SwaSan! Bin Tere!! episode-2




It is a beautifull morning ,the birds were chirping and the cold breez is blowing. The trees are dancing to the rhythm of wind

Our lovely and beautifull swara with her sweet and cute son arrived at airport of india she was waiting for ragini

Varun:mumma velly is maathi
Swara:varun bachu massi will come….she might be busy so…..
Just then ragini comes there
Varun:mathi mathi (excited and happy)
Ragini:awwe my champ hi ….how r u haan
(She takes him in her lap and hugs him)
Varun:(happy tone) I’m supel dupel fine and i missed u alot (spread his hand)
Ragini:awwe my baby
Swara:(fake anger) ragu too bad haan (pouts) ur sister is here but u……
Ragini:ooooh my sisoo how r u (hugs swara)
swara:(smiles) I’m fine ….how is dadi now
Ragini:(sad) still critical she has been kept in i.c.u from night
Swara:hmmmm in which hospital
Ragini:xyz hospital
Varun:(irritiated) ooooohhoooo mathi and mummu i want to meet dadiiiiii
Swara:(smiles) haan haan let’s go

All 3 leaves from there


Sanskar and laksh was seated in lawn area
Sanskar was busy in his work on laptop
Laksh was busy in his own thoughts
Just then max comes and sighs something to laksh which was not seen by sanskar as he was busy in his work

Laksh:hmmm i will be back

Saying thz he leaves from there comes to a corner max also comes there

Laksh:yes max
max:sir work is done…..i let the fire to our rivals they r very furious and i also got information tat ki they will attack xyz mall
Laksh:ooh its a great news (smirks)

Just then he gets a call …he smiles seeing the caller id

Laksh:haan sweetheart how r u
Os(opposite side)……….(muted)
Laksh:(happy tone) wooow finally everything is going through our plan and u…(tells something)
laksh:hmmm don’t worry everything will be fine very soon
Laksh:(smiles) hmm k bye, take care love u

Call disconnected

Laksh:Max now let’s begin our plan (smirks)
Max:sure sir(smirks)

Laksh leaves from there …….comes to lawn area and see’s sanskar is still busy in his work ….he smiles and sits on the couch

Laksh:(happy tone) bhai u know wat today I’m soooooo happy u know i……
Sanskar:lucky if u came to irritiate me then plz u can leave from here
Laksh:(playfully) ooooh bhai stop bieng hitler and live a normal life
Sanskar gives him death glare)
Laksh:wat haan! U will kill me if u r thinking to kill me then forget about tat becoz no one dares to touch SM Don’s brother got tat
(Sanskar shakes his head)
Sanskar:impossible (smiles)

Laksh smiles seeing sanskar smile

Just then Max comes there

Max:good morning don …..laksh sir
laksh:good morning to u tooo max
Sanskar:yes Max(bossy tone)
Max:Don i got information tat rajath our rival will attack xyz mall today
Sanskar:oooh is tat so ….then let’s go to make them fail in tat(smirks)
Laksh:aaawwoooo Don is back haan
Sanskar again gives a death glare to him
Laksh:wat? Im not scared k and haan come let’s go nahi tho bechare bina maare (murder) hi chalejayen ge (chucles)

They leaves from there with the bodyguards surronded


Here swaragini along with varun reaches to the hospital where dadi is kept

Doctor:yes Ms ragini …..Mrs gadodia’s operation is over ….she is fine now but still she is veryyyy weak
Ragini:thank u doctor…hmmm can we meet her
Doctor:yeh offcourse u can …we shifted her to room no. 102 u can meet her there
Ragini:ooh thank u once again doctor
Doctor:its my pleasure mis ragini

Doctor leaves from there

Ragini:swara come let’s go
swara:(smiles) hmm okay

They also leaves to meet dadi

The enters to the room and finds dadi is sleeping ….ragini walks towards dadi and wakes her

