SwaSan! Bin Terai!!! Character sketch


Hi my lovely friends I’m tanu ..
And here it is my next ss
SwaSan !! Bin Terai !!!

Character sketch

SANSKAR MAHESWARI: a big gangstar ..
a Don who kils people mercy lessly …has a past will be reveald later .loves his bro very laksh very much

SWARA: loving and a caring girls loves her family very much close to her sis ragini

Laksh:is same as sanskar a Don’s bro will be a shadow of don so laksh was shadow of sanskar ..LAKSH MAHESWARI

RAGINI: same as swara a loving and a caring girl

So my friend how was it
Don’t think it is same like another ff like don love a girl but she rejects him blah blah blah
Becoz it entierly very different

Yeh sanskar is don but he has the reason tat u will come to know later
And other charcters will be introduced according to the story line
And there will be very less characters

And most importantly the story will start after the leap of 3years …
Wat happen.in thz 3years will be suspense”

So how was it did u.liked it if yes then plz do comment see guys if get more response then only i will start thz story if not a big noooo for me also k
Silent readers plz yaar hehehehehe
Bye my friends love u yaar

Credit to: tanu

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  1. Tanu bin terai nahi hota bin tere hota hai

  2. Natasha_nats

    Its awesome…..actually its very intriguing and intresting……pls post the first epi soon…..waiting for this ff to start….and i’ll miss you r my life……y did u end it yaar….u could’ve prolonged it rit…..and i have a request……u gave a tear leap in ur my lyf rit????……can u write an epilogue…abt how sanskar was very protective hence forth…..and how he took care of swara….while she was pregnant…..and much more…pls
    Its only a request dude…..if i have said anything wrong….pls 4give me….
    Lots of luv???❤❤❤

  3. nyc.plz continue

  4. Anu

    Tanu have u written any ff before?…..is it of swasan…..if yes then give me link of last episode….actually there was one ff of swasan nd raglak tgey hate each other in present because of some misundertanding in past….but after meeting with each other raglak cleared their mu nd united….nd decided to unite swasan also….but them i lost that ff md even forgot name….plx help…if u know

  5. Wow Di Seems interesting….
    Waiting for next part….
    Please write an epilogue of Swasan you are my life….

  6. Tweetypankaj

    Start plzz

  7. Nice continue

  8. Ameera

    yaay!!! new ss eagerly waiting for it

  9. little princess

    Good introduction…wanna see adorable swasan bonding here just like in the previous ff…make this ff more loving n amazing than previous one as we will badly miss ur previous ff…make this ff so interesting that everyone will love to read it several times

  10. interesting..

  11. How many chapters it has.. .

  12. tis is nyc… Nd yes could u plz write an epilogue of ur prev ff… I love tat ff soo mch… So plz…

  13. Hey dear i just read your other ff it was Amazing and i know this ss will be super duper Hit like First one

  14. Abirsha


  15. intersting

  16. Wah nice..

  17. Plz write an epilogue of Swasan U R MY LYF….bin terai niz..plz update epi asap….i addict ur ff and ur big fan….

  18. really very interesting pls post the 1st epi soon

  19. It’s good

  20. Nice intro dear

  21. awesome.. continue soon.. different..

  22. It’s great plz upload the 1st faster I can’t wait for it

  23. Niku

    Waiting for dis update asap…
    Hi,i m sorry i didn’t comment on ur previous ff but i read ur ff only yesterday nthat was also d last part of ur ff i find it intersting so in night i read it in one go i don’t comment on that tym but now i say all d parts r amazing….best of luck for new one…

  24. Love the intro……
    Waiting For first part ….

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