SwaSan! Bin Tere!! episode-4


Flashback ends with the knock on th door

Knock knock knock

Swara:oh god did he came again (tensed)

Knock knock knock

Swara tensely walks towards the door and opens it and finds ragini with a tensed face

Ragini:(tensed) swara
Swara:wat happen y r u looking soo tensed

Ragini hugs swara and burst into tears

Swara:(tensed) ragini wat happen y r u crying
Ragini:(tears) swara ..vo…vo…adi..bhai…is …in..very ..critical condition..swara
Swara:(tears) wat….
Ragini:haan …swara..just.now..doctor… called..me..
Swara:(wipes tears) don’t worry ragini nothing will happen to my adi bhai he is very strong …..now don’t cry bhai need us let’s go there
Ragini nodes in tears

Both leaves from there


Maheswari Manshion

Ap:(tears) laksh today I’m soo happy after soo many days i saw my son smiling face
Laksh:yes ma
Ap:where is….

Just then sanskar comes there

Ap:(smiles) sanskar

Sanskar is with pale face he is looking very sad ….he looks at ap and laksh

Ap:(caressed his face) sanskar wat happen and where is swara

Sanskar hugs ap and burst into tears

Sanskar:(tears) she…will….not..come..ma..
Laksh:bhai..wat happen say it clearly
Sanskar:(tears) vo..(tells everything).. how can she think lucky how can she think tat ki i will try to kill my friend ….but i love her lucky my love is not soo weak i know even she loves me ..if our love is true then we will be one again

Just then max comes there


Sanskar wipes his tears

Sanskar:(bossy tone) did u got tat
Max:yes don……. Adi sir is in city hospital he is in coma from 3years …
Sanskar:(happy tone) lucky come let’s go..i want to meet..him how can he be in coma for these years leaving us alone here. ..
Lucky:hmm okay

Both leaves from there


City hospital

Ragini:(tears) doctor tat…Adi bhai.
Doctor:yes mis ragini Adi is in very critical condition …i just can say tat ki if he doesn’t get conscious within 24hours then we r sorry to say we cannot save him
Swara:(tears) doctor plz don’t say tat plz save my bhai..plz
doctor:we will try our best mis swara …
Ragini:can we meet him
Doctor:yeh u can but after 2hours becoz now he is kept in observation
Ragini:okay thank u doctor
Doctor:ur welcome mis ragini ..now excuse me i have to leave

Ragini nodes
doctor leaves from there

Swara burst in tears
Ragini hugs her

Ragini:(consoles) swara don’t cry plz
Swara: ragini..bhai can’t leaves us na u said na he love us very much then how can he leave …no no no i know he won’t leave us ..he loves us right(tears).i just.hate him ragini becoz of him bhai is in thz condition
I hate him


Gadodia Manshion

All were having there dinner

Adi:okay then 2mro i will leave u both at Ap aunty ‘s house as dadi is going to lucknow and me to dehli for some work so i can’t leave u both alone na so still then u both will stay at Ap aunty ‘s place
Swara:but bhai…
Adi:arrey shona don’t worry Ap aunty is very sweet ..I’m sure u will be comfortable with her

Ragini:(yawn) haaaaaaaa bhai I’m feeling sleepy Good night bhai….dadi
Swara:ha meet too feeling sleepy Good night bhai..dadi
Dadi:(smiles) k good night
Adi:(smiles) haan good night…but..don’t come out of ur room in mid night..and…..
Swaragini:haan haan we know …..if we want water we have to wake u and if we r not sleepy then also we should wake u …ab hogaya.tho can we leave bhaiya ji

Adi:(smiles) hmm okay

Kisses there forhead
swaragini hugs him

Swaragini:love u bhai
Adi:love u too my shona and ladoo

Next day

Adi,swaragini ..left to Maheswari Manshion

Maheswari Manshion

Adi:hi laksh….hi ma
Laksh:oooh hi Adi (hugs him)
Ap:(smiles) hi Adi beta
Swaragini:hi auty
Ap:(smiles) hi ragini…and u r swara right
Swara:(smiles) yes aunty
Ap:swara ..call me ma…waise how r u
Swara:super duper fine aunty oops ma
Ap (smiles)

Just then a voice comes from back

Voice:hey hi buddy

All turns

Adi:(smiles) hi sanskar…..(hugs him)

Swara get tensed to see him

Adi: sanskar meet my sis ragini..and….
Sanskar:swara right (smiles)
Adi:haan…but how do u know

Swara get tensed
Sanskar: Actually yesterday….
Just then there was a call on Adi’s Mobile
Adi:ooh excuse me
Adi leaves from there

Swara get relife
She see’s raglak r busy in there own world
Taking it a chance she drags sanskar to a corner and pins him to the wall

Sanskar:hey arrey wat r u doing
Swara:sssh (keeps her finger on his lips) see don’t say bhai tat i was driving scooty yesterday if he comes to know then I’m gone
Sanskar:(smiles) oooooh is tat so ..but wat will i get in return haan
Swara:hmmm …..haan i will not say to bhai tat i saw gun with u ….u don’t know bhai he don’t like thz gun and all if he comes to know tat u have gun with u then he will not talk with u …now say

Sanskar smiles but hides it

Sanskar:hmmm okay deal

Saying thz he wraps her by waist and pulls her closer to him. She felt butterfiles in her stomach …both were lost in eachother
But soon she realises

Swara:(comes to sense) leave me wat r u doing haa (sturggles)

Sanskar tigthness his grip on her and gives a cute smile

Swara:(sturggles) arrey leave me…orelse i will call bhai see
Sanskar bends towards her ears
Sanskar:(whisphere) Beautiful

And frees her from his grip …leaves from there while swara blushes
Just then Adi..calls her

Swara:(comes to sense) haan bhai…coming

Comes there

Swara:haan bhai
Adi: actually shona …ladoo will come with us .and u should stay here
Swara: but bhai…
Adi:shona actually the call was from ladoo’s college they said tat she has a project so she have to go dehli so they strictly asked me to send her ..hope u understand
Swara:arrey it okay bhai..u go i will be with my ma (hugs ap)
Ap:haan beta (smiles)
Adi:okay then bye we have to leave come lucky…
Lucky:haan okay but where is thz Sahil

Just then a voice came from back

Voice:I’m here guys
Adi and laksh:hi sahil (hugs him)
Sahil see’s swara and gets mesmerised

Sahil:hi i think u r swara right
Swara:(smiles) yes and u r sahil

Sahil stares her

Sanskar:hi sahil
sahil:haan ….hi …Sanskar (hugs him)
Adi:now come let’s go
All nodes

Adi and ragini: bye shona / swara
Swara:(smiles) byeee (hugs)
Adi:bye sanskar(hugs him)
Sanskar:(smiles) bye (whisphere) be careful okay
Adi nodes

All bides bye and leaves from there
Now just swasan and Ap r left

Sanskar was staring swara lovingly

Ap:(smiles) come swara ..
Swara smiles and nodes

Ap and swara talks for sometime they became close to eachother

Swara:okay ma today i will make dinner
Ap:but swara…
Swara:no if and buts k i will only make dinner and its final
Ap:okay okay fine

Later at dining, table
All three were having there dinner

Sanskar:(naughty smiles) waise ma today food is sooo tasty haan i want to kiss ur hand (see’s swara)
Swara coughs
Ap:arrey wat happen swara
Swara:haan haan…nothing ma

Soon they finish there dinner

And leaves to there rooms

Swara was on her way to room
Just then sanskar pulls her and pins her to the wall

Swara:hey wat….
Sanskar:sshhh ..

Takes her both the hands and kisses it

Sanskar:if said something then i will surely do tat (winks)
Sanskar:ooh don’t blush JAAN
swara:wat jaan?
Sanskar :(pulls her close) yes any problem
Swara pushes him and runs from there her face was turned like a red tomato
Sanskar scartches his head and smiles

Day passed like thz there were falling for eachother more and more

One day

At dining table

Swara was cutting a apple in thz process her finger cuts and starts bleeding

Sanskar see’s thz and rushes to her
And takes her finger

Sanskar:(concerned and scolds) r u mad y r u doing thz works there r soo many servants na (keeps the finger in his mouth)
Swara stares him lovingly
swara:y do u care me soo much
Sanskar smiles and keeps his plams on her cheeks

Sanskar:becoz I LOVE U JAAN

Swara felt immense happiness to hear thz

Swara:but i don’t love u
Sanskar:its okay..i dnt asked u to love me back (patted her cheeks and leaves from there)

Swara was suprised,happy,. Everything

So Adi is rithik from nagin a loving bro suits him

So guys how was thz episode i know it is not lenghty and not soo good but guys plz do comments plz

And swasan you r my life season -2 i will post once thz ss comes to an end
Becoz I’m very busy so sorry friends

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