Ragini:dadi look who came here

She getsup see’s swara and varun …gets happy seeing them

Dadi:(smiles) shona
Swara smiles and hugs her
Swara:how r u dadi
Dadi:(smiles) after seeing u and my cute grandson I’m absolutely fine (kisses varun)
Swara smiles
Varun:dadi i missed u soooo much
dadi:(smiles) ooooh is tat soo
Varun:yesss (whisphere) dadi u know aftel u and mathi went to india then mumma na she dnt gave me one chocolate also u scold her okay

Dadi and ragini laughs

Swara:(fake anger) varuunnn

He hids behind dadi
She smiles

Just then a nurse comes there

Nurse: mam
Nurse:mam actually medicine list of patient (hand overs a list) and haan mam get it asap …….and hospital pharmacy is closed today …..so u plz buy it in nearby mall …..
Ragini:(Takes the list) hmm okay thank u
nurse:ur welcome mam ..now excuse me

Nurse leaves from there

Ragini:swara u go and get it …..i have somework so have to leave now
Swara:hmmm okay (to varun) bachu u be with dadi i will be back okay
Varun:okay mumma

Kisses her cheeks.
Swara smiles

Swara leaves from there


Sanlak reached to the xyz mall with body guards
Sanskar feels some starnge feeling or happy wala feeling reaching there

As soon they reached there some goons started attacking them

Sanlak took there respective guns. …..too responded them for there attack

The people hearing the gun sounds started running from here and there

While they were busy in attacking eachother ..the goons r almost killed by sanlak and there gang
They were firing and firing continuesly
They were killing thoz goons mercilessly

Just then Sanskar’s eyes falls on a girl whoz back was facing him and he see’s tat a goon was about to shoot her but sanskar immideatly rushes to the girl and triwls her shoots the goon

The girl loses her blance and was about to fall she closes her eyes tight in fear of falling but she felt a strong arm holding her by waist … she closes her eyes to feel his touch…it is familiar to her then she realized who touch is thz

Girl:(murmurs) SANSKAR

Sanskar was just numb to see her
He was very happy yes veryyyy much happy, suprised, and lots of questions were running in his mind


(Yes guys she is swara)

Hearing her name she immideatly opened her eyes only to see tat sanskar was holding her …happiness was clearly seen in his face ….they had a happy and emotional eyelock but just then something stucked to swara’s mind and she became furious anger and hatered was clearly seen in her face

She immideatly got up from his hold …
Controlling her anger was about to go from there
but sanskar helds her wrist and

Sanskar: JAAN

(Yes guys u r right she is only jaan)

Hearing thz swara feels goosebumbus in her stomach she dnt move

Sanskar comes forward and back hugs her placing his one hand on her bare belly which was visible due to cut in her dress
And keeps his chin on her shoulder
She closed her eyes feeling her touch and was breathing heavily …her heartbeat was rising up and down she was just lost in his touch

Sanskar:(whispheres) Jaan …u know how much i searched where were u all thz years haan……how can u leave me u know na i can’t live without (tightens his grip)
And wat was tat letter haan…?

Saying thz he kissed her shoulder …she immideatly opens her eyes …realized tat she losing herself in his touch
She immideatly pushed him

Swara:(anger) stay away u blo*dy don don’t u dare to touch me

Saying she runs from there angrily

Sanskar was shocked he can’t belive wat just she said to him …..but he was happy becoz he found her …..yes he wanted to dance in excitement

Screen freezes on his happy face

So guys how was thz episode hope u all like it
Guys I’m very much disappointed u know yesterday i was very tiered but becoz u guys i posted my 1st episode but u all dnt comment im very sad ..
U know we writers also r very busy but we write ff for ur sake
Can’t u atleast comment on it

Ok fine i will not force u to comment
I’m really sorry if my words hurted u

And friends who commented and commenting i really thank u from my heart love u all

Guys some friends asked me to write epilouge and some asked me to write season 2 of SWASAN YOU R MY LIFE
Can u clearly say in thz 2 wat u want

Bye take care love u

Credit to: tanu

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