……he immediately receives it

Mobile conversation

Sanskar☺:hello jaan
Swara:? hi sanskar
He feels very happy hearing his name from her voice
Sanskar:☺ haan bolo swara
But swara cuts the call
Sanskar.: hello jaan ,…..hello

He calls her again but it was unreachable

Just then he revived a?

Swara:? sanskar I want u to come at xyz place within 5mins .. Don’t ask any further questions.
And dont call me becoz I will not lift it?

Sanskar:_? (bossy tone) Max I’m leaving so take care of everything here
Max:but Don Mr mehra wants to meet u today
Sanskar:cancel it ….nothing is important than my Jaan to me

Saying thz he leaves from there

My friend how was the episode I know its too short but don’t worry i will post next part asap but plz do comment in both parts wat u liked and wat u don’t liked there will be many twist and turns
Guys plzzzzz do comments it’s my request yaar

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