SwaSan! Bin Tere!! episode-1


Hi my lovely friends thz is tanu
And haan it is Bin tere not Bin terai
thank u for correcting dear
And here is 1st episode of my new ss


A huge manshion is shown it is veryyyyy big same like a palace or say it is a palace
Inside the Manshion a huge and a awesome room is shown where there is a large size bed in which a man or a boy above 25ss was sleeping but not peacfully he is very restless was placing here and.there it is clearly.seen tat as if he is seeing any bad dream abôut who is very close to him his heart
Suddenly he gets ups shouting


He was sweating hard and was breathing heavily

All thz was seen by another boy who was standing at the door tears was making a way in his eyes seeing all thz
He composes himself and enters the room


The boy who was sweating composes himself hearing his voice

Boy 1:(composes) haan…..haan lucky

(Yes guys boy 2 is non other than laksh maheswari)

Laksh:SANSKAR BHAI voo tat……

(Yes offcourse boy 1 who was sweating is our cute lovely and handsome hero

Sanskar:haan lucky u go i will come
laksh:hmmm okay but fast

Laksh leaves from there
Sanskar also gets up and goes to washroom


It was a lawn like place where two couchs r kept on one couch laksh was seated
Bodygurds were surronded


(Max is right hand of sanskar he is very loyal and honest person)

Max:yes sir
Laksh:u know right like always u should answer same to bhai for his question
Max:(assurers) don’t worry sir i will answer the same to Don
Laksh:(smiles) good

Just then sanskar comes he was looking handsome,dashing, cute in white shirt,grey colour coat and pant with the googles (awweeeee guys nazar mat lagaoo)

He comes and sits on the couch in bossy style

Max:yes..take Don

He gives a file to sanskar …he takes it and reads it he became furious reading tat anger was clearly seen in his face

Sanskar:(anger and bossy tone) bring him

He orders his bodygurds……… after sometime they brings a Man and throws him on the floor
The man holds sanskar’s leg

Man:(tears and fears) plzZzzzzzzzz leave me plz leave me i beg u plz leave me

But sanskar dnt show any mercy and pointed the gun on the man’s head

Man:(fears) plz i beg u plz………..


Sanskar shoots him ……..he was lieing on the floor fully coverd with blood

Sanskar:Max any information ……….
Max: sorry to say Don but…..

Before he could complete sanskar fench his fist and leaves from there

Laksh:oooohhhh another murder ffffffffff

Saying thz laksh also leaves from there

Both sanlak enters the hall

Laksh: aaaaa maa I’m very hungry wats there in breakfast ma

A lady comes there hearing his voice with a smile

Lady:(smiles) alloo paratha
Laksh:wooow ma

The lady is non other than Annapurna Maheswari mother of sanlak a widow

There r only 3person in the family

Ap:haaan haan come have it (smiles)
Laksh:yes ma …..(to sanskar) come bhai

Sanskar simply nodes and goes

All three completes there breakfast

Laksh and ap talks for sometime while sanskar leaves to his room

Sanskar’s room

He enters the room and goes towards the wardrobe opens it and takes a pic and caresses the pic

Sanskar:(tears) why u left me jaan y u know na i can’t live without u then y u left me y y

He hugs the pic and cries

Bin tere bin tere plays….



A huge room is shown
Where there is a bed in which a kid or a child is sleeping peacfully but his sleep is disturbed by a voice waking him

Voice: varun vaun wakeup baby

Yes the kid name is varun he is 4years old

Varun:mumma plz let me sleep na don’t irritiate(irritiate expression)

Girl: no get up………..

Just then her phone rings …she takes it

Mobile conversation

From other side: hello SWARA

Yes guys the kid who was calling mumma to girl is non other than our beautifull heroine SWARA

Swara:(happy) RAGINI
Ragini:swara dadi’s condition is very critical she is calling ur name plz come India
Swara:(tears) but ragini u know…..
Ragini:plz swara come na for dadi’s sake plz and for Adi……

Before she completes

Swara:don’t take his name he don’t loves us i dont want to listen him if he would have loved us atleast once he would have come to us but no he…..(tears)
Ragini:swara u know his condition na how ……..
Swara:ragini plzzzz
Ragini:okay k i let not talk about thz hmmmm k r u coming to india
Swara:hmmm yeh for dadi
Ragini:really then u can meet…..
Swara:ragini how many times should i say i hate him becoz him only he is in thz condition My adi…….

Before complete
Ragini:k k fine ..hmmm where is champ i want to talk to him
Swara:yeh wait(to varun) varun masi wants to talk to u get up

Varun:(excitedly) wat maasi
(Takes the phone happily while swara smiles seeing his excitedness)

Varun:maasi how r u when r u coming back hele
Ragini:(smiles) ooooh hoooo champ u know i missed u alot ….hmmm and I’m not coming back
Varun:(sad) wat? But y?
Ragini: becoz u and ur mumma r coming here to india (smiles)
Varun:(excitedly) wat leally
Ragini:yes my baby
Varun:woooooo hullayyyy I will go india wwoooo
Ragini:(laughs) hahahahaha yes

Both talks for sometime
Swara smiles seeing them and goes towards balcony looks out a tear drop escapes from her eyes

Bin tere bin tere
Koi khalish in awwaon me bin tere plays

Just these characters r there in my ss
No dp,rp,sujatha,shekar,sumi,dad,adarsh,pari no one r there

Okay k leave all thz and say wat did u understand from thz episode

Yeh okay i will try to give epilouge of swasan you r my life guys

So how was thz episode hope u all liked it
i know many of u will not comment becoz it is lil boring but i request u guys to comment if u r my friend then surely u all will comment hehehe k bye love u all

Credit to: tanu

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  1. Tweetypankaj

    Superb dear I think Adi is Sanskaar.!! How many will be there in this ss?

  2. Purvi

    Awesome…….. Continue soon……

  3. Wow wow great plz upload next jaldi

  4. Abirsha


  5. Welcome tanu and its very very nice epi. Not at all boring

  6. This isn’t boring dear. This is a nice story.
    Loved it.❤
    Update the next part soon.

  7. Nyc start

  8. little princess

    Vow…a entirely different one…it was awesome… So sanskar n swara are already married n varun is their son…so sanskar’s jaan is none other than our swara.. I guess so…why swara hate sanskar now…what happened to sanky n whats his condition..who is adi..
    Is adi n sanskar same person. What happened in these years…oh too much questions r running in my mind.. So my dear update next part asap..really excited to know abt all these…loved this episode especially rag n varun conversation..
    Wanna see their bonding..so waiting for next part..try to give a long episode as u used to give in swasan!you are my life…

  9. I think Adi is Swaragini’s brother and the reason behind Adi’s condition is Sanskar…Swara is the wife of Sanskar…Varun is the child of Swasan..
    Well Episofe was superb..
    Pleae tell me I have guessed right or wrong..

  10. Nice start continue 🙂

  11. SwaSanFan

    Awsum..loved it . different concept.bt hope SwaSan get United asap if they r Separated or else Swara cjngs.sanskaar.continue soon

  12. interesting yaar…hope swasan meet soon

  13. Soujanya


  14. awesome.. who is adi… varun is swasan child i think..

  15. Superb

  16. Awesome dear

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