Swasan – my billionaire lover part-2 (3 shots)


Hai guys I am back sorry for d delay I had my class so could not write don’t worry this part is also big and guys yes it’s is engeyum khada movie I love it to d core as my fav hero and heroine in that movie so I thought I would be good if swasan in that part so only I wrote sorry if some people did not like and thank u for ur valuable comments so now let’s start d story.

skehar was talking in phone whereas swara entered d office room and started searching for d file of sanskar soon she got d file and came to d dinning room just than when SKEHAR came inside swara acted like playing her cello and started reading d file of sanskar she was shocked to know that sanskar is a play boy she was irritated seeing this just than skehar started talking with her.
SKEHAR:swara if ur mother was alive she would have took care of u and by this time u would have been married. But swara was not listening him as she was reading about sanskar with full concentration.
SKEHAR:what awara d tune is different today?
SWARA(grinting her teeth seeing d file):oh papa I am trying a new tune.
SKEHAR:very good always we should try new things.ur to be husband is blessed to get u.
SWARA:thank u papa.
SKEHAR:swara I have seen a boy for u his name is rajesh very sweet boy I know his family also they r well reputed family in Paris only they will take care of u like there daughter try to talk with him and say do u like him or not. As swara was seeing sanskar file and got irritated she started playing d tune fast as a result d string broke.
SWARA:ok papa.

sanskar was jogging while jogging he see a couple kissing and say.
SANSKAR(smiles):what a lovely morning.
Whereas on d other hand swara was also jogging and see a couple kissing swara goes to them and shout.
SWARA:don’t u people have shame kissing in a public place. But d couple don’t listen her words as they close each other ears tightly.
SWARA:it is waste to tell u people indecent people. Saying this while she was going she collides with someone and was about to fall but he protects her from falling and holds her through waist (it is non other than sanskar)she was again lost in his dark brown eyes and was mesmerized to see his hot smoking handsome but soon she comes to her sense and sanskar made her stand.
SANSKAR:hey hai.

But after seeing sanskar swara started running whereas sanskar also came back and asked
SANSKAR:hey what happened to u that day u came saved me and left without saying anything what happened to u I can’t understand anything.
SWARA:(in her mind):but I can understand he want let me still my name also come in paper. Swara run or ur name will also come in d newspaper headline that d great billionaire is dating with swara.so run.after thinking this swara started running whereas sanskar asked.
SANSKAR:hey can we meet 2mmorrow.
SWARA(while running):no we can’t meet.
Saying this swara goes.

swara changed in night suit and came and sat in d bed and started thinking about today incident in d park.
SWARA:something magic is there in his eyes which makes me to get lost in it but I should be careful with him, and I won’t go 2mmorrow for jogging itself.

swara was searching for sanskar .
SWARA:where did he go off I am tried.
She stand in d support of tree just than a dog bark seeing her she get scared and hit sanskar.
Sanskar turn and was surprised to see swara.
SANSKAR:hey we always suprisely meet each other.
SWARA:I came here to say that I won’t meet u.
SANSKAR(raised his eyebrow): so u came here to say that only.
SANSKAR:come let’s have a coffee pls don’t say I won’t come pls I will really feel bad.
SWARA:see calling fir coffee, icecream etc etc this thing I don’t like.

Swasan where drinking coffee while drinking coffee sanskar was staring swara.
SWARA:ok I saved and u gave me coffee so ur guilt feeling is over so after this meeting me or calling me for coffee or troubling me etc don’t make me feel y did I save u.
Just than a lady server gave d bill but see was sad.
SANSKAR:hey y r u sad.
LADY:y should i say u give me a break.
SANSKAR:love problem??
LADY:s my boyfriend is saying that I am fat and teasing me.
SANSKAR:ur boyfriend has a bad taste actually u r looking good and ur smile is also good.
SANSKAR:s I feel like proposing u.
LADY:thank u just wait I will call my boyfriend.
Sanskar gives her a flying kiss whereas even she gives and said.
LADY(to sanskar):I love u.
*On d call*
BOYFRIEND:who r u talking with?
LADY:my new boyfriend.
BOYFRIEND:wait I will come.
LADY:better come fast or I will be ur ex girlfriend.
*End d call*

