SwaSan! Bin Tere!! episode-3


The episode start with sanskar’s happy and smiling face

A pair eyes was seeing all thz with a bright smile on his face

Person:(smiles) very soon ur bad days will come to an end bhaiiiii

(Yes guys the person is laksh)

He walks towards sanskar and taps his shoulder
Sanskar turns and finds laksh there he immideatly hugs him with a happy and smiley face

Sanskar:(hugs laksh) I’m soooo happy lucky (release hug) u know wat i found her i found my swara back

Lucky:(acting as shock) wat?…..really
Sanskar:(happy tone) yes lucky …I’m sooo happy lucky……..I’m very hungry come let’s go
Lucky: oooh soo romeo and majnuh ka bukaar utar gaya haan finally Mr romeo is back to his old avatar
Sanskar:stop it lucky (fake anger)
lucky :hahaha come let’s go u r hungry na after 3years finally u r hungry(teases)
Sanskar glares at him but smiles

Both leaves from there


Swara was crying miserbly in corner
Ragini who was seeing felt sad for her sister

She composes herself and walks towards swara ….taps her shoulder

Ragini: swara

Hearing her name swara wipes her tears immideatly and turns with a fake smile

Swara:(fake smile) haan ragini
Ragini:(fake smile too) u got tat medicines na
Swara:haan take it (gives the packet)
Ragini:(Takes it) okay swara now u and champ go to house freshup and take some rest
Swara:hmmm okay

The enters to dadi’s room

Swara:varun come let’s go
Varun:nooo i will be with dadi
Ragini:arrey champ u go with mumma fresh up and rest for sometime then i will come to pick u …okay u r my good boy na
Varun:okay mathi
Swara:(smiles) hmm then come
(Holds his hand)
Varun:bye dadi…bye mathi
Dadi & ragini: byeee

Both swara and varun leaves from there


Maheswari Manshion

Sanlak enters the manshion

Sanskar:(shouts in happy tone) Ma Ma Ma

Ap comes there

Ap:wat happen sanskar
Sanskar:Ma I’m very hungry plz serve the food ma
Ap:(suprised) wat!!!!!

She looks at laksh he sighs something to her she becomes happy and smiles

Ap:(smiles) haan y not come

Ap serves food for him

At dining table

Ap:wat happen sanskar…today u r looking very happy
Sanskar:yes ma today I’m soooo happy becoz i saw swara ma i found her
Ap:wat…really (happy)
Sanskar:yes ma (smiles)
Laksh:but bhai i forget ask u if u saw her then y dnt u brought her here
Sanskar:laksh …..she is angry with me (confused) but dont know y? And tat letter ? I should ask her lucky I’m really confused
Laksh:soo u r going to gadodia manshion haa
Laksh:but it is closed from last 3years na
Sanskar:no lucky if swara is here then surely she will stay at gadodia manshion only ……..and thz adi .i should also ask about adi from her
laksh:okay then come lets go
Sanskar:hmm okay bye ma
Ap:(caress his face) bye sanskar and be happy like thz always

Sanskar smiles

Sanlak leaves from there


Gadodia Manshion

Swara made varun to sleep and comes to hall…sits on the couch remembering the morning incident

Just then there was a knock on the door
She goes and opens it

And was shocked, and angry to see Sanskar there

Sanskar:(smiles) jaan
Swara:wat r u doing here(angry)
Sanskar hugs her tightly
Sanskar:u don’t know how i missed u jaan

Swara was losing herself yet again but realises and pushes him

Swara:(angry) how many times should i tell u …..u gangster…blo*dy..don…dare not to come near me can’t u understand ……
Leave from here i said…

Sanskar :(cups her face) jaan wat happen to u y r u angry with me if i have done any mistake plz I’m sorry plz …but don’t be angry with me
Swara:(removes his hand from her face angrily)
Sanskar:okay atleast tell me y r u angry with me ….and …where is adi (searches) i will not leave him how come he dnt meet me all thz years (fake angry)

This was it for swara she bursted in anger

Swara:(anger) enough is enough stop u r blo*dy acting …….don’t u dare to take adi bhai name from u r blo*dy mouth ….
(Tears) becoz u only becoz u my bhai is in coma ..i just hate u….hate u (holds his collor) how can u do tat how can u shoot my bhai tat day

Sanskar was beyond shock

Sanskar:(shock) wat adi is in coma? But how?
Swara:oooh so u again started ur soo called acting haan don’t u know u only shoot him with ur thz impure hands
Sanskar: jaan do u really think tat i would have done thz how can i shoot my friend …haan ….don’t u turst my love

Swara was avoiding his eyecontact

Sanskar:tell na swara don’t u turst my love
Swara:(closed her eyes) no
Sanskar:look at me say…look at me
Swara:(looks at him in anger and shouts) no no i don’t turst u …
Sanskar:(closed his eyes a tear escaped from his eyes)
Sanskar:(tears and smiles) Thank u swara thank u very much …now i don’t think to give u the explanation …thank u once again (painfull voice) but still i love u i know i love u very much

Saying thz he leaves from there

Swara burst in tears ….but something poped to her mind

Swara:(wipes her tears and in angry tone)
No no swara he don’t love u ……he just want u…don’t forget tat he tried to killl ur brother and…..he……..(tears)…..i just hate the day when i met him i just hate


A airport is shown …where a boy is waiting for someone
Just then the person came

Person: adi bhaiiiiiiiiiiiii
(Yes the boy name is adi)
He turns with the happy face with the bright smile

Adi:(happy tone) Shonaaaaaaaa

(Yes it is our swara)

She runs to him and hugs him tightly he too hugs her back

Swara:bhai u know i missed u all soooo much …
Adi:hahaha we too missed u my shona
(Pulls her cheeks)
Swara:awwooo bhai(rubs her cheeks)
Adi:waise how was ur studies haan
Swara:(proud smile) as usuall topper u..know na no one can win over Swara gadodia
Adi:haan haan tat i u know

He hugs him again
just then a ragini comes and sepreat them

Swara: wat the hell….
Ragini:oooh siso don’t u want to hug ur sister haan
(Hugs swara but swara releases it)
Swara:oooh enough okay….
Adi:for god sake don’t u both start ur cat fights here
Ragini:seee bhai thz swara only started i just hugged her but she….
Swara:no u was jealous becoz bhaii hugged me
Ragini:jealous!!! Really
Swara:yes u r jealous becoz bhai loves me more than u
Ragini:shut up bhai loves me more okay
Swara:nooo he loves me more
Ragini:nooo he loves me more hai na bhai
Adi shakes his head
swara:noo u loves me more na bhai
Adi again shakes the head
Ragini:noo he loves me bhai s…..

Adi furustrated and shouts

Adi:(shouts) stop stop stoppppppp
I love u both okay ……offo u both be like a sister not like enemies plz how many times should i make u both understand haan
Adi:smiles but hides) come let’s go
Swaragini:(smiles) okay

They leaves from there and reaches to gadodia Manshion

Gadodia Manshion

Adi:u both go i will back
Adi:ramu take swara’s things keep it in her room
Ramu:okay sir
Adi:bye shona ….bye ladoo
Swaragini:(smiles) bye mere bhaiya ji (chuckels)
Adi shakes his head::impossible

And leaves from there

Swaragini enters the manshion

Dadi:shonaaaa(happy tone)

Swara hugs her tightly
Swara:hi dadi…how r u
Dadi:(caress her face) I’m fine…how r u shonaa
Swara:(smiles) I’m tho super duper fine dadi
Dadi:shona take thz chocolate don’t show it to ladoo okay
(Whisphere and gives a chocolate)
Swara takes it immideatly

Swara:(shouts in happiness) oooooh dadi thank u for giving me chocolate thank u
ragini:wat? Chocolate? Dadi u gave her chocolate but not for me very bad haan u…….

Dadi glares at swara ..swara sorry face

Dadi:(smiles) hahaha ladoo take thz how can i forget u haan (she gives a chocolates)
Ragini:thank u dadiii

She takes it but swara snatches it from her hand and runs from there

Ragini:(shouts) swara ki bachhiiiii
She was about to follow her but dadi stops her
Dadi:arrey ladoo leave na..take thz and plz don’t start ur fights again okay
Ragini takes it

She leaves to her room

Swara peeps into ragini’s room and closes the door

ragini:hey swara wat r u doing here haan go from here or else
Swara:or else wat haan

Both swaragini bursted into laugh

Swara:hahahahaha lol raguuu
(Gives hi-fi)
Ragini:hahahaha thz bhai and dadi really they r fool (mocking) don’t start ur fights again hahahaha

Both hugs eachother

Swara:i missed u sooo much raguu
Ragini:i missed u too siso

Both releases the hug and winks at eachother

Ragini:haan come let’s go …..bhai is not here like always we can take our scooty
Swara:haan fast…if bhai comes na then we r gone (mocking) if u want to go somewhere wait from me or go with bodygaurds and don’t drive tat scooty….offo thz bhai na
Ragini:hahahahaha lol ..now come let’s go

Both jumps from the window …..slowly takes there scooty …..opens the back gate and leaves from there

Swara was driving the scooty and ragini.was sitting at the back
They were talking,laughing,and was enjoying but just then the scooty bumbed to a car which was parked at a side
Both swaragini falls from it

Swara:wat the hell(rubing her hand)

Two boys who were seated on car
Came there

Swara:(yelling) blo*dy,stupid car….i will bash like hell idiot is thz a way to hurt someone haan

She was continuesly scolding the car
A boy was seeing thz with a cute smile

Swara:ragu…ragu…ahhh..I’m unable to getup yaar …help me ragu

The boy who was smiling seeing her antics forward his hand to help …swara without seeing the face keeps her hand on his
He pulls her ……….she getsup and hits to his chest …..he holds her by waist
Current passed through her body…she felt butterflies in her stomach
She looks up only to see tat a boy holding her with cute smile
She was just lost in his eyes both had a cute eyelock
Which was broken by ragini

Ragini:aaah swara

Swara comes to her sense and turns
And finds ragini with a boy
She frees herself

Swara:(suprised) OMG laksh

(Yes the another boy laksh)

Laksh:ooh god swara
Swara:laksh…oh my god..u…looking…
Laksh:handsome na(smiles)
swara:no u r looking like a jungles monkey hahahahaha
(gives hi-fi to ragini)

The boy 1 was mesmerised to see her laugh

Ragini:hahahaha swara lol
Laksh:hey stop u both and meet my bhai Sanskar Maheswari

(Yes guys boy 1 is our cute sanskar)

Ragini:ooh hi nice to meet u….myself ragini
Sanskar:lucky’s gf and Adi’s sis right
Ragini:(smiles) right
Laksh:and bhai she is swara …ragini’s sis and my friend
Sanskar :hi swara

Swara felt gooesbumboos in her stomach hearing her name from his voice

Sanskar:(smiles) hi
Swara:haan ..haan ..hi (smiles back)

Just then her eyes falls on the gun which was in his pocket she get tensed and drags from there

Swara:ragini come let’s go…
Ragini:but swara…
Swara:ragini come na
She drags her
Ragini:okay k k bye guys

Swaragini leaves from there
Sanskar smiles

with the knock on the door

Guys can u suggets any character for
1) varun
2) Adi

And guys swasan you r my life season-2
Will be continuation of 1st only
now say do u want epilouge or season-2

And prakriti u r guess is right
Adi is swaragini’s bro
Sorry for not repling for ur comments friends but wat to do I’m lil busy thz days

So,my friends how was the episode hope u all will like it and plz do comments thz lenghty episode is for u guys so plz do comments

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