After that d lady was so happy swara smiles seeing this and gets happy.
SWARA:u r a nice person only but little like that.
SANSKAR(confused):like that means.
SWARA:always being with girl in jolly type.
SANSKAR:hey what is wrong in that.u saved me that is wrong?
SANSKAR:we both came for a coffee that is wrong?
SANSKAR:2mmorrow we will go for beach that is wrong?
SANSKAR:then will we go for disco that is wrong?
SWARA:no(than only she realize what he said and say)no no I am not like that type of girl.

An old man called them
OLD MAN: can I take a portrait of u two.
SWARA:no no
SANSKAR:no no means yes only.
SWARA:I will take for this uncle saying this she sit beside sanskar and both gives pose and d old man started drawing there pic. D old man seeing them say in French
SANSKAR:what is he saying.
SWARA:we both r looking like a perfect lover it seems.
SANSKAR(laughs):lover loves means itself problem only I don’t have believe in love I just hate love saw no that fat lady she could not even smiles if someone is ready to love mean they r ready to hell. Relationship should not go personal it should be like a train friend and should end in platform itself. All will be happy milne will be sad always no commitment and no disappointments.

SWARA:super statement mr.sanskar that will workout for u well.
SANSKAR:not only for me it will workout for all. we can’t leave for each other and all loves is waste of time .instead of that all say love is a fantasy.
SWARA:for fantasy will someone suicide?
Sanskar see her shockingly.
SWARA: Stella did sucide for u only.
SANSKAR:u know everything about me, how do u know? Ok ok I won’t ask if I ask u will run away.
SANSKAR:ah Stella she is an emotional girl always cries and I am her first love it seems people get emotional in there first love and sentimental fools.
SWARA:that much easy for u girls means girls r not fools. Staying this swara got anger and teary eyes and was leaving whereas sanskar follow her
SANSKAR:hey sorry pls hey that Stella married her treatment doctor and is happy now than y r u getting serious.
Swara sees him with anger.
SANSKAR:hey angry bird.
Swara turns angrily.
SANSKAR: hey Lolita.

Swara makes faces and sanskar also makes faces. Soon days passed like this swasan became friends and they used to daily meet each other swara started falling for sanskar.
One day when they went to had coffee they gave fortune cookies.
SWARA:hey fortune cookies.
SANSKAR:do u belive in this?
SWARA:hey let’s see what came.
Swara open her cookies and sees it and gets happy to read it”u will soon meet ur life partner”
SANSKAR:what is written in that u r happy.
Swara shows him and he laugh seeing that swara glares at him
SWARA:see urs.
SANSKAR:hey I said write I don’t believe in this.
SWARA:see pls.
SANSKAR:ok only for u.
Sanskar open the cookies and laugh and shows to swara.
SWARA(read it):” u will soon meet ur life partner”
SANSKAR;they r giving this to all nice business tactics. Swara kept in her bag and left.

swara is a couple going who just now got married she imagine herself and sanskar in that place hugging each other, loving each other, caring each other but was sad as it was just her dream as in real he hates love. Swara goes to meet sanskar. As swara was going a guy stare her lustfully swara gets scared seeing him she started running while he chased her soon sanskar came and saved her and beat d guys black and blue swara saw him happy and asked
SWARA:y r u happy today?
SANSKAR:my company sealed with multi million company so I have to go india to sign d project .SWARA’S faces changed and became sad.

swara came and meet sanskar and sanskar started leaving to airport swara saw him for d last time and went to home locked herself and cried hard.
Guys I have made slight changes and in part 3 there r more changes pls post ur valuable comments guys sorry if d story is horrible pls post ur valuable comments.